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Letters to Pastor Alamo and the Ministry

Email Letter:
Dear beloved Brethren,
Thank you so much from deep of my soul for the Messiah book and the newsletters sent to me which I received safely in my hands through my postal address. God bless your ministry. I have found out that your world newsletters are powerfully anointed. I would like you to consider me to be one of servants, and I will continue spreading the gospel. Please send me some of your newsletters and one CD.
Yours faithfully,

Tony Alamo Christian Ministries,
For this new year I wish you simple joys, beautiful perspectives, and infinite horizons. Happy New Year 2020.
A brief report: The literature that you sent to me in 2019 was distributed. Those who benefited from it still want other copies. I have a lot of testimonies, which the people who received it are sharing with those whom they have found. Among them is Mrs. Kasongo Muhiya Alphonsine. She well understood what was in the copies of the tracts that she had. God bless you.
Honest collaboration.
In Christ,
Pastor Emmanuel Nsingi
Democratic Republic of Congo

We are blessed, Pastor Tony Alamo Ministries.
We are praying for you.
Your email was of encouragement.
We will let you know when we receive the package. It encourages to read from a family.
Pastor Mark Okenda

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,
Thank you so much for your support and prayers. We are praying for you.
If possible, we would like to request for another parcel with a Bible.
God bless you,
Francis Kuntenga

January 21, 2020
Please pray for the following:
Grace Nyabate of Kenya asks prayer for souls to be won in her February crusade in Ethiopia.
Billy Isabella requests prayer for his family and a person named Terri.
Solman Raju Kola requests prayer for himself and his ministry.
John Mutabazi asks prayer for his wife and children’s healing.
Pastor Mark of Kenya asks prayer for their orphans and ministry.
Enoch Chirume asks prayer for finances.
Sirra Paul request prayer for finances for his needs for his ministry.
Samuel Watuka needs prayer for encouragement and finances.


Dearest Brother In Christ ,
I’m Lynne Natalio from the Philippines. I humbly ask for your free literature or Gospel tracts which I believe that our people need urgently to hear or to read about the message of Christ our only Savior in this almost the start of our tribulation day. I thank the Lord for a ministry like yours who caters the needs of a lost soul. I pray that the Lord will continue to bless your flock especially your leader Pastor Tony Alamo. Hope to hear from you soon!
Yours truly,
Sister Lynne


Brothers and Sisters of the New Jerusalem Ministry,
This is your brother in Christ Jesus, Daniel Troncoso Perez, greeting you and wishing you an excellent year of victory and that your loved ones find themselves together with you in love and joy of the Sprit.

My dear Brethren, due to health problems I've had for the past 2 years, I had not been able to contact you. I am still going through some things, and I find myself recovering from spinal surgery. Because of this I've been disabled and not been able to walk and fulfill my evangelistic work. I pray as always that the Spirit of the Lord will bear witness in your hearts. A big embrace for you all who continue on as workers in the Vineyard of the Lord our God. May the blessing of our Heavenly Father continue always with each one of you.
From Daniel Troncosco Perez

Praise God, Brothers in Christ Jesus,
Am very happy and thankful I received the package of the literature. In fact, people have received the literature, and many like the Catholics have read and discovered the truth. I have met two head teachers of secondary school who are sponsored by the Catholic church. They have requested me to supply them the literature. I kindly request you to supply as many as you can. Kindly, Sir, include all sermons even concerning the Sabbath, Catholic, salvation, and topics concerning the second coming of our Lord Jesus. Rapture. I request you also if you can send me 10 Swahili Bibles for the new converts.

Thank you, Alamo Ministries, for the great work that God has given you by grace.
Rev. Kennedy Khaemba
Moisbridge, Kenya.


January 6, 2020
Deborah Fillipus is asking prayer for her family and for her to find a good job.
Pray for the ministries of Moses Bandi and Samuel John Babu of India.
Pastor Stephen of Kenya asks for prayer for his ministry.
Please pray for healing for Daniel Troncoso Perez who had spinal surgery and is disabled.


(Translated from French)
Hello to my beloved Brothers and Sisters of the Tony Alamo Ministries,
Forgive me for the fact that I am giving this report so late. I was 700 kilometers (420 miles) from Lubumbashi, and there was no network. The military personnel are still waiting for the literature. Many of them want to have it. They love your literature.
Thank you very much. I have gotten all the responses to the questions which were asked by the readers. A great thank you for that. Thank you for the CDs.
Your brother, Paul Mwamba K., Democratic Republic of the Congo


(Translated from French)

Hello to my beloved Brothers and Sisters of the Tony Alamo Ministries,
Forgive me for the fact that I am giving this report so late. I was 700 kilometers (420 miles) from Lubumbashi, and there was no network. The military personnel are still waiting for the literature. Many of them want to have it. They love your literature.
Thank you very much. I have gotten all the responses to the questions which were asked by the readers. A great thank you for that. Thank you for the CDs.
Your brother, Paul Mwamba K., Democratic Republic of the Congo


Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Brothers and Sisters in Tony Alamo Christian Church,
I am Pastor Tukei Lawrence. The package you sent I received, and it became a wonderful miracle to most of our pastors and people to see this literature when I was giving to them. There is much need of the literature here in Uganda, mostly Teso; in Karamoja the Word of God is behind.

Tony Alamo literature is a miracle to a number of pastors and church leaders who have gone through them, and there is much demand for literature and Messiah books, Bibles (KJV) and Ateso Bibles.

Prayer Request: I received your requests, and we planned, so we held a five days’ prayer from 5th to 11th of this month. The answer to all the requests is in Matthew 7:7-10, but we are planning to enter again at the beginning of November. We want to see God doing things. I have a team of 5 prayer members. We are ready to work with you, Brothers.

Lastly, it is a request to the office of Alamo Ministry that Teso and Karamoja is a large region where the Word of God is not common, so help me with your prayers that I can manage to supply them with the Word of God—literature—as a distributor. I am seeing people coming to me all the time for the literature. In Uganda, Karamoja is the lost district, and people live like animals, no Word of God. There are so many widows, orphans. Education is poor. So many street children because rebellion destroyed the place. No Bible trainings, no conferences, no crusades. So, help me with your prayers.
Pastor Tukei Lawrence, distributor


Response 11/8/19
We appreciate you for supporting our ministries with time-to-time materials to foster our vision and advancement of the kingdom, may your labor be rewarded by the master in Jesus name, Amen. You are a blessing to the body of Christ.
More so, may you please forward more materials as usual to us as quickly as possible? We understand your commitment, sacrifice (physically, spiritually and financially) and daily prayers to transform lives with the help of the Holy Spirit. We, on the other-hand are not relenting in ceaseless prayers towards challenges that may rise up, as we are not unaware of such.
We look forward for the bulk materials soonest.
Thanks and remain blessed.
In His Vineyards,

Prayer request
For over 3 years ago our country as be in serious crisis due to that our ministry house and the library was burnt.
We need your prayers. Many have been living in the bush, many are homeless, and others internally displaced.
Pastor Tanda diffouo serge
Limbe, Cameroon

Response letter 11/7/19

Dear Alamo Christian Ministries ,

We would be happy were you to send many more Tony Alamo Christian Ministries literature ASAP, because there are urgent needs for them, especially in the interiors, in the villages, towns, and in our Slump communities.
I have just returned from those places, preaching, teaching, and distributed Tony Alamo Christian Ministries literature to pastors and others.
Please make haste and send ASAP now because I planned to go back in December 2019.
Pastor Richard Clarke

We request prayer for our church for lack of Bibles for our reference, and remember our orphans in your prayer in Jesus’ name.
From Meome Mecha


First and foremost, I would like to thank the almighty God for preserving us to stay in touch. You are a peace maker who is full of comfort, love, encouragement, joy, and hope. I have been praying for my freedom for long time, but I am still not freed. For this I thank the almighty God, as it is written in Romans 8:28, that it all happens for good to those who trust and believe in God. And in Job it says we must thank God in both good times and bad times.
Countrywide, only 285 inmates were released, which is the smallest number in the history of Zambia, for such a small number to be freed on a wonderful day of Independence. I hope and trust that it was a plan of government due to fear of high crime rate if more prisoners are freed, as the government give only transport to the freed person without startup capital. So with the drought which affects most of this country already the crime rate is high.
As I conclude, I say please continue praying for me. Encourage me for the will of God alone to happen in my life, not mine. Not to forget to tell you that, Servant of God, I really depend on you through Christ our Lord. And continuing staying in touch means more peace, joy and hope.
Warm regards from prison,
Aaron Samuel


Dear Brethren in Christ
I just want want to say thanks again for the package, and we are blessed, and you are really blessing to us here. May Almighty God keep on blessing the entire members for your support. Greetings to you all.
Thank you,
Blessings Soko


(Translated from Spanish)
Dear Brethren,
It is good to hear from you once again. Thank you so much for your reply. May our Father and Lord Christ Jesus bless to all of us abundantly. Regarding to the question you have made us on your literature, we can express that we only received a package last year.
We never got the second one. Unfortunately, we do not remember the last date. As a matter of fact, after having read the first literature provided by a pastor, we found It completely new, interesting, and spiritually daring. Later on, we got more of them through you. We knew and realized of many things that we were not aware of until that moment. See that you do not only preach the gospel in your literature, but you also expose truths and deal with topics in such a way that not many dare to do so, as far as we know. So, it seems it is like a threat for the kingdom of darkness, since the struggle is not against flesh and blood. We feel this is the reason why your literature might be blocked.
Well, prayers are one of our main weapons. We trust that the Lord God does make ways. The Lord God is faithful and awesome.
Sincerely yours,
Pastor John,

Praise God!
Team Alamo Christian Ministries,
With great thanks, I do appreciate the services you do to win more souls for Christ and keeping the Holy Angels of God in continuously rejoicing.
We are continuing the work of God in winning lost souls to Jesus Christ in distributing your gospel literatures and evangelism.
I request you to send more copies on the following tracts or gospel literatures: (We omitted the long list of titles he requested.)
And one BIBLE (King James Version).
I hope my humble request of literature gospels will be put under your consideration. Thanks a lot, God bless you all in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Yours in service of Christ,
Pastor Jean Bosco Joshua,
Kampala, Uganda.


Dear Alamo Ministries,
We are very much grateful to the Alamo Ministries for the Alamo Ministries Bible tracts you sent to here in Monrovia, Liberia.
My Group and I are enjoying reading and teaching them.
We want to establish a branch of the Tony Alamo Ministries here in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa.
People that came to the Alamo Ministries Bible tracts study classes have enjoyed the information in the Tony Alamo Ministries Bible tracts, and have asked me to write and request the Tony Alamo Ministries International Leadership to establish a branch of the Tony Alamo Ministries here in Monrovia, Liberia.
Brother Richard
Monrovia, Liberia

Dear Pastor and all blessed men of God,
This is to inform you that we have now received the parcel from you with a Bible and one T/shirt that has fitted one of our team members. We are more appreciating for your powerful support, and we are more proud of you and your educative Tony Alamo Ministries. We have watched how your ministry is doing there, but it is more power and very encouraging to the body of Christ. Devil is a great liar. Nothing is impossible with God; shame be to devil himself in Jesus' name. We would like to continue receiving your powerful and educative publication to be shared to many denomination church leaders. They are waiting to have them to continue strengthening their ministries in their areas. May God's grace, continue resting upon you in Jesus name.
Yours faithfully,

Dear Tony Alamo Christian Ministries, I extend my great thanks to you for the good work you are doing to make the Word of God reach people in remote corners of the world. I received the second package of your literature Gospel. God richly bless you, and it is my daily prayer that Jesus Christ continues to provide and open the doors of Heaven over the Tony Alamo Ministries.
In distributing gospel literatures, we found also a big number of people speaking Kinyarwanda language only, and on your websites I saw Kinyarwanda language. If you have some literatures in Kinyarwanda language, you can also send them together with English literatures if possible.
Some people are interested in the way the Word of God is explained clearly by you. They suggest if you have a Bible institute/school, you can extend it to them because they are interested to study the Bible deeply and know the truth. Or if you have any other alternative way about Bible school, you can let us know and give us more info.
You can send more copies on the following literature Gospel: (He named several literature titles).
Your faithfully,
Pastor Jean Bosco Joshua

Dear Alamo,
I have received the package and thank you for this package. Thank you again for being fearless to publish the truth. I am expecting more from you, and if possible, please consider planting your church in my area.
Hoping to hear from you soon,
Evans Nyakwama
Kisii, Kenya

Dear Servants of the most High God,
Receive much greetings from Kenya in the most Holy name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank God and let Glory and Honor be to our Savior Jesus Christ because of you. I have visited your website, and I am happy for the good work that you are doing for Christ and for the powerful and encouraging teachings that you provide, which are very helpful to me, my family, and the church. May the Lord God bless you and bless your ministry as well.

After my visit to your website, I was real touched and blessed for what the Lord is doing through you in your ministry. So I was spiritually thrilled to contact you, and I’m interested to join hands with you to Glorify God. I therefore please request your prayers for our church here in Kenya, as well as we request for more teachings to us since we are a young, growing congregation spiritually. Be very much blessed as we pray and hope to hear from you soon.

Yours in Christ,
Willis Mokaya


Responses 8/30/2019

Dear Tony Alamo Ministries,
Thank you for your books you sent to us. We have started studying and learning about the book called the Messiah, and we are learning on how Jesus was prophesied by the Old Testament prophets about His Coming, and how He fulfilled the Old Testament prophesies. Let us assure you that your books are very helpful, and we request you to empower us so that we can translate them into our local language for the sake of old Moms and Dads to read and study them. We hope to hear more from you.
Yours in Christ,
Pastor Franklyn Onchonga
Ogembo, Kisii

Dear Tony Alamo Ministries,
We greet you in Jesus’ name. Thank you for the package that I have received today.
We thank God for having joined us in one faith and in one unity with your ministry. We will be updating you on how these booklets are very useful in our ministry. May the good God who began this good work in you and in us, accomplish it in you and in us, until the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Yours in Christ,
Pastor Franklyn
Ogembo, Kisii,

Responses and prayer requests 8/23/19

Dear Tony Alamo,
Praise the Lord!
I am Elisha Raju, God’s servant in India. I am reading your literature. Excellent! (Thumbs up icon)
Pastor Elisha Raju

Dear Brethren,
I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, always desiring you many blessings. I’m informing you that today Monday, August 19th, I went to the Tacna post office, and I picked up the package that contained the newsletters. I thank you brethren for your cooperation with this gesture. Here is the number to the package CE 450369871US. I ask please that you continue cooperating with me, because I have found in these newsletters new things that have strengthened me and helped me to better understand the Bible.
I am 66 years old, but I’m not satisfied with what I know of the Word of God. I want more so I can be edified by the Word of God. Please continue to send me the newsletters because they contain sound doctrine. I also request your prayers for me, for I am jobless, although I worked in the electrical industry. I just trust that God will supply my needs.
Well brethren, this is all for now. God bless you, and I await your soon response.
A Christian embrace from afar,
Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus,
Manuel Jesus Mamani
Tacna, Peru


Please pray for M.B. for his family to be safe; for an older woman who has pain in her leg; and for the gospel work in India. Please pray for M.J.M. of Peru who is in need of a job.

Responses and prayer requests 8-14-19

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I hope and pray you are all doing well. It has been a very long time since I wrote to you and heard from you. Well, after being in Africa for some time I am finally back in Germany. Last month I lost my mother. But I thank God that she gave her life to Jesus some time back after she was able to read the Messiah book of Pastor Tony Alamo.

Well the reason why I am writing to you is that I would love to ask if it would be possible for you if you could be sending me some literature to share with the people around here. I would be very grateful. I am praying to hear from you soon!

God richly bless you all!

Andre Josef Schon
Porta Westfalica

(Second letter from Brother Andre)

Dear Brothers And Sisters,

First of all, I want to say sorry for my late reply. I am so glad to have the opportunity to hear from you. Well, for the Literature, it would be great if I could get them in German and English. As for the other languages it would be nice if you could send me some of the Messiah books also in other languages as well as in English and German. Do you still have the chance also to send Bibles in English and, if possible, in German?
I am so grateful to our LORD Jesus Christ for the life and ministry of Pastor Tony Alamo. As for me personally, I strongly believe that he was a man send by God into this world to teach the truth. Ever since he was in prison, I and my family prayed for him day and night as the apostles of old did for Peter when he was in prison. When we got to know about his death we had been sad but also rejoiced, because he was someone that could proudly say that he had run the race and fought the good fight. May he rest now in the bosom of HIM that he loved all his life.

I am looking forward to hear from you soon. God richly bless you all in Jesus Name!
Yours in Christ,

Brother Andre Josef Schön
Porta Westfalica

Prayer requests

M.B. of India requests prayer for a young man who has fever sickness and an old woman with leg pain sickness. He also requests prayer for his ministry and gospel work.

S.P. of India requests prayer for his ministry and the needs of his ministry.

J.C. is requesting prayer for his ministry.

Rev. K.R. of India is requesting prayer for food, clothing, and finances for the people who have been flooded there. People are dying and houses are being destroyed.


Responses 8-2-19

Thank God for your ministries, for the roles you are playing in depopulating the kingdom of darkness, and populating the Kingdom of our Dear Father and His Christ all over the world. More grease to your elbows, in Christ Jesus. Amen!
As I mentioned in my previous letter, people are hungry for righteousness in this country and in Africa generally, therefore, more demands of your Christian materials are being honestly made from time to time.
We look forward to the next shipment of materials. Till then, God bless you all.
Yours in His Service,
Lawrence Kotun
The Great Commission International Libraries
Lagos, Nigeria


Greetings in the name of our LORD and savior JESUS CHRIST.
I hope the whole team is fine there, and I trust that the Lord is blessing and taking care of you all our brethren.
This to inform you that we have received the parcel sent previously.

Thank you so much for your continued support to us in as far as the preaching of the message of the cross of salvation is. Your support cannot be taken for granted; it’s a treasure in our hearts, and it’s our daily prayer that the Lord may continue to bless this ministry.
We therefore write a request for another parcel with CHICHEWA Literatures, and if possible include a HOLY BIBLE in it.
May the good Lord bless you.
Francis Kuntenga


Dear Pastor Alamo,
These are the Pictures of those who join me to distribute the Alamo literature and those who gave their lives to CHRIST during our crusades

I have been very blessed since I started reading the Alamo literature. Thank you so much.

When I join Rev. Austin Erhunmwunse to distribute Alamo literature, God has been blessing my business and also healed me from my sickness. Thanks be to God.

I was a Muslim, and the Team of Tony Alamo Literature Distributors gave me one of the literatures. If You receive Christ, He will receive you. I finally gave my life to Christ and renounced ISLAM. Jesus is alive. Amen

Pastor Alamo literature has been a wonderful blessing to me, and I am presently born again.

I was a divorcee, but when I read the literature of Pastor Alamo on WHY MANY PEOPLE ARE IN HELL, I gave my life to Christ and reconciled back to my husband because I do not want to go to Hell.

These are some of the testimonies from those who read TONY ALAMO literature.
Please, I will be happy if these pictures and testimonies are included in your magazines.


Praise be to Jesus!
I have received the package today. I'm so glad to receive this powerful gospel literatures together with "King James Version" my best preferred version.

I hope to receive more from you, especially the tracts that teach about Hell and Heaven, and the Messiah books. We are being watched by the Lord.

May God bless you for the good work you’re doing to win souls for Christ.

I will always remember you in my daily prayers, for God to increase your finances and funds in extending "saving gospel" to millions of people in Jesus' name.

Yours faithfully,
Joshua Jean Bosco


from Arkansas
Dear Pastor Alamo,
I am SO glad that I got to read your testimony today! I am writing this letter because I am currently on a road trip to my hometown, and I received your testimony (newsletter) on the windshield of my car at Subway. Isn’t that random!
At first, I was hesitant to read it because I thought that it would be another invitation to a Christian church that I receive frequently. However, as I began reading and relating to your story of how you found Christ, I was amazed and overwhelmed with joy that you are listening to God’s Word and doing what He wanted for us! I also admire how you included the dry bones analogy, and I wish that others in my life could experience the feeling of Christ entering the bones and cleansing them of their sins.
I was re-introduced to Christ this past year, and I fell in love with the Word of God. I want to pass on His Word to others and non-believers. I will definitely pass your testimony along to others, and I hope to hear back from you! I would love more information about your book, The Messiah, and other literary work that you can suggest to me!
Kameron W.
Little Rock, Arkansas

Translated from Spanish

Beloved Brethren,
I thank you for your shipment of Gospel literature, Bible, World Newsletters, and your book The Messiah. Thank you for sharing the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries with us. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ abound in you. Could you continue sending literature so we can continue strengthening and winning souls for our God? May the Lord continue giving you visions. We are a church with 220 members, adults, teens, and children. We here are praying for the ministry. In the community of this town, there were souls wonderfully saved by the grace of God after they read the message in your booklets. At the service, many brethren were interested in the newsletters. Our great desire is that the people are saved through Christ. Please continue helping us for the growth of the new brethren. May the Lord continue blessing you abundantly. Thank you.
Your brother in Christ,
Ricardo M.
San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Translated from Portuguese

With great joy I write to all of you who are part of this wonderful project to distribute the Word of God with this material that you have. I have a wonderful project with children, teenagers, and adults. I wanted to know if it’s possible to get some of your material like the literature, free booklets, or other material. We live in a very poor neighborhood that needs help, and we want to take the Word of God to them with your help. I’ll be very grateful to all of them who are part of this wonderful project.
Thank you,
Hilrakson B.
Paraiba, Brazil

Dear Pastor Tony and Staff:
Thank you so much for the pamphlets and the CD I requested that you sent to me. It is so refreshing hearing Tony preach Scripture from the Bible that too many pastors and churches won't preach because their denominations won't allow them to. They either can't or don't know how to answer you when you ask them why they won't preach certain Scriptures, such as being anointed with oil, laying hands on people, and praying for the sick. The adult Sunday school teacher told us, "We don't raise our hands to worship," and "We don't kneel down to pray." My jaw hit the floor when he said those things. Also, they won't preach on Bible prophecy either! God says to tell them even if they won't listen. They need to preach all of the Bible. It's another lukewarm, "feel good" church. They need to read Revelation 22:19. They're taking away from God's Word and God will take away their part in Heaven.
I love listening to Tony preach all of the Word of God on the Sunday morning radio program.
God bless all of you.
Randy A.
Hawthorne, NV

Pray for me, as I reach more people for Christ. Pray for church leaders whom I am assisting to plant new churches in their respective areas.
Yours Brother in Christ,
Pastor Ison Poleni

Pastor Jaspher Khamba of Malawi is asking us to pray that God touches someone's heart to support him with finances in the crisis of hunger that he is now going through.


Calvary Greetings to you all in the name of Jesus Christ, our Great Commander in Chief.
This is to acknowledge the receipt of the package.
We join the Christians and non-Christians who have read your materials to wish your Ministries the best the Lord has set before you, and what the Lord has used you for in the past, what He is currently and in the future He will be using you for, for bringing the perishing and dying souls to you.
More grease to your elbows in Jesus' saving grace.
For your information and records, demand is increasing for your gospel materials and Holy Bibles for those who cannot afford to buy their personal copies.
We look forward to the next shipment of materials. Till then, God bless you all.
Yours in His Service,
Lawrence Kotun
The Great Commission
International Libraries
Lagos, Nigeria

Dear Pastor Tony,

I agree with everything that is written in the Pope’s Secrets. During my observation, it is true that certain African presidents who are members of the Roman Catholic Church (The Vatican) bow before the Pope for his blessing where Islam has been reigning for many years despite its inhuman dissections. Little by little we have some people today who, by the grace of God, are preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and are supporting the works of God in the Christian communities. It is obvious that the Vatican advocates for world governments, because when it is established in a territory it expropriates vast expanses of land in relation even to the Protestant community and also enjoys tax exemptions. Therefore, the Protestants are creating a synergy through which the government and the Roman Catholic church are plotting together to plunge it into ecumenism in order to offer them gifts through their organisations.
Thank you.
Fidèle Ombeni Migani

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ
As I told you earlier I just realized there is an extra truth in your teachings. For a long time I have not found any teachings anywhere like yours. I believe if i can unite with you we can be able to win many souls back to our God. I find your teachings to be areal blessings to everyone who have read your tracts. People are asking if you can consider planting a church in our area. Waiting to hear to hear from
In Christ,
Evans nyakwama

Dear Christian,
We have received the package and on behalf of all brethren here. I would like to sincerely thank you and Almighty God for the powerful humbleness of your Ministry. You have saved many soul through this package. I am so excited and extremely happy with the gift given. May Almighty God keep on blessing your Ministry .
Blessings Soko,

This was on the national news on 6-21-2019:

The 23 year old daughter of Marion Wilson, who was executed on Thursday, said about her dad, "My daddy is going to Heaven, and I know that. He's going to be OK; God got him."

(He had been sent Pastor Alamo's literature while he was in prison.)


Calvary greetings Beloved,

Thanks for the previous literatures and messages. They were super instructive. I pray with the great messages lots of souls are going to be rescued from destruction and turn to the only Savior, Jesus Christ.
I would love to have more of below listed messages.
We also would highly appreciate to have more Bibles and The Messiah for new converts.

I pray the Almighty God strengthens the ministry in this journey of salvation especially at this end time.
My greetings to all beloved brothers and sisters there and all over the world.
Jesse Fredson
Lagos, Nigeria


Prayer request from one of our distributors in Malawi:

From: Blessings Soko:
Would you also stand with me in prayers especially for the peace of our Country. Political leaders have started fighting each other,the ruling party and opposition, due to disagreement with the current President. GOD should intervene and end their enmity.

Dear Pastor Alamo,
I am SO glad that I got to read your testimony today! I am writing this letter because I am currently on a road trip to my hometown, and I received your testimony (newsletter) on the windshield of my car at Subway.. Isn’t that random! At first, I was hesitant to read it because I thought that it would be another invitation to a christian church that I receive frequently. However, as I began reading and relating to your story of how you found Christ, I was amazed and overwhelmed with joy that you are listening to God’s word and doing what He wanted for us! I also admire how you included the dry bones analogy, and I wish that others in my life could experience the feeling of Christ entering the bones and cleansing them of their sins. I was re-introduced to Christ this past year, and I fell in love with the word of God and I want to pass on His word to others and non-believers. I will definitely pass your testimony along to others, and I hope to hear back from you! I would love more information about your book, The Messiah, and other literary work that you can suggest to me!
Kameron Wayne
Little Rock, Arkansas



MAY 2019

Dear Brethren,
I greet you in the mighty grace of our Lord Jesus. It is another precious moment that God has enabled us to reach each other through emails. I am glad for the response you made on my request. We as a young generation, it is high time that God has spoken unto us that we may go to every corner of the world and turn every individual who has not known Him to know Him through His word. May God enrich you, your ministry and friends with His grace as we hope to hear from you again.
Bishop Geoffrey Ocharo
Ogembo, Kenya

Beloved in Christ,
I have received a parcel from you. I am thankful for your continually helping us to evangelize the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and hereby wish to request more of the gospel literatures available.
Your brother in Christ,
Ps. Joseph Mangisa


Hello, I am HILRAKSON BRASILEIRO, and with great joy I write to all of you who are part of this wonderful project to take the word with this material that you have. I have a wonderful project with children, teenagers, and adults. I wanted to know if it's possible to get some of your material like the tracts, free booklets, or material that needs to be paid for. I just wanted to know because we live in a very needy neighborhood that needs help, and we want to take the word of God too, I wanted to know if you could help in this area. If you can't, it's no problem, I will be very grateful to all of that are part of this wonderful project. Thank you and pardon any inconvenience.
Hilrakson Brasileiro,


Beloved Brethren,
I thank you for your shipment of Gospel literature, Bible, World Newsletters, and your book The Messiah. Thank you for sharing the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries with us. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ abound in you. Could you continue sending literature so we can continue strengthening and winning souls for our God? May the Lord continue giving you visions. We are a church with 220 members, adults, teens, and children. We are praying for the ministry here. In the community of this town, there were souls wonderfully saved by the grace of God, after they read the message in the booklets. At the service, many brethren were interested in the newsletters. Our great need is that the people are saved for Christ. Please continue helping us for the growth of the new brethren. May the Lord continue blessing you abundantly. Thank you.

Your brother in Christ,

Ricardo Hernandez Martinez

San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Dear Pastor and all blessed men of God,
This is to inform you that we have now received the parcel from you with a Bible and one T-shirt that has fitted one of our team members. We are more appreciating for your powerful support and we are more proud of you and your educative Tony Alamo Ministries. We have watched how your ministry is doing there, but it is more power and very encouraging to the body of Christ; the devil is a great liar, nothing is impossible with God, shame be to devil himself in Jesus’ name. We would like to continue receiving your powerful and educative publication to be shared to many denomination church leader as they are waiting to have them to continue strengthening their ministries in their areas. May God's grace continue resting upon you in Jesus’ name.
Yours faithfully;

Hello Beloved in Christ,
This is Sister Kemi Wuwula from Nigeria, whom you mailed a Bible and CDs in the past. l hope all is well with you there. Those materials- Gospel CDs of yours have given the people l shared them with the opportunity to hear God's word for themselves, for some for the very first time to do in a personal way and to have God's message available in their homes, and listening to them to discover God in a personal way right in the remote villages where there no available of electricity. The desire to listen to Gospel Audio CDs recordings is still of great need among some brothers and sisters in their youth and elderly ones. Praise be to God!
A church in one remote area, who was having a particular burden, we gave some your materials to, reported back that much blessing has been experienced in his area as many have been saved, and taken into church membership, and they continue to grow in their love for God’s Word. One of the pastors in the village has started an evangelism ministry. He also has contact with individuals in prison, and it is reported that many inmates have been converted as a result of listening to Gospel recording on CDs. This pastor and his church members are so poor, yet rich in faith and passionate for the glory of God.
Please kindly send me more Gospel Audio CDs. Are you able to do so again?
May God’s blessing continue to pour upon you and the ministry you serve.
In Christ,
Mrs. Kemi Wuwula
Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.


Dear Brethren,
Bless God brethren, it is my humble moment that I take this opportunity to thank our Almighty God for the care He has given us. I am happy for your email and we appreciate that God loves us all. Wish you, your family, ministry and friends all the best that may God continue enriching you with His power, grace and Holy Spirit to serve Him. May God bless you as I hope to hear from you again.

Bishop Geoffrey Ocharo
Ogembo, Kenya



God bless you for all your good works, I was so amazed about your exposure of the Catholic Church through your books. In fact, I will love to distribute your books and tapes here in Nigeria.
Rivers State

MARCH 2019
Dear Beloved in Christ,
Peace, grace and mercy to you from God our father and the Lord Jesus Christ our savior who gave himself for us that He might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for Himself a people for his own possession zealous for good deeds.

I am by His grace a servant of the truth and the gospel. I am married to my beloved wife Zipporah who assists me very much while I am out in ministry work.

We are blessed with three children.

We trace our origins to the church that Jesus founded. We follow the same teachings, doctrines and practices He established. Our mission is to proclaim the Gospel of the coming kingdom of God to all the world as a witness and to teach all people to observe what Christ commanded as in (Mathew 24:14, 28:19-20).

I am privileged to have come across your website, I have seen, learned and I am moved spiritually by what you are doing and because of this I am requesting you kindly for affiliation and partnership as we join hands together in reaching many souls for our Lord Jesus.

Please let His will and mercy be up on you as you consider my need of partnering with you and your ministry. Much blessing to you and yours as I look forward for your response.God willing may you feel invited to Kenya to fellowship with us.
In His love and Care,
Pastor Tyson Ombongi,


Good day, dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I want to sincerely thank you for making the message of Jesus Christ available through Christian literature. That said, would you send me some literature for large distribution to the people who need the message of the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ? Don't fail to send me many copies of the tracts, The Pope’s Secrets and The Fugitive Pope, etc.
Rév. Kimbiti Ndabashwa Mashunguta

APRIL 2019


May God be with you and this great work, the which we all benefit from by being provided with material to win souls for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Glory to God for ever and ever.

Yes, my brethren, I do want to receive material if you could please send them.

This is all for now, I am very grateful. Continue on in this battle. We are supported by the best general, Christ the Redeemer.
Victor Rios Santos


Dear Brethren,
I greet you in the number of our Lord Jesus Christ, and desire many blessings upon you. I’m letting you know that today, April 1, 2019, I went to the post office where I live and picked up the envelope that you sent me with the newsletters. Thank you very much for your cooperation. Now Brethren, I request that you send me literature regarding the pope. I know that you have complete newsletters, and I would appreciate whatever you have. With no more to say, dear Brethren, I am praying for you all, beloved brethren. I know that we are living in the last days, and many things are being seen worldwide. I pray you pray for me. Without prayer we can’t live. This is all for now. God bless you greatly and I await your soon response.
Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus,
Manuel Jesus Mamani Cama
Tacna, Peru

Responses and prayer requests 8/4/18

Dear beloved in Christ Jesus,

Greetings in the Lord Jesus. I would like to appreciate for your support of very powerful gospel materials which you are sending to me from time to time. Another parcel which you sent to me reached to me. It is doing a great job in my ministry as more lost souls are coming to Christ through the reading of these literature, and leaders are receiving to share in their areas. May God bless you for all your support to my ministry.

See the attached photos of the distribution of some of your literature and the support of some items to the needy people. Please pray always for our transportation challenge and the needs of the items to support the needy people, because we know that through your prayers God will do something one day, so that we will reach far areas as well with this true message and support, before the soon return of our Master and Savior Jesus Christ.
God be with you always,
Evance Nauliya
Limbe, Malawi

Dear my beloved Brothers in the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Thank you very much for your reply to my email concerning on the request of Bibles and t-shirts. I am very satisfied with your remarks. Am very happy with your ministry and your, it is so helpful to me and to all the converts I am leading in my area even to many church leaders in my area. We're going to continue working hard with you (spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus through Tony Alamo publications). Please may you continue putting us in all your prayers so that we may continue spreading the gospel of our Lord JESUS CHRIST through your powerful publications. We're more proud of you and your blessed ministry together with all your righteous families. Glory be to God.
Yours faithfully,

Hello Pastor Tony,
I greet you all in the name of Jesus. My father was sick; after that my mother also got sick. I am also sick, still taking some drugs. We need your prayers.

I distributed those literature books they were really blessed. I will talk to them tomorrow if they need some more. Thank you.
Celestine Jalme
Mois Bridge, Kenya

Responses 7-9-18

Praise the Lord!!!
I was reading one of your articles on Facebook and got your email address.
I was wondering if you could send me tracts which I have a desire to share with people in my town.
God bless you and your ministry.
Krishneel Chand
Labasa, Fiji

Dear Alamo Ministries,
I just want to thank God for using you changing the lives in Malawi
and many souls are receiving Jesus as their savior.
I shall be unable to send photos to you because am just using my phone
nor camera that I cannot send photos to you. Be praying for me.
So please send another big parcel with more tracks and Bibles. The prison director is asking the ministry to provide more audio messages and put it in flash disc of more GBs so that all the prisoners should be listening to the message every time. Please help them. Once you send, I will give them. We have three nearest prisons and two are bordered with Tanzania where they are more refugees.
May the Lord bless the ministry,
Benjamin Ngwira

Celestine Jalme

Response 6-22-18

Dear brother and sister in Christ,
I salute you in the Mighty name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Am Bishop Geoffrey from Kenya, administering 4 young independent growing churches.It is a great blessing as I went through your website and saw more teachings for the glory and honor of our Lord. 'If God is on our side, who can be against us?' I as a bishop am very much touched with your ministry's teachings and restoration and do request to help us more teachings that will cover the followers of Jesus for the Kingdom. Greet your family and ministry as we hope to hear from you again.
Yours faithfully,
Bishop Geoffrey Ocharo

Response and prayer request 6-20-18
(Translated from Spanish)

Good day Pastor Tony Alamo,
God bless you. I greet you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. It gives me great pleasure to know of you and your ministry, and how you can help independent ministries.
I am Juan Jose Dávila Ponce, Director of the Ministry of Righteous Arms, located in the city of San Carlos, department of Rio San Juan Nicaragua, a region of more than 100,000 people where we are doing open air evangelism, visiting house to house and preaching in market places, parks, bus stations, etc., for the which we are needing a quantity of Christian literature for distribution, and support in evangelization with whatever you can give us. We are a group with a board of about 20 people, and the ministry is trying to fund its own church.
I hope to receive a positive response from you soon regarding the above mentioned.
Without more, I send you my greetings, reiterating my request with respect.
God bless you!

Responses 6-18-18

(Translated from French)
Good day / Good evening!
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
I remit all things to God, the Creator, and to our Lord Jesus Christ. I am sorry that I haven’t written to you sooner. And besides that, we have had a problem with the Internet here, which has taken up all the work. I cannot say more than that. Only, accept me as a distributor of the literature from the Tony Alamo Christian Ministry. To tell the truth, two (02) souls have left the Catholic church to come to the Full Gospel Pentecostal Church. And more than 45 (forty-five) people have decided to perfect their way of life before God and make it a good habit to read the Bible. I received the package in good shape. Send me more Gospel literature and a Bible (in French).
I greet you in Christ.
God bless you.
Assem Foli
Kpalime, Togo

(Translated from French)
I had your Gospel literature read to my relatives and pastors, which has energized their relationship with Christ and re-framed their vision and understanding of the life and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.
I need your help to satisfy them. I am a pastor in the Ivory Coast.
Abidjan, Ivory Coast
May Yahweh watch over you!

(Translated from Spanish)
May the Lord be with you my brothers. I want to request your help with material, your newsletters, because they are very useful in the work of evangelizing and to win souls together for our Savior Jesus Christ.
Thank you, and I await your help.
Victor Rios Santos
Concepcion, Chile

I all ways thank God because of a big help of your materials. It has helped the church much. Here’s a little bit of history of the church here and how God has helped many thirst souls in Jesus the Rock Church. For the past two years I was using Tony Alamo literature in the church and even my wife madam Agness and my two children had not been much more attentive and saints in the church were 30. I went on praying and calling upon the name of God who is above all to bring people to understand the literature, and God’s messages in them. God is really God, brothers. Last year, my wife and children came to understand more and more about the literature and God as helped teaching the church and even we started visiting the families and sharing about God’s love. This has made the church to have more than 90 saints who are taking in teachings from the Bible supported much from the literature. Much more, I explained to many about the death of Tony Alamo; we thank God for his servants whom he left back whose sharing with Jesus the Rock Church. This has remained a strong testimony to me and us in Kenya. All the church we pray God to help for we are about to start taking our Sunday service outside in the open. We remain on our knees and cry to him day and night for his mercy and grace. Thank you, thank you brothers. Please go deep praying for a large church temple for these souls.
Your brother in Christ,
Pastor Kevin/Madam Agness

Responses 4/5/2018

(Translated from French)
It has been one year since Pastor Tony Alamo was called away to be with His Creator. My condolences once again. We had a great, upright, righteous man of God who never let himself be corrupted, and who always preached the Kingdom of Heaven in truth for the salvation of souls. Happy Easter. may God keep you, brother in the faith.
Aboh Kacou Romaric
Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Respected Sir in Tony Alamo Christian Ministries,
Hearty greetings and thanks for your email. I am very much sorry to hear from you about the bad situation and persecution of ministries along with The Pastor Tony whom God picked up in 2017. Sorry!!!
Really sir, I had gone to ANDHRA PRADESH, S. INDIA as Bible Teacher in 2006 and came to know EVERYTHING through my Telugu friend named M. SUBHRAMANYUM about Alamo Ministries and wrote many letters by that time, but was no answer to my request for the required materials. Then I felt sorry and left my job and came back to my home town Odisha State. Since then I am in the LORD and doing His ministry. This is the reason I know nothing with regard to the harsh situation of Tony Alamo Christian Ministries.
After a long gap of 10 years, I wanted to remind of past things and wrote for sending me these requirements. IT MUST HAVE BEEN GREAT LOSS AT THE DECEASE OF WORLD PASTOR. MANY PEOPLE WERE BLESSED BY HIS GENEROUS GIFT.
OK, sir, please send me whatever materials and things you can send by your kind loving and sympathetic action.
Thanking you for your prompt reply. Hope to receive this blessing from you soon.

Thank you so much for your powerful prayers for us and also literature. I received the literature parcel Saturday. We are happy because of last time we distributed literature at gospel rally. Many read the tracks and books. Two new families came to my church and believe Jesus. They attend Sunday worship. Please pray for more families to repent and take baptisms. Your prayers and messages change India people in our area. Thank you. We continue praying for you.
Pastor K. Sesharao
Andhra Pradesh, India

1. My name is sister Julie Omagbon. I thank God for what he has done in my life and ministry. Some time in the month of June 2017, brother Austin Erhunmwunse advised me to join him in sharing Tony Alamo literature for soul wining movement and I obeyed the instruction while he told me to read the book of John chapter 15 verses 16. That same very month God gave me a miracle of $10,000 from my brother in the U.S who I have not heard from over seven years and I used the money to pay for the Church rent and buy musical instruments for the Church. GORY BE TO GOD AND MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS ALAMO MINISTRIES

2. Dear Pastor Alamo,
Thank you so much for your wonderful literature which I used for my evangelical ministry. many souls have been won to the Kingdom of God with your literature. A man came to me and said that since he started reading Tony Alamo literature his life has been transformed, he is no more smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol and he is now very close in love with his wife and children.
Peter ALI

3. My big brother Tony ALAMO,
Even though you have passed on to meet the LORD, your works on earth is still shining like the morning STAR. KEEP ON RESTING IN THE LORD UNTIL WE MEET TO PART NO MORE

4. Thank you very much Tony Alamo, through the marvelous transforming literature from your ministry my life and community have never been the same again. Brother Austin Erhunmwunse is doing a great work here on behalf of ALAMO MINISTRY for trying to reach as many churches, people and top government officials with your literature and many of them have been highly blessed. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

5. My name is NANCY SAVIOR. I was given Tony Alamo literature to share in my community by Brother Austin, and I did it faithfully and after two weeks my protracted cancer disappeared. WHAT A GREAT MIRACLE.

6. You and your ministry is blessed Tony ALAMO, AND I AND MY PEOPLE HERE IN Omagbon community is blessed by your literature.

7. Dear Pastor Alamo,
Calvary greetings. Through the distribution of your literature for over eight years now in partnership with Rev. Dr. Austin Erhunmwunse my Ministry has attracted a great dimension of harvest of SOULS into the Kingdom of God.

8. We will be very glad to welcome any of PASTOR ALAMO MINISTERS AND MEMBERS in the near future in Benin city for open air CRUSADE AND DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING.
big brother Tony Alamo

Responses 4-1-18

(Translated from Portuguese)
God provides all things for you, and it is a pleasure to talk with the people of God. Here in Brazil we are praying for each one of you, and we believe that great things are still to come in your lives.
Pastor Emerson Franca

(Translated from French)
Thank you for this message. I think I have expanded my work in the Gospel field. Beforehand, I would only distribute literature to the students at the Congo Baptist University of Lubumbashi, in the D R Congo. But now I am giving out the literature in the markets, to the primary and secondary schools, and in the city. I study with those to whom I distribute the literature, because there are quite a few questions which require answers. I usually read all the tracts myself before I give them out to others, so that there will not be any difficulties when there are questions.
Like today during the last distribution, there were many questions about the Pope, and from the tracts, “The Mark of the Beast”, “Is God Right or Left?”
I do not have any more literature.
Paul Mwamba wa Kikumba
Ville de Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo

Dear Pastor Alamo
I am glad to inform you that I received the package yesterday. I and some Pastors will be going out today to share Tony Alamo literature and books and Bibles to people, churches, and market women. A special day for soul winning for Christ as we celebrate the Easter.
God bless you all.
In His Service,
Austin Erhunmwunse

Dear Brother in Christ,
Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. Happy Easter your Family & all the members of the team. But is now made manifest by the appearing of our Savior Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, as hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel (2 Timothy 1:10).

Thank you, may God shine His light down up on you. Thank you brother! May God truly bless you and your work! Praying for you!
Thank you, and also for you and your family. Bless you. God bless you.
Yours Brother in Christ,
Pastor Javed Masih

We all wish you a very happy Easter! It is a wonderful time of the year because new life is appearing everywhere. For the Christian the resurrection is so important. It signifies that the power of death has been broken by Jesus who has risen from the dead. We too can have this new life (called new creation) by believing in Him (Rom 6:4). We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life (2 Cor. 5:17).
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.
Take this opportunity to thank you again for your gift of book The Messiah. God bless.
Joel Asare and family
Kumasi, Ghana

Thank you so much. I am getting to know Luke and I am happy that the grace of God will see him in his Christian walk. It will be the honor of God to watch him as he grows deeper in Christ. God will always make a way for the gospel. For now I suggest you do not include the literature as I’ll just have him grow in the basic word of God first. Besides I still have most of the literature and depending on his understanding and the grace God has given him I’ll do it stage by stage. It’s a blessing to hear from you.
Thank you and Blessings!
Asa Mpuan

Responses 3-19-18

Beloved in Christ,
I thank you so much for another parcel which got to me today this morning. The parcel just arrived in time as tomorrow I am also leaving for evangelism where these literatures will help me more. I can't wait for another package as it is more useful to winning souls for the Lord.

It’s my prayer that our God almighty shall continue to bless you more and more so that you will continue the tireless job you are doing for the cross.
Glory be to God.
Your brother in Christ,
Ps. J. Mangisa
Blantyre, Malawi

(Asa Mpuan has been a distributor for over 4 years in Ghana but he recently came to the US to go to college. This letter is from a man he witnessed to here.)

Dear Office,
I am a student at the William Jewell College (Liberty, Missouri). I met Asa Mpuan a few days ago and I have been blessed by his encouragement and teachings. I thought it was to request for a Bible to help me in this new walk. I hope my request will be graciously considered. I am grateful I met him and happy for the work you’re doing in many lives.
Thank you.
Luke Pierce
Liberty, Missouri

Responses 3-16-18


1. Pastor Alamo,
Calvary greetings. I am very glad to inform you that your literatures and books you have been sending to me to other Pastors and Churches from TONY ALAMO MINISTRIES have contributed to the advancements of so many Christians in BENIN CITY and Nigeria at large. I have distributed your books and literatures to many, many Churches and people and there have been tremendous testimonies. I am very prepared to partner with your Ministries including my BIBLE STUDENTS who usually join me to distribute your literature for EVANGELISM AND SOUL WINNING MOVEMENTS.
Long live Tony Alamo ministries
Austin Erhunmwunse

2. Dear Pastor Alamo,
Thank you so much for your soul winning literature and Bibles I have been receiving from Rev. Austin Erhunmwunse. Through your literature AND WORLD MAGAZINE many souls have given their lives to Jesus Christ and this has caused an increase of souls in my Ministry. KEEP IT UP AND GOD BLESS YOU.

3.Pastor Alamo,
It is great in reading your christian materials it has helped me so much to strengthen me and my family. Austin has been doing a great job by reaching so many of us with your literature and Bibles. May God bless you and your ministry.

4. Pastor Alamo,
I know you are now resting in the bosom of the Lord in Heaven. We shall meet again. Thanks for your literature from Austin Erhunmwunse.

5. Warm greetings to you all in Tony Alamo Ministry. With your literatures from Tony and been distributed to my ministry by REV. DR. AUSTIN ERHUNMWUNSE almost every month. Thank you so much. We are praying for you all.

Responses 3-4-18

Dear beloved in Christ,
Greetings in Christ Jesus. I would like to inform you that the parcel which you sent me on November 3, 2017 has arrived and was distributed at the open air meeting December 31, 2017 at Bangwe township. A lot of people received Jesus at the same function, while others are still sending testimonies after accepted Jesus after reading your literature which they received on this function in their homes. May God bless you very much for your great work you are doing for the Lord. Have a blessed and prosperous year of 2018 as you continue to reach more souls with this wonderful and meaningful message of Jesus Christ. We look forward to your continuous help in our ministry with tee shirts, sweatshirts, Bibles, books and newsletters for the work of God to be continuously expand.
Yours in Christ,
Evance Nauliya
Limbe, Malawi

(Translated from Portuguese)
Fraternal greetings in Jesus Christ, the master of all science and pre-eminence, the Son of the living God, the author and finisher of our Faith.

Grace and peace from God the Father, who has begotten in Christ that we may worship him in spirit and in truth.

We anticipate our 2018 year full of grace and peace, and many accomplishments. May the mighty hand of the Eternal bring to you the many open doors and the anointing of the great commission for the last time comes to you in the name of Jesus.

The truth is that we need to keep the word in our minds, so that on occasions when we cannot read the Bible, for example, we meditate on the word with what we have in mind.

However, it comes very respectfully to ask the Brothers to deign to send us Materials, Literatures, Brochures, Bible studies, manuals for discipleship, Bible courses, Bibles, new texts, books with themes related to Discipleship, the growth and perfection of Christian and brothers who were baptized in the year 2015 to 2017 and gains in the Campaigns and Crusades of Evangelization.

I speak this because memorizing the scriptures has greatly strengthened my faith and helped me greatly in my life with God and the work of the Lord.

... "For faith cometh by hearing, and hearing the word of God - Rom 10:17"

This happens very clearly when I am listening to God speaking to me through the word kept in my mind and heart, all this fruit of the school of Discipleship that I have often endorsed my baptism.

I was baptized in 2002, and I remain firm until now for the mercy of God all because of the process of Discipleship.
Best regards!
António Félix
Luanda, Angola

(Translated from Spanish)
Dear brothers in Christ Jesus,
Thank you very much for your response to our requests. The Lord bless you and guide you with His Holy Spirit.
Please do not stop sending us your materials so we can continue evangelizing with the Word of God.
Count on our prayers. And you can count on us in the service of the gospel.
Evangelist Torres-Pastor
Vineyard of the King Christian Church
Medellin, Colombia

(Second email from Evangelist Torres)
(Translated from Spanish)
My beloved ones in Christ Jesus,

As always, we are thankful to the Lord for your support with literature for us to continue evangelizing with the Word of God. Today we just received your box of literature. We will be using this material during the week of March 25-31, the week of prayer and fasting, and door to door evangelizing. God bless you. We will continue to stay in touch.
Evangelist Pastor Torres
Vineyard of the King Christian Church

I am always happy to say that these literatures of yours have made me know more about Christianity and more of repentance. I will be moving to Kampala, and I desire more of these Bibles, books and gospels literatures for an effective and fervent evangelism in Uganda. Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks.
Asomba in Uganda

This phone call was from an elderly Italian Christian woman that volunteers at a golf course in NY, cleaning up trash, and helping visitors, etc., and was in a golf cart going by a pile of trash with newspapers, thorns and briars etc., She wasn’t going to stop, but something told her to stop and clean it up, so she did, and she found a, “God Is a Terrorist” newsletter in it, and just had to call. She witnesses to the men there, sometimes there’s about 300 hundred or so men and some women, and she isn’t shy to preach to them, and she really loves to witness to the Jewish people. She was sent some newsletters and a Messiah book, and this is a response from her after it was received:

“I’m very grateful with all the literature that you sent me. I’ve been up to 2:30 or 3 in the morning reading, and I’m just so touched by the heart and the boldness that the Lord gave to the Pastor who is in Heaven right now, Tony Alamo, yes, everything that the Lord has told him to give to the world is true, and he had the boldness to come forth, and your newsletter is just unbelievable, I don’t know of any other pastor in the Bronx or Westchester or Manhattan that speaks the Word, and tells the Word for only the reason of saving the people, and I just can’t put down the literature, I’m reading, I’m reading, I’m reading, …and thank you so much.”
She also wants the same literature sent to her Pastors family who are Jewish, and have moved away from the area.

Dear in Christ,
I bring you all greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. How are the brethren in the USA? May the Lord, on that day when He makes up His jewels, count us worthy and faithful servants. Amen.
This is to inform you that I have received the parcel of newsletters you sent to me. Together, we are populating the kingdom of God, and the reason is the materials you are shipping to me.
I want to reiterate that the efforts you people are putting towards the expansion of the gospel here in Nigeria and Africa at large is not a waste. The Lord is calling His own through your literature. His sheep will hear His voice through those materials and will follow Him.
Finally, I want to pray that God Almighty will continue to guide and protect you all from the enemies of the gospel there. He will grant that you all will abound in His grace and mercy to finish strong in this calling. May He open the floodgates of Heaven to rain upon you all blessings that know no bounds, including financial resources needed in this commission and assignment.
Your brother in Christ,
Nwugbana M.

Pastor am more humbled to let you know my happiness. I have read this booklet and really understood what God has for me.
Am happy of this and it has changed my life and uplifted my faith. Am so happy about Tony Alamo ministries and may you be a blessing to everyone.
please continue praying for me as I would also like joining the distribution of literature.

Responses 2-28-18

(Translated from French)
Dear brothers and sisters from the Tony Alamo Ministries.
I hope that you are all doing well by the grace of God. I want to let you know that I am expanding my work in the Gospel field. This time I went to the teachers from the primary school. There have been positive results. Thank you and may the Almighty God protect and guide you for a long time.
I, Paul Mwamba wa Kikumba and Choudelle Mpango-Ngoie send our greetings to all of you.
Democratic Republic of Congo

May the Lord bless his servant and may great grace of our Lord continue to rest upon your ministries in Jesus’ name.

I am Pastor Folowosele the General Superintendent of GODMANFAITH WORLD MISSION, a ministry that has taken the Gospel to 15 countries. I came to New York mid last year and I found 2 of your great works on the street. They are “Sodom and Gomorrah” and “Brace Yourselves”. I was blessed by them and so I wish I could be privileged to distribute these great works in Africa.

I will be in the US next month and love to visit your church. Please if I find favor in your sight to do so, I would love you to send an invitation to visit.
My regards to your family and the people of God. Remain blessed.
Pastor Folowosele

Hi blessed men of God,
More proud to hear that you have sent another parcel for us for evangelistic work, this is very wonderful and a total encouragement to the work of God in my area. I am going to inform you about the parcel when we receive it.

Thank you for the prayers you are continuing for us. Timothy is still on bed rest at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in the city of Blantyre, and is now waiting for his operation (spinal cord surgery).

(The following letter was accompanied by pictures of a crowd of people all holding up the Gospel literature.)
This is how it was when I was in Phalombe, the southern part of Malawi which boarders with Mozambique. If possible in the next package include more of the “Sodom and Gomorrah.” I am very thankful indeed that as you can see, it is really helping; they need more and more.
Yours brother in Christ,
Ps. J. S. Mangisa

I got the literature on 6-2-2018. Thank you but I apologize because all have been sharing and sending photos using your Facebook account which actually I get results from the team. The literature is amazing and soul winner and changer of people's hearts. Many pastors and friends have joined me for the distribution. Through the literature, we have won souls and we are still waiting for some testimonies.
The literature is over at the moment, we thank you for loving and caring for us.
Yours faithfully,
Asalu Innocent

My beloved sir,
Greetings to you and your family in the glorious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is Pastor Paari from India, I am so exciting about your ministry efforts and am keep praying for you and your ministry.

Most honorable Sir, I would like to inform you that I got a mail from your delivery department. We are so glad for your encouragement to our ministry in India. When I get the parcel I will send another mail to you. Could you please visit our ministry in India? I would like to work with you and under your authority.
Thank you.
With regards,
Yours in Christ’s service,

(Translated from Portuguese)
Hello brothers happy to receive the email from you, sad with the fact of the death of Pastor, more thing I know he is in glory, but the work that the pastor left has to continue, to do what Jesus commands us to do, preach the gospel, to do what Christ spoke so much. I pray for you so that this work that the pastor began continues, because the work is not of man, but of God,

Brethren, I’m sorry for the mixed message, because I am very anxious in writing, but what I wanted to know is if you send me a Bible together with your material, it is of great importance for me to have your Bible. I thank you with all my heart for all that you will send. I want to correspond by email with you, to send the fastest response. Thank you, brethren, peace to all.
Hilrakson Brasileiro
Paraiba, BRAZIL

(Second email from him)
Hello, my brothers, once again I write to say that I am happy to be a part of this channel between USA and BRAZIL, to expand the gospel of CHRIST. I am young and still new in CHRIST, and I like to do parts of this work that are missions, and I am happy to be able to help you to spread the Gospel of Christ.
I hope you please send a Bible and tracts.
I have been praying for you so that God continues to bless this ministry of yours.
About the pastor, I am sure he is very missed. I wanted to have the opportunity to have gotten a dedicatory from him in the Bible, but even so, it’s better for God to have mercy on us.
Thanks again, and I look forward to news from you.
Hilrakson Brasileiro
Paraiba, BRAZIL

Responses 2-24-18

Greetings in the matchless name of our High Priest, Jesus Christ. I read an article of Pastor Alamo on “To Know The Mystery Of God,” and at the end of the article it states that I could ask for his book entitled The Messiah. I'm write to express my interest in the book so would be glad if you could send me a copy through my mail.
Thank you for sending,
Apostle Ekow Insaidoo
Senior Pastor
Kingdom Witness Chapel International

I am really thankful that I have now received another parcel. Am grateful for your continued work in reaching out the world with the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. The literature will continue helping me out reaching the unreached more especially in the typical villages. Please continue sending me these literatures more especially the Chichewa one (the Malawian language) for more of the villagers are uneducated. Thanks once more and stay blessed.
Yours brother in Christ,
Pastor Joseph Mangisa
Blantyre, Malawi

(Translated from Portuguese)
Hello, my brothers, in Christ, and with much joy I write to you once again to congratulate you for the material that came to my hands. I was very happy, because you are the only ministry that was very affectionate to me. I am a young man of 33 years and new in the faith in Christ Jesus, I have much to learn, even more of God’s right direction.

Brothers, I read the world newsletters, not all of them because they are too many to read at once. I also will distribute some to people. I find interesting the work of you brothers there. Someday I believe that I will have the opportunity to know the work you do personally, brothers. I am speaking of the faith you believe in. Brothers, I live in a simple needy neighborhood, I have not have a computer to help, I do not have internet at home, I only have a cell phone, and I have the Wifi password of my sister-in-law who lives next door to me, to talk to you brother, but I will not let this affect my walk brother. I'm telling you so you know, because of the words of God, because I know where he took me from. Thank my pastor Tony Alamo for his vision, it made me very happy, and it was an honor to receive a Bible from him with a dedication for me this servant and soldier of Christ. I will send you the information you need to see.

Once again thank you very much for everything, from the heart. Please send news and I'm waiting for a response from you regarding the Bible, I am anxious for the news; many thanks for everything, THE REWARD COMES FROM GOD. Thank you for everything.

Dear Brethren in the Lord,
I thank the Lord for the life that we have, it’s because our Lord sacrificed His life that we have life in abundant.
Many thanks for the parcel which we got yesterday.
However it has been our prayers that may the grace arise the Bible are still in demand, for many are now coming to our Lord the need to equip them with the bibles is of a great demand.
We thank you for the job that the Alamo Ministries is doing of spreading the through the tracks and messages, may the Lord our God bless you.
Greetings in the name of our Savior,
Chihema Ministries
Blantyre, Malawi

Hi Men of God,
Greetings in Jesus’ mighty name. This is to inform you that we have received the parcel from you, thank you for the great gift of Bibles and the Messiah books and all the publications that werer featured for the evangelistic work. If possible, we would also like to receive other more parcels with Bibles, Messiah books and assorted publications for distribution in my area. Timothy is at least now getting better and it was discovered later by his doctor that it was TB infections that collapsed his both legs, so he is receiving medical treatment at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in the city of Blantyre. We are still need of more of your prayers. If it is your wish, may you assist us with more (the secret of pope, and Sodom and Gomorrah but in Chichewa.)

Thank you so much for your sending different kinds of tracks and book. We read and there is a spiritually growing revival knowing many new things. I invited some of our area pastors and we distributed tracks and book of explanation to people. Many know the Lord Jesus. Please pray.
Sesha Rao Kavuluri
Andhra Pradesh, India

Responses 1-11-18

(Translated from French)
Glory to God. Good day brothers and sisters from the Tony Alamo Ministries.
This morning I give glory to God again, for there is a guard at the Baptist University of Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo, who, because of the reduction of his salary, has been thinking of his debts, such as, rent, medical needs, costs for his children's education, food, and other needs!!
He even has gastritis. But he submitted his case to me, and I used your piece of literature called “Troubles?”, and the last thing he said was, "I repent".
His name is José Kikaba. This is what he was saying. "Why is the devil sending me troubles?” "Why doesn't God intervene?”
He was unaware, like the Jean-Paul couple.
Thank you.
Bishop Paul Mwamba-wa-Kikumba
Lubumbashi, D.R. Congo

(Translated from Spanish)
Hello, blessings,
I am Horacio from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I read today a part of one of your articles, "Victory Over Pornography!" I had never heard of you... I would like to know if you have more articles regarding this topic, because at one time I was immersed in that sin. But today I fight against the consequences of that sin. I need to cleanse myself completely and enjoy the life that Christ offers. I'm still in that process of sanctification.

(Translated from Spanish)
Thank you very much dear one for the information you gave; I confirm receipt of the mail with the details of the number of the mailing. I am following the package by way of the El Salvador mail. I will keep you informed as to receipt of the package!
Again, I am very thankful, and I trust in our Heavenly Father that I will have the package with the literature shortly so I can get it to those who need the words of hope and need to know the Word of God. If possible, I will also send you photos of the evangelistic project carried out. God bless you greatly, at all times.
Very thankful,
Eneyda Monjaraz
El Salvador

Dear beloved in Christ,
Greetings in Christ Jesus. I would like to inform you that the parcel which you sent me on November 3, 2017, have arrived and distributed at the open air meeting December 31, 2017 at Bangwe township. A lot of people received Jesus at the same function, while others are still sending testimonies after accepting Jesus after reading your literature which they received on this function in their homes. May God bless you very much for your great work you are doing for the Lord. Have a blessed and prosperous year of 2018 as you continue to reach more souls with this wonderful and meaningful message of Jesus Christ. We look forward to your continuous help in our ministry with tee shirts, seat shirts, bibles, books and newsletters for the work of God to be continuously expand.
Yours in Christ,
Evance Nauliya
Limbe, Malawi

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,
We acknowledge the receipt of the parcel, which we collected on the 2nd January, 2018.
Our humble thanks to the work of spreading the gospel to the world.
Its our request to you that keep on praying for us that we reach the masses with the gospel without any hiccups, this will just fulfill the great commandment to reach with the gospel to the end of the world.
Therefore after a many spiritual journeys around the country, many in the Blantyre City who are living in remote areas some are still not aware of the our Lord Jesus Christ or heard of any word of God. This is due: 1. Illiteracy, 2. Following the forefathers cultures and 3. Many are in the areas that the roads are impassable.
1. On the illiteracy the only thing is to preach the gospel to them at regular basis.
2. Following the forefathers cultures, many are still worshiping idols like trees, rivers, mountains and many man made gods as this is what there forefathers taught them to do.
3. Behavior that are causing many men to defile children and young women.
4. Many that are in the remotest areas whereby the gospel hasn't been preached or at one time heard of our Lord Jesus.
Therefore your interceding and putting the church in prayers will only give us enough courage to preach to them and reach them.
Yours faithfully,
Pastor Malabwanya
Limbe, Blantyre, Malawi

Responses 1-1-18

(Translated from Spanish)

Good afternoon brethren,
God bless you richly. I am letting you know that yesterday, between 9 and 10 a.m. the package was received.
It was very joyful to know that the promised package arrived. Thank you because I know that this will contribute to the expansion of the Kingdom of God.
What I do need is more Bibles, and any other book. I saw that you need prayers to be able to cover the cost of mailing, you can count on our prayers. I hope you can help us with more Bibles because there are people here that need them. And of course, if it is possible we will try to collect funds to help finance a portion of the mailing expense, so we can get more Bibles.
Once again, thank you dear brethren for this great blessing.
P.S.: I have attached photos of the package that was received and its contents.
Javier Reano
Barranquilla, Colombia

(Translated from Spanish)
Dear Brothers,

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, wishing you many blessings. Well, brothers I inform you that I picked up the package of the newsletters that you sent, despite the delay they finally came. I have read all the newsletters and they are very good. It’s been years since I met Pastor Tony Alamo. This pastor I know, and I understand, was used greatly by God. From what I have read, it is sound doctrine. I know that things have occurred on this earth, but all that occurs is passing. When the truths are preached, those truths are not liked by the wicked, as also in this world by many pastors (that is, so-called pastors). There are very few true pastors, but there are more false pastors at this time. There have been pastors who preach prosperity, when our Lord Jesus Christ never talks about money; our Lord Jesus owns the world, but He didn’t have where to lay His head.

Today I see these preachers of prosperity. But the pastor that preaches the truth is poorly looked upon. Brothers, that's happening with me. Brothers I have no dealings with people, my dealing is with Jesus Christ; all the disciples preached the truth, and they were killed because of it. For me to live is Christ and to die is gain. I have no fear of nothing, I'm not afraid of him that kills the body, I'm afraid of Him that kills the soul and that alone is Jesus Christ.

Well I understand that Pastor Tony Alamo is in heaven, I believe and understand that he is walking on streets of gold in the New Jerusalem and no more is despised by anybody. I have a set of newsletters written by Pastor Tony Alamo about the pope; this man that is posing as the representative of Christ Jesus. Now I tell you that this person from the Vatican is coming to Peru next year, 2018; and he will be taking 3 million dollars from Peru without doing anything; while here in Peru there are many people in poverty, yet this sinner of the Vatican is going to carry money in dollars. The Vatican has many banks in England and the United States. I will always remember Pastor Tony Alamo. For me, he still lives.

Now, please I beg you brothers, if you could send other pamphlets or newsletters, I will greatly appreciate it. The address is the same. Well, I just have to pray for you brethren; whatever happens I have to continue preaching the Word, always looking to the Christ of glory, that God guide you all at all times and never leave you, and the fill you with His blessings. The 25th of December, I was 64 years old, and I will continue to preach the word of God while He gives me life. I preach the word of God always while travelling from town to town as I do going from country and to country, bearing the Word of God. I know it's not easy, but I've learned in this field, that it is one thing is to be in the pulpit, but another thing to be on mission. Well with this, I say goodbye to you and a hug from afar to the beloved brothers.
Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus,
Manuel Jesus Mamani Cama
Serpost, Tacna, Peru

(Translated from Spanish)
Dear brothers in Christ Jesus of the ALAMO Ministry,
From Colombia, together with my wife, we ​​send our permanent prayers for all of you and the ministry in general.
Thank you very much for your prayers and literature shipments throughout this year that is ending, and that we have used to evangelize with your literature, delivering the Word of God. At this time, we just received a box of materials.
Thank you again and we wish you a thousand blessings, with all our hearts, now and in the new year that is approaching.
We hope to continue counting on you.
Evangelista Torres, Pastor
The vineyard of the King Christian Church
Medellin, Colombia

(Translated from Spanish)
Good day dear brethren,
A fraternal greeting in Christ Jesus. May the grace of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit be upon you to widen your ministry and continue blessing other brethren around the world.
Brethren of the Tony Alamo Ministry, it is a joy to have received information about you and your ministry by way of a sister that congregates in the Christian Church of Jamaica in New York, which Brother Pedro Cubero pastors. The sister gave me information about your ministry, a newsletter from the year 2005.
It is of great joy to that there are ministries like that of Tony Alamo’s that exists; I read about your supports and your work in Africa, India and in other countries.
The sister gave me the newsletter, and told me that you also in the love of God send Christian literature and Bibles to places that need them.
My name is Javier Reano, I am an evangelist, and I congregate at The Wonders of Jesus Christ Evangelical Church, my pastor is Yira de Lascano.
The church is located at the following address.
As soon as I heard about your ministry, the sister that spoke to me about you told me that I could contact you. Because of this, in love of God, I write to request your help for our church, to have your help with Biblical material, literature and Bibles to provide for brethren that have very little funds and have a very low social standing.
It is my first time writing to a ministry of your stature, with international trajectory, that is why I humbly direct myself to you, and appreciate all your support and help. Thank you, thank you very much brethren.
May God continue to bless and prosper you,
Javier Reano Mendoza
Barranquilla, Colombia

My Beloved spiritual Brother Tony & staff,
Holy greetings to you in the faithful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
My Brother, this I have received your package and 2 CDs in that package, thank you very much for your material and may God bless you.
Brother, all of this material is very much helpful for my outreach ministry in India. To win more souls for Christ, me and my wife and Church members will go to the outreach Gospel​ villages in India and we will distribute this material. Kindly pray for my outreach village ministry in India.
We are all praying for the family of late Tony and also we are all continuing to pray for the staff in USA. Please continue to pray for me and for my family member and for the Church congregation in India.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
With much love and prayers,
Yours Loving Brother in Christ,
Andhra Pradesh, India

(Translated from Portuguese)
Hello, good day, the peace of Christ. I am an evangelist of the Assembly of God Church, in the city of Santarém, state of Pará, in Brazil. For being a small church, I ask for you to send material for evangelism, like Bibles and brochures. We are in an area where many indigenous need to be evangelized. I have a teacher ready to do the work of the Lord Jesus, but we are without these materials. We thank you for your attention.
Antonio Silva das Chagas
Santarém, Brazil

(Translated from French)
I thank you so much for the appropriate message of the Gospel of salvation. You truly have saved a couple who were going to break up. This couple had been suffering since the beginning of their relationship, but after having read your tract “Troubles?” they came to understand that suffering doesn’t come from the devil but it’s of God.
So, thank you to the Tony Alamo Ministry. Peace has been restored in this household.
Bishop Paul Mwamba -wa-Kikumba.
Lubumbashi, D R Congo

Dear Brethren in JESUS,
Greetings to you all. Thank you so much for your love and encouragement for the evangelism in INDIA. Thank you for the blessed tracts and beautiful T SHIRTS you sent; I received them very safe and reaching to these people of idolatry.
Please send me more TRACTS for EVANGELISM in India.
Please greet all the Saints.
Your Sister Sara and Teams
Andhra Pradesh, India

It’s been exactly four years and God has shown His power in my life and others. I was in second year of junior high school when I requested for the literature in order to draw close to God. Back then, I started a campus fellowship where we discuss the truth about Christ Jesus from the Messiah books. My faith had grown mightily in a way that I never imagined.

In third term of my second year, I was diagnosed of Heparin B. I fasted and prayed to God for healing. In the night, I saw Jesus laying his hands on my abdomen and I felt fire when in my tummy when I woke up. My spirit made it known to me that I have been healed. I went for check up and there was no trace of the virus.

My testimony has changed the way my family views God, and the Christian relationships I built in high school still follows me to today. I am able to guide others in the truth of God’s word revealed to Pastor Alamo. I shared the literature to my town folks because most of the students in my school were already in the ministry of Pastor Alamo, sharing his literature to students. On the other side of the coin, I had to face issues with the Catholics in town. Some threatened me but I know it is all to the glory of God.

Today many believe the truth, the salvation and blessing of God I preached. My heart abounds in deep connection to the Alamo’s ministry that I always thank God. When I graduated high school, I got a scholarship to study at William Jewell College in Missouri, Hallelujah! I came three months ago, and I want to live the same life I lived in high school. I want to still share the testimonies and truth about Jesus to other students here. The work is hard but it is all to the glory of God, and it’s my joy to participate in his suffering. I am requesting for literature to share with other students here. I know God will continue to do more than he did in the past in people’s lives.
I may not be able to say everything but God is always the mark of Glory!!
Asa Mpuan
Formerly in Ghana

(Translated from French)

I appreciate your generosity especially toward me. I thank you for everything that you are doing for me. I want to inform you that I have received the package, and I remain always as a distributor of Pastor Alamo's Gospel literature. “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek. For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith” (Romans 1: 16-17). Our Prophet is living in our heavenly "land" close to our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen! I would love to have a proper photograph of the Pastor. Everyone sends their greetings to you: Christians, pastors and Christian teachers, in the name of the Lord.
Sincerely yours,
Evangelist Assem Foli
Kpalimé, Togo

Responses 12-31-17

(Translated from French)

Thank you very much. The World needs more of the Gospel that gives eternal life. In my country heresy is in full swing. The Gospel needs to be taught like the Alamo Ministries teaches it.
With joy in my heart, please receive my brotherly greetings.
Paul Mwamba wa Kikumba
Commune de Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo

(Translated from French)
Hallelujah! Blessed be the name of the Lord! I am very happy to be writing to you, for the Lord has glorified His name in the life of a new soul, thanks to prayer and your literature. On December 02, a student friend and fervent Catholic who I have been witnessing to since 2016 called me on that day of December 02 at eight o’clock to tell me that God told her to make a career in the Gospel with us. Now, she is no longer a Catholic. Hallelujah! Thank you for the biblical newsletters! Here is the tracking number from the last package. Thank you for this one for December, so that I can complete the year of 2017. Shalom! Shalom! Shalom! Shalom! Shalom! Shalom! Shalom!
Enoch Blondé
Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Dear brother in Christ,
We are busy with Christmas schedule. Many Hindu people ready to accept the Jesus Christ with the support of your literature. Yesterday night we had conducted Christmas program at Vundeswaram tribal village. We want to conduct baptism program on January 1st.
God bless you.
Solman Raju Kola
Andhra Pradesh, India

(Translated from French)
My best wishes and good health to all of you, my beloved brothers in Christ. I apologize for the delay regarding informing you about picking up the parcel from the Post Office. I am going to distribute it on January 08, 2018 at the Baptist University in Lubumbashi, Congo.
Thank you again for the expenses you have paid for the distribution of the Gospel and the combined sacrifices for the souls who are starving for the Word of Truth.
Paul Mwamba wa Kikumba
And all the family
Commune de Lubumbashi, DRC

Benjamin Ngwira in Malawi says, “Happy new year to all members of Alamo Ministries and I will be praying for all the petitions I have been given from you. Be praying for me to find a motorcycle.”

Dear precious brother,
Greeting in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. I am very grateful to receive the above items. God bless you very much. The messages are very inspirational, up to date, and very much scriptural. Dear brother, I would like to let you know that we are living in rural remote areas, therefore I would kindly request you for one additional Bible for my wife Christine, T-shirts, tapes and Cd messages in additional to those brochures. We would like to members of the Alamo Christian Ministry in this part of Nebbi, Uganda. God bless you so much and pray for us.
Bro. Benjamin Wanican
Nebbi, Uganda

(Translated from Spanish)

Dear brothers and sisters,
I greet you in the name of our LORD JESUS ​​CHRIST, always wishing you many blessings to each one of you. Brothers and sisters, I am not an ungrateful person; I always have you in mind because I have learned many things from those newsletters that were sent before and after. It has a good content, and they motivate me to remain firm in the work of God that is so needed in these final days in which we live, when the evil is multiplied throughout the world. Well brothers we send a hug from afar for a happy new year; it is good to say every day that for the children of God when one has CHRIST IN HIS HEART, every day is new. Thank you very much for your cooperation and I hope you do not forget me. I am a 64 year old missionary pastor. On December 25, I was 64 years old, brothers, I am healthy, I am not sick of anything; until now, the doctor for me is CHRIST JESUS, I do not know an earthly doctor. Well to each one of you I wish many blessings, brothers and sisters. Just pray for us as I do for you, which is the commitment I made with God and I am waiting for your quick response. Please we request your sending of the newsletters.
Your brother and servant in CHRIST JESUS, ​​
Serpost-Tacna, Peru

Responses and prayer request 12-6-17

(Translated from Spanish)

Dear Brethren in Christ Jesus,
Thank you very much, as always, for your prayers and your support with literature that we have come to use in our evangelizing work, which we always use, as we are doing at the present time with 4 missionary brothers that have been accompanying us since November 7th, and will continue until the 10th of December. Every day we are going from door to door in this city and we are distributing your literature. Some people rip them up in our faces, others treat us badly, other people take them and then throw them in the trash, and a few receive it and read it. The people here are very Catholic and very religious. But we are praying.
We pray for all of you every day, and for the Alamo Ministry.
Thousands of blessings, and thank you for helping us.
Evangelist-Pastor Torres
Medellin, COLOMBIA

Greetings in Jesus’ name. I am glad for the package you sent to me. I received it and I am grateful for your commitment to spread the word through the literature. Thanks so much, I am humbled. I will be glad if you send another package and some Bibles to me if any under your custody to help me and my brethren here to carry out the study easily. Thanks again as I wait to hear from you.
Your brother in Christ,
Nicodemus Orina
Kisii-Nyanza, Kenya

Blessed greetings in the name of JESUS, our one and only true LORD, GOD Almighty!!!

I am very delighted to know about Tony Alamo's christian ministry! May I and my congregation be given the privilege to serve GOD through your LITERATURE Distribution here in the Philippines? Please include the book entitled, The Messiah.... Please send everything, cd's, tapes, Messiah book, and literature for distribution.
Pastor Robert S Martinez
Baguio City, Philippines

I am very happy to inform you that I have received the package you sent to me. I have also read the messages and Prayer request from people all over the world and praying for them to.

I am delighted to tell you that I have finished with the distribution of the newsletters already. It is truly a blessing doing the work of God by way of evangelism.

I will be glad to receive another package with newsletters that talks about Christmas and Jesus Christ. I realized that there is a problem with the ministry in the area of finance and is my prayer that God will bless the ministry and cause people, organizations and the general Christian body to help in the growth of the ministry in the area of finance.
Yours in Christ
Olad Sheun Isaac
Tamale, Ghana


Responses 11-30-17

(Translated from Portuguese)
Dearly beloved, in annexes, I am sending a report on the work we have carried out in Angola, specifically on winning souls to the Lord, through the organization of campaigns, conferences and crusades.

The same took place on 11/11/2017. The campaign of evangelization took place at Petrangol where we won, by the mercy of God, more than 40 souls for Christ.

In your sessions, we ask you to pray for these lives so that they may continue on the path and be firm in the Lord.

We also ask for your guidance and support with what you can, especially for the evangelization of the Hospital Americo Boa Vida and the Chain of Bengo in the first fortnight of December.
Evangelista António Félix
Luanda, Angola

(Translated from French)

We are very happy to inform you that the latest package has reached us, and the distribution is underway. We want to say; may our Living God bless you for His work that you are doing throughout the whole world. Not everyone is called like Pastor Tony Alamo and his ministry. The way that God is operating in you is something that has enthusiasm, for since we started hearing and reading the publications from the Word of God from a young age until now, we confess with all our hearts opened to you that Pastor Tony Alamo and his entire ministry are a people which are trained and people who are speaking all the truths from the Word of God.

Every time before we give out the literature from Pastor Tony Alamo to people who need it, we write our telephone number by hand on these publications, which allows people to call us.

If possible, quickly send us two parcels of Gospel tracts at one time in the French and Swahili languages, CDs, French and Swahili Bibles, because the requests for them and the publications from Pastor Tony Alamo is increasing greatly day by day, and in our reservoir or stockroom nothing is saved or kept.

Can you also send me subjects or topics teaching with characters for the young people, if you have that?

As Christians, we have the duty to pray for the world and the sick indiscriminately, and especially for the people of the house, if anyone speaks of the people of the house, which is to say, every person from the Tony Alamo Christian Ministry of the world. Our condolences go out to the people who were shot in the church in Texas. However, let us know; was this church one of our ministries in Texas? Concerning the question about Zawadi Ndabangaye, please be patient. In a few days I will let you know his complete address.

We love you so very much. Receive our greetings in Jesus Christ.
May God bless His work in you.
Cordially your brother in Christ.
Evangelist Alain Lukole Daudi (David)
Rusizi-Cyangugu, Rwanda

Dear brothers in Christ,
Thank you for all for your literature. We have received your literature. Really, your literature has given us spiritual strength, we feel like it’s a Christmas gift to us.

In my country, the ruling government completely supports to the anti Christian organizations; pray for us.

Please keep in your regular prayers for about my father’s health.
God bless you.
Your loving brother in Christ,
K. Solman Raju
S/o K. David Raju.
Andhra Pradesh, India

Responses 11-14-17

Dear beloved brothers,
Greetings to you from my family. All the literature was distributed by me. Many people read and accepted Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior through your literature of dry bones.
Please send me White color t-shirts XL size at free of cost for free distribution those who are with me in tracts distribution work. Please pray for us. We are praying for your work.
Your brother in Christ,
Andhra Pradesh, India

Dear Brethren,
I am so happy to receive the writings of Tony Alamo. The messages are soul touching and very helpful for the saints. I am using them for soul winning here in Zambia, Chingola. The man of God may not be there but his words are still fresh, so touching. Kindly send literature for salvation which can assist us to propagate the Gospel.
Bishop Shimwitwa
Chingola, Zambia

(Translated from French)

Hello dear brothers in Christ.
May the peace of God be with you. Thank you for the package of newsletters for the month of October. I have received it.
I am again requesting more for the month of November and December to finish up the year of 2017. Thank you very much, and God bless you abundantly. Thanks to your newsletters the Lord is being glorified here. Souls are being saved. The Gospel is prospering, and hearts are being strengthened and re-educated. Glory to Jesus!
Pastor Enoch Blondé
Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Responses 11-12-17

Dear beloved brothers,
Grace to you and peace in the name of our blessed Savior and our Lord Jesus Christ.
Sir, thank you from the bottom of my heart of your letter. I hope God is continuing to you and your family as well as the work of Alamo Ministries. Your books have been a great spiritual treasure to me. The book Messiah has been touched my spiritual life and equipped me for the work of God. I am so happy therefore to hear that you will send me some of your books and Messiah.
Thank God that once again to have fellowship with you for the 20 years ago.
God bless you all.
Joel Asare
Kumasi, Ghana

Dear Brothers,
I am very pleased for having received the World Newsletters and the 2 MESSIAH Books. We are blessed by your precious Word that is very much enriching us and our people and overjoyed that we have the opportunity of this wonderful messages of our Dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We are distributing the Newsletters and also given out the 2 MESSIAH BOOKS because everybody is crying for the chance of the Books. I received one the first time and two this time, therefore we have given out the recent two - one to a Pastor of a Pentecostal Church and one to one member. The request is the Bibles, but I explained that the cost of sending is high, so one time when we get our own money, we can send to you to enable you to pay for the Postage of some Bibles to us.

May you continue sending to us all the wonderful literature for us and keep us on the Mailing list. We dearly pray for your safety from the evil forces that are hunting you for the real truth of the Word for His people to benefit and get out of the satanic ways of the end times and be saved.

May God bless you abundantly for us. We are with you in prayers, in mind and spirit. All His love, Care, Mercy and Grace be with you our dear beloved Pastor.
Blasio Ecaru
Soroti, Uganda

Responses 11-8-17

Thanks so much for taking your time to respond to me. I have here below filled the required details in the form below looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible. I am so much sorry for what happened to the man of God but one thing I know, in all God knows what is best for us. I will be praying for you always for God’s divine protection and provision for I know with God all things are possible. I encourage you not to tire from doing the work of God in season and out of season, despite what may occur it can't stop us from reaching more souls for Christ. With unity in the body of Christ and pulling together towards the same goal that is winning souls we will conquer for with Christ we are more than conquerors in Jesus’ name. I know we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us don't give up press on towards the goal we are called for. Be blessed and may God increase you in all aspects.
Your brother in Christ,
Nicodemus Orina
Ogembo, Kenya

Dear Alamo,
First of all, I just want to thank the ministry for sending and finding ways of sending tracks to all parts of the world. I am just coming far from distributing tracks and the Bible you sent and more people have received JESUS as their savior and all tracks are finised. Can you also send again the biggest parcel with more bibles, discs, and shirts for me and other two pastors? All these are at high demand to people. I borrowed someone’s motor bike which took me very fast to go and distribute tracks, and be praying for him that next time he may help me again. I need more tracks this time written in Chichewa and we shall be praying for the challenges the church is facing. May the Lord bless the ministry.
Benjamin Ngwira
Rumphi, Malawi

From a faithful and zealous distributor who travels to several countries in Africa distributing the literature: “I need prayer accompaniment for the provision of a new car to facilitate my mission in reaching out to the lost souls of God and serving humanity. Join me to pray for this request which I am believing God for it.” Dr. Asomba A. Tobias
P. Rajarao in India asks that we pray for him, his family and church believers.

Dear sir or madam.
I got your email from a gentleman called Maxwell Kobina.
I wish to apply to receive any amount of Christian books which I can distribute to workers in the area where I work.
I am in the safari industry. Workers live within camp for several weeks and secluded to church. No form of fellowship can be done because of working hours and shifts. We do not have off days within camp and only rest after going home for a week after a month.
Your consideration will be appreciated. I work with 40 juniors and 15 middle staff.

Praise God,
We have herein attached photos of distributions. We thank God for your publications and great work Alamo ministries is doing in the spread of the gospel. To God Be the Glory.
Our church members lack Bibles and this is a big challenge especially during Bible study.
God Bless.
Joseph Oduor Odongo
Nairobi, Kenya

Dear Alamo Ministries,
I have received the parcel today which was sent on 6th of October. I am happy
for you giving me discs and tapes. I am arranging my journey to go far to preach and distribute tracks because the way I use for the people to get well the message, I preach first and thereafter I distribute literature and after that all people pray for repentance. Please be sending more discs and flash discs if you can find them because some two pastors need them very much. May The Lord bless the ministry until Jesus comes and be praying for me so that God should give me transport, Amen.
Benjamin Ngwira
Rumphi, Malawi

Dear brothers in Christ,
Calvary greetings to you all in TONY ALAMO MINISTRIES. Thank you so much for the package you sent to me. The moment I receive it I will contact you. Truly my outreach for some months now have been of great harvest for the Kingdom God.

Yes, the devil knows that his time is very short and the coming of Christ is very eminent. He is doing everything at his reach to blindfold the mind and heart of his victims through deceit.

Me and my Pastors and ministry have been praying for you all and the American people .There have been mass killing and shooting of American people even in the Churches.

This is also our experience in Nigeria where Muslim extremists have been shooting and killing many Christians in different churches in Nigeria. However for over two years now that has stopped, after much prayers in faith and agreement.

Whether the devil likes it or not, the Church of Christ is marching ON and the gates of hell will never prevail against it.
Yours in His Victorious ARMY,
Austin Erhunmwunse

Dear saints,
Greetings in Christ Jesus. Thanks once again for the gift of literature you sent me on October 3, 2017. The gift arrived to me. The group of people you see on a picture below are the people of Nchiwa village at Dulankhani trading center in Mulanje district. The building you see behind them is their prayer house. They love the word of God. They always request to have more literature for distribution, but they do not have a mailing address to write to you direct. It is the flat area where they did not harvest maize last season due to floods which took place last rainy season. We have bought a plastic paper for the church maintenance. We also support them with food. Pray for their situation. Another picture shows my distribution work at Limbe AHL Group, ATC Limbe Main.

The people always appreciate for your messages which open the understanding of the word of God. Your work is not in vain. More souls are won to Christ trough your literature. May God continue to bless you more abundantly for your work for the Lord Jesus.

Nixon Chimombo, Esnart Mbemba, Elias Mphepo, Everson Zinyemba, Ausman Kasonda and Debra Mphande are requesting you to help them with bibles for their lives and families to grow spiritually. If it is your wish sir, please you may send them through my mailing address.
Yours in Christ,
Evance Nauliya
Limbe, Malawi

(Translated from French)
Good day Pastor Tony Alamo,
It is by grace that I've come across your World Newsletter volume 06000 from your New Jerusalem Christian Ministries. After having read it with all these testimonies from “Dry Bones” my heart was stirred to be in unlimited communication. Even though I am without employment, without a laptop or a modem I want to live my life in Christ and see how others profit from your works and gifts, to spread the Good News throughout the world.
I also just want to have DVDs in French by DHL sent to Bukavu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo where I am living.
Adelard MUJIJA Bachoke
Sud-Kivu, Ibanda
Democratic Republic of Congo

(Translated from French)
From a brother whose son died unexpectedly.
Dear beloved brothers,
My family and I are very sensitive regarding the part that you have taken in our grief. In the desolation from this sudden mourning into which we have been thrust, it seems to us that only the thoughts of our beloved ones in the Lord remain faithful to us, giving us the strength again to live according to the will of the Lord our God, and to think about the future.

Even though Calvin has finished his stay on this earth where man lives, we think that he is waiting for the day of resurrection, where we will all find ourselves before the Master's throne for the last judgment.

Please be together with us, for your support in prayer is and remains extremely vital to us.
With the expression of our messages of affection and sincere thanks,
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

(Translated from French)
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
I share the same sorrows as you in such a painful time as this. For the death of a human being is like a black curtain which separates us. But we Christians should take courage as others do, especially for the charismatic, modern-day prophet like the fiery Pastor Tony Alamo who has left us. Our dear Creator, and Lord God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. May the land be light for him. Amen!

I want to thank you for this latest package, which included two Bibles, three copies of the book The Messiah, a letter and the well waited for Gospel literature. I still need some Bibles and French Messiah books for the new converts, and some black, medium and large size Tee-shirts in memory of the Pastor.
Take courage in Jesus Christ, who is the only Way that leads to Heaven.
Sincerely to the Ministry of the Word Church.
Kpalimé, Togo

Report by Alain Lukole Daudi of the distribution work in Democratic Republic of Congo
We, the youths from OJFAD, after having had or received the literature which came from the Tony Alamo Ministry in the month of August, have sent two of our distributors into the Territory of Fizi for the accomplishment or the distribution of the Gospel tracts and to evangelize from September 11 to September 24 201, which is to say that the mission for these two distributors was for two weeks.

The names of the distributors who were on this mission are:Evangelist Rodrigue Mudekereza, and evangelist Jean Matabishi Rubarira Kahindo.

During this period that the distributors were giving out the publications from Tony Alamo and witnessing to the people from Fizi, they noticed and recorded that these people are dominated by the Catholic religion, the Muslims and the Kimbanguistes and other idolatrous religions.

This activity carried out in four villages within the Territory of Fizi were in the villages of Swima, Mboko, Makombola and Nundu.

After the distribution of the literature from the Tony Alamo Ministry, there were among the people who were being evangelized those who agreed to change their false religions of idolatry and follow the Way of the truth which is Jesus Christ, by reassuring us that they are requesting or wanting their Baptisms to be in the month of December 2017. And they have recommended that we establish a church where they are, which will allow them to hear the Word of God, because the power of these Gospel tracts from Pastor Tony Alamo have convinced them and have given them every truth.

The three Bibles that you sent have been given out to two of our distributors and one from our church: Evangelist Rodrigue Mudekereza, evangelist Jean Matabishi Kahindo and Clovis.
- We thank our Savior Jesus Christ, because He has given us the time to preach His Word among these people of Fizi.

- We will not cease to thank the Tony Alamo Ministry more, which is supplying us with their efforts by sending us the Gospel tracts, and which is keeping us in their prayers.

Dear Alamo Ministries,
The work of distributing tracks is going on very well, I distributed all the tracks and bible you sent to me and the tracks are finished. I also went with my electric equipments showing the videos to people because where I went electricity was there, there was no need for the generator and many souls, over 100, repented. I just pray to God to give me all the equipments for evangelism because what I have are second hand. I Also ask you to send again another large parcel of tracks, bibles and t-shirts because people were requesting Bibles and t-shirts. May the Lord bless Alamo Ministry.
Benjamin Ngwira
Rumphi, Malawi

Dear brothers in the Lord
Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ.
Thank you so very much for the email that I lastly received from Tony Alamo Christian Ministries E-mail department. At the time I was in receipt of that email I was not aware for I had not heard that our beloved pastor Tony Alamo went to be with the Lord on May 2. I fully believe He is not dead he is alive forevermore in Heaven he has entered into the joy of the Lord, where death is swallowed up in victory and no sting of it any more.

Pastor Alamo`s life was a living testimony of sacrifice, love and devotion to the Lord as the millions of souls that he brought to salvation through Jesus Christ prove all over the world. Personally physically I have not have seen him face to face, but through his spirit filled inspiring teaching through his CD’s and the monthly literature the holy spirit that was present upon him at the service would minister to me with the very power of the holy spirit that was present during the service. What a profitable departure? Leaving behind million souls preaching and teaching and winning precious souls unto the Lord after the very foot prints of yours is the greatest mission deal under the Sun.

Even though Tony Alamo is with the Lord but his gospel will continue to be preached by his stiff gospel disciples, without fearing the devil, the satanic one world government or death. believe me you the literature from Tony Alamo Christian Ministries not only worn million of precious souls in parts of the world only but also in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda these are but some of the nations I happen to visit equipped with the literature from your ministry, many people liked them and would demand for them as if I was distributing some money.

I would like to be sent different assorted Tony Alamo Christian Ministries of since 2013 up to 2017, the book entitled the Messiah according to the bible prophesy a bible or two and if there is a T-Shirt medium size to indentify me as a distributor of Tony Alamo Christian Ministries Literature.
May you be highly favoured and accepted before the Lord!.
Pastor Elijan Otieno Matete


Greetings my dear ones in Christ,

It is a pity that I have not been able to send you mail since the death of the great man of God Pastor Tony. I have been out of town for such a long time. I thank God Almighty for the good work Pastor Tony did and the good foot print he left before going to be with the Lord. Please, brethren in Christ, let us all follow his foot steps and continue in the good work he taught us all in the Lord. Please, may the Lord give us, you, and all of us His sheep the heart to bear the loss. Amen.
Finally let us all continue in prayer and winning souls for the Lord.
God bless you,
Pastor Emmanuel Eze
Lagos, Nigeria

Shalom, in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
Thank you for the attention you have shown toward me. Thank you for your very effective prayers. I had asked you to pray for me, so that the Lord would sharpen my tongue (Isaiah 32:4) for preaching and proclaiming the Gospel. I want to assure you that I have perfect speech. Thank you! Also, the Lord, our Holy Father, has given me a fiancé who is worthy of the Lord. Thank you! The Lord has heard me! Glory to God!
Here is the tracking number for the last package. I still always need your literature. Thank you for the month of October, which will surely be coming here.
Pastor Enoc Blondé
Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Responses 9-30-17

(Translated from Spanish)

My blessings to you, my brethren in Christ. I want to tell you how sorry I am, the sorrow to have heard of the Pastor’s blessing. I can imagine the emptiness that was left in you all. We know that the Servant went into the arms of our Lord Jesus Christ, and it is consoling to know that one day we will too.

I want to let you know that the parcel, the tracts that you sent me in May, arrived yesterday Sept. 26. I believed they were delayed for many months, but they arrived, that is the important thing. I thank you with all my heart. I am happy with my tracts. First, I’m going to study them and then give them to people that need. God bless you infinitely. A big embrace. Someday my Lord Jesus Christ will give me the opportunity to meet you. This is my great desire, infinite thanks.
Erika Andrea Muñoz Jara
Provincia de Concepción , Chile

Dear spiritual father,
It's my pleasure to write you on this platform once again. I have worked with the advice you gave me about 3 years ago concerning the work on our native Bible. I told you that we use NIV English Bible for the translation. But you said if I would not use King James Bible, your ministry will support what is wrong. Since then I’ve switched to the King James Bible to review the work & actually find it splendid. Thanks very much for the good advice. Today, we are already in the book of Proverbs 13 from Genesis. We really need your prayers & support to finish the work successfully, for the salvation of our native people; to the glory of God. May God Almighty defend you & your work, protect & preserve your life & ministries till the day of Christ in Jesus’ name. Amen.
Sir, you may also send me 500 newsletters for evangelism. Thanks.
Brother Luka Masin
The Word Of God Worldwide Gospel City,
Nasarawa State, Nigeria

Pastor Tony Alamo,
All love and thirst for the Word of God. May these other books also be sent to us: Powerful Soul-winning Gospel Messages from l982 - 2017. They are wonderful, powerful and thrilling.

The real sacrifice you have made is of God and all your Literature is anointed by Jesus Christ, our dear Lord and Savior. Our love for you is great and through you we have real hope. The Messages, Gospels, the Messiah Books, CDs must be powerful and healing for His Kingdom. Help send us all, then we shall distribute to the thirsty in the Word of Christ Jesus.

With all hope and trust we await for the wonderful Literature in dire and great need to quench the burning thirst of your Anointed Word of the dear Lord Jesus Christ. May God bless you abundantly.

With all love and hope in you for the dear love and trust of God.
Blasio Ecaru,
Soroti Town, Eastern Uganda

Dear Pastor Tony Alamo,
I am highly happy and very grateful for the wonderful literature I have received for my family and our dear thirsty people for the Word. I received the wonderful WORLD NEWSLETTERS and I copy of the MESSIAH. We are now busy reading the Newsletters and then the Messiah.

I have all hope that now the Lord has blessed me with getting the anointed Word of the Lord Jesus Christ from His wonderful Prophet and beloved man of God Pastor Tony Alamo, the deliverer of the lost Souls. I and my wife Eliza are very happy of this Golden opportunity and we are going to distribute to many people this World Newsletters.

Now may you kindly send us the 30 Bibles and 30 Messiah Books and continuous literature WORLD NEWSLETTERS monthly, CDs and all wonderful literature of Pastor Tony Alamo Ministries. Praise the Lord for all the good wonderful love for us.
May the Lord richly bless you abundantly for the service to His people.
Blasio Ecaru,
Soroti Town, Eastern Uganda


(Translated from French)

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
I send all my condolences to the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries and to the grieving family. The Christian world has lost a modern-day prophet of this generation. And this is a victory for us Christians. For our Pastor Tony Alamo did not fail by surrendering to the satanic world unto his return to the Heavenly Father where the Lord is seated at the right hand of the Almighty God. How are his children doing? May the Lord protect them and bless them. May the Lord not lower His arm on the Christian Ministries for the final battle. May God keep your souls and spirits near to Him in the heavens where no one can come and abduct them from His hands. Amen! I want to let you know that the package has not yet arrived.
Assem Foli
Kpalimé, Togo

Dear brethren at ACC and ACM,
Belated condolence to the family of Pastor Alamo! WE feel sad that he's gone but happy that he is with the Lord already! Let us move on and keep on serving the Lord till He comes (Matt. 24:14, John 9:4).
Your brother and co-worker,
Ptr. Cecilio H. Asis, Jr.
Camarines Norte, Philippines

Dear Brethren,
Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus of Nazareth.

With tears of joy I write to express my sincere gratitude for the package of Gospel literature I have just received from you. The package has arrived safely, and I collected it at the post office on September 14, 2017.

On Friday, September 15, we had our usual afternoon prayer meeting at one of our preaching points, in Siyo village, where I gave out the materials to the people. The materials spiced the service very much as the people are hungry for more of such materials. Most of these converts do not have the Bible so these materials will help them grow in their knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. The people are very thankful to you for the materials they have received. This is their first time to get such materials.

Brethren, it is our prayer here that the Lord strengthens you in all the trouble and persecution you are going through for Christ's sake. May His grace abound on you so that you may continue to spread the Gospel to the poor and neglected people in remote areas through gospel literature. Please count on us as one of your congregations here in Malawi. We need much of these unleavened messages from you to lift us up from the mire of false doctrines. Please send materials as much as you are able mainly in CHICHEWA and ENGLISH languages to help me in the work of God. Your cooperation, provision and prayers are greatly needed.

About the departure of our father and pastor, Tony Alamo, I am convinced by his teachings and testimonies that he is in eternal bliss. May we carry his banner and live a Christ-like life as he did. May God reward him abundantly for the work he has done and the persecutions he endured for His name's sake.
Lastly, I ask you to pray for my wife Magret who has a chronic spine infection.
May God bless you all at Alamo Christian Ministries.
Yours Brother,
Lazarus A. Kumukumu ( Evangelist)

Dear Members and Staff of Alamo Christian Ministries,
I hope this letter finds everyone well. I can’t thank the church enough for helping me during a situation in California I never dreamed I would be in. Life is full of surprises. Sometimes they aren’t always the ones we dream of.
But your ministry provided meals “fit for a king” and a wonderful uplifting service each night. Sitting in the pews each night for a year, I promised myself if I ever got back on my feet, I would send my offering here as a thank you to the Lord and to the ministry so that you could continue to help others.
Blessings and thanks to everyone,
(A tithe was enclosed)

Dear Tony,
I pray by the grace of God you will receive this letter…My name is Monica from South Africa. I’m currently in Thailand prison also convicted of something I was not aware of, drug trafficking. So I can relate a bit of how you must feel being falsely accused even evidence shows your innocence… In the factory I work the woman next to me was reading your pamphlet. Actually I recognized your picture, and said, "I know this man, he is a famous designer." As a child I use to love The A-Team. I’m a big fan of Cher.
She gave me the literature to read and I was inspired so much… Even me, I asked myself why God punished me as I’ve given my life always to Him. I grew up in a Christian home, taught my children about God, and even taughtSunday school, but because of the wrong friend lying to me, I ended up in prison. It’s strange how someone else far away in this world can experience the similar feelings and questions.
I’ve been imprisoned for three years now with a harsh sentence of thirty-three years and four months. I’ve come to realize God has His reasons and will not put something in our path we cannot handle. Even as people on earth may judge us falsely, Jesus never does. He actually loves us so much. Maybe that’s why He tests us, just like Job. I don’t know if you are familiar with Thailand’s harsh laws and situations we have to live with, but I still wake up each day thanking God for opening my eyes and another day closer to my freedom.
Thank you for sharing your story and your encouragement. May it spread throughout this world as a sign of God. Your breath is in God’s hands. Your life is God’s. God’s delays are not denials. He has heard your prayers!
With God’s blessings,
Monica M.
Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand

Dear Sir,
Hello, my name is Arthur and I’m writing to you from prison in Thailand. First of all I would like to give you a brief introduction about myself. I’m Ugandan and a Christian I traveled to Thailand to earn my bachelors degree, but due to my selfishness and greed for material products, I got involved in the drug business. I was caught and sentenced to twenty-five years in prison.
In prison, I have seen the error of my ways. I have repented of my sins I committed and have since renewed my relationship with God. While in prison, I came across some of your newsletters. I found them to be insightful and well-written. The one I read was titled “The Only Way Out.” The message inside it touched me and was really inspiring. May God who has given you and your ministry knowledge and wisdom to spread His Word and teach His flock continue to do so in Jesus name, Amen.
Right Now I would like to take this moment to request some of your publications titled “The Pope Secrets,” “Fugitive Pope” and any of your works related to this subject matter. Your assistance and consideration towards this request will be highly appreciated. May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon you and the ministry. Amen.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Arthur K.
Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand


Responses 9-21-17

Grace of Calvary abound with you forever in Jesus Christ’s name. We appreciate your ceaseless effort to advance the kingdom business daily. Your materials had been helpful and blessing to humanity.

Moreso, I will continue to partner with you for more of your books and other materials and day it is available. We always prepare for your bulks of materials and we shall never cease to incorperate prayers for your success till He comes.
We appreciate your labor of love. Looking forward to receive bulk soonest.
God Bless.
In His Vineyard,
Pastor Clement Omoyeni,
VictoryChristian Mission,
Ondo State, Nigeria.

Dear Alamo Ministries,
I want to thank the ministry for sending 3 flash discs. People now they are coming at my house listening to the messages of pastor Tony Alamo, songs and also the video of Susan and Pastor Alamo live. I am just waiting for the big parcel you sent before this one and will let you know. May the almighty GOD bless the ministry.
Benjamin Ngwira
Rumphi, Malawi

Thank you for sending the items. I went to the post office yesterday and I was assured that as soon as the goods arrived they will contact me since my mail box is connected with my cell phone line.

I wish to let you know that knowledge is power; a church without literature cannot grow. We need as many as you can send. I have come to appreciate this ministry. Please don’t hesitate to empower us with books and Bibles. Our mandate is to empower our people with Godly messages starting from Sunday school to adults in all departments of the church.

As I indicated earlier that we are a church which was registered in 2014. We need books for church library and Bibles. My appeal to you is that send what is available for us even in bulk we will appreciate. Literature can help us in open crusades as we reach out in our country Zambia which has over 12,000,000 people. We want to be the voice in our nation through distributing Alamo writings.
We are more than ready to receive packages from your end.
Once more thank you for your effort.
With Regards,
Shimwitwa Kelvin
General overseer-Wego church

I am writing to confirm deliver of my Bible, The Messiah, and assorted literature. Thank you so very much. I am thoroughly enjoying learning from the writings of Pastor Alamo.

Could you possible send along other books and newsletters as they become available? Myself along with one of my cube mates at the shelter would greatly appreciate it.

I am finding hope through the writings of Pastor Alamo. Being homeless is VERY difficult and depressing - especially in New York City. With next to no income (we receive $22.50 od cash assistance from NYC every two weeks!!) you become to feel hopeless after a while.

Over the years I have learned that any one person that the US government or media targets is usually the opposite of what they are portrayed to be. I 100% believe this to be the case with Pastor Alamo. Any good Christian is demonized.

Once again, myself and one of cube mates thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I hope to turn others at the shelter on to Pastor Alamo as well.
God bless you all and all that you do.
Andrew Powles
New York

Dear Tony Alamo Ministries,
Grace and peace be unto you and the church of God. My name is Chinedu, a prisoner in Klong Prem Central Prison, building six, currently serving a jail term of thirty-five years. I have served five years. I have been reading your literature here with my friends and other inmates which reached us through Mr. Emeka. Sir, I am in need of your Christian literature and Bible study so that I can be able to build my path more in Christ Jesus. I wish to use your material here in the prison yard which is about one thousand people in the building, I need your guidance to evangelize the entire building. Even I will continue with your message outside any year I have my freedom, because now I know what it means to be born again, and I really thank God for my life, because God touched my life here in prison. I would never have believed that I would ever open a Bible and read for even a moment, but to God be the glory that I’m a changed person now. It’s not by my own power, but it is by the work of God Almighty, and I will always give all the glory to Him. I also thank God once again for Pastor Tony Alamo and his church for the wonderful works they are doing for remembering prisoners and giving us hope. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your kindness. God bless you.
Faithfully yours,
Chinedu A.
Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand

Dear Alamo Ministries,
I received your mail with a thankful heart. There is a really shocking news that our dear beloved father in the Lord, Pastor Tony Alamo, has journey the way of all the earth. We pray that his soul should rest in perfect peace. Amen. We, all the members over here in the jail, are sending our greetings to the people that their Pastor left behind and paying our tribute to him through this medium. I have now been transferred to building one, and when I got there I was able to inform a small group of people and commence the Alamo Christian Church. We are mourning. His departure to the way of all the earth does not mean that the pastor has abandoned his ministry or his call. But he has gone to join our Lord Jesus Christ to help put things in place in Heaven. His life on earth was worth living and after all the world had done to stop him from the work of God, he persisted. Remain blessed. Farewell.
Mr. Mikel O.
Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand

Dearest Alamo Christian Church,
It is with great joy that I receive literature from you all the time, even though it has been a long time that I wrote you. I want to thank God for you that you did not forget me and that you put me in your prayers always. Amen.
Meanwhile this morning I read your letter saying that Tony Alamo went to Heaven. As we are in the flesh (but we are not of the flesh) I felt so sad asking to myself why it has to happen like this? But Romans 12:12 says to rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer, same as in I Thessalonians 5:16. Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. Amen.
This letter makes me also to think of Paul an apostle of Christ Jesus when he wrote the personal letter to Timothy (First and Second Timothy) waiting for execution! I learned many things in this letter as we were busy studying First and Second Timothy and we finished last week. I thank God now Pastor Alamo is in Heaven with others who proved themselves worthy to be with God. My wishes are to follow the good example he has shown to us and try to do what he taught us to do by using our different gifts. Second Timothy 1:7-8 says for God gave us the spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me, His prisoner, but share in suffering for the gospel by the power of God. Amen.
Please before I close my letter, I would like to ask you something! Please, if you can, help me find someone whom I can correspond with! I found if better for me because sometimes we need to share some ideas or some other things like the experiences in our life! Thank you. Let God bless you all! And let peace and love from God be with you. Amen.
Your sister in Christ,
Christine N.
Bangkok, Thailand

Dear in Christ,
Calvary greetings to you all in the name of Jesus Christ. I join the brethren over there to give thanks to the Lord for the life Pastor Alamo lived in the Lord Jesus Christ. He served his generation with the Word of God, both in America and all over the world. It was through his writings I came in contact with this church here in Nigeria, so he has won millions of souls to the Lord. Also he has impacted this earth with the gospel.
Though he’s gone to be with the Lord, his footprint marks and works for Jesus Christ will live on till eternity. We shall miss him here on earth but soon we shall reunite in the presence of God. We shall also return to the earth to reign forever. So brethren let us have consolation in the Lord for the truth that we shall see him, and millions of saints that have gone ahead of us to be with the Lord. Let us not mourn but to give thanks always to God for the life that Pastor Tony lived.
I read from your correspondence that he made a statement that he is not upset by whatever government or individuals might have done to him. That reminds me of Jesus Christ statement when he was crucified. Stephen also made same statement. To the brethren that have been persecuted over there in America, be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. Let us not succumb to intimidations for soon it shall be over and we shall be raptured into Heaven. My warmest regards and greetings to all the saints in His vineyard.
Your Brother in Christ,
Nwugbana M.
Lagos, Nigeria

Responses 6-5-17

My Beloved in Christ,
I received my package safely. I am extremely happy to inform you that our Sunday school children have shared the Gospel by distributing your tracts and literature to the unreached people in different places in our state. Some people have accepted Jesus as their personal savior by reading your literature. Glory to God and thank you so much for sending them. Some of the people from Hindu Religion could realize that Jesus is only the God after going through your literature. Your Literature is so powerful.  It reaches so many unbelievers and transforms their lives into Christ. Therefore we need  more of your Literature regularly (every week).
Our Little Children have dedicated their Lives to God as personal Evangelists of God. They had a great desire to work for the Lord with your Literature by personal evangelism. We have a young Team  who are also ready to preach the Gospel  and save the perishing souls by giving your Tracts to the people.
There are nearly 50 people who have accepted Jesus through your specified Tract entitled "How to approach God"  in Telugu language.  Now They are in need of Telugu Bibles to know more about God.  Therefore I humbly request you to provide at least 30 Bibles.
I am sending herewith the pictures of the children who did personal evangelism through your tracts. Hope to hear from you again.
John Paul,

Greetings to you Brother in christ.
           Thank Q so much for your Literature. I received my package on 17th of june. Your literature has enhanced our personal evangelism ministry in a beautiful way. As a result of reading your literature,  people could realize that Jesus is true God and savior. Most of the new believers are adding to our church by having your literature. Really we are all so thankful to you and your tracts.
There are some people who have accepted Jesus as their personal savior after reading your literature. Now they are in need of Telugu Bibles. Please try to send English bibles also. Kindly look at our pictures and remember us in your daily prayers.​
John Paul

(Translated from Portuguese)
May God reward you for each material sent as they have been very important to me and to the few sisters who do this work with me. If you want to know me and know who I am, go to my Facebook: Ana Maria De Melo Teixeira. May God in Christ bless everyone.
That sister with the dress with printed hair, very white, is our sister Edna. She is almost 90 years old, but every day she comes from a distant neighborhood at 5 in the morning to be with the people here in the church at 6 in the morning, praying for everyone, especially for you who sends us material.
All the missionaries stay with God!!!
Ana Maria De Melo

(Translated from French)
Shalom to all of the Christian family from the Tony Alamo Ministry.
May the peace and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you. I bless the Lord for our late Apostle Tony Alamo. He is resting in the Lord’s rest.
I received the package on June 09. Thank you for your prayers, because they are bearing fruit. I want to give you the testimony that the Lord has delivered me from stammering (Isaiah 32:4). I told the Lord to heal me of this handicap if He truly has considered (called) me for the Ministry of the Word. Glory to God. I have been answered through your accompanying holy prayers. Still pray for me, that the Lord will give me one that is godly. I am young in the ministry. My fiancé has given up because she fears the difficulties of the pastoral ministry.
Enoch Blondé

Huxter Khembo asks that we pray for a church in Mozambique to grow spiritually.

Responses 5-27-17

(Translated from Spanish)

Hello, my blessings. Perhaps this email never arrives in your hands. Well, if it went through, it would be a miracle, it would be wonderful. I only want to tell you that the tracts arrived last year. It was exciting to receive such a blessing. We here always go out to proclaim God’s Word and it was beautiful distributing your tracts. My most sincere blessings for your lives. We here are proclaiming God’s Word since there is not much time. GOD IS ALREADY COMING. Expecting to take advantage to save souls for Jesus Christ our God. Many blessings.
A big embrace.
Provincia de Concepción, Chile

(Translated from French)
I want to inform you that I have received an envelope containing five (05) CDs of TV programs, which I had requested. I sincerely want to thank you for such a precious and praiseworthy gesture. I see Pastor Tony Alamo and his wife Susan on the TV CDs. I confess that I had great joy when I saw this picture. I’ve been looking at the images of Reverend Alamo with his wife preaching in the church. I am truly edified by seeing and hearing the messages from these two people of God, the Alamos. It is as if I was really in the United States when I saw the images from long ago of Reverend Alamo and his wife, Susan. The pictures really speak for themselves.
God bless you. For more information, this envelope was khaki (beige) colored.
Thank you, and so long for now.
Etienne Mambu
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Dear brethren,
How is Pastor Tony’s health? I wish him well. So far I have shared the story of Pastor Tony and his gospel literature. The response is so far good. They requested to get more of what I shared with them. I promised them to get more for copies.
I tried to photocopy, but the quality wasn't good. Since you said you have more of the same, please send me twenty copies using the details of my address.
Be blessed abundantly.
Your sincerely brother in Christ Jesus,
Julius Mariita
Kisii, Kenya

Dear Pastor Alamo,
Greetings in Jesus’ name! Happy to inform you that I have received your package; it contained 1 Bible, 1 Messiah booklet and literatures. Pastors, we do keep praying for you and Alamo Ministry around the world to continue existing and also keep us in your prayers that God may open ways for us to get funds to build a church, for now we worship under trees and we sit on stones as chairs!! God bless you.
Hope hear from you.
Thank you.
Pastor Zachary Ondara
Nairobi, Kenya

(Translated from French)
To the Reverend Papa Tony Alamo,
Dear Papa Alamo,
I respectfully am approaching you to request help for my ministry. I found out about you through your article “The Pope’s Secrets”, which I read very attentively. The truths extracted from this literature have taught me enormously. I would also like to get your book entitled The Messiah.
Papa Alamo, when I read your tract “The Pope’s Secrets” I discovered that you help those who are involved in the Lord’s work. Papa Alamo, I respectfully want to solicit financial and material support to be able to build this work that I’ve begun.
Papa Tony Alamo, I have gone through enormous hardships since the creation of this work. At first, I prayed at my house, and my roommates began to complain, and finally I was chased out of there. After several times I had to move, because my neighbors found that I was bothering them. And this played greatly on the stability of the small flock that I was leading. It was not until 2015 that two soldiers with a large property lent me their land after I begged them several times. So, I established a church on this land. At first, it was bush wood and dried palm leaves for a roof but little by little we put metal sheets around the wood. The temple is 14 X 10 Meters, and today there are sixty (60) people who are active in the church. We are five hundred Meters from the Voodoo headquarters, in West Africa. And we are suffering from many attacks and oppression. I am in an environment where sorcery and fetishism manifests itself even out in the open. Many times, we have removed fetishes that were thrown into the church. The souls who we have won through evangelism were really possessed, and we are bringing about deliverances all the time. I have three young pastors who I am training. We have already sent files through our Council to be able to obtain approval at the State level. Our church belongs to the National Council of Evangelical Protestant Churches of the Ivory Coast. I am in the Township of Port Bouët, in Abidjan. I organize small crusades for evangelism with our meager resources. I am in a poor district, and the souls who I am leading are, for the most part, from social cases. I take care of most of the expenses. I am not working at a job, and I am doing only the work of God. It is very difficult for me, Papa. I am suffering alone. Sometimes I want to give up. The offerings on Sunday are very meager, as well as the tithes. You can't build a work with this. Papa, I have learned from the Lord that we must bring light to where there is darkness, and that the pastor must make personal sacrifices on all levels to build the work. This is what I am doing. We want to establish another missionary field on the outskirts of Abidjan. But we lack the resources for an proper evangelizing crusade. I have a missionary vision, and without the minimum it is very difficult to accomplish this vision. Help me Papa Tony Alamo.
Papa Tony Alamo, I would like to take advantage of your support for young servants who are in need to proclaim Christ in these countries, and in Africa where souls are dying without Christ under the weight of sorcery, as well as going further into the world. I love God Papa Tony, and I love the things of God. If it's possible Papa Tony Alamo, I am begging you to let me be as your spiritual son, if it's possible.
I am entirely at your disposition for an eventual interview. I only speak French.
In hopes of a favorable reply, please dear Reverend Papa Tony Alamo, accept the expression of my highest gratitude.
Apostle Jaime Moïse, your servant and son.

Responses 4-26-17

(Translated from French)
Shalom seven times to the beloved of the Tony Alamo Ministry.
I am very happy to be writing to you this morning. Thank you for blessing my young pastoral ministry. Your Newsletters are doing such good for the lost souls, the Christians and even for the pastors. After having read your tract “The Oneness of God, The Schema,” a student pastor thanked me very much, because he said that they are taught that God would have created the world in 7,000 years! And that God gives another 7,000 years to men to live and repent. And even the Red Sea would have dried up even because Moses and the people of Israel would have gone out in a drought. Help! Satan controls the Theological Universities (The Theological Cemeteries)!
I received the package.
Pastor Enoch
Abidjan, Ivory Coast

(Second letter From Pastor Enoch)
Good day dear brothers in Christ.
I thank you for everything that you are doing to send me the literature for the furtherance of the Gospel for the salvation of souls. I received the last package on April 14.
I always need the literature from Pastor Alamo. I am anticipating it for the month of May. Pray for my ministry. Pray also that the Lord gives me a wife whose heart is completely committed to the Lord and to the ministry. I am praying day and night. Shalom.
Pastor Enoch Blondé
Abidjan, Ivory Coast

(Translated from Portuguese)
Hi, Peace. I would like to be receiving literature for evangelism. I am Diaconisa and I realize that Christians do not evangelize more and there are many lost young people that I want to help. That’s all. I appreciate it in the name of Jesus! Peace of the Lord. May God continue blessing you richly with blessings.
Cataguases, Brazil

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
Holy greetings to you. We are always keeping in our regular prayers for our brother Tony and his ministry work. Always we need your soul winning literature; please provide in regular way. Yesterday we conducted baptism program to one person in Raghudeva Puram village. He was relieved from demonic power. Tomorrow onwards we have gospel meetings in Rapaka village; pray for that.
This month on Good Friday one tragic incident was happened in Malakunta area Hyderabad. I will send the complete details on next email.
Your brother in Christ,
Solman Raju Kola
Andhra Pradesh, India

Greetings to you in the resurrected name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
I have received my package on April 10th. The Literature you have sent is required for the perishing souls of our poor and downtrodden villages. Our Sunday school children have preached the Gospel in the streets of our villages by distributing your Tracts and Messiah book. Really your literature has given us spiritual growth. Therefore we have decided to be a part of your fellowship as per your rules and regulations. We need more of your Literature and Messiah books in Telugu Language. There are some people who are in need of Telugu Bibles in our Area. Please send the Bibles and literature and encourage with your teachings. We are looking forward to your beautiful Reply anxiously. Here are the pictures of the children who proclaimed the gospel with your books.
Pastor John Paul

Responses 4-24-17

Hello my dear Pastor Tony,
We are greeting you in Jesus’ name, hoping you are doing well over there.
I am sorry for the late reply, I have problem of computer because I don’t have my own computer to use so for that I have to use internet café, where I pay money every minute.
In all I thank you so much for the money you sent us in the past days, $50 dollars; we received it and it really helped us very much because we were on the last point but you saved us. God bless you so much and I also thank God who works in you. Thank you for such good, kind heart you’re showing us. We bought food and we shared it. The Bible says little is much when God is in it. God bless you.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Yours in Jesus' name,
Bagonza Paul
Kasese, Uganda

Hello my dear brothers in Lord,
I am much, much grateful for your response in sending me the tracts I requested for schools sexual evangelism program. I have received it. GOD richly bless you and yours.
The schools evangelism and Guidance and Counselors program is a long term project. We have targeted over 100 Senior High Schools. Please we will need your support. We will need more literature on homosexuality, sexual immoralities, Sabbath, salvation, and the Messiah. Hoping to hear from you soon.
Yours in Christ,
Maxwell Kobina Acquah
Cape Coast, Ghana

Dear Pastor Tony Alamo,
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I thank God for having your World Newsletter literature Volume 06000, titled “Dry Bones.” I picked it on the ground and after reading it, I became convinced that you’re a true man of God. I am a Roman Catholic member but since I read your literature, I left the church because I did not see or hear truth like I read in your literature.
Please I need your spiritual support by sending to me some copies of your literature and any other edifying materials to read, study and share with people around me. I praise the LORD that I have repented and received Christ as my personal LORD and Saviour. Thank you so much. May the Good LORD richly bless you in Jesus name, Amen.
Your growing infant in the LORD,
Rebecca K. Julius
Plateau State, Nigeria


I'm really fascinated at the gospel literature you sent me, it's so encouraging and inspiring. I pray for Pastor Tony's health. I am sure God is aware of his suffering.
As I said earlier, Pastor Tony is going through difficult times because of telling the plain truth. The people who are persecuting the innocent will be charged harshly when the Lord's day comes.
I have shared with my family here, all of them are realizing how truth is secretly guarded from reaching people by people who claim to know Him. We will stand with you through the way.
Now that we really love this, we have thoughts of making photocopies of these and distribute around to cut down on cost of sending again.
Your sincerely brother in Christ Jesus,
Julius Mariita
Kisii, Kenya

Dear Brethren
This is to inform you that the package you sent me did arrived in great condition. I believe though that you will be sending more packages along the way so I think this email would somehow confirm the sending of the next batch of mail. I am excited to wait for it a few weeks from now. By the way, I spent a few hours last night reading the literature of Pastor Tony and I was just shocked that Pastor Alamo is still in prison until today. With his old age and health, any normal person would just succumb to think negatively and would even be suicidal. Pastor Tony is just trusting God with His providence and to be merciful upon him. I am with you as your church offers its prayers to God for God's mighty deliverance as he will be miraculously get out in prison in no time. Until next time. I pray for the abundant blessing to be poured upon your ministry because it really is blessing people around the world, especially here in the Philippines. Thank you so much.
Pastor Elezer Lake
Malaybalay City, Philippines

(Translated from French)
I wish a Happy Easter to the Alamo Ministry. May the Lord God of Israel grant strength and health to His servant, Tony Alamo, and may the Holy Spirit of God give him more strength, and give him the victory over all these enemies and the satanic American governmental agents who want to destroy the Alamo Ministry. And may the Lord God of Israel destroy them in the name of Jesus Christ. I send my greetings to all the brothers and sisters from the Alamo Ministry. The Lord help you in this trial that you are going through. Continue publishing Pastor Alamo's literature in the truth.
Your brother in the faith,
Aboh Kacou Romaric Léger
Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Responses 4-22-17

Response from Facebook
To Pastor Tony Alamo, please I pray you help to direct this message to him, as you patiently read with me. It is with great joy that I write. I’m Pastor Daniel from Nigeria, and for over twelve years, I have followed Tony Alamo’s ministry. First, I must thank you for the good work that God is doing through you. Indeed, it testifies for itself. I’m to start a church work in Opkanan, Asaba, delta state, Nigeria; but I’ve had financial constrain. The burden of the work is still on me. Please join me in prayer; and if you can in any way to assist me financially, I will be very grateful. Thank you, pastor.

(Translated from Spanish)

God bless you. We continue to cry out to God for my Pastor Tony. Prayer moves the hand of God in our favor. We at the church are praying for him. God is beside him, taking care of him. I know that the angels of the Lord are beside him. Give him my regards. An embrace.
Pastor Juan Carrasco
Tacna, Peru

Responses 4-12-17
Beloved saints,
Your zeal for God is a great inspiration to us. I know how tough the times we are operating in are, but it is written that that's the portion for God's true servants. If Peter, Stephen, Paul and Luke to name a few, were to resurrect today, they could have said, "Thst's the way it is TACM, the game will soon be over. Don't give up, there is a crown awaiting each one of you".

Let's endure all what we are put through knowing that our landing is safe in the kingdom of our Father.

Remember that the books will soon be opened after the sounding of the trumpet and Satan and all his agents he is using to persecute us will soon be dancing naked in the lake of fire. We will watch this when our God will be avenging the blood of the saints. We will never give up. Come rain, come sunshine. It is better to die in persecution with the Bible in my hands confessing Jesus to this wicked and perverse generation than join the satanic Roman Catholic Church.

We are telling the gospel the way it is here and we are ready to die for it, come what may.

Thank you for your support and also the package. God bless you continually. Am so glad to hear that you will be sending us a box. Thank you a million times. We are surely praying for you and Pastor Tony. Pray for us and for the revival we are scheduled to have from 14th to 17 of this month.

Yours at the Lord's service,
Sakala Joseph Nickie
Chipata, Zambia

Responses 4-8-17

Hi Pastor Tony,
I am glad that you were able to write back. I read your ministry goal and all that you have been able to accomplish with your ministry.
When I read the stories about the first disciples of our Lord Jesus, your story so much resembles how they were falsely accused and persecuted for things they did not commit. I pray that God Himself will manifest when the right time comes and the government there will realize and feel the presence and mighty works of the one WHO you serve. It is very sad that they are intimidating even the church members for standing with the truth.
I welcome you to come to my country Kenya, if you find the suggestion fit. I will be very happy to be with you here. Here together we will be strong again to continue and spread the word more.
Thanks a lot for your willingness to send me the Gospel literature. I accept the work wholeheartedly. I will be glad to receive them.
God bless you abundantly,
Julius Mariita
Kisii, Kenya

Dear fellow citizens in Christ,
Greetings in sweet and wonderful name of Jesus Christ. We are doing well by the grace of God. I am sad that there are dangerous things I am sending in this month. First of all, I am sorry for sending these kind of tragic messages because these situations broke my heart when they happened, so I am sharing to you with Christian love.

Moreover 3 days back my neighbor Pastor Joshua’s church was consumed in the fire. Some non Hindu people fired up his house and church during the night time, and Praise God none of his family got hurt in it. But all his house and church equipment is consumed in the fire. When I came to know this fire happened to my neighbors village, I immediately visited Pastor Joshua and his family and consoled them and prayed for them along with other pastors. But Pastor Joshua does not have place to live and no food to eat and no clothes to wear and all his musical instruments, PA system, money and all his belongings he lost them in fire. So please pray for Pastor Joshua and his family as they are in great agony. They are in desperate need of your prayers and love.

So please pray for your brother in India that are suffering without shelter and clothes and food. We all need your love and prayers. We pray that our lord would continue to lift these people up and comfort them with great reward and restore everything they lost in fire. Please continue to write to me. Hope to hear from you.
Yours prayerfully,
Pastor Samuel
Good Shepherd compassion Ministries India

Responses 4-7-17

My Beloved Brother in Christ Tony & staff,
Holy Greetings to you in the faithful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Thank you very much for your kind letter dated on 25th of March and thank you very much for your material package; it greatly encouraged me and my ministry in India and I praise God. Your kind material is very much helpful for me to win the more souls for Christ, and all glory to Jesus amen. I am very much thankful to Brother Tony & staff and may God bless them.
We are all praying for Brother Tony's good health and for his many ministry responsibilities in around the world.
My Brother for your last time material I have distributed in the villages God have touched persons hearts and they are ready to Baptize and they are accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior; all glory to Jesus amen.
Brother, after they take the Baptism I will send you the photos. Kindly pray for them and for their spiritual life and for their families.
Brother here in India summer season is going on, here lot of temperature right now 42 ° degrees Celsius (107.6 Fahrenheit). People are suffering a lot. Kindly pray for the temperature. Also this is for your kind notice. In this summer season Church members do not have the proper work, they do not give the offerings, it is little difficult for me to feed my family. We are all praying for you and for pastor Tony's good health and for his many ministerial responsibilities. kindly pray for me and for my ministry and for the newly converted people in India.
I am looking forward to hearing from you with much love and prayers yours Loving spiritual brother in Christ.
Yours Loving brother in Christ,
Calvary Good News Ministries

Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ,
The devil is a great liar, our God is so faithful and that he is able to deliver Pastor Alamo in all circumstances his life is passing through. Let's be connected day and night and have hot prayers for him, and God will bless us all. In march last year(2016) I received the parcel indeed from you with Chichewa tracts, and messiah books. We finished distributing them and they're in need, including 2 bibles for me and for my only beautiful wife, BRENDA. May God bless you!

Responses 4-6-17

A woman called the witnessing line after receiving our literature. She came to the US at 9 years old from Jordan. She was raised in religion, but now she is born again.
She received "Bill Clinton, the Pope and I" six times in different places and she knew the Lord was trying to get her attention. She and her friend were the only ones around that each got the tract on their cars. She was very happy to find us and plans to attend services with her son.

Praise the Lord, my brother Tony Alamo. First, thank you for sending us books. May the Lord Jesus Christ be with you always. When they will reach us I will inform you, brother. Here we are fine and glad of you and your good work that you are doing. Let God strengthen you with His power for you continue doing it, my brother.

Secondly, I pray for Pastor Tony Alamo so that God can heal him because he has a lot to do of Jesus Christ. My prayer is that may he receive quick recovery from his sickness as the book of Isaiah 41:10 says, Fear not for I am with you. Psalm 71:20 and Ephesians 1:18-23, these verses are encouraging us so much that God will never leave us in trouble but he will deliver us from troubles.
Many blessings,
Pastor Markslay Ondieki
Nairobi, Kenya

Dear Pastor Tony,
I am interested in receiving your literature like tracts among others. I am a local church pastor in a far-flung area within the interior of our Province. Your materials would surely be indispensable in my teaching ministry in the church. If you have some other books or reading materials and if you have a few Bibles to spare, I would also be very grateful to receive them. Please send it to the address below. Thanks.
Elezer Lake
Malaybalay City, Philippines

Dear Pastor Alamo/brethren in Christ.
Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for the wonderful Gospel Literatures I received yesterday. Now I humbly ask you to assist me only three Bibles and more literatures in CHICHEWA and ENGLISH. Hopefully I will be assisted soon.
I am praying for all brethren and the body health of Pastor Alamo, so God be with him. May God bless you all in the ministry.
Yours in His vineyard,
Mzimba, Malawi

(Translated from Spanish)
I would like to receive books that will teach me more about my salvation and be able to help as a future missionary. I am Maria Carolina Rivero from Venezuela. I accepted Jesus Christ as my only savior 7 months ago.

Dear Brother,
Greetings from Tanzania in the powerful name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Today I have received a parcel from you without any problem. Thank you so much. I will give the poor orphans the Word of God and other people. I will send a pictures of process of giving them. We are praying for you.
Kind regards,
Pastor Clement Jona Mwaitebele
Kyela, Tanzania

Beloved body of Christ,
Thanks for your mail. I would like to inform you that we finally received the mail on last Wednesday.
The church here will never stop praying for you and Pastor Tony, as we all keep on believing for God's will to prevail. God is the rewarder of the saints. In due season, we will surely reap. We love you all. May God continue to give you the grace to keep on moving in spite of all the challenges and persecution you and the church of God are put through. Jesus said, "I will build my church and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it". TACM is a project of God built on Christ the rock. No matter what the wicked do, they will never stop any true church, for we all know that the truth shall run triumphantly.

May the Grace of God, the communion of the Holy Ghost be with you as you keep on serving the Lord even when things are as hostile as they are. God Bless You All.
Sakala Joseph Nickie
Chipata, Zambia

Response from Facebook translated from Swahili
Tony Alamo Christian Ministries, we have observed and learnt a lot from your faith, and especially the message called “The Difference Between Salvation and Religion.” We have benefited a lot from that message and gotten a lot of precious secrets that you have, servant of God, to lead those who will believe to Heaven. I have learnt that God called me to preach salvation and not religion. And because of that I would love to partner with your ministries with the Christian Ministries of Tanzania. That's my interest. We're under Spiritual Union international, till now we're doing well by God's strength. Right now we have started two churches in Mara province, Serengeti District, Mugumu town. If possible, you're welcome in Tanzania to do the works of the Lord.
Apostle Phinia Soganga
Mara province Serengeti District, Tanzania

Dear Pastor Alamo,
We praise the Lord for the work we had Wednesday and Thursday and four thousand people received Jesus as their savior. We distributed all tracks, Bibles and tapes sent by brother Lukombo and he is doing a very good work. We need again more tracks, Bibles and more tapes. I will have a journey to Mbeya in south of Tanzania today after the rain showers. We are cycling home and we will sent to you photos as soon as the photographer comes back from the studio.
May the Lord bless you,
Benjamin and Elizah Ngwira
Rumphi, Malawi

Ivan Teleguz #1190381
Sussex State Prison
24414 Musselwhite Drive
Waverly, VA 23891-1111

He is asking for prayer because he is innocent and the witnesses admit they now lied..he is going to be executed.
He asked that we sign the petition below.

My name is Ivan Teleguz, and I have been an inmate on Virginia's Death Row for 10 years. During my time here I have been very grateful for all the literature you have been sending me. My faith in God has remained positive all of this time.

I am writing with a request to please add me to your prayers. The Commonwealth of Virginia plans to execute me on April 17th or April 25th.

I am petitioning the governor to stop the execution, because I am innocent. Two of the main witnesses who testified against me at me trial now admit that they lied. There is a petition for people to sign asking the governor to stop my execution (

Thank you again for all the reading materials you have provided to me, it has been a blessing to me.
sincerely yours in Christ,
Ivan Teleguz

Responses 3-24-17

Dear Brothers and sisters,
Precious Christian greetings to you all in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Its pleasure receiving your literature. I wonder by reading each article how the Lord miraculously used our Pastor Tony to bring thousands to the Lord. Thank you so much for your second parcel. Please note this that I received this parcel with good condition. Thank you.
God bless you,
Dr. Kiran Babu
Andhra Pradesh, India
Nalubega Hasfa

Central Womens Correctional Institution
I greet you in the name of God Jesus Christ. I have been reading newsletters for almost six months now. I did not know that you’re in prison up to now when I received your world newsletter on (December 25th, 2016) vol.18800, and I get to know that you’re in prison! Praise the living God for having strengthened you and up to now; you’re devoted, Pastor. God bless your work, your Ministry, your family and anoint your words too. Ever since I received your first letter of (vol. 22800), I didn’t know what pushed me to pray for you each day, every night and every morning, not knowing that you’re in prison like me!! Though you’re in prison under the word of truth and life.

When I read (vol. 18800), I went straight to these scriptures, (Matthew 10:40-42, Mark 3:31-35, Luke 6:21-23). I humbled myself and prayed for you. Pray for me too. I believe your God’s Pastor sent. I like your letters you send to me; I feel hope for my future, though I’m serving the terms I’m innocent about. The God of our fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will plead my innocence. I didn’t have a good Christmas, nothing for a prisoner like me, but when I received your Christmas volumes letters, it made my day (Christmas). I sang the Christmas carols, I prayed, and I know the next Christmas I will be free through the Precious blood, Amen.

We love to share our stories, testimonies and to grow more in faith. I just pray your ministry can extend its work down to the prisoners like us. I’m teaching the Word of God too, here in prison, and your letters give me a go ahead, that there’s hope and ever to accept Jesus Christ as our Savior. I’m under life sentence, and I repeat that I’m truthfully innocent about the crime (drugs).

Happy New Year, Pastor Tony Alamo, and to your ministry, your people; around the table you go. This year has been a year of passing or crossing a bridge for me, but let this be a year of liberty to both of us. As God stretched out His Mighty Hand to the children of Israel, so let it be with us this year. I proclaim God’s love, peace, freedom, deliverance, strength, blessing, favor, and anointing to you dear.
With God’s love and prayer,
Bangkok, Thailand

Praise God, Pastor Tony. Receive our greetings from our brother and sisters in Christ. Please pass our greetings to the church and encourage them to look forward no matter the challenges until we finish this big race and rest at our Father's throne where we will meet together and sing a new song. Amen, amen. Thank you for being with us in prayer throughout last week's evangelical conference which lasted for five days. You supported us so much and we were able to reach six souls whereby 4 of them were old mothers and two children. May God plant His word in us and them. We kindly do not have a camera. We could have photoed them and sent to you.

Pray for elections in Kenya that shall be held this year to be done peacefully in God's will. In the year 2007 there was massive bloodshed.
Dennis Nyamwange and Moris Omboga
Nyanza, Kenya

Facebook Responses 3-18-2017

George Ikamari-Kenya
Hi servant of GOD,receive my greatngs in the name of george from KENYA and am greatfull for your powerfull word of GOD.I have been following your teachings for long.i have encountered several changes through your word of GOD.Am a youth and am praying GOD to open the doors fos you pray servant of GOD remember me in required to go for further studies and i have nothing.pray for me.amen

From: Kalinn Phorasavong-Rockford, IL
Hello my name is Kalinn Phorasavong. I wanted to take this time to say thank you to you and your mininistries for all the teaching resources that you sent to me to help me grow in my faith with God. I am using all the resources that you sent and I would like to request more resources related to the book of Messiah. If you can, can you please tell me what the cost is and I would be willing to donate this amount to your ministries. My address is 2915 17th. Street, Rockford, Illinois 61109. I look forward to hearing from you and hope to receive my resources for the book of Messiah. Thank you and may God continue to bless you, your family and your ministries.

Fom-Julius Alfred-Tanzania





From Carol Evans in Truro-UK
Dear Pastor Tony Alamo...your faith in Jesus and the Truth of All he has promised is reaching far and wide...May the Lord keep you in His Love...Many prayers are being said for you...The enemy of God will not stop the good word,try as he will,his time is nearly up on earth ..All things must pass first...Peace Be with you brother in Jesus name..Amen

From: George Ikamari-Kenya
Hi servant of GOD,receive my greatngs in the name of george from KENYA and am greatfull for your powerfull word of GOD.I have been following your teachings for long.i have encountered several changes through your word of GOD.Am a youth and am praying GOD to open the doors fos you pray servant of GOD remember me in required to go for further studies and i have nothing.pray for me.amen

From Justin Langdown of Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape-South Africa
My brother I'm a born again I'm still new may you also inbox me more of your teachings please if it is God's will may He use you to empty hell and overpopulate Heaven with what you are doing now to educate

Translated from Spanish
From: Elí Tenazoa-Peru
Peace of Christ, Pastor Tony Alamo, I greet you from Peru and I would like to receive your Christian literature. There is a main theme that I want to delve into and is referring to Freemasonry. How can I counteract this ideology in the light of the Word of God? Thank you for your attention and God greatly bless your ministry in Christ.
Response to the Facebook post-Unmasked

Bon Abuga-Kenya
Ever since i started reading this article i feel restored to my CREATOR ALMIGTHY

Response to the Spanish post Sodom and Gomorrah
Mariela Gomez-Venezuela
Translated from Spanish
Excellent message, I would like to receive all the information that I can offer since I'm taking Christian values to schools of Venezuela. God bless you.

Yonfer Medina-Barinas, Venezuela
Translated from Spanish
Very beautiful literature in this time that we live I think it is like that of Sodom and Gomorrah subtracted from the part of us every day but beware of this wicked world and just wait for the coming of our savior so we can be forever beside the Lord, Amen

Campos Verdes Sonsonate-El Salvador
Translated from Spanish
It's a blessing to have found this page may God pour lots of blessing upon your life and your ministry

Einar Gamarra
Translated from Spanish
Very good message. God bless you pastor

Responses 3-17-17

(Translated from French)
May the peace and grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with you.

I am grateful to you. Your ministry has enriched my young pastoral ministry. The Prophet Tony Alamo tells the Word of God like it is. I am also preaching the Word of God, the Holy Bible, according to the way you are teaching it. I am proud and happy to have a spiritual father like Pastor Alamo. Thanks to him I have embraced the ministry with courage. I praise the Lord my God for this.

have received the package with more and more French tracts. Continue to hold me up in prayer according to Isaiah 32:4 so that the word in my mouth will be more perfect. Thank God that there is such an improvement. I love you beloved.
Pastor Enoch Blondé
Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Dear Rev. Tony,
Thanks. May God bless you all for the work you do for spreading the word of God around the world! We also appreciate to know that you are going sent us another package. Many people here have been moved who receive your literatures; also they continue praying for you and your ministry there. God bless.
Pastor Zachary Ondara
Kisii, Kenya

Hey my brother in christ Tony Alamo,
How are you doing in Christ? I hope you are fine. I am glad of your teachings on website. They are very, very encouraging and interesting. I wish to get you literature books so that we can learn more of Christ and we invite you here in Kenya so that we can work as a team and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ as He is commanding us in the book of Mark 16:15. Hope to hear from you, my brother in Christ.
r Markslay Nyakweba

(Translated from French)
Buéa, January 7, 2017
Distributors of the Gospel literature from the Tony Alamo Ministry in the Central Prison of Buéa, Cameroun.
Subject: Request for the tools for the Gospel and others things.
Dear Pastor and all the members,
God bless you abundantly.
We are honored to give you an account of the following. We are a small group in the Central Prison of Buéa, in the South-West region of Cameroun, and we are taking part in a revival church at the prison. However, the visit we had from Dr. Asomba Tobias to the prison allowed us to discover in the Gospel newsletters which he gave us, the realities that we were ignorant of regarding the very dangerous cult that is controlling the world system, which is Catholicism.

Since then, we have become distributors of these Gospel newsletters at the prison. There are six (06) of us in number, being assisted by Dr. Asomba, who does not cease in encouraging us to go forward.

Despite the conditions with the lack of adequate materials for this noble service which would permit us to enlarge our field of spiritual action in the prison, we are asking you, if possible, to help us with Bibles in French and in English.

The people in charge at the prison, who we would like to respectfully salute here, are providing us with great efforts to survive in this precarious environment.
For all useful purposes, we thank you greatly.
1) Olomou Benjamin
2) Etame Martin
3)Diffo Bertrand
4)Ndumbi Leonard
5)Awuh Titus
6) Ndakwi Roland

Responses 3-14-17

Hello my Friends,
Thank you so much for keeping me in prayer, surely we have the powerful Healer, Our God is Mighty and powerful healer. He healed me, He delivered me from the sickness, I am Healed by the Blood of Jesus Christ. Greeting to all Brothers and Sisters in Christ everywhere you are. God bless you in Jesus’ Name. This is your Brother from Kenya, Evangelist Sammy Mutachi, Shalom and shalom.

My Dear Beloved Brother Tony Alamo and beloved office staff in Christ,
Greetings to you, your family, your Alamo Christian Ministry staff, your Alamo Christian Church elders and members all in the splendid name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Brother, I have received your kind mail Dated: 05 March, 2017 and understood all the contents there in. Thank you so much for your fervent prayer to Lord’s work.

Brother, Last Friday I and our co- pastors going to outdoor gospel camp our surrounding Orthodox Hindu areas. That time we are visiting house to house distributing your sending wonderful tracts and praying for the sick. Many are receiving your tracts very happily and asking Telugu Langue Language Holy Bible. But we have no Holy Bibles. We are very sad. Please pray for this great need. I am sending you some gospel camp pictures for your prayerful consideration.

Brother, Once again I tell you that we our Co- Pastors and I usually distribute your gospel literature among the public, house to house and door to door. When they read your tracts they got many blessings.

Please convey our greeting to my loving Pastor Tony Alamo and his family we are all everyday praying for his good health. Please convey our wishes to Alamo Christian Ministry staff and Alamo Christian Church elders and members. Please continue to pray for me, my gospel work, our gospel team, our congregations and our Orphanage children.
Prayerfully expecting your kind reply soon. May God Bless you all.
Your Brother in Christ Jesus,
Pastor Adapu David

Responses 3-5-17

I just watched your expose on the pope’s secrets. This film was great. I have known for 17 years this whore’s actions and it needs to be brought to the light. I am on fire for Jesus in a land full of this. Cebu Philippines. I married a Filipina and Jesus saved her. We are telling others. Will check your site out I just had to say hello.
You don't know what a blessing that is, I met my wife and dropped everything to move over here we opened a little ice cream stand in the university of Cebu mandaue lapu lapu. We found a little unfinished repossessed townhouse for 14k and don't have to pay rent anymore but really can't fix it at the moment but it is livable and we are quite content. This ex drunk ex drug user ex whore monger ex liar ex son of the devil is in love with Jesus and love forces me to tell others joyfully of our savior. My wife and I will look today. Thank you so much. We have some tracts we are passing out and purchased a few bibles from a friend. We have a God fund to that we use only for him because church not feeding us here so we do a house church. Will search for more of your videos on you tube also! Praise God!!! Keep up the good fight, verily verily I tell you the war for souls is speeding up. We covet your prayers.
Your brother,

(Translated from Spanish)
My Brethren, many greetings to you, and my Pastor Alamo, who do not forget about me and I also do not cease my prayers for God to strengthen you each day and continue taking care of my Pastor. You already have your reward won.

I just received the box with the material, the newsletters, 3 Bibles and 4 Messiah books. Thank you, thank you very much. If you only know how happy I get. I recently had a problem; before the package arrived, my vehicle in which I go out to distribute food, stopped working, mechanical failure and to fix it comes out to $400.000 pesos, in other words, the salary that I get monthly as a watchman in a condominium. My lady got sad. I tell her to rejoice in the test and in that, I receive your blessing of the newsletters and my test was transformed into true joy.
Many greetings for my pastor and the whole personal who work with you.
Victor Rios Santos
Concepción, Chile

Dear friends in Jesus Christ,
Praise Lord. Greetings from Tanzania. Thank you so much for your information, I will do what you have told.
We are praying for Pastor Tony; our Lord Jesus Christ He will touch His Kidney and He will be fine.
About other literature to send to me, I will be very glad to receive because there are a lot work to do here in Tanzania for now. As you remember Turkey was 100% of Christians in 200 years ago, now it is 0.02% of Christians in Turkey, because of Strategic Plan of Islamic. Now they are coming to US and Europe. If we will sleep they will take all the World. So we must work hard now.
Thank you again. Matt. 9:37-38. Pass my prayers to Pastor Tony, me and the Congregation we are praying for Him to day onwards. Our prayers stand on Psalm 27:1-14.
Kind Regards,
Pastor Clement Jona Mwaitebele
Mbeya, Tanzania

(Translated from Spanish)
Very good afternoon Brother in Christ. I congratulate you, along with your wife, for the great work that up until now you have done with the preaching of God’s Word. I liked your testimony very much. May God abound in you, that love towards neighbors and that loyalty before God and Jesus Christ our Lord. I have been converted for six years to the gospel and it has been around two years that we have separated ourselves from a big church and along with my husband, have congregated into a church that up until now, was formed because we are few members. It is called: Foursquare Church of Jordan, Land flowing with milk and honey. Our pastor is praying to God because his desire is to raise the temple but the situation here in Venezuela is a bit complex. Anyway, Pastor, I ask you to pray for us and our congregation, for God to strengthen us and allow us to expand His Word.

Responses 2-27-17

(Translated from Spanish)
Blessings in Christ Jesus. As always, thank you very much for your support. It is not easy starting a work like the one we are initiating without the support of those who love the salvation of souls. This is why we feel united to your ministry and I hope one day to be able to meet you personally. Thank you too for PRAYING for my wife.
God bless you.
Evangelist Torres-Pastor
Medelin, Colombia

(Translated from French)
Good day to the holy men of God from the Apostle Tony Alamo's Christian Ministry. Praise God for everything that you are doing for me. Thank you for blessing my young pastoral ministry. I received the box of newsletters on February 10, 2017. Yesterday I went to a big supermarket to distribute them. I am going out again to the streets this morning.

Beloved, pray for me to have the Word and perfect speech when I open my mouth for the Gospel. Also pray for my young fiancé to submit herself to the will of God, she who is to walk with me. We have already made the dowry.

I am anticipating getting another package. God bless Pastor Alamo.
Pastor Enoch Blondé

Dear Friends,
Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ surrounding you and our incarcerated brother, Pastor Tony Alamo. I do hope that as people around the world the world are praying for him he is getting strong, though the outward body can be growing weary, but the inner man is growing strong.

He and you who carry his burner you are in my thoughts all to the glory of the living God.

We are to continue facing this battle as it is not carnal but spiritual. Let’s face up to this Goliath of the occultism of the Roman Empire that is dominating true sons of God. Praise the Lord we are to continue to use our weapon which is the word of God. Our God is bigger than this opposition which always brings fear and discouragement. Therefore fear has to be faced. Your faith will be rise as long as we continue to preach the word of God. Let our faith rise to each challenge, we are to continue to speak to our Goliath today and see it fall in the Name of Jesus.

Continue to consider me for more tracts, two copies of bibles and other literature from your ministry to help me with my outreach work of the gospel.
Sincerely in Christ Jesus,
Pastor Edward Mulenga

Responses from Facebook

My Dear Brother,
I was so blessed by your Messiah Book and gospel Literature. I am a pastor John Paul from India. I wish to translate your literature into our mother tongue free of charge. In the previous years, I have received English literature and books. But our mother tongue is Telugu language. I suppose if there is your literature in Telugu already, I would be very happily receive them and distribute them for perishing souls in our tribal and downtrodden villages in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. I want to be a part of your ministry international.
John Paul
Samalkot City in Andhra Pradesh, India

How are you, man of God? Am so much interested with your ministries teaching, do we have your ministry in Malawi? This is great man of God, am very glad and interested to hear this. May our good Jehovah keep on blessing and using you.
Paul Manyamba
Blantyre, Malawi

Response from the Sodom & Gomorrah video post on Facebook
Amen. Blessed morning in the Lord. I am a brother in Christ serving the Lord in Pakistan. I did watch the movie Sodom & Gomorrah, and enjoyed it so much I would love to have more literature and videos for our Church and Christian community in Pakistan. And please we need your leading to us for growing more in the Lord Jesus in Pakistan. I gave a call to Sister Mary Jane by phone to fellowship from Pakistan this was a blessing to know your ministry work is a blessing to many Christ followers. We pray and ask Lord Jesus to keep blessing you all saints in Him. Please look and help us also in this hater and persecution in Pakistan where Christians live in big fear but Jesus is the Shield and Lord to us here. Please hold our hand in this walk and growing in the Lord. Amen. Much grace upon grace to you all in the Lord. A Brother and Responsible brother in Church Clarkabad Pakistan. Najum Tasneem. Amen.


Responses 2-13-17
Praise God Brothers /Sisters,
Receive our Calvary greetings. We are deeply touched to hear that our brother is in that state of suffering but we pray and put our brother in the hands of the Lord. May he heal his servant and shame the devil.
As for you, count it all joy , my brothers and sisters when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that such temptations are meant to bring steadfastness, to strengthen your faith and the ministry; they are like giants the devil brings on our way to discourage us, but just like David said to the philistine in the book of 1samuel 17: 45-47, “You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. 46 This day the Lord will deliver you into my hands, and I’ll strike you down and cut off your head. This very day I will give the carcasses of the Philistine army to the birds and the wild animals, and the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel. 47 All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves; for the battle is the Lord’s, and he will give all of you into our hands.”
The same way the Almighty God will deliver His Servant Pastor Tony from the temptations the devil has put him into and all his enemies will be ashamed in Jesus’ name in the day light.
May the Almighty God heal Pastor Tony in Jesus’ name. For you Brothers and Sisters ,do not fear, for the Lord God is with Him; don't be dismayed, says the Lord God. He will strengthen you and help you; He will uphold you with His righteous right hand.
God bless you,
Bro. Isaac Owino
Ahero, Kenya

(Translated from French)
Hello servants of the living God.
May the peace and grace of God be with you. Thank you very much for the box. I got it yesterday. Truly! Joy is in my heart. The greatest job in my life is being a soul winner for the Lord. The Holy Spirit is doing so much good through your Ministry. Thank you for blessing my young Pastoral Ministry. Keep praying for me. I am waiting for the next package. I was in one of the biggest supermarkets in the capital distributing your literature. May the Lord El Rapha deliver the Apostle Tony Alamo.
Brother Enoch Blondé
Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Translated from Spanish
Blessings in Christ Jesus. Once again, thank you very much for your support and we are praying for your Ministry and your directives per your requests. My wife has an appointment with the specialist today. We trust in the Lord Jesus Christ to have good news. Despite the inconveniences we have had and are having health wise and economically, we go in the Name of the Lord, praying, fasting, and evangelizing with God’s Word. We have scheduled an event of evangelism door to door from the 9 to the 16 of April, thus fulfilling the Great Commission of preaching the gospel. We hope to be able to count on your support and prayer. We will keep you informed. God bless you.
Evangelist Torres-Pastor
Medellin, COLOMBIA

Responses 2-4-17
(Translated from Spanish)
Beloved Brethren, first of all, many blessings. I got very happy to receive your message. I have the faith that despite all the obstacles I am able to put the enemy of the souls under. We can do all things in Christ who strengthens us. I am praying for all the ministries you are carrying out in your country and in the world for the glory and honor of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I know that the package is going to arrive to its destination to fulfill your objective for the Lord’s work. I dedicate this Biblical quote to you: “Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and His glory shall be seen upon thee” (Isaiah 60:1-2). I wish to continue being in contact with you. With much affection and love I wish you Spiritual Blessings, materially and physically.
Your brother in Christ,
Roberto Jay Cordies
Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

(Translated from Spanish)
Dear Brethren in Christ Jesus,
Many blessings from Medellin, Colombia. As the Word of God says, we have not ceased to PRAY for you and the ministry, ALAMO MINISTRIES, because we are committed to the Lord, in the work and with you. I tell you that these last two months have been very difficult for me with respect to my wife’s health. She has been very sick. We have PRAYED, Fasted and there are also 3 doctors in the hospital who are treating her with medicine. We are trusting in the Lord that HE lays His hands upon her for healing. I greatly ask for your PRAYERS as well as for in the ECONOMICAL field. We are in need of your PRAYERS.
I want to thank you for the Bibles and literature you sent last year and we hope that you are able to do so this year. In the meantime, we continue fulfilling the Lord’s calling.
God bless you.
Evangelist Torres-Pastor
Medellin, Colombia

(Translated from Portuguese)
Dear Brethren!
We are going to continue praying. Whatever the situation is, God will come with provisions. He will never forsake His own. I believe that God is in control. I'm sure that Pastor Alamo is in the heart of God. He is special both to all who are under his orders and also to God. Remember Job. Even in the most difficult moments of his life God was present taking care of him. Not at one moment did He abandon him. Likewise, I believe that God is contemplating Pastor Alamo’s life and He is with him. May the Lord thus ease his suffering, restoring his health and his release. All the great heroes of the Bible have had trials, but they have overcome, for the Lord does not allow us to go through situations that we cannot bear. May the Lord greatly bless Pastor Alamo.
Sincerely in Christ,
Augusto Delita Muniz Mira

Guarulhos, BRAZILResponses 1-26-17

Blessings to you, my dear sisters and brothers in Tony Alamo ministries.
Thank you for always responding to my emails and granting me gospel literature. I know how costly they are because I am also a writer and I know the costs of writing. But again, you go further than writing to post them and pay postal charges. Thank you, and again I say thank you. May God reward you for all your labor.
Pastor Gideon T.
Ntungamo, Uganda

(Translated from Spanish)
Greetings my brethren in Christ and with great joy, greetings to my Pastor Tony from this Chilean. I do not cease to pray for him and above all, for you. Your great love towards him to take care of him every day. Do not cease. You will have your reward from our God who sees all, how you honor God’s servant. Thank you for your material that just arrived. How they fill my heart with happiness. For the New Year, I went throughout the beach to preach the Word of my God. I did it with great joy. Never forget to support this Chilean, thank you. I send you some photos of my work on the street where I distribute food and where I distribute your material. Pardon if I have resent you any photos.
Victor Rios Santos
Concepción, Chile

Greetings in The name of Jesus Christ.
I would like to confirm to you that today I have received the package you sent. I am very, very grateful for your support. We are heading to Mozambique again in two weeks time. And this parcel will be helpful.
We would like to request another parcel with more Chichewa tracts since we will be heading to a region whereby Chichewa is their first language, and if possible include a Bible and the Messiah book please.
Praise God we are receiving good rains this year and we except more harvest this year; and this is our thanksgiving prayers to our heavenly Father. As you recall, we had insufficient rain last year that resulted in severe hunger. May God bless you as I look forward to hear from you.
Your In Christ,
Francis Kuntenga
Zomba, Malawi

Responses 1-25-17
(Translated from French)
May the peace and grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with you. May the year 2017 be a year of healing and deliverance for the Prophet Tony Alamo. Amen! Thank you very much for the package that you shipped to me on November 22, 2016. I picked it up last Friday.
I am patiently waiting for the next package, yet I want you to know that God is doing miracles here. A Catholic student was won to Christ after reading “The Pope's Secrets” and “Love and Affection”. Another woman who is a professor of theology at a theological university (cemetery) called to ask me where all this information about pope was coming from. I am happy because, as a young pastor, your ministry is making my ministry advance. In the next package, may most of the literature be “Signs of the Time”, “Mary’s Other Children Which were Many” and “The Safest Place in the World”.
Enoc Blonde
Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Dear Pastor Alamo World Pastor,
We are happy telling you that we have come safely and well protected. We preached and distributed just quarter of Makanjira because all the tracks and bibles we had were finished within four days because we met more than six thousand people, and three thousand people received Jesus Christ. But people are requesting Bibles although the postage is very expensive; but please continue sending tracks and other materials for evangelism. We have failed to go via the island because the food we had was finished.
Continue praying for hunger crisis in Malawi. We eat once a day. More news after you have sent materials. We are going again to Makanjira.
Yours in Christ,
Pastor Benjamin Ngwira
Rumphi, Malawi

Blessings to you Tony Alamo Ministries.
I am very grateful to receive a package you sent me; in fact it arrived last week in my post office box but I picked it yesterday. Thank you very much. How I pray that God may bless you more and more!
When I read Pastor Tony Alamo's Commutation, I was overcome by tears. Especially when I read about how he is sick and blind. No matter what he feels but he is my Hero. He is suffering like all the apostle suffered but God shall wipe away all his tears.
May God keep you blessed. We are really praying for you and I am believing that God may use the New President Of US Donald Trump to release Tony Alamo cause he is innocent.
You may continue sending me Gospel literature as God provides to you funds.
Because I am not yet in position to pay postage charge or in position to send my support to your ministry as I wish.
Pastor Tukamushaba Gideon
Ntungamo, Uganda

(Second email from him)
Blessing to Tony Alamo Christian ministry.
I believe that you are doing well as I am. I am writing to you to appreciate you for sending me gospel literature for the past two times and each time with the Bible. Thank you very much.
This time I pray that as you sent me gospel literature please get me all that speaks about Roman Catholic cult. Also, if you can get me the videos of Alberto Rivera especially when he had visited Tony Alamo Christian Church, and any other article that exposes Roman Catholic very well. I wish to know it more and more and learn how they are trying to destroy the Church of Christ.
Finally I want to let you know that today I have visited Tony Alamo’s website. But I refuse to believe all the negative things they have written against him. The only conclusion was that the Vatican can’t be satisfied with anything apart from his death and total destruction of his ministry because I have seen their hate to Alamo, even to all gospel literature he writes.
I don’t want to be a burden to you but I pray for only this time that as you send me gospel literature, you may send one more bible for my girlfriend; she is really longing to have King James Bible. Thank you once again and may God keep you blessed.
Pastor Tukamushaba Gideon
Ntungamo, Uganda


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