Summary of Investigative Journal Radio Program with Greg Anthony on First Amendment Radio

August 25, 2014

During this show and the show tomorrow I will be concentrating on Rome and the Bible. This has an inter-play with a story about Pastor Tony Alamo and his ministry who is being attacked in the same manner that Bible-believing churches have been attacked for hundreds of years. I want to get Tony’s story out by showing that he’s not a child sex-abuser as Rome has portrayed him to be through their mouthpiece, the media. I believe that story is totally false, but all you hear in the media is the other side of the story, not Tony’s side.

Rome talks out of both sides of its mouth. They (the Jesuits) live and prosper in our country expressing their belief in freedom of religion, but behind the scenes, their plan is to wipe out anyone who thinks differently than they do. The question is, “Has Rome really changed?” If you research their long history, you can’t deny that they tortured and murdered millions of people in their quest for control. I say the answer is “No, they’ve always been double-talking liars.”

A lot of historical evidence backs up what he is saying, so I am using Tony Alamo, a very successful record producer who made millions of dollars in Hollywood, to show how Rome operates. After his supernatural conversion to Christianity, Tony through his Gospel literature and radio broadcasts as well as street evangelism, reached millions of people with his Gospel message and his exposing of the Vatican’s evil deeds. Of course, Rome went after him to shut him up. The Vaticanites also went after Tupper Saussy who wrote Rulers of Evil because he too had reached what Rome considers a critical mass following, and they came down hard on him too. So here are two modern-day people who are trying to get the truth out who Rome has tried to silence.

I will show through two books that Rome has not changed. One book is called Rome and the Bible which traces the history of the Roman Church and its persecution of the Bible and Bible-believers and was written by David Cloud. The other is called Fifty Years in the Church of Rome by Charles Chiniquy, an ex-Roman Catholic priest.

Our US history has been so bloody. There have been very few years when we weren’t involved in war, and we are always bombing people, although we espouse democracy, goodness, and freedom. The Jesuits were used as spies, and they are always fomenting wars as they did in France during the French Revolution and in our own Revolution of 1776, as well as the needless, bloody Civil War. This is a pattern; it isn’t one country hating the other. It is ironic that all these countries today seem to be fighting one another when you look at the pages of the Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, and all the others, but when you look at some of the things going on in science, and the world behind the weather manipulation, all these different things are actually in agreement. The weather modification plants, the factories they’ve set up with all these different scientific things, they’re all over the world in countries supposedly fighting each other, but they are in agreement. At the top levels all these big-shot politicians work together and are given a program. Somebody’s got to be manipulating this; they’re not smart enough to do it. As we saw in the Revolutionary War, it can be done, and behind the scenes we had the very instrumental Jesuit order in bringing about that conflict for a reason which was that if they could get into America (they weren’t welcome here in the beginning because of how injurious they were in Europe), but if they could get into America and use freedom of religion and freedom of the press as a guise, what an empire they could build! And look at what they’ve done today. Check out all the land holdings they have, check out the dioceses they have; check out all the politicians that are trained at Georgetown University in the school of foreign service that are under the wing of the pope, because they have a plan for this country, and they’ve had it from the beginning, and they do it by talking out of both sides of their mouth. They use the Constitution; they use the freedom of religion when the last thing they want is the freedom of religion and a republic because they can’t control the people. Their religion of choice is Fascism, and they have a manipulative plan that’s still in effect today.

Most people know nothing about the relentless wars waged against Bible-believing Christians by the Jesuits of Rome. For centuries papal Rome did all she could to prevent the translation of the Bible in common languages. Rome used to burn all Christians they could find who were processing, translating, or distributing Bibles, as well as burn the Bibles.

Many people think that Rome was evil in the past, but they believe they are not that way today, so I want to show that they are the same today by using Tony Alamo’s story and Tupper Saussy’s story to prove this. Today they do it in more of a 20th century, SWAT team, media-coverage type of story where they get the same results, but they don’t have to take Tony and burn him at the stake or take Tupper Saussy and behead him. They don’t have to do that now. They can kill them in other ways. That’s what I think they are doing. Rome hasn’t changed; they’ve only changed their tactics. You’ll see through Tony Alamo’s story what those tactics are. They can still be horrendous. He’s been jailed for 175 years. It’s almost like an inquisition right there. For 175 years—it goes to show what they’ll do to you if you talk against them and have an audience. Look at the audience they have with the movie Angels and Demons with Tom Hanks; they told the complete opposite story of the Illuminati trying to infiltrate the Vatican, when, in fact, the Illuminati is the Vatican. This movie made a lot of money for the Vatican spreading their side of the story. But you never hear the other side of the story that the Vatican is the Illuminati. Now the pope is saying that we have to redistribute the wealth when he has more gold hanging from his body than anyone else in the world. Start with the pope, Tom Hanks, and Hollywood. They’re telling us to distribute our wealth to all the poor people, but Rome is going to end up with it all and keep it all. Now we have two popes and two Jesuit generals walking around. Was Ratzinger dismissed as pope? It’s just a fantasy world. The things you read on CNN are full of fantasy. The only reason people believe the news fantasy in the media is because it’s on a big TV screen and it looks good. Newscasters get paid a lot of money to repeat the news script.

Ronald Reagan was one of the biggest traitors of all time. He has a lot to do with it because he was there at that time with his economics and what he did at the higher levels, which was setting the stage for what’s going on today. It’s all a progression.

Charles Chiniquy was a Catholic priest who worked in Illinois around the time Lincoln was a lawyer, before the Civil War. He defected from the Catholic Church because he was starting to understand how Rome was fomenting the Civil War for its own interests. Money for the South during the war came from the Vatican. The North was trying to hold the Union together. Rome had to get rid of Lincoln because he understood these people. The 14th Amendment made everybody a federal citizen which makes everyone easier to control; and they lose their rights. Now the cities are beholden to the states, the states are controlled by the federal government, and we have Homeland Security in every town. There are no state rights anymore. The people at the top think the people are so stupid that they can get away with anything.

Because Chiniquy disagreed with the policies of Rome on fomenting the Civil War, they had to get rid of him. He had solid evidence of it, and he started talking publicly. The church caught wind of it, the Jesuit order had to come down on him, and the next thing you know he’s charged with rape. Let’s take Tony Alamo. He was a little more flamboyant than Chiniquy. He wasn’t a Roman Catholic, but he started a ministry doing basically the same thing, and the next thing you know, he’s in jail for IRS violations, and now he’s in prison for 175 years for sex abuse. They did the same thing to Chiniquy so everyone thought he was a sex pervert, just like they did to Tony. He had trouble finding representation, and if Lincoln wouldn’t have shown up, we might have not heard any of this. Finally, Lincoln showed up when he was just a lawyer from Illinois. With the importance of this story that affected our country from the beginning until now, don’t you think this trial should be talked about? It should be, but it is hidden, which shows that there is a hidden agenda. This trial turned out to be a kangaroo court just like Tony’s. There are a lot of innocent people who go to jail. We like to kill our people slowly, and we do it by locking them up like a caged animal.

Chiniquy insisted to Lincoln that he was innocent of rape, that it was the sister of a Jesuit priest who was put up to lying about him. Lincoln gave him a very exhaustive defense by checking out what bishops and priests were saying behind the scenes. He was being charged with rape for his views that Rome had a plan to overthrow this country and that they were funding the war. Tony was charged with sex crimes because he was saying that Rome is still doing the same thing. Look what it’s doing to your country; look at what Ronald Reagan did, very many similarities here. Lincoln researched it and found some very damning information from the bishop of Chicago and discovered some documents. It looked as if Chiniquy was going to jail for sure as there weren’t many witnesses in his defense, but Lincoln asked the court to listen to this information. Chiniquy’s premise was that Rome was trying to overthrow the country and funding it. That’s why he was being falsely accused. The judge being honest allowed the evidence to be brought into court.

In general terms, Tony was being persecuted the same way because of his stand against Rome in what they’re doing to the country today, and what Reagan did, and what he has preached about them regarding the Bible, and what he has said on his radio shows all over the world, and the money he spent on flyers to get people to believe this. Tony wanted this evidence to be brought in and his people heard who would testify to that. He had an FBI agent and others to show that he is being persecuted. Is it important? Of course, it is. But the judges are in the pocket of Rome, and they’re not going to allow it in. Judges have a lot of leniency as to what they allow in as relevant or irrelevant evidence, depending on their bias. Much of the evidence withheld from the jury was done so that Tony was sure to be convicted for his stance against the Vatican. And Tony’s appeal has been sitting on the judge’s desk for years now. So the judge in Chiniquy’s case allowed the evidence to be heard in court, but Tony’s defense was not allowed because the judiciary is more in the pocket of Rome now than it was back then. So the bishop of Chicago and priests had to testify because Lincoln had documents to prove what Rome was doing, but even so, Lincoln told Chiniquy that he needed a miracle to get acquitted. I will give the conclusion of the Chiniquy case tomorrow on my show.