Summary of Investigative Journal Radio Program with Greg Anthony
on First Amendment Radio

August 18, 2014

Greg has been covering the story of Tony Alamo, and today he continues by saying that anytime you see someone imprisoned for 175 years who was convicted on flimsy testimony as he’s seen in this case, and when you understand that he was a severe critic of the Vatican, from his perspective it is a story that needs to be addressed. There’s a group called the Innocence Project who take on cases of people who they feel are falsely arrested. Greg says that if anyone knows them to contact them about Alamo and maybe they can lend some assistance because he didn’t receive a good defense. We need a hundred of those groups with all the people who are falsely imprisoned now for things they didn’t do. Greg on an upcoming show will go over Tony’s appeal (which is sitting on a judge’s desk), his motion for retrial, and the testimony of the five people that were used to convict him, as well as some of the testimonies for the defense that weren’t allowed to be heard in court, to show some of the irregularities here, and that maybe this was a government set-up. When you look at this case, you’ve got to really wonder, especially from the information Greg knows.

A year before his conviction, during the raid in Fouke (Tony wasn’t even there), they storm-trooped this Bible-believing ministry, and there were 6 kids playing on the grounds who were frightened to death when the storm troopers came in with 100 BATF agents in black tactical clothing with guns aimed at them. They had contacted 150 media outlets so that they were ready for the big show too, and so that anybody listening to the news would have convicted Tony right off the bat if they didn’t know anything about the story. That’s how people are. They hear the news and say that he must be a bad guy if the government did that to him.

Greg believes Tony was convicted for his 40 years of telling people about the Vatican’s crimes and how they are connected to our government. He had already spent 4 years in prison for what was a bogus IRS charge. Now Greg is doing a theater play on Tony to present his story in a different way so that people can watch it in a theater and learn about his story. He stated that on the current case, one witness who should have testified on his behalf was John Peeler, an ex-FBI agent who was enlisted by the government to bring this ministry down. His testimony would have been damning for the government, and if you were sitting on a jury and you listened to him, you might have second thoughts about convicting Tony, and maybe that’s the reason he wasn’t allowed to testify based upon the fact that the judge felt it wasn’t relevant to the case. Of course, it’s not relevant if you want to convict the man.

This is what Cammi O’Garrett wrote on a blog in July, 2010, when she heard about the Tony Alamo jailing and the sentencing about two years after his arrest, “I was near the TV as it was on and brought up the name Tony Alamo. I thought this sounded very familiar, yet I couldn’t remember why so I looked him up. I couldn’t believe it. I had contacted this ministry and looked into things, and even corresponded by email, or phone once or twice before the local authorities and FBI went after my son. The TV was saying [Tony] was beating people and a pedophile, but I find this, as strange as it seems, very likely they were trying to bring a case against him. I personally looked at the papers from the so-called tax evasion case he was in. [This is the case where Tony was convicted and imprisoned for 4 years prior to his current arrest.] He was absolutely slammed by the feds and the government, and it wasn’t legitimate. I was not going to just believe what I read so I looked at actual documents, and this guy and his wife really were persecuted.” She’s very interesting there because she doesn’t do something that 99% of most Americans do. She doesn’t believe what she reads. As Mark Twain said, “If you don’t read the paper, you’re not informed; if you do read it, you’re misinformed.” But she said, “I wanted to look at the actual documents and go a little bit deeper. I do not take child abuse lightly at all, I might add, however, it seems very strange to me that this man was arrested about 6 months after my son was taken, and after he and I had correspondence. I’d forgotten about him, but was interested in his tax-evasion case because I thought it was so bizarre they’d been harassed to begin with, and Tony and his followers were still being harassed.”

Tony had told Greg this many times. He had a large following and spent a lot of money to get on the radio and was talking about this worldwide. This is a “no, no” when it comes to the Vatican. When you get too big, they start coming down on you. They don’t mind if you go to the local coffee shop and talk about it to a few people, but when you spend a lot of money and you have a successful ministry, this is when the Vatican takes interest and when the attack dogs come out.

Cammi continues, “He said he and his followers were still being harassed and were under constant surveillance, and I didn’t doubt him. People tried to say he was nuts, but obviously he wasn’t because several months after my son and I left the country the feds went after him. He got 175 years, and this is so extreme that it really makes me wonder if it was a retaliation case that was brought against him. I think it’s really strange. It’s almost like someone went after him to shut him up by locking him up.” Perhaps that’s the case. Cammi says, “I feel after reading documents associated with the so-called tax-evasion that he was targeted. He spoke against the Catholic Church a lot and some other groups; maybe the FBI, I don’t recall, [I had] read stuff he’d written. I remember they [Tony Alamo and his ministry] were also interested in maybe helping me and my son out, so maybe I have haters who are that bad going after him so he couldn’t do this. Was that important? I don’t know; it was a long time ago, but they wanted to meet and hear more about what was happening with my son, because there was a common interest in government corruption here. I didn’t agree with his philosophies, all of them, not all, or beliefs, but I did believe him about the persecution and surveillance. I read the legal documents myself. It didn’t add up and looked retaliatory.”

You may not agree with all Tony’s Bible-believing philosophies, and that’s to be expected, but in the end he was helping people, and that’s overlooked when they talk about him in the newspapers. Cammi continues, “Something else I’m finding strange is the interest some persons in government seem to have in going after anyone who they ‘think might be involved with me in any kind of supportive way.’ For example, I barely mentioned having met the Colton Harris guy and all of a sudden there was like the very next day this renewed interest in finding him, and then a new $10,000 reward goes up too. I believe I ran into him a long time ago, but it wasn’t recent. He looks very familiar to me. It seems strange that there would be a new power to the hunt after I say we met. What’s the $10,000 for? Anyway, I’m completely against sex abuse of any kind. However, the only reason I postponed my judgment even though this supposedly went to court is because I have already had a peek into other things he went to jail for, and it was bogus and retaliatory. So I think someone wanted to lock him up to shut him up and to keep him from being able to help anyone else.” That was written about him from an onlooker who looked into it a little bit deeper. Somebody wrote to her who said, “You are correct. He was framed and set up by the government. You can check out this information, and also I am a former targeted individual. You can find out information on this horrible atrocity that is being done to innocent citizens globally. The Lord brought me to the Alamo Ministry, and after years of being victimized by our government, I had been delivered and helped by Tony Alamo.”

Greg wanted you to read that because other people were thinking the same thing he was thinking. He went through the internet and newspapers trying to get to the bottom of this, and all he saw was the other side of the story. He wanted you to hear Tony’s side. He had some common interests with him regarding the Vatican, and he found that Tony was very out-spoken regarding the Vatican. In 2005, he started communicating with him to find out what he was doing, and it was interesting to say the least. He’d been fighting the Vatican and Jesuit-led Old World Order for more than three decades before Greg knew anything about it. He had been a young journalist living in Rome, and knew nothing about it, and had to learn the hard way there, so when he returned to the states he found that what Tony was saying was true. He had an interesting story in that he had been a Hollywood record producer who hobnobbed with the big shots and movie stars. He remembered that Tony had told him years ago, “I was one of the most unlikely people to be chosen to spread the Gospel of God, but after Jesus came to me in a meeting with Hollywood lawyers and movie stars, I quit my record-promoting business and started spreading the Word of the Bible and creating my ministry.” His ministry grew by leaps and bounds, and he learned many years ago about the Vatican in the New World Order from his first wife, Susan, who has since passed on. The Vatican hates someone like Tony who can reach a lot of people and spread the Word of God and expose the Vatican.

FBI agent John Peeler told Greg that he was assigned to murder Alamo on government orders from Clinton himself, or the word getting down from him. He stated that Alamo was a good man targeted for his views by the Vatican. Peeler said he quit the FBI; he couldn’t carry out the Alamo assignment. He didn’t want to frame Tony, and he found out otherwise, that Tony was a good guy. He said this to Greg, “I had to leave the FBI after I couldn’t carry out the Alamo assignment, and I went to Pastor Alamo and apologized.” After the authorities couldn’t find any dirt on him, they had to dig up a bogus tax violation which finally landed Pastor Alamo in prison for 4 years. Peeler said that they were trying at the time to plant guns, get people in there with rifles and such to make it look like he was a militant revolutionary. That didn’t work so finally they had to trump up an IRS charge. They did the same thing to Tupper Saussy who ended up spending 2 years in jail. So is this a pattern? Both men were talking about the same thing, the Vatican, and Tupper showed that the prosecutor was a Jesuit himself. Regarding the first prison sentence, Tony told Greg that he was railroaded but made the best of those 4 years by spreading the Word of God and helping those who were in prison. He quotes Tony saying, “Congress only exposed the tip of the iceberg. I am in prison because the IRS lied about me and my church relying on preposterous and fabricated tales from a notorious anti-religious group, the Cult Awareness Network. CAN withheld material from my attorneys which they were legally bound to reveal, offered rewards to get witnesses to cooperate, threatened several witnesses, and lied under oath in a court of law in order to cover up these abuses. The government relied on false information from the Cult Awareness Network to murder innocent men, women, and children in Waco, and they relied on these same liars to falsify charges against me. The IRS uses the Cult Awareness Network, a professional fabrication company, to prosecute innocent churches, and their chief prosecutor was Peter Georgiades of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, a lawyer. The government even allowed this scurrilous organization to literally write my pre-sentence investigation report. Worse, the parole board adopted CAN’s anti-religious fabrications causing me not to get a parole or to go to a minimum-security facility. No one I spoke with has ever heard of an outside organization being able to influence a pre-sentence investigation report, but the so-called Justice Department allowed this group to load my pre-sentence investigation report with blatant lies. The Cult Awareness Network made their money by trying to destroy churches and God-fearing people.”

This group was used by the government, then later it was brought down. The Cult Awareness Network was found guilty of kidnapping and religious persecution, and they were forced into bankruptcy and finally closed. They relied on this organization to convict Tony, but then, were they sacrificed? Probably. Did they know too much? Maybe. They had to be shut up as well. Why would a judge rely on any group that was in the end found to do these evil things?

Tony was in agreement a lot with Tupper Saussy in his book Rulers of Evil so there are a lot of similarities here, and both men being persecuted by the Vatican. Greg asks you, “Why not listen to their side of the story, and then make up your own mind?” If you look at some of the things Tony has said over the years, Greg can understand how someone who doesn’t understand what’s going on would consider this to be a bit over the top. That’s the way people view him when he talks about the Vatican and some of the things they’ve done throughout the course of history, for example, the banking system. Someone who doesn’t understand would look at this and say, “Well, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” because Greg and Tupper have had the same thing happen to them as Tony has regarding this subject. In one of his articles, Tony said, “The Roman Catholic Jesuits started the international banking system.” When someone reads that they say, “Right, how could this very poor priestly organization start that?” But when you study history you’ll see that this group and the Knights Templar did, and what the Jesuits did with that, and you’ll know he’s absolutely correct. Things have gotten more sophisticated today, but this banking system was created by these people. He said this, “He that holds the money bags, runs the nation.” Tony said that the Vatican started all the wars and inquisitions to rid the world of heretics, non-Roman Catholics, and then made loans from our banks to nations so they would have enough money to fight for them. We foolishly let their collection agency, the IRS, into our country, the IRS, which answers only to Rome. So people who haven’t done enough research into it respond by saying that Tony and Greg are over the top.

If Tupper Saussy read that statement from Tony, he would say that he agrees totally with it, and when he was prosecuted for a bogus IRS charge, he found out that a Jesuit was his prosecutor. After Tupper was sentenced and waiting to go to jail at the prison camp gates, the Spirit of Truth got in the way. He then spent 10 years as a fugitive researching the Vatican. He studied them in intricate detail because he wanted to know the extent of Jesuit involvement in US government presently and historically. What he discovered was a vast Roman Catholic substratum to American history, especially the Revolution that produced the Constitutional Republic. He found that the Jesuits played eminent and under-appreciated roles in moving the complacent New Englanders to rebel against England. He discovered facts and motives strongly suggesting that events which made Great Britain divide in 1776 were the out-workings of an ingenious Jesuit strategy which seemed to be single-handedly designed and supervised by a true Founding Father few Americans have ever heard of, Lorenzo Ricci, known to British Jesuits as Lawrence Richey. In fact, investigating Jesuit involvement in the formation of the United States turned up a whole host of hitherto little known names such as Robert Bellarmine, Joseph Amiot, the Dukes of Norfolk, Daniel Cox, Lord Bute, Francis Thorpe, Nikolaus von Hontheim, and the Carroll family, Daniel, Charles, and John, the first Jesuit Bishop in America. These men were as essential to our Constitutional origins as Jefferson, Payne, Adams, Washington, Locke, and George III. So what Tupper Saussy is saying is that Tony’s right on the money.

On his show Greg has gone over the Jesuit involvement in the French Revolution, in the Polish Revolution, and most every other revolution, and their relationships with Stalin, their relationships with Hitler. So when there is more than probable cause evidence linking this organization to these people, what Tony says isn’t that outlandish. But it’s the perception, it’s the misinformation, and it’s the role our media plays which is so devastating to the minds of Americans that they can’t quite get it, and if they do start to get it, they can’t quite believe it because they’ve been embedded with these other stories which are basically fantasy created by the very organization he’s talking about. You can see the similarity the IRS used to imprison both Tony Alamo, on the first charge that he went to prison for, and Tupper Saussy. Tupper passed on in 2008, and Tony paid the ultimate price for not shutting up about the Vatican: prison for 175 years on very flimsy evidence.

Tony mentioned that some of his church members who were at a One-World Church convention in Vancouver were shocked when they saw pro-homosexual booths and literature, pro-witchcraft booths and literature, drunkenness, and total ungodliness which the world’s largest cult exalts. The Vatican is pushing this ecumenical movement to unite everybody under their umbrella, this that appears to be an outward leniency towards other spiritual views. No longer do you have this hard-lined stance by Rome against Protestants like they did in the Reformation, and what is this all about? According to Greg, Tony said it all in this, “…It is basically bringing all these people together and stopping, squelching any dissent.” The only ones you are going to hear now are maybe some street evangelists that are talking against Rome, but they can be controlled by Rome’s stating, “We’re no longer your enemy.” If you feel the Vatican is now your friend, not your enemy, it leaves you open for infiltration. If you go to any big church like the Church of the Rock, the big Presbyterian Church, the big Lutheran Church, they’re not talking against the Vatican anymore; they’re basically in lock-step with them. They’re now talking about the pope as a friend, as one whom they can now communicate with. This is the first mistake. Once you let your guard down, once you stop telling your congregation the truth, you are ripe for Rome’s take-over. When you talk about the One-World Church coming, that’s what they have in mind.

Somebody went to Greg and asked him if he heard the crazy things Tony said about Reagan, so Greg pulled up some things he said about Reagan and tells us what he thinks. If we go back in history and look at some of his older shows, you will find that there is more than probable cause evidence that the Vatican and the Jesuits were involved in the assassination of President Lincoln. How that takes place you can find in the papers of Father Chiniquy, a high-level priest who saw what was happening in that period of our history and how Rome was conniving to get control of our government so as to move it in a direction to her advantage. Lincoln was a stumbling block, and he understood what they were doing. If you read the whole story of Father Chiniquy and Lincoln’s connection to him, you will see a whole story that you won’t get in our history books, and you won’t get in Robert Redford’s movie. He used Jesuit history which changed the true history of what happened. The authors C. T. Wilcox and Burke McCarty wrote good books about what really happened with Lincoln.

Now how does that relate to Ronald Reagan? Back when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, many of our leaders who weren’t in the pocket of Rome saw the connection to Rome and cut off any kind of diplomatic relations with the Vatican. Then began a period in our history where there were a lot more people talking about the truth regarding this organization than there are today. This lack of diplomatic relations between the Vatican and our country changed during the presidency of Ronald Reagan when he again opened the door for the Vatican to have diplomatic relations, or a concordat, you might as well say, with our country, and Reagan and the pope were so proud of this. Most people didn’t see through the BS, but Tupper Saussy did, and a more outspoken Tony Alamo did. He said, “President Reagan has been bewitched too by the Vatican’s craft, just as other world leaders have. This is obvious by his sudden move of sending our US ambassador into the big Roman whorehouse, this cult’s home office and general headquarters. So, ‘Mr. President, you’re hanging around far too much with those Jesuit-trained One-World Church ministers, and they’re giving you some really bad advice.’ Greg agrees with Tony. ‘It’s the Vatican money and the big Vatican back-up that’s causing you to become part of this cult. Would you sell your eternal soul by joining yourself and our nation to the anti-Christ for money and temporal power?’” What he’s saying is that the Vatican money controls our country, and Tupper Saussy and other people agree as well. So what Tony was saying about Reagan really wasn’t outlandish.

C.T. Wilcox’s book, Burke McCarty’s book, Tupper Saussy’s books, and Tony Alamo’s book and writings, you see all that being pushed aside. A lot of research has stopped. The Vatican still wants to shut down Tony Alamo’s ministry.

Tony mentions, “The Vatican has used the Communist Party to help destroy the Russian Orthodox Church, and used the Nazi Party to do away with the Jews and their synagogues.” Now some people who aren’t aware of that probably look and say, “He’s off base.” That’s what people think who aren’t fully informed on the subject, but he’s right on the money there as well.

Greg wondered why Tony’s story got so much national attention. It was on Oprah’s show, and on all the big crime shows, and on every major news network, and then looking at what went on in the trial. That was another sign that something is amiss. The Vatican uses the media to convict someone before he goes to trial. When someone is persecuted for his views, especially when it comes to the Vatican, Greg wants to let you know about it because it is a subject dear to his heart. He learned the hard way himself by growing up Catholic, going to Catholic school, going to Rome as a journalist, and learning about this. He couldn’t, at the beginning, believe it because it was going against everything in his belief system. When he had to come to the hard realization that it was true, it was quite difficult. What he decided to do was to do as much research as he could, and the more he did, the more he saw the truth that these men had been persecuted for this view. Greg himself has been persecuted for exposing the truth about the Vatican and the Jesuits.