Summary of Investigative Journal Radio Program with Greg Anthony on First Amendment Radio

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I wanted to find out if there had ever been any raids on Catholic Churches in America in similar fashion to the raid on the Tony Alamo Church and on Christian Fundamental Churches in America, so today I’m going to do an analysis of how the sexual abuse allegations are treated differently within the Christian Bible-reading community compared to how they are treated within the Catholic Church in America. What I found out shows to me that there is protection for the Catholic Church in America at an unprecedented level.

First, let’s look back at the 2008 raid on the Alamo Ministry which was, and still is, a successful ministry. It is a Bible-believing church which helps people, preaches the Gospel of Christ, and has sent out literature for over 40 years about the Vatican’s intrigues secularly and spiritually. This upset the apple cart, the flow of what Americans really believe about their government and their church. They’ve tried to shut Tony’s ministries down for over 40 years and have raided his ministry a number of times. This last raid was done in SWAT-team-like fashion and was not geared to arrest Tony Alamo. He wasn’t at the Fouke, AR, church property where the raid took place, but the raid showed that they wanted to dismantle this ministry and take children away from their parents. These children were then put in state custody to be wined and dined by the feds to find a few who would testify against Tony. The coercion there was unprecedented.

Prior to this raid 50 news outlets were notified that it would take place, and it was splashed all over national news as planned, and Tony was convicted in the eyes of the public before he had a chance to defend himself. The raid took place with a SWAT team rounding up 6 girls at machine-gun point. These girls had been playing on the swings in the yard while some of the adults were preparing the meal which was served to everyone who attended the evening service. The media made this Christian church look as if it were a cult, and as if people there were doing something wrong. The raid was depicted as something significant with their 100 police cars and helicopters overhead, but what they really had was 250 pound guys with machine guns rounding up 6 young girls, and there were little boys there crying, terrified to death. Eventually a Texarkana judge put out an APB that all the Alamo Ministry children must be rounded up and taken into state custody. Parents who didn’t want to lose their children left the ministry quickly with their kids to protect them from the government goons. This was a great way to disassemble this ministry.

They did arrest Tony Alamo 5 days after the raid. He was returning from a church business trip in California at the time of his arrest. This raid was really overblown in the press followed by many lies and things done that I can’t make any conclusion other than that they did not want him to continue sending out literature and message tapes and shortwave radio broadcasts to millions of people about the facts regarding the Vatican and the coercion involving our government, et cetera. They said there was pornography at the Tony Alamo Ministries, but the feds never even bothered to take any of their many computers. So they knew there was nothing there, but they told the media that they were looking for porn so the people in this country would convict this guy before he had a chance for a trial, which trial was worse than a kangaroo court when that took place.

I did research over a long period of time, and I’ve never seen a raid on a Catholic Church or a priest charged with sexual abuse in like manner as they’ve done at the Tony Alamo Ministries. Here in America they arrest the offending priest quietly and send him off for rehab at a Catholic facility. So we have a different set of standards here, and there have been way more serious sexual abuse charges against the Vatican and the Catholic Church in this country, as well as around the world, than there have been against any of these Christian Ministries. In fact, I believe that they framed them to take the heat off the Vatican, and then Vatican looks like the good guys.

[Between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013 there were 936 allegations of sexual abuse by Catholic clerics in the United States alone. 80% of the victims of sexual abuse were male and 40% were between the ages of 10 and 14. There were also victims younger than this. However, no children were seized by the state and coerced into turning against their parents and pastor, and no parents had their parental rights terminated, no babies were forcibly grabbed out of their mother’s arms, and no parents were accused of failing to protect as in the Tony Alamo case. None of the Alamo Ministries children kidnapped by the US government were found to have been abused, nor were their pastor and parents guilty of physical or sexual abuse against them.]

For example, let’s take Cardinal Spellman who was the chaplain to the American Armed Forces; they called the Vietnam War, Spelly’s War. He was considered one of the most powerful men in America, the Cardinal in New York, and he was also the suspect of many, many child abuse charges that were always hushed up and protected by the NY police, the feds, et cetera. The higher levels of the Roman Catholic Church always get protected.

Regarding the priests who are pedophiles, when something like that happened originally, the hierarchy would cover it up allowing the Vatican to do their own internal investigation, which you know what happens there. The priests that have been arrested in America have been handled in a quiet manner. I’ve never seen a school torn down or classes interrupted and children taken into state custody, and the parents still not being able to communicate with their children because of going to a Catholic school. In fact, people are encouraged to get a Catholic education in this country despite what’s going on with all these thousands of pedophile charges in the US, not counting in Europe or in other parts of the world. I can’t find a raid in this country unless you start looking at Christian Fundamental Churches. We have the largest amount of Catholic dioceses here in the US. They won’t even investigate claims of murder and burying little babies under the altar at these mission schools that were run to basically genocide the American Indians by the Jesuits, and with the American government’s blessing; they won’t investigate murder charges against the Catholic Church. There is a double standard going on here.

Besides the Tony Alamo Ministry, Texas has the distinction of being the home of two of the most dramatic raids in recent US history. The deadly federal raid on the Branch Davidians outside of Waco in 1993 stands as the most memorable law enforcement debacle in modern times resulting in the deaths of 86 people, and the destruction of an entire religious community. Fifteen years later the Texas state raid on the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints in El Dorado led to an unprecedented mass custodial detention of 439 children by child protection officials. Fortunately the latter raid produced no shootings or deaths. This was an extreme measure by any legal standard and was overruled by the Texas Supreme Court. (Now in Arkansas there’s been a different view. But the Vatican churches in America are treated a different way. If you go to the Bishop’s Hotline, they will show you the extent of this pedophile problem in the church. Why don’t they ever try to close down one of them?) The allegations by child protection officials in this case in Texas were later found to be based on exaggerations of threatened children, just like they were in the Alamo Ministry, except that in the case of the Alamo Ministry these kids still haven’t been given back to their parents. And finally, in reconstructing the events and circumstances leading up to the raid, it’s troubling by the decisions and actions of the state that targeted this minority group for differential treatment.

However, at the same time what kind of protection have we been giving the minority group of homosexuals in this country? You can’t say a word that’s not politically correct. They’re protected and given rights far over and above any Christian community, not surprisingly. Now, they can marry each other legally. Where in the Bible does it say that? Have we forgotten about God’s law? As you can see here, certain people get protection and favors, and it’s usually related to the Catholic Church. When this happens, your rights have been taken away. There is no First Amendment, no real freedom of religion in this country. There is if you don’t criticize the Vatican and its devious deceptions they’ve caused throughout the centuries.

I am very thankful that these people in the Alamo Ministry came to me and opened their hearts and spoke out so I could get this story out to you, because their story was never told. The information that’s coming from these FLDS representatives also is important because it’s telling us what went on there and you can see a similarity. The raid on this FLDS group faced a barrage of unfavorable media, public criticism, and official condemnation in the days and weeks following the raid, just like the Tony Alamo Ministry faced. The CEO of the Hill Country Community Mental Health and Mental Retardation Center in Kerrville, Texas, Linda Werlin, was instrumental in explaining how Texas Child Protection officials adopted an anti-cult framing of this FLDS Church that inflated and exaggerated the child abuse claims. I’m convinced that the same thing occurred in the Alamo Ministry. Mrs. Werlin and her staff were asked by the Department of Family and Protective Services to assist in the counseling of FLDS children taken into state custody after the raid. This is exactly what happened in Fouke, AR, with a different group, and if you could see how they coerced these children to get what they wanted; it’s incredible! They found that the claims of abuse were unfounded, just like the many psychologists who examined the children of the Alamo Ministries found that there was no child abuse! But yet they still are in custody! Explain that. Werlin said that the abuse claims were linked to cult experts consulting with the authorities, and their efforts to challenge the experts were rebuffed. Werlin’s observations about these children in Texas and the nature of the evidence during the temporary period of state custody were discerning and perceptive, and she was willing to state that the state exaggerated and even coerced these children.

Now, you wonder how all this meshes or works together with what’s going on in the Catholic churches and the abuse there, how it’s treated completely differently. We don’t seem to have a problem with men marrying men anymore, or women marrying women. I wonder if a homosexual church would be raided because men were marrying men. That doesn’t seem normal to me. Would they call that a sect? But in our world now it is not only considered normal, but it is legally recognized. So it seems that they pinpoint certain things in the Christian world that they don’t particularly like. I think it all boils down to creating this climate that if you are not involved with this Catholic Ecumenical movement in the Protestant churches as well as the Vatican, then you are going to be targeted, especially if you criticize them, and that’s what happened in the Alamo case.