Summary of Investigative Journal Radio Program with Greg Anthony

on First Amendment Radio

August 8, 2014

Greg begins his show saying he is going to continue with the story of Pastor Tony Alamo and how his church is under attack right now by the Jesuit order using the American government and all our law enforcement agencies to silence ministries like his who have been talking against the aforementioned for over 40 years. Greg is writing two theatrical plays, one featuring Tony and one featuring Tupper Saussy (for history of Saussy, see below 1 ). He is using them because they serve as good examples of the lack of freedom of religion and freedom of speech in this country, and he says this is what happens to you when you talk against anything involved with the Catholic Church, the Vatican, the Jesuit order, our government, and their long history of persecutions as well as the persecutions that are going on today in order to carry out a plan that was in the works since before our country began. He mentioned that Tony and Tupper Saussy were caught up in the Vatican/Jesuit persecutions because they were reaching a lot of people, and said he also picked Tony and Tupper because they are not very popular in the mainstream. Tony was convicted in the media on the day the raid at his church took place. If you pick two gentlemen like this and can show the concerted efforts of the government, the religious leaders, as well as the media working together to convict these men, then you can actually see how your freedoms are being taken away. Greg endeavors to present their sides of the story instead of listening to one side. He had interviewed Tony before and after his arrest, and had gotten some insights. The media was only giving the prosecutorial side. He’s seen all the priests in the Catholic Church being charged and all the rumors of abuse in orphanages all over the world, and in dioceses, and in churches, and yet he has never seen any priest arrested in the kind of manner that Tony’s ministry was. His ministry is a speck on a camel’s back compared to the amount of land, the amount of money, the amount of resources that the Catholic Church has. Tony sits in prison today, and the mainstream media will not give his side of the story.

Back when our country was founded there was only one bishop here in America and a minority of Catholics. There was nothing. How has it grown so large in such a short time? Now just the Jesuits, there are at least 28 huge Jesuit universities all over our country, and fifty Jesuit high schools or even more in America, which has the highest concentration of Jesuit influence of any other country in the world. These are the people we supposedly wanted to keep out of America when it was formed. They are in now over 112 countries. Why is it that the majority of American people don’t even know who they are? Because the Jesuits like to keep it a secret.

In 2008, Greg had been watching this unfold because Tony had been telling him they were watching him and had been for 45 years. Everyone in this country has a right to their beliefs, and you may disagree with certain things about how Tony interprets the Bible, and some people may disagree with how you interpret it, and there’s others who don’t even want to listen to it, and in this country, based on the Constitution, all of us have that right. What we have is a moral responsibility to listen to other people and to live together with different views. That is not the way Rome enjoys it. According to the book Tupper Saussy wrote, Roman Christianity’s success at avenging evil has resulted in a world that severely mistrusts the Christian Gospel today.Roman Christianity’s success at avenging evil has resulted in a world that severely mistrusts the Christian Gospel today. This is to Rome’s advantage. Any soul that mistrusts Christ is Rome’s lawful prey. It’s to Rome’s advantage that governing bodies be rebelled against as tyrannical, for rebelling against tyrants is disobedience to the glorious Gospel. That’s why they instigate wars, and why in the beginning of our country they did the same thing.

Greg is doing the theatrical plays on Tony and Tupper Saussy because he fears that in our lifetime we’re never going to get down to really knowing what happened, and most people are probably going to go away feeling that both these men deserved what they got. They have a story that the mainstream media doesn’t want uncovered. He said Oprah’s show and others convicted Tony before he had a trial. Some say that Tony’s trial was a kangaroo court. You don’t get much truth in a court of law, and there are a lot of innocent people in this country that go to jail. We have the highest concentration of people in jail. This country was formed basically for criminals, for sinners, and they can’t be run by a group of saints. The same people that are convicting are probably the biggest criminals. We have people at the top committing the most horrendous crimes, and that seems to filter down to the rest of the population.

All the abuse that has come from the Catholic Church for centuries from the 1500s to now is enormous, and their holdings around the world are enormous compared to the Alamo ministry which had 3 or 4 churches around the country and which are always in the news called a cult, a compound, or a commune. Greg says that under the Constitution he has the right to form his own church, and he being the only member, would his church be a cult? Each one of us has the right to use the Constitution and to practice our own religion. Is it a cult that he may have a religion that’s different? Is the Mormon Church a cult? If you look at some of the things they talk about, it’s kind of weird from a perspective of someone who may not believe in any of these things. The beliefs aren’t what he’s talking about; it’s how do you classify what is a cult? Do we call the Catholic Church a cult? No, not publicly; it’s never called that in the news. It’s never referred to as a cult, a compound, but it should be if we’re going to call the Alamo ministry one. Greg said you could call him a cult, if he has a certain following on beliefs that may differ from yours. These words are used and they have meanings that signify something bad, something evil going on. If you look at the signs and symbols of the Vatican with that obelisk and all the other things they do, but they are interpreted differently for the masses. We have this idea that they’re clean and holy, but there’s a few bad eggs in the basket, and don’t worry, we have a new pope who goes and washes the feet of whores, and he goes and sits with the people in the streets; everything’s going to be cool. But this is a front, and lately he’s been saying that we have to redistribute wealth around the world. Greg says, “Fine, but you have to start in your own house…When you start redistributing yours, I’ll start redistributing mine.” He’s a double-talking pope who is also a Jesuit.

Tony had told Greg prior to his arrest in 2008 that they were after him, and he knew this for awhile. He’d already been wrongly convicted on a tax charge and charged with trying to kidnap a judge which they couldn’t prove; they tried these sex abuse charges in the past which they couldn’t prove, but they kept digging away, and this time they came down with a raid. This raid was pre-told to 150 different news outlets. Why the government needed to tell them about this was beyond Greg. When a Catholic priest gets arrested for child abuse, rape, sodomy, whatever they do, when was the last time that 150 news outlets were notified? When was the last time that 100 swat members surrounded the Catholic Church and arrested the priest? When was the last time they stormed a mass with guns and arrested the priests on the altar? Never!! It never happens. It’s a quiet arrest. In Tony’s case, they tell 150 news outlets, they go to Fouke, AR, (Tony wasn’t even there). They came onto the property with 100 swat team members in full regalia, helmets and vests, and guns pointed on the kids right on their playground. They take these 6 kids into custody which was a terrifying experience to say the least. They could have quietly arrested Tony in Los Angeles where he was at the time, but they made it a media affair. The church was called a compound, and then his whole history came out even though he’d been exonerated of so many charges which were leveled at him for 45 years because he was exposing the Vatican’s involvement in our government and exposing that they are taking away our freedom of religion.

You can find that most churches are in the pocket of Rome either through a 501c3 or through never talking about this on the pulpit. Tony did, and that’s why he’s paying the price. Greg has talked to pastors in small towns throughout the country and they’d talk to him about this subject privately, but publicly they’d have a different stance. No truth there, but they’ll read to you from Psalms and all the great things, but never get to the bottom of what’s really happening. In this case it was a set-up from the beginning. The government tried to coerce many people into testifying against Tony but only ended up with 6 or 7 who are going to be very wealthy because in March they won a billion dollar settlement against Tony and this ministry, the largest settlement in Arkansas history. People do things for money. They’ll say things for money and you don’t hear a lot of truth in court anymore.

The big raid came out and they took these six kids and interrogated them. Later, the judge issued an order to go to each of Tony’s churches, calling them compounds, and take any child they could find. They got 35 kids. When this news came out the parents went running for the hills to protect their kids. This was a great way to disband this ministry quickly. Do they ever do that in a Catholic Church? No! If a priest rapes a child, do they arrest him in swat-team fashion? No! Does the judge issue an order to shut down every Catholic school in that county or that state? No! Nothing is said, and probably more horrendous crimes are going on there right now, but that’s okay. There is definite information that Cardinal Spellman was a child molester. Did they ever go after Cardinal Spellman in New York? Heck, no. He’s protected, and Greg has information from police detectives to that effect, and that even the pope knew about it. Is there a double standard? Are there hypocrites?

They raided Tony’s ministry which is small and minute in comparison to the Vatican holdings around the world and the child abuse cases that have been filed against them. Greg reiterates an example of what happens if a Catholic priest is arrested for some child abuse in a Catholic grade school with 200 or 300 students who attend. Would the arrest take place during the school hours with hundreds of swat team members surrounding the school? If the accused priest wasn’t there that day, would they take all the children that were in the school and put them in DHS custody and interview each one to see if they had also been molested? No! It would never happen in a Catholic school even though the abuse there is horrendous. But it did happen to the children of the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries. Many incidents were covered on Greg’s show because they don’t get covered elsewhere or they get glossed over in history. Ask some of the Native Americans; ask some of the Native Canadians about the history of the Jesuit order and what they did to them. When you have a good cover as they do today, and money, and when you have the government in your pocket it doesn’t get any attention.

This is Joseph Taliaferro’s confession under oath regarding the Alamo church back in the 1980s. He says, “My brother is a cop, and I used to work undercover with the police department and help bust drug dealers. The National Aviation Facilities Experimental Center located in Pomona, NJ, hired me to infiltrate the Tony Alamo Christian Church. Agencies like this plant it in your heart and soul not to talk about working for them under any circumstances, under even a threat of torture. I was paid $10,000 for information that I would supply to them, and I believe that division of the National Aviation Facilities Experimental Center is a division of the FBI and the US Department of Labor. Also, it seems to me that they are somehow linked with the mafia. I was instructed to call in several times per day to talk to the men who hired me, Captain Connelly and Lieutenant Robinson (he gave their phone number). I was hired at the time the Tony Alamo Church came to Atlantic City about the abortion issue. The NAFEC told me that they were merely interested in the antiabortion program that the church was offering. At this time I couldn’t understand why, but the church was offering free aid to women that were going to have an abortion if they would agree not to have one. The church was offering free natal care, hospitalization, and support for the mother and child. Why they wanted me to place myself secretly into the church at first seemed innocent enough, but the plot got thicker as the time went on.

The NAFEC, says Taliaferro, wanted to know many things about the Alamo Ministry, even the complete layout of Tony’s house and even the room he slept in. They also wanted to know the doctrine of the church. Tony showed me throughout his house and even the room where he slept, which was a small room. The US federal government even wanted to know if Susan Alamo was really dead (she died April 8, 1982). It seemed kind of crazy to me because hundreds of people were at the funeral, and the coffin was open, and she died at the City of Faith Hospital in Tulsa, OK, and was embalmed there before being brought into Arkansas. I’m told there was a death certificate, and her casket was left open for two weeks. To me, the doctrine of the church is very beautiful and scriptural. The people at the Alamo Ministry go to two services every day. They read the Bible and pray. I was truly inspired myself.

There were several sequences of events that transpired while I was at the church. They were all being done by the federal government. First, a branch of the government sent many false telegrams while I was at the church stating that I inherited two-and-a-half million dollars. I was instructed to show these telegrams to the people at the church and to tell them that I wanted to tithe some of the money and to invest the rest in business. This they told me to do in hopes that I could get close to Tony.

The next sequence of events which I knew nothing of was that the federal government had some men call the church and state that they were going to kidnap me, knowing the Tony Alamo Church would try to protect me. There was yet another sequence that I didn’t know about. I don’t think that the people who were calling with the false kidnap threats knew about it either. Helicopters started flying over the house which I believe were military helicopters. Several jeeps were seen around the area loaded with what I believe were federal men. Also a silver and blue van with 5 large men was seen at the Alamo grocery store in Alma, Arkansas. Local police force vehicles were seen prowling the area.

Because of the vicious nature of the federal government agency that I was working for as a spy, I personally believe without a doubt that they were trying to make the Tony Alamo Christian Church look like a bad and mysterious organization, which it is not. I have seen literally hundreds of letters commending them for their kind of work, personally sat in one service after another, and heard wonderful testimonies from church people. I have become very well-acquainted with many people who live at the church, and they are all beautiful people. While I was at the church I saw the sincerity, and I found it to be a very good place preaching the Gospel of Christ in a very convincing manner and helping the poor, suffering, and needy. I believe that is what churches are really supposed to do.

Because I’m giving this testimony I do fear for my life. These federal government agencies are very vicious and will pay thousands of dollars for false testimonies against a church like this. They are looking at any cost to destroy this church and at any other church like it. These federal agencies most certainly hire and work with hardened criminals and are inspired exclusively by the Vatican. I believe that the US government was setting up the Alamos for slaughter. The fake kidnap threats would have the Alamos thinking that they would be protecting me from goons. The feds were then going to say that the Alamos had kidnapped me and pretended to come to my rescue. Of course, the Alamos not knowing that these were FBI and US Department of Labor mafia goons would try to protect me and end up being slaughtered by the federal government. Then the newspapers, magazines, and TV networks like the Hearst newspaper chain, the New York Times, Newsweek, People, ABC, NBC, CBS, all secretly owned and controlled by the Vatican, would start blazing. I have made several other statements and signed them at Gean, Gean and Gean law firm in Fort Smith, Arkansas. I have talked with Mr. Gean and have told him many others things, and told him that it was all right to tape me. This was Roy Gean III.

Again, I want to state that I was hired by the federal government to be paid $10,000 to testify falsely about the affairs of the Alamo church. Again, my contacts that hired me were Captain Connelly and Lieutenant Robinson. They instructed me to plant myself at the church in Miami, Florida. In order to verify these facts I have supplied the telephone numbers of my contacts. I have full knowledge of the taping of my conversation. The statements made above were made without coercion, force, or any promise of reward. The NAFEC is a government agency. The FBI and IRS used Department of Labor, mafia perhaps, and they told me that they planted 6 other agents in the church who had been there a year or more. Also they say that they will be sending a girl in with a $100,000 donation. Isn’t it something that these people have been there for a year or more and still have not found anything wrong with this place? Again, I fear for my life. I just hope that all Christians that really know God really do pray for me. I am leaving the church because of the conviction of God that I am under. The Tony Alamo church has done nothing but good to me, and I returned that with bad.”

They had Joseph Taliaferro, one agent. How many others did they plant in there? They were after these people for over 40 years, and they haven’t come up with much to this date. This was the last bullet in their arsenal so they went in guns blazing with those hundred agents. Looking back on all of this in 2014 we are seeing our rights dwindled away piece by piece, year by year by this organization. Besides Joseph Taliaferro, John Peeler was also instructed to infiltrate the ministry and also, perhaps, to do away with Tony Alamo, and John told his story on Greg’s show. He had both Tony and John Peeler on his show, and it was an interesting interview, and John told the truth just like Joseph Taliaferro. It’s interesting that he wasn’t allowed to testify in the trial, as many people weren’t, based on the fact that the judge thought it had nothing to do with the charges. There seemed to be a double standard in that case as well when you see the extraneous evidence that was allowed in for the prosecution, but not for the defense for the jury to hear. Could he have gotten a fair trial there? Greg doesn’t think so in Texarkana, Arkansas, where the case took place after the rumors the media have spread about the church in the local paper. Where could they get a jury that was fair?

A woman named Judith from Judith Nutritionals also called the Alamo Church and stated what was happening to her. She called the Alamo Church witnessing line saying she had seen an ad in a newspaper for Tony’s broadcast on the radio and was glad to see that the ministry was doing their best to preach the Gospel. She told how people had come to her and had tried to get her to say negative things about the church and Tony, but she told them that she would absolutely not do that because Tony had done nothing that she saw but good for people. She said that they kept hounding her to come against Tony so she told them, “I don’t care how many times you ask me or how many ways you ask me, I will never say anything negative about him so go away because I have only ever seen good from him.” They did this to Judith and to as many people as they could find, and when there are millions of dollars involved, you’d be surprised how many people can be persuaded or coerced into saying something untrue about Tony and his ministry. They came up with seven people over the years whose testimony is flimsy to begin with yet was used to convict him. The newspaper reporters worked hand in hand together to try and get evidence to convict Tony. That’s not their role, but in today’s New World Order, of course it is. With the Vatican, you believe they do a lot of good, but have a few bad eggs, but with Tony Alamo you believe the whole thing is corrupt because of the complicity of our law enforcement agencies, our government, our courts, our media in silencing anybody that reaches a critical mass or is attempting to reach a critical mass for a long period of time on the subject of the Vatican. It is taboo. You won’t find it anywhere. Even on the internet, Alex Jones or other agents provocateurs; they control the internet, and they are doing it today. As a journalist, Greg learned it the hard way. He began to work in the alternative media because he couldn’t get stories published in the mainstream, but little did he know that they do the same thing in a different way, a more insidious way. There will be more to come about Tony Alamo on Greg’s shows.

1. 1957:  Tupper studies piano with Oscar Peterson at the School of Jazz, and is discovered by Dave Brubeck at Music Inn near Tanglewood, Massachusetts. 
1958:  Tupper moves to Nashville, teaches English, jams with Hank Garland, Chet Atkins, and Boots Randolph in Printers Alley. 1962:  Quits teaching, enters advertising as a copywriter and art director. 1963: Signs as artist with legendary Monument Records, debuts with Discover Tupper Saussy album produced by Fred Foster (producer of Roy Orbison, Dolly Parton, Kris Kristofferson, and Willie Nelson).  Dave Brubeck's liner notes introduce Tupper to the world. 1965:  World premiere of Tupper's symphonic tale for children, Beast With Five Heads, performed by the Nashville Symphony Orchestra, Willis Page, conductor.  Al Hirt records Tupper's Melissa and Contrary Waltz for RCA. 1966:  Now full partner and creative director of McDonald & Saussy Advertising, Tupper wins numerous awards for highly successful campaigns for Purity Dairies, Genesco, Commerce Union Bank, May Hosiery Mills, and Jamison Bedding.  Floyd Cramer records Tupper’s Melissa for RCA. 1969:  While working on a Piano Concerto commission for the Nashville Symphony, Tupper is inspired to create Neon Philharmonic, writes Morning Girl.  Ray Stevens records another composition of Tupper’s, The Earl of Stilton Square. 1970: Morning Girl and Neon Philharmonic nominated for two Grammys.  Orchestrates Roy Orbison's monumental Southbound Jericho Parkway (a Bobby Bond composition) for MGM. 1971-73:  Tupper orchestrates and conducts the "Come to the Florida Sunshine Tree" orange juice commercials for Anita Bryant.   He composes, arranges, and conducts the swinging Mama Cass Elliot (Mamas & Papas) commercials for Hardee Hamburgers. 1973-75: Three of Tupper’s song are recorded by great artists: Brenda Lee cuts Feel Free, Perry Como records Love Don't Care, and Patti Page cuts Someone Came to See Me. 1977:  Tupper's IRS send-up, the epic comedy The Gimmes, attracts two undercover agents opening night who start a file on the play, saying "Saussy criticizes tax men." 1978:  Files an income tax return that offends the IRS. 1979: Exposes the unconstitutionality of dollars irredeemable in gold and silver coin in his grassroots bestselling book The Miracle On Main Street. 1980-87:  Publishes the monthly periodical THE MAIN STREET JOURNAL from a former washeteria in Sewanee, Tennessee.   Lectures extensively throughout the US on "saving yourself and America from financial ruin." 1985: Tupper is charged by IRS with 3 counts of willful failure to file income tax return.  Jury acquits him of 2 counts, but finds guilt for the tax year 1977.  Sentenced to one year in federal prison camp, but remains free pending appeal. 1986: James Earl Ray, accused assassin of Dr. Martin Luther King, contacts Tupper, asks him to co-write, edit, and publish his autobiography. Tupper agrees and does it. 1987:  Rather than surrender to federal prison camp, Tupper goes underground.  Weeks later, James Earl Ray's book, Tennessee Waltz is published by St. Andrew's Press.

 1987-97: Tupper, using various identities, patronizes libraries all over the country researching clandestine elements in the formation and operation of the United States government. 1997:  Having helped a fellow fugitive who managed to get caught and then snitched, Tupper is peacefully captured in Venice, CA. 1999: After serving 14 months in Taft Correctional Institute in southern California, Tupper returns to Santa Monica, CA to complete final manuscript of his book project. 2001:  Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies, is published by Harper-Collins. 2003: Tupper's music is rediscovered.  The Neon Philharmonic / Brilliant Colors: The Complete Warner Brothers Recordings is released by Rhino Handmade in a special collectors' edition, compiled and produced by rock musicologist Andy Zax. 2005:  Returns to Nashville after nearly 30 years' absence. 2006:  Producer Warren Pash discovers Tupper Saussy and records The Chocolate Orchid Piano Bar, a collection of new and previously unreleased Saussy songs, performed by the composer at the piano. 2007: Passes March 16 at 70 years of age.