Summary of Investigative Journal Radio Program with Greg Anthony on First Amendment Radio

November 18, 2014

I am going back to the Tony Alamo case today which I’ve been covering since July, 2014. We’ve gotten through a number of things including this raid which took place in September 2008. They were going to arrest Tony for violation of the Mann Act, but he was in Los Angeles at the time, and the authorities should have known that. They decided to make a big media spill by alerting 50 Arkansas news outlets the day before the raid. They have been trying to bring Tony down for 45 years because he has been criticizing the Vatican and our government officials for years trying to alert you to their power in the secular and spiritual world. They succeeded in putting him in jail for false IRS charges before and tried to get him on child abuse charges and failed, but they didn’t quit. They hired an FBI agent to investigate him and bring him down, but he couldn’t find anything wrong with Tony or his ministry. I also got into covering his trial, and I am still not through with that part of the story. During this raid they came in and they took 6 girls. There was a court order in November 2008 in which 20 more children were kidnapped from their parents, and eventually 36 children were taken into custody. I considered why these agents don’t do this at a Catholic church or school when we know about the molestation that goes on all over the world with these priests, but it is hushed up and the kids don’t get taken from their parents. Why did it happen here? I believe that not only did they want to bring Tony down, but they wanted to destroy this ministry and take its property. The Los Angeles Times ran a story entitled “Ministry’s Compound Raided by FBI and Police” stating “FBI agents and state police raided an evangelist’s headquarters Saturday as part of a child pornography investigation, and social workers interviewed children…” We also talked about that. There was no pornography. They didn’t even bother taking the ministry’s computers!! That was a big lie used to taint the public against this man, then, the next day they print a story entitled “Six Minors in State Care After Raid.” It reads, “Six minors have been placed in temporary custody as part a of a two-year child abuse and pornography investigation.” These stories were in every major newspaper across the country. Does this guy have a chance? There was no child abuse, and there was no pornography. They didn’t even bother taking the computers!! “Arkansas Doesn’t Return Girls” is another article two days later stating, “Six girls removed from an evangelical commune as part of an investigation in the possible sexual abuse of minors will remain in state custody for the near future.” And another story comes out, “Officials Seize 20 More Youths” and another one, “Parents Told to Cut Alamo Ties.” Parents are told to not get involved; get away from your church. What does the judge have to do with your right to express your religion? Here’s one that came out in 1985, “Burbank Officials Looking for Source of Anti-Catholic Posters Being Glued to Public Property.” It begins, “Burbank officials said Wednesday they are trying to pinpoint the source of hundreds of anti-Catholic propaganda posters that have appeared glued to public property in their city and elsewhere in Los Angeles during the last month. The posters charge the Roman Catholic Church with secret ownership of print in electronic news media and manipulation of government agencies, wording similar to leaflets distributed by Tony and Susan Alamo Christian Minstry Foundation.” So back in 1985 Tony was already telling you the truth, and these officials were trying to cover it up. They wanted to shut this guy up a long time ago and they finally did it. Now he’s sitting in prison for 175 years.

I’ll get back to his story as there’s a lot more to cover, but today I want to concentrate on what happened to one child, which is representative of what happened to a lot of children and shows that the intent of this raid was not what they told you in the newspapers. Here’s what Debra Ondrisek said. She wanted this story out; she gave it to me, and I want you to listen. She says this:

“It’s been over 6 years since my 16 year old daughter was kidnapped during the SWAT team raid on the Alamo Ministries of September 20, 2008. Here is a continuation of her story. She and some other girls, including her 20 year old sister, were rounded up at machine gun point with the red light from the laser scope right on their chests. [What the heck are you doing? These are girls!] She was taken violently away from her home and loving Christian family that night. She had recently gotten her driver’s license and loved to witness to others about Jesus. [Oh, we can’t have that! Point the guns at her! We cannot allow this girl to go out and talk about Jesus! That is her right as an American citizen. I don’t care if you believe in Jesus or the Pope, or don’t believe in anything. She has the right to do that, and there was no abuse going on, and these guys come with guns leveled at the girls]. She loved her sister who also resided within the Alamo ministries. None of that mattered. She would never be returned to her parents. She was put into the Arkansas “foster care” system and interviewed at the Texarkana Children’s Advocacy Center less than 24 hours after she was traumatically kidnapped and removed from church property for no justifiable reason. During the interview she had nothing but good to say about Pastor Alamo and denied that she ever had been molested. The Arkansas police report also determined that she had never been molested by Pastor Alamo or anyone else. This was also found to be true of the other 5 girls kidnapped the same day. (Dr. Farst of UAMS later determined that none of the 20 children taken in the November 18, 2008 raid had ever been molested or abused, and that all were in good health also, but it didn’t stop them from being taken from their parents and put in foster care with many parents having their parental rights terminated forever.) Since they knew good and well that our children were never abused, the government and Department of Human Services used the excuse that our children were not vaccinated and that they were educated in our own Christian school which used the A Beka curriculum, instead of in a public school, to justify their keeping our children in foster care! Then we all had to pay child support every week for our children who were in foster care! [parents should have a right to vaccinate or not to vaccinate].

“However, when our daughter was put in a foster home which was 150 miles from her home in Texarkana, AR, her life became a series of interviews by the FBI and other government groups, as well as visits to psychiatrists and mental health therapists. In foster care she was wined and dined, so to speak, and taken on cruises by her well-to-do foster parents who worked closely with Randall Harris of the FBI. Randall Harris went after Tony Alamo vehemently to destroy him and his ministry and received a reward for doing so when he retired and had his picture in the newspaper as did Sgt. John Bishop of the Arkansas State Police. [They were trying to coerce this girl into giving false testimony and trying to put Mr. Alamo away, and destroy the family in the mean time, and they don’t care.] In the first year of her foster home life she went on 3 or 4 cruises, even stopping at a port of Jamaica where she was able to purchase souvenirs. She also went to Cozumel, Mexico, on some of these cruises which she went on every year. She was taken to Panama City, Florida, on spring breaks from high school and also at other times. She went many exciting places and was given a new computer, iPhone, and other gifts through the Department of Human Services and had new clothes purchased for her. This is not the norm for other unfortunate children who end up in foster homes. [That’s not the foster homes that I’ve seen on stories as a journalist, and I’ve been in some. This seems like special treatment to get something out of this girl. Testimony maybe?] She was allowed to be befriended by hostile witnesses against the parents whose children had been kidnapped, and against Pastor Alamo, and allowed to freely talk with them and do things with them such as attend a birthday party for one of them, and so on. She also was allowed to see witchcraft movies about Harry Potter and the vampire Twilight series, which no true Christian would allow their child to view. In January or February of 2009, she asked me if she should run away from her foster home, and I told her not to do that, and she did not. [So now she wants to get out of there. Who’s in prison here? Her! She’s been put somewhere she doesn’t want to be.] When her father and I had a one-hour visit with her each week, it was supervised by a Department of Human Services worker. We could not mention anything about the upcoming court case of Tony Alamo, and we could not even mention his name or the visit would abruptly end. We could not speak of any godly sermons or anything that would remind her of the Ministry she had been in all her life or that would hinder the brainwashing process she was being put through at every therapy session and by her foster parents. [And that, Folks, is exactly what was going on.] If she was watching the news and Tony and the ministry was on the news, it would be abruptly turned off so she would not see what was going on. As a matter of fact, all of us parents were under a court-enforced gag order and could not discuss the children’s cases. She was 16 when she went into foster care, and two years later while still living in her foster home with her foster parents, she became pregnant by her boyfriend whom she had met since being kidnapped from the ministry. Since then she has had a large tattoo etched on her shoulder and gotten her lip pierced. She has been on antidepressants and has gotten into drinking alcohol. She has also joined a lawsuit against the ministry which was instigated by her foster mother and the lawsuit bears the name of her foster mother. She has been turned totally against me, her natural mother, and against the church she loved so dearly. She has also been turned completely against her pastor, Tony Alamo. Her life for years with her foster parents was designed to get her to turn on Pastor Alamo and to get her to testify against him in court. It was an illegal kidnapping and brainwashing. And one thing of note, her foster mother hated our church and Tony Alamo, but she told our daughter to use the times our daughter had visited the elderly in nursing homes and held Alamo church services with them and distributed fruit and Gospel literature from our church to them when she was living at the ministries so she could count it as credit toward getting on the national honor roll! If our church and pastor were so evil, the foster mother would never have done that. The foster mother knew it wasn’t a bad place, but she was in cahoots with the FBI to destroy Tony and his ministry! It is just unbelievable! Would an evil place teach their children to visit nursing homes, and bring fruit to them, and sing Gospel songs to them? What a hypocrite her foster mother was to use the goodness of Tony’s ministry to her advantage when she spoke so ill of it at all other times!

“It’s so amazing to me that these Catholic kids who have been molested are never kidnapped from their parents at machine gun point in a SWAT team raid on their church, and put in foster homes, and their parents’ parental rights terminated, and their Diocese closed, and their church property confiscated, and the priest or bishop or cardinal or pope sexual perpetrator is never put in prison, and their kids are not turned against their parents by therapists and foster parents. And why not?? Isn’t what they did to Pastor Tony Alamo the norm for religious sexual perverts?? Pastor Tony Alamo is not guilty. He is not a sexual pervert. His court trial was contrived to put him behind bars and destroy this ministry. If that were not true, then you know they would treat every pedophile priest case exactly the way they treated Pastor Alamo.

“I know Pastor Alamo very well and have known him for 45 years. I have worked very closely with him. I know that what they have done to him is a Vatican campaign against him to destroy him. This is how the Vatican operates. I also know the witnesses against him, having taught most of them in school. They are ALL known liars and they had been trouble makers while they were at the Alamo Ministries. I was at Pastor Alamo’s house just about every day from 2000 to 2006 teaching school and helping out in the office. None of the girls ever confided in me regarding any of their made-up accusations against Pastor Alamo. There was nothing ever going on there that was suspicious or improper. I used to take some of these same girls to nursing homes to visit with the residents. We had a lot of fun together. I’d be with them while they had recess outside every day. All was fine and they were happy, unless they’d been in trouble for one thing or another. You always have good and bad students together, but I’m not surprised that this particular bunch of girls decided to go along with the Vatican/FBI plot against Pastor Alamo. If things were so bad and their lies were true, why didn’t they tell their parents who visited them often and knew exactly where they were when they lived at the Alamo Ministries? Surely their parents would have done something about it!

“Regarding our daughter’s first interview with the Texarkana Children’s Advocacy Center, there is a video which was sent to news outlets and parts of the transcript were published in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette newspaper in January, 2009. The newspaper also published transcripts of the other 5 girls’ first interview. They all declared that Pastor Alamo was not guilty. I also want you to know that they kidnapped my 13 year old son in the November, 2008 raid against the ministry.

“We will surely receive persecution for making a stand for the Gospel. We know the media is the mouth of the Vatican. They always use their buzz word “cult” or “compound” to describe our ministry and have done so for decades. They never call the Catholic Church a “cult” or “compound” although hundreds of thousands of children have been abused and molested by their clergy, and even many have been murdered by them. The people of this world are generally ignorant, dumbed down, and easily brain-washed, or just don’t care. If they were really concerned they would make an effort to find out who is actually behind the persecution of our church and why there is never anything but payoffs regarding the innumerable pedophilia crimes perpetrated by members of the Vatican. Why isn’t there a serious investigation into the affairs of the Catholic cult after all these unending, innumerable counts of child molestation against their clergy which continue to be perpetrated and manifested to this present day??? God Himself shows who the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth is in the book of Revelation in the KJV Bible.

“Thank you, Greg, for all your efforts to reveal the truth about what really happened to Pastor Alamo and his ministry, and for having the guts to make a stand against the Vatican’s lies. This story needs to be told.”
Debra Ondrisek

November 10, 2014

The Vatican can’t have people talking against them like this, especially Christians. Don’t children have a right to be brought up the way their parents believe? Yes, but it’s not about that anymore, Folks. Everything is designed here (in this country) to bring you under the power of Rome and the state, and this story shows it. I spoke to Tupper Saussy and I showed you what he tried to do to help people, and Pastor Alamo spoke to Alberto Rivera, the ex-Jesuit priest who told us about what was really going on in the high levels of the Vatican after he worked in it for years, and there are others that he spoke to who have been brought down by this organization for simply trying to tell people what was going on.

That article in the Los Angeles Times back in 1985 was quite interesting because it showed that even back then you couldn’t talk against the Vatican. Look at the Vatican. They have 150 political concordats with other countries. They’re a political organization. They have their own state, their own country. We’re not talking about religious beliefs here; we’re talking about using these beliefs to get what they want in the secular world, and the Alamo Ministry was pointing that out way back in 1985, and they were trying to shut him up since then, and that article showed it. Now why is this story that Debra sent important? Because it has every element of taking away the rights that we are inherently given by God. We don’t need the Constitution to tell us what’s right and wrong, but the state, in this case, had a goal which was to dismantle this ministry and to imprison Tony Alamo and shut him up. They tried to do the Waco thing with Tony’s church, but he never had any weapons there. The SWAT team pointed laser weapons at unarmed girls and rounded them up. Don’t you think they’d shoot and kill if they had one rifle? It didn’t matter if Koresh had one or one hundred rifles; that was easy pickings there for him. They could get rid of him quickly, and they might have done the same thing to the Alamo Ministry. Thank God that didn’t happen! But when they couldn’t get him in any other way, they had to start using the Vatican’s power on him. They’re using the state to get what they want, and they did it the way it happened in this letter that Debra sent us. It shows you exactly what they did. Once they got Tony in prison they began to finagle other things. They got the kids and then they dismantled the ministry. Then they went after their property. The plaintiffs were awarded over a half billion dollars, and they may sell the Los Angeles property also. They want it all, and they’ll do the same thing to you too if they want what you have. They want your mind, your body, your soul, your property. They want everything. I hope you take this story and think about it and pass it on to others.