Summary of Investigative Journal Radio Program with Greg Anthony on First Amendment Radio

August 26, 2014

I have been showing you on my radio broadcasts how Rome has not changed from its bloody days of the Inquisition, and even before that, until today by using Tony Alamo and Tupper Saussy as examples of two who were harshly critical of the Vatican and her policies, both secular and spiritual, and who were targeted by Rome for the same reason many people in the past were targeted. They had reached a large audience that could influence any type of information and knowledge regarding what this organization really is about. In previous shows I have shown the remarkable similarities of these two men.

Here is a quote from David Cloud’s book, Rome and the Bible: “Some who read this might think that what Rome did in the past is irrelevant since it no longer persecutes after the same fashion, no longer condemns Bible Societies, etc. Our answer is this, a categorical ‘No!’ Though the Roman Catholic Church has changed in a great many superficial ways, and though it has changed tactics, it has not changed its heart.” Then if you accept that premise which is very probable, the things that have happened to Tony Alamo and to Tupper Saussy are the same things that have happened in the past to Martin Luther, and unnamed ministers who were caught up in the Inquisition, and the millions slaughtered by Rome.

Samuel Morse, who invented the Morse code, went to Rome, and when he came back, he spoke to Lincoln about the problem the Vatican poses, and Lincoln was aware of it. Some of the remaining relatives of Samuel Morse who had a small ministry somewhere in the Northwest contacted me a few years ago and told me that they were being put out of business, persecuted, not by having their heads cut off, but in ways that they do modernly, like they’ve done to Tony. They put him in jail for the same crimes that many of the priests are committing as we speak today, and has there been one Catholic school closed down and children taken away from their parents by SWAT teams because a priest in that parish was caught and convicted of child abuse? NO! But as we saw in the particulars of the Alamo case, it happened, and it happened big time. There are people out there on this internet who state that Rome has changed, and they consider people like me to be crazy. That’s a gatekeeper talking because they haven’t changed. Their heart hasn’t changed.

Charles Chiniquy was a priest in Illinois at the time of Lincoln before the onset of the Civil War, and he was stating that it was the Vatican and the monarchs who were trying to foment a Civil War that would cost many lives. He was trying to prevent it so he was talking outwardly to everyone he could. The Jesuits were so angry with him that one of the Jesuits’ sisters was put up to lie about him that he raped her. Lincoln was called in to defend him, and that case (in Urbana, IL) brought to light much circumstantial evidence against him, which the judge allowed in the courtroom. Chiniquy’s defense was that he was set up because of what he said regarding what the Vatican was planning to do to overthrow the government and split up the Union, and that it was giving money to the South. He never raped that woman. When Lincoln took the case, there were no witnesses for the defense so he researched and found documents, and he brought the bishop of Chicago in to testify, and the information that came out was damning, so damning that the Jesuits were biting their lips in the courtroom. The judge allowed that information in the courtroom, and it was true evidence about the evil intentions of Rome.

Fast forward. Now in Tony Alamo’s case, he was set up with the crimes he was convicted of because of the same thing. He was talking against Rome, and Rome has been after him for 40 years. The judge would not allow two FBI agents who knew about this to testify in his behalf. No way! According to the judge, their testimony was irrelevant! That’s how controlled by Rome our court system has become. Back in the Civil War period, that judge was still a bit independent, but the judge today is in the pocket of Rome. He knew if he allowed the testimonies of the FBI agents into the court room that he’d probably lose his job, and they had to get a conviction on him. The judge said it was irrelevant, but all this information that might have helped Tony was left out. He was convicted, and he has an appeal which says the judge should have allowed this information in court, and he didn’t get a fair trial, but that’s been sitting on the judge’s desk for God knows how long.

Back to Lincoln. He was concerned that Chiniquy would be convicted, and he told him that he needed a miracle, and Chiniquy said they should pray about it. Lincoln’s investigators had a witness who knew all about the set-up come in on the morning train, and she talked to Lincoln. Her testimony was damning for the Jesuits. She knew names, information, and everything. Lincoln knew he could get him off based on the circumstantial evidence against him and the evidence of this woman. That morning Lincoln told Chiniquy that he believed he could get the whole case thrown out of court. Before court Lincoln got the judge and the prosecutor together and told him all the information he had, and told them that if the information comes out in court, the Jesuits sitting in the courtroom would be arrested on the spot for perjury, and so would the woman who lied about being raped. There would also be conspiracy charges and false arrest charges. He told the judge the best thing to do would be to drop the charges and allow these priests to get on an early morning train and leave. The miracle happened. Lincoln walked into the court room, and the Jesuit priests weren’t to be seen, and the charges were dropped, and Father Chiniquy was freed. He was friends with Lincoln from that day forward, but he warned him that the Jesuits would try to kill him.

Many conversations between Lincoln and Chiniquy are recorded in his book Fifty Years in the Church of Rome. Later the Jesuits burned down his house thinking his writings would be in there, but he had duplicates which were kept up in northern Canada with one of his relatives. This was uncovered in the book written by C. T. Wilcox entitled The Transformation of the Republic which tells about Chiniquy. Mr. Wilcox wanted to make a movie about the real story of Rome’s intention to kill Lincoln, and how they did kill him; and how the Jesuit priests set it up; and how this one lone gunman—which they seem to use all the time: Martin Luther King, JFK, Bobby Kennedy—this lone gunman thing seems to work for them. It was a conspiracy though, and one of the co-conspirators was even caught in Rome; his name is John Surratt who was given a free pass across the border while some of the other conspirators were hung. Surratt stayed in a diocese in Canada, and then he was shipped over to Rome to the Vatican. There were Americans searching for him so the Vatican let him loose so they wouldn’t catch him there, but he got caught in Egypt. He was brought back to trial which was a kangaroo court. He should have been convicted, but he wasn’t. The rest of his life he was protected by the Jesuits, who also protected Stalin. About that time, our diplomats cut off all relations with Rome. They said that the Vatican was nothing but a religion.

Fast forward to Ronald Reagan, that’s when the US reinstated the Vatican. If you watch Robert Redford’s movie, you’ll see that the Vatican had nothing to do with this, or if you watch Angels and Demons, it is Hollywood propaganda; you won’t get the true story of what happened. When Tony Alamo

warned Ronald Reagan to watch what he was doing, he was run over the coals for that one. Now every President goes to see the pope. Their propaganda works for most people.

Tupper Saussy and Tony Alamo were persecuted just like Charles Chiniquy was. There’s no difference. Did Rome change? No, they are the same as they were back in the 1800s. Chiniquy says in his book that Lord Acton, one of the Roman Catholic peers of England, when reproaching the bloody and antisocial laws to his own church wrote, “Pope Gregory VII decided it was not murder to kill excommunicated persons. This rule was incorporated in the Canon Law. During the revision of the code which took place in the 16th century, and which produced a whole volume of corrections, the passage was allowed to stand. It appears in every reprint of corpus juris. It has been for 700 years and continues to be part of the new application in the days of the Inquisition, and one of the latter popes has declared that the murder of a Protestant is so good a deed that it atones, and more than atones, for a murder of a Catholic. In the council of the Vatican has the Church of Rome expressed any regret for having promulgated and executed such bloody laws? No! On the contrary, she has bolstered them. All those who think or say that she was wrong when she deluged the world with the blood of millions [whom] she ordered to be slaughtered to quench her thirst for blood, she positively said that she had the right to punish those heretics by tortures and death.”

“Those bloody laws,” said Chiniquy, “and antisocial laws were written on the banners of Roman Catholics when slaughtering 100,000 Waldenses in the mountains of Piedmont, and more than 50,000 defenseless men, women, and children in the city of Bessieres, France. It is under the inspiration of those diabolical laws of Rome that 75,000 Protestants were massacred the night following the week of St. Bartholomew. It was to obey those bloody laws that Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes, caused the death of a half million men and women and children who perished in all the highways of France, and caused twice the number to die in the land of exile where they had a refuge. Those antisocial laws today are written on banners with the blood of tens of millions of martyrs. It is under these bloody banners that 6,000 Roman Catholic priests, Jesuits, and bishops in the United States are marching to the conquest of this Republic backed by their 7 million blind and obedient slaves.”

This is what Chiniquy was saying prior to the bloody Civil War, and he knew they were fomenting it. In this age they have fomented every war, World War I, World War II, Viet Nam, the Korean War, the war in Iraq, and what we’re doing today. It is no different, and people like Alamo and Saussy who were talking against it are being persecuted just like the Waldenses, just like the people that Mr. Chiniquy mentioned, and just like Lincoln was for what he said. Those laws which are still in effect today are the main cause of the last rebellion of the southern states. Without Romanism, the Civil War would have been impossible. Jeff Davis would never have dared to attack the North had he not had assurance from the pope that the Jesuits, priests, and bishops of Rome under the mask of democracy would help him, and so would monarchs in Europe who were funding them. Chiniquy further stated, “This diabolical and antisocial law of Rome caused a Roman Catholic, Pierre Beauregard, to be the man chosen to fire the first gun at Ft. Sumter, S. C., against the flag of liberty on April 12, 1861. Those antichristian and antisocial laws caused the pope of Rome to be the only crown prince in the whole world so depraved as to publicly shake hands with Jeff Davis and proclaim him President of a legitimate government.”

I loved history and studied the Civil War when I was in college, and I never heard any of this in any of the schools I went to. What good is that degree? They should call it revisionist history. Then Chiniquy says, “These are the laws which led the assassins of Abraham Lincoln to the house of rabid Roman Catholic Mary Surratt which was not only the rendezvous of the priests of Washington, but the very dwelling house of some of them. Those bloody and infernal laws of Rome nerved the arm of Roman Catholic Booth when he slaughtered one of the noblest men God has ever given to the world. On the top of the mountain, Rome will raise her throne and plant her victorious banner, and then she will sing Te Deums and shout her shouts of joy as she did when she heard the lamentations and cries of desolations of the millions of martyrs in the capitals and great cities of Europe. Rome saw at once that the very existence of the United States [unless they could infiltrate it] was a formidable menace to their own life. From the very beginning, she perfidiously sowed the germs of division and hatred between the two great sections of this country and succeeded in dividing the South from the North on the burning question of slavery. That division was her golden opportunity to crush one by the other and reign over the bloody ruins of both, a favored, long-standing policy. She hoped that the hour of her supreme triumph over this continent was come. She ordered the emperor of France to be ready with an army in Mexico, ready to support the South, and she bade all Roman Catholics to enroll themselves under the banners of slavery by joining themselves to the Democratic Party. Only one bishop dared to disobey. Above everything, the order was handed down to oppose the election of Lincoln at all costs. The Democratic press almost entirely under Roman Catholic control [It was then and you think it’s not now?] deluged the country with the most fearful denunciations. They called him an ape, a stupid brute, a most dangerous lunatic, a bloody monster, a merciless tyrant, etc. Rome ransacked the English dictionary to find the most suitable expressions to fill the people with contempt, hatred, and horror against him. But God decreed that honest Mr. Lincoln should be proclaimed President of the US on March 4, 1861.”

I wanted to read some of the words of Chiniquy so you could get an idea, because he warned Lincoln, and he knew that they killed him, and we very seldom give this man a chance to be heard anymore, and we can’t see it on a screen in Hollywood, and we can’t see it in the theaters; that’s why I’m going to do a theater play on Mr. Tony Alamo and Tupper Saussy in two separate plays, and you will see Charles Chiniquy back, you will see Tony Alamo on stage again, and you will see Tupper Saussy and a lot of these people coming back to you so you can at least remember them with a few lines after we’re gone.

Since the 1800s, there’s probably been a long list of people that have either been persecuted or killed by these same people, and Chiniquy was trying to stop it.