Summary of Investigative Journal Radio Program with Greg Anthony on First Amendment Radio

November 5, 2014

Today I want to go back to the Tony Alamo story, and if you’ve been following my show for the past 4 or 5 months you’ll see that I’ve been covering this in depth; and the reason is this ministry was attacked because of their outspokenness about the Vatican and their ties to, and control of, our foreign policy and our domestic affairs. It’s an incredible story when you add on to it all of the things you read across the world regarding the pedophilia in the Vatican and all of their corruption when it comes to financial affairs.

I just did a story about a sister from a cloistered convent who talked about the torture, murder, and abuse going on behind those walls of closed-order nuns who cannot ever see the daylight again once they sign up, and they’re deceived into doing that. Then I talked about another nun who came forward and talked about the financial fraud of Mother Theresa. Now none of this ever gets investigated by the authorities. We’re talking about murder and stealing probably billions of dollars, and nothing gets discussed because this system that they’ve created includes this beast in Rome, and the Alamo Ministry was one of the few Christian Ministries that have been outspoken about this. Basically what happened is since they were reaching a lot of people, the Vatican, using our government and our police forces, did everything in their power to try to dismantle this ministry and to put Tony Alamo in jail on false charges. They finally succeeded, and that’s what this story is all about. The reason I cover it is because it’s an attack on the free principles of Christianity in our country, and people don’t see it. They think if they just shut their mouths, nothing is going to happen to them. Well, you’re wrong.

People say to me that you always say the reason they came down on people like him and others is because of their wide-spread criticism of the Vatican. People that doubted it said, “What is their wide-spread criticism? I bet it’s just nothing; I bet it’s just a small little ministry, and none of what you say is true.” And I say, “Hogwash!” Let me give you an example of how many people this ministry still reaches, and how many people actually go to their website every week, and from where, and you’ll see that even with him in jail, this message still gets out. I’ve gotten notices that my shows have been translated into Hindu, Swahili, and into other languages. Right now they’re being transcribed as we speak, and we’re finding that there’s a lot of interest across the world because we’re one of the last countries that still has the opportunity to say this. I’m not saying they’re not going to come down on you like Alamo; they will. Just last week they had 259, 408 hits on their website. That’s well over a million every month and sometimes even more. 92 countries, 43 U.S. universities, and 41 foreign universities read articles on this website and listened to some of my transcribed shows that they put up there. Some of the articles that they were interested in are:

Spanish--Pope Francis Found Guilty of Child Trafficking, Rape, Murder

Antichrist section--Pope’s Secrets

Armenian--Victory over Pornography

Spanish--The Big Earthquake and How Money Was Stolen

French--Pope’s Secrets

Swahili--they were interested in the Pope’s Secrets

Spain--was interested in the Pope’s Secrets

Spain-- the Victory over Pornography

Mystery Babylon is Rome’s U.N.

Satan’s Government was an interesting article that they hit all the time

Pope’s Secrets--again

Overwhelming Wickedness

Serbian--Three Unsuccessful Attempts to Overthrow God

Portuguese--There Is No Palestine

Macedonian and Spanish--The army and Air Force of God

Spanish--Antichrist Section—Nazi Gallery

There are a lot of articles up there. They’ve even put up my article about “Tony Gambino, [the crime family member who] Implicates the Vatican and Bush in Prior Knowledge and Complicity in 9/11 Mass Murder,” and “Jesus Said Satan Would Have a Church and Government.” The Chinese are interested in the Messiah Book. The Serbs were interested in “The Army and Air Force of God” and there’s an article called “The Chariots of Fire” that they read, so you’re looking at a lot of things over 40 years that have been left up on this site, and it gets out to, last week, 260,000 people. So this is not a story that people aren’t interested in. Just turn on a talk radio station and it just gets you ill. They make it seem that nobody cares about this stuff; they just ignore it; they will not talk about any of this, and you know that is the core problem in this country and nobody wants to face it, and in a sense marginalize or put in jail or kill for trying to get this story across, or paint it out as either from criminals or wicked people or crazy people; it goes on, and people do not see it or they don’t care.

The reason they don’t care is because this propaganda campaign in this country started long ago. It’s the best one in the world. It started back in 1776. People don’t believe any of this because they’ve been fed lies; they’ve been fed a deceptive story both religiously and politically for so many generations that no one knows even how to break that veil of truth, and once you start doing it, most people run from it because they say that it’s too crazy and they won’t get involved. That’s the attitude that we face when we deal with these stories, and I bring it across in a simple way looking at a man’s life; I’m going over his court case; you decide who’s the real criminal, not me. I’ve said many times after looking at this, if I was a defense attorney I’d say that this man was framed, and I am going to prove it to a jury, and I’m proving it to you right in the public court of opinion because he was slammed in the public court of opinion, even before he was arrested. I had talked to him in 2007, and he told me what they were doing, and I talked to an undercover investigator for the FBI that finally said that he could not do this anymore, that this man (Tony Alamo) didn’t do anything. Now this FBI man has been persecuted, and he wasn’t allowed to testify at his trial.

Tomorrow maybe I’ll go over a number of the people that I believe may have changed the course of this trial, but who were not allowed to testify. However, how can you get a fair trial in Fouke, AR, anyway? There should have been a change of venue right from the beginning, but nothing was changed, and the man was convicted and given 175 years in prison after a 10 day trial. That’s not a long trial, folks. I’ve seen petty theft trials go on longer than that. The point I’m trying to make is that when you put these things together, you are going to see that the balance of power is in the hands of criminals, and the balance of power in the religious world, in the ecumenical movement, is in the hands of criminals. That’s why we’re in this position. Part of the problem is the people who are talking about this are not giving you the straight and narrow about what is really going on. They’ll tell you 80% of the truth. They always get you involved in fighting this and that. You can call yourself a Christian, an anti-Jesuit fighter, a freedom fighter on the Alex Jones show, Info Wars; it’s all war, and any of these people who do this are leading you down a rabbit hole, and I’ll tell you, “Watch out!” Oh, they’re smart; they sound good, they do everything right; they have a lot of money, and what they’re trying to do is to get you arrested and thrown into jail, because when you do that, the criminal powers that be will say that you are fighting against freedom and that you are an enemy against freedom and God. They’ll just twist it right around. Revolt and running away is never the thing to do.

Getting back to the Alamo story. They’re getting 260,000 website hits last week; they get over a million hits a month. People are interested in this. Don’t let people fool you. Now, the countries where these hits came from, it’s interesting, and everyone of them probably has a Vatican Concordat where the Vatican’s in bed with them politically. Why would a religious organization want to sign a concordat with a government? That’s because they can steal the money from the people and put it in their pockets and run and say that they are helping them. We’re godlike men. What a bunch of garbage!

These countries, look at them! Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Guatemala, Madagascar, South Africa, Germany, Spain, Canada, China, Greece, all these countries came to this website. People came, 260,000 of them last week; Australia, Italy, France, Brazil, Peru, Netherlands, Venezuela, Chile, Seychelles, Bolivia, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Poland, United Kingdom, Honduras. Not to say America too. Yes, we’re there. Armenia, Turkey, Russian Federation, Ecuador, El Salvador, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, India, United States, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Sweden, Philippines, Tanzania, Paraguay, Japan, Malaysia. If you asked me to name all the countries in the world, would I be able to do it? Just go to this website; now you can do it. Macedonia, Romania, Estonia, Yugoslavia, Lithuania, Trinidad, Tobago, New Zealand, Guyana, Nicaragua, Norway, Pakistan, Austria, Taiwan, Belarus, Indonesia, Denmark, Benin, Uruguay, Burundi, Mozambique, Ireland, Aruba, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Singapore, Finland, Kenya, Moldavia, Brunei Darussalam, Togo, Thailand, Hong Kong, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Botswana, Ivory Coast (Cote D’Ivoire), Costa Rica, Morocco, Namibia, Tonga, Hungary, Burkina Faso, Oman, Croatia, Albania, Mauritius, Cuba, Israel. And they’re going to take this show and translate it into their languages, and good. I wish everybody could translate this show, and I bet you that there are more followers aware of this in the rest of the world than there are in America, and that’s a shame because this country should be the one leading the way for freedom. When, in fact, [our government] leads the way in propaganda and in giving you the biggest fantasy that ever existed.

Alamo made his worst waves by preaching parts of the Bible the vast majority of Christians leave out. That is the beast and the Vatican. That’s why they’ve been attacking him for the last 40 years. The work that has been done through this ministry that I just showed you has been many faceted. Not only did this ministry spread the information, but they also offered free meals after each service at every location that they had, and they still do it today even though there has been civil judgments against them of over $500,000, the largest in Arkansas history, and the government is busy trying to take away everything, dismantling the ministry.

From the beginning, this ministry has always been there to help people. They’ve been doing this for over 45 years with very little donations which other nonprofits receive by the truckloads. They not only give good meals there, but also give food boxes to any needy families who request it; clothing, blankets, shoes, they still do it. For decades they’ve had special programs to assist families who have members in prison. There are so many people behind the walls of our prisons who shouldn’t be there, and there they are helping them. This is the same ministry that is being persecuted while the Vatican is putting them in prison and being lauded for it by our government officials. People that are actually helping are being put there. Every Christmas these inmates can request presents to be sent to their families in their stead. They also send food, clothing, toys, Bibles, and children’s birthday presents for them as well. For decades they have helped inmates with commissary money, shoes, clothes, hygiene items, fans, etc.; things that many people haven’t done. On holidays they have supplied Thanksgiving and Christmas meals upon request, as well as presents for needy families. They send out Bibles and Gospel literature. Many people can’t afford Bibles; many people around the world don’t even know about them. They send their articles all over the world so people can understand who the beast is. They’ve supplied food, clothing, water tanks, helped build water wells, housing, bikes, cars and much more, as much as they could afford to do. All of this has been done with no government grants. Nothing. And what they got for helping is only harassment from so many government agencies. And the witnesses that could have helped him were not allowed to testify. It was worse than a kangaroo court.

People ask me, “Greg, why do you think he was framed?” I’ve gone over before about the flimsy evidence. First of all, they framed Tony on false IRS charges just as they did Tupper Saussy. And then look at the evidence in this last trial, I mean it’s amazing. And look at how the whole raid came down. It was like a Gestapo-type raid on these people, and these kids were there, and they came in with guns. It was ridiculous. They don’t do this when a Vatican pedophile priest is caught, right? Let me tell you also what makes me believe he was framed and this was a set-up job. John Peeler and other agents who couldn’t find anything wrong on this guy, they weren’t allowed to testify. There are a lot of undercover agents they hire that “don’t exist.” They can make them go away. They can say, “This guy’s lying; he never worked for us.” The judges are on the same team; they can do anything they want. We know very well when the CIA does hits, and this is from the horse’s mouth, my good old friend Lieutenant Colonel Dangerous Dan Marvin, he’ll tell you what they do; they get rid of you for a couple years; you’re not on the books or rolls; you go away. He was a Green Beret, and they do the same thing in the FBI. I believe it was a frame job. How many priests around the world were charged with all these crimes, and never once have they tried to shut down a Catholic school, the system, the diocese. No, they’re still running strong.

So, in fact, if this was a legitimate bust, they should have arrested Tony and left the rest of the ministry to go on doing its work. But they didn’t. Their idea wasn’t to be doing that. They framed him to begin with, and then they wanted to bring this ministry down and stop talking about what I talk about on this show, and that’s the Vatican involvement and their deception in both the spiritual and the secular world. That’s exactly what happened because there’s no reason to torture all these people the way they have. They’ve taken 36 children into custody. They didn’t have millions of kids like in the Catholic world, but they put an all points bulletin on all these kids all over the country by some judge in Arkansas who was told to do that because this ministry was telling you what the problem really is, and they had to shut them up. That’s another reason you gotta think that it’s a frame job. There’s no reason to shut them down. There’s no reason to take all their children and their property. There’s no reason to do any of that. Do they take the Vatican’s property? Why don’t we go there and take Vatican City for all the stuff they did throughout the centuries and the world? Why don’t we do that? Because it’s a corrupt system, and they’re the head of it, and that’s why they don’t take one of these churches down or go after every kid. I was a Catholic student, and I didn’t see them shutting down any schools when I was there or putting out an APB for every Catholic kid. No! It leads me to believe it was a frame job. A big one.

I’ve been telling you that the government subversion is huge. It goes way back. Tony and Susan Alamo were on the streets in 1965. When they first started this they were distributing Gospel literature on the streets and preaching the Word of God.

Here’s an older article regarding this I want to read to you, and I might jump around a bit. It shows the real subversion and how these people work together. There used to be a District Attorney named Ira Reiner. He was an avid user of criminal informers to concoct false cases against innocent people. Another paid police and District Attorney liar was Leslie Vernon White who was a seven-time convicted felon that demonstrated how false confessions and testimonies had been concocted against the Alamo Ministry. He said that these practices were wide-spread, not only against the Alamo Ministry but also against other innocent people. The Los Angeles Police Department and District Attorney’s office was involved. By making a few phone calls from a pay phone he was able to receive enough information about an existing case to fabricate a false confession from an unknowing innocent prospect which in turn would get him a weekend leave out of jail from District Attorney Reiner. The way these guys work is that if they have convictions, and they look like they’re doing something in the eyes of the public, they’re going to get elected again. They don’t care if they’re innocent or not in many cases. They just need someone who seems to be guilty. He said the well-used slogan among the criminal informers was, “Why spend time? just drop a dime.” A notable defense attorney stated that the criminal informers “don’t even need a dime to make fraudulent calls for information to concoct false testimony.” He said that there are instances where the DA would give criminal informers police case files to review themselves making it very easy for criminals to concoct false testimony against someone else like Tony Alamo and his churches, wouldn’t it? Not only him, but others. Many defense attorneys insisted way back then that Attorney Reiner and other Los Angeles prosecutors, such as Lancaster’s District Attorney Foltz, at the time had been an organized formalized system of using unreliable criminal snitches for a long time. And do you think it didn’t exist in this case especially with how long they have been trying to stop him from talking like this and getting his ministry out of the picture? They also stated that they have specific examples that this continues even though Reiner will say it doesn’t. Reiner back then absolutely refused to talk to 60 Minutes about these bogus informers. And to mention just one of the many cases, Reiner initiated false charges against Bobbi Fielder, a candidate for the US Senate. She was almost immediately cleared of all wrong doing by the Superior Court and charges were dismissed, but in the mean time because of Reiner’s false charges, her opportunity to make it into the Senate was obliterated.

“There were subversive tactics of judge and police,” says Louis Tackwood, “One-world church Judge Armstrong, friend of one-world church member California Governor George Deukmejian, conspiratorially issues warrants against Alamo’s church and causes vicious raids on Alamo’s church, because of false testimony of two other criminals used by District Attorney’s office, Bob and Carey Miller.” So why do I think this is a frame job? You gotta go back years and look at what this story is all about. “Los Angeles County Judge Armstrong’s orders caused many ministers and their wives to be beaten, another example of Newhall Sheriff’s Department’s brutality. The Newhall Sheriff’s Department officials along with the Department of Children’s Services tried to terrorize the children into telling lies about the church. One of them did, and the rest of them would not under any circumstances talk bad about this ministry.” They’re doing the same thing back then that they did to these 4 or 5 witnesses that were taken into custody by the FBI. That’s all they could find over 45 years? And then they had to keep them for 2 weeks [at Wellspring, a deprogramming facility] and even some of their parents said they lied, but that was still used as testimony. Tony couldn’t have anybody testify on his behalf, basically.

Well, back then the Newhall Sheriff’s Department was doing the same thing, terrorizing these kids and trying to get them to lie about this church. Why? The 259,408 people that went to their website last week, that’s why. They don’t want this information out. “Several other children have been deprived of their liberty to attend the Alamo church.” They were doing this back then. Does anybody deprive a Catholic kid of going to church? Did they ever shut down a Catholic school? “Several other children have been deprived of their liberty, thanks to this anti-christian subversive Los Angeles County judge and the Sheriff’s Department back then, the Department of Children’s Services, and, of course, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office.”

They were doing the same thing in Fouke, Arkansas, as they were doing here at their Los Angeles Ministry back then, and they’re doing it today. They’re trying to take all that property away. “Judge Robert Armstrong’s father was the Chief of Police in Huntington Park, California. Judge Armstrong was once a defense attorney in Huntington Park. He’s an active member of the Episcopalian one-world Catholic Church and a long-time friend of Governor Deukmejian. The two of them are lay-readers of the same church.” And let me tell you something, they don’t want anybody to talk about this fake Ecumenical Movement. “He was appointed to the Superior Court bench in 1985 by Deukmejian after he became governor. Judge Armstrong has yet to establish a good reputation among lawyers, and some who have appeared, feel that his weakness is that he’s not up on the law.” You don’t have to be up on the law if you’re a judge. You know what cases you have to twist and turn. “And now this Episcopalian, Catholic, one-world, Communist judge issues false warrants against citizens at criminals’ requests. Part of this one-world conspiracy against Christians belongs to Orange County, CA, Judge Ronald Owen, back then, an advocate of antichrist Sigmund Freud and John Paul II who lauds the anti-God teachings of Freud, psychiatry and psychology, are great, and that John Paul is a saint.” Did Judge Owen ever read the story about when John Paul was a cyanide salesman before he became a priest for the Nazi Party in Poland? “Judge Owen issued the order to remove the 3 children from the church in (1987) and issued temporary custody to the 2 criminals Bob and Carey Miller. Orange County Judge Richard Frassi, another conspirator, issued the decree that the mothers of the children could not come within 200 feet of their children. All the conspirators played the game of conspiracy as well as the San Francisco 49ers or any team plays football. These illegitimates do their best to make everything look so legitimate. The news media constantly berated the Alamo Ministry back in the 70s by using typically subversive blast words such as “compound,” “cult,” “brainwashing,” “child abuse.” Every one of these words, I’m telling you, fits the Vatican rather than this ministry. These are customary propaganda slurs. By now everyone should be able to see this conspiracy of the one-world church, government, and media to destroy this ministry. Even back then, they were trying to destroy it, and they were trying to destroy any Christianity that would say, “Stay away from the beast.” And that’s what this ministry was saying. The Vatican will hunt down anybody that has a following and talks this way. “Hundreds of other notarized testimonies are available upon request, including Bob and Carey Miller and their mother Jerri Miller, praising the Alamo Ministry. Also available is a 44 page color, pictorial magazine of the church facilities back then.”

Just think about it. Why would the American government try to destroy good works? Why would the Catholic communist IRS give tax-exempt status to communist organizations? This tax code can be found in their own tax code. The Vatican is Catholic, communist, democratic, fascist; you name it; they are it, and they are allowed so many perks even though they’ve been outed around the world as a criminal organization.