Summary of Investigative Journal Radio Program with Greg Anthony on First Amendment Radio

November 24, 2014

I am coming back to the Tony Alamo case today which I’ve been covering for the past four or five months. I contend that Tony Alamo and Tupper Saussy were both framed for their outspokenness against the Vatican-led New World Order. Years ago Tony started talking about the Vatican’s control over the US government as well as their using the ecumenical movement to gain control of churches and to infiltrate them. He has showed that the Vatican is really at the controls of our country and has been since the beginning. He started this way back in the 80s before most people even had an idea of what we are talking about. I didn’t know it, and I was a journalist living in Rome and covering the Vatican for awhile and learned firsthand about their intrigues in banking, and how they used the Vatican bank as a money laundering operation for illegal money. Now how can the Vicar of Christ do that? Because they deceive you, and they use God and Jesus as a front. Tony pointed this out a long time ago and kept on doing it, and his ministry kept growing. He had several huge churches across the country, and he would do radio shows all over the world and spend hour after hour on this subject. When you get a large following, they start coming after you. They tried to get him on false IRS charges and they jailed him for 4 years. He came out stronger than ever. If he would have kept his mouth shut, everything would have been fine, but he didn’t. He talked even more, so then they tried to get him on a sex charge, and that failed. They kept at it, and had undercover guys infiltrate his ministry to set him up or maybe kill him, but one of the FBI agents backed out and told the truth. Then the FBI denied the guy ever worked for them, just like the CIA does.

Finally, in 2008, they swarmed his church properties in Fouke, AR, in SWAT-team fashion, even though there were no guns on any of his church properties. Tony wasn’t even there, but he was in California at the time on church business. Their crack investigators would have known where he was, but they did it as a show. First, they contacted 50 media outlets about the impending raid. They surrounded the ministry with 100 police cars, SWAT teams, storm troopers in their black uniforms with guns and machine guns, and helicopters overhead as though it was a dangerous place to be. They found six girls playing on the swings in the yard and rounded them up with machine guns aimed at their hearts. Thank God one of those kids didn’t have a cap gun because they might have been shot to death. They took these six kids into custody away from their parents, and two months later, a judge issued an order to round up all the kids from the Alamo Ministries all over the country. Parents fled the ministry with their children. [The original 6 girls who were stolen were never returned to their parents.]

I contend that if this wasn’t a set-up, and they treat everybody equally, this should have been done in every parish where there was a priest trying to get into the pants of some altar boy. They don’t do that with any of the Catholic child molester priests. Are there ever any Catholic churches or schools shut down? Has a judge ever put out an order to round up all the Catholic kids in the country because the kids are in grave danger? If you’re sending your kids to a parochial school right now, they’re in more danger than any of the children were in the Alamo Ministry. And that’s why I believe this was a set-up, and I believe it should be looked at. The Vatican has been protected from the beginning for all their evil deeds because they work together with our government to gain control of our mind, our soul, and our body. Why don’t they do this to Catholic schools? It’s only Bible-believing ministries that they do this to, and they’re busy right now taking over the Protestant churches all over the world.

They charged Tony with the Mann Act because they had to figure out a legal maneuver here. They couldn’t charge him with rape because it wasn’t going on. The reason for the Mann Act was to stop pimps who were traveling with women, whom they had enslaved, across state lines for prostitution purposes. That is not what was happening here. The intent of the Mann Act was not to frame a minister for going on a Bible trip with his ministry, and that’s exactly what happened.

I got a letter from a man named Bert Krantz, and I’m going to get to that today. He is a member of Tony Alamo Ministries and has had all six of his children taken into state custody in one of the raids on the Alamo Ministries in 2008.

Mr. Krantz said, “There’s one piece of information that I’m thinking of as I listen to you talk about this case and the people being harassed and hounded to help convict Pastor Tony Alamo. I personally wasn’t close to any of the females involved in this suit or the conviction, but I am one of the parents who lost 6 children to that federal effort. The FBI agent, Randall Harris, who headed the investigation and was actually coaching the prosecution witnesses at Pastor Alamo’s trial was at just about all of my court hearings, and let me tell you something. There were many. Early in my case, my lawyer approached me, offering that if I would cooperate with the FBI and help convict Pastor Alamo, I would have my children back in one week.”

So they’re asking this man to make a decision. I can get my children back if I lie about Pastor Alamo, is what is going on here. His lawyer approached him. This shows you right there that his lawyer might have been in cahoots with the FBI. He’s telling Mr. Krantz to lie, if that be the case, in a finagley lawyer way. “I refused to cooperate, knowing Pastor Alamo for over 35 years, and knowing that he was being framed on false charges.”

Mr. Krantz has filed public records and motions. He got a lawyer to try to get his children back, and it didn’t work so far. He said, “The secret child’s court ran its course and terminated my parental rights even though my six children had never been abused in any way.” So here we have a state terminating a parent’s parental rights because of his Bible-belief system. Is that what this country is all about? The Vatican creates this deception in the media that these people are dangerous, that they’re a cult when, in fact, the Vatican is the cult. But everybody likes them because they’re big and powerful and they got a great thing going. But Mr. Krantz lost six children! Six times the pain. Folks, they took six! But he wouldn’t lie.

Mr. Krantz’s letter says, “Since the stealing of children by the Department of Human Services is a two-step process, adjudication and termination, I had to appeal both processes to the Arkansas Supreme Court and then the US Supreme Court. That’s 4 separate high court appeals. Both higher courts rubber-stamped the lower court’s decision without even addressing any of the issues appealed. Instead they echoed the unsubstantiated accusations used in the lower court which, of course, were also echoed by the media.” The judges are saying, “This is the way it is in America, Folks, and you better like it. I am a judge with a black robe and you better like it.” I know that this is the truth. You cannot speak up against the Vatican and anybody that works for them. If you do, you’re going to lose your children in America, and the government will take them. You have to fall in line. That’s what they’re saying.

Mr. Krantz goes on and makes a great analogy here. He says, “I used to wonder how the German people could slaughter so many innocent Jews, but now it is perfectly clear to me how it was done, and the courts and media were very efficient tools to demonize the Jews to the point that the general public hated them and believed they deserved to be exterminated. This is very analogous to the process used to crucify our Lord Jesus Christ. The betrayal, the false witnesses, the corrupt judicial system, manipulation of the masses, and murder.” Mr. Krantz makes a great analogy, and I hope during this holiday season that you’ll think about what is going on here. Think about what happened to Jesus, to the Jews, to Tony Alamo, to Tupper Saussy, and many others in our country who have suffered the same fate. They’re not going to have such a nice time in this holiday season. Maybe if we woke up and didn’t stand for it anymore, they would. Mr. Krantz is going to spend this holiday season without his children realizing that he did everything he could, but he wouldn’t lie. That whole ministry, Tony’s in prison; they’re taking their money; they’re taking their land and homes, and people are going to celebrate all around the world, and the Vatican is going to pretend like they’re Jesus Christ on earth. They’re going to be celebrating everywhere singing all those Vatican songs when, in fact, they are using it as a deception. The reason they came down on people like Tony Alamo, like Tupper Saussy, like William Cooper and some others who tried to get the truth out to you is because they were getting a big, big following.

There are certain elements in the Bert Krantz case that are interesting, and they are legal. Every time I go down that road, it gets a little complicated, but the documents that I found tell of some lying going on in the beginning by the Dept. of Human Services, and certain other FBI people who were lying about certain things. Mr. Krantz brought it up in a motion to quash a deposition because of the lying that went on in the first deposition, and the defense filed their motion, and the judge then in the end allowed a second deposition, but I don’t think he had any choice. He figured that they could lie their way out of the second one anyway, so let’s give the plaintiff here the benefit of the doubt.

Regarding Tony Alamo, they had to defame him, disgrace him, and imprison him for life because this has a better outcome for the Vatican and their followers. Very few people will stand up for someone accused of what he was found guilty on. I know this because there are people who come to me and they think I’m crazy for doing this, but I’m not. I looked at this case deeply, and it has the elements of everything we talk about. We’re not just theorizing here. There isn’t anything more shameful in the world than not looking at a whole case and standing up for someone accused of something, and just basing it on what you hear in the media and these generalities. If you understood the system then you would stand up for him. Basically he has a slow death in prison here, and it’s a better approach for the beast. He doesn’t have any martyr status like others, but he’s locked up and they hope he’s silenced for good. But is he silenced? No, his words still live on through his website where you can read the things he wrote, some of which were quoted by William Cooper in his patriot books.