Summary of Investigative Journal Radio Program with Greg Anthony on First Amendment Radio

September 29, 2014

Today I want to revisit the Tony Alamo story that I’ve been discussing for the past 3 or 4 months. The Vatican-led New World Order has for years tried to shut him up and frame him for many things. He spent four years in prison for a bogus IRS charge. When he didn’t keep quiet and continued to talk about the Vatican as the beast in the book of Revelation which he would preach from the pulpit, and when he also spent much time and effort enlightening people about how the Vatican manipulates countries, and, from behind the scenes, controls our government’s foreign and domestic policies, for this they continually tried through the minions in our government to frame him and bring him down. They finally put him in prison for 175 years. I’ve been covering the aspects of this case just so people could hear his side of the story. You have an orchestrated effort by these people similar to what they did in Waco, but in this case the guns didn’t go off. They came with a huge SWAT team on a ministry in Arkansas where there was only a number of children playing in the yard on the swings, and, in fact, Tony wasn’t even there. I think they knew that, but did it anyway because they had alerted 50 media outlets regarding this. And if you look at all the things surrounding this case, it was an effort to convict him in the court of public opinion and then give him a so-called trial which was a lop-sided event, almost a kangaroo court, not even getting a change of venue in a town that had been poisoned by the media regarding this ministry.

I think Tony made waves by preaching parts of the Bible that the vast majority of other preachers leave out, and that is the beast and the Vatican. He has focused on that throughout the years, but his ministry was very multifaceted. The reason they came down on him is that he had a very successful ministry. If he had just had a church in his backyard with about 30 to 40 people coming each week, I doubt if they’d even bother with him. But when you get a ministry that has a number of different churches all over the country, and has radio shows all over the country and the world talking about this, besides has spent a lot of money on brochures that he would send out, they had to stop him.

Besides all that, what was his ministry all about? Today I’d like to spend some time talking about what this ministry has done over the years, and I’ve researched it a bit and had some people send me some information. I found out that they were always giving out free meals at all their church locations after each service daily. They did this with very few donations, as some other nonprofit organizations receive donations by the truckload. The ministry also gives food boxes to any needy family who requests food, even to this day, although the ministry’s properties have been seized. They give out clothing, blankets, shoes, and for decades, they have had special programs to assist families with members in prison. Every Christmas inmates can request presents to be sent to their families if they contact this ministry, and they also send food, clothes, and Bibles, aside from toys. They sent children birthday presents, and still do, and for decades, they helped inmates with certain moneys they needed to buy shoes, fans, and hygiene items that they could not afford when they were in prison. On holidays they supplied Thanksgiving and Christmas meals upon request to needy families. They sent out Bibles and Gospel literature all over the world on request and free of charge, shipping paid. Many people can’t afford Bibles. They gave out water tanks in areas that needed them around the world, helped to build water wells, spent money building housing for people; toilets, bicycles, cars they’ve supplied. They have paid hospital bills and doctor bills for people, and much more. They also visited nursing homes and hospitals for over 40 years while bringing fruit or sugar-free candies to the elderly residents, as well as having a Spirit-filled Gospel singing and preaching service. The people from the ministry who were visiting the sick and elderly would give their personal testimonies of salvation, and the residents of the nursing homes loved it and begged them to come back. They would also visit the bed-ridden people in their rooms and tell them about Jesus and pray with them. I found out that to this day they still have several nursing homes which they visit regularly. We can look back to the late 1960s and they were on the streets of Hollywood and Los Angeles daily offering a better way to those who had never heard the undiluted Word of God. They were trying to get to people before they committed crimes because they were poor or influenced by illegal drugs, and they tried to help people turn their lives around in these poor neighborhoods in Los Angeles and other places that were riddled with drugs. They took in a lot of these people, and when you do this, it can be difficult, but they felt that if they did this, it would give a person a chance to hear the Word of God and become stronger, and maybe get off the drugs and overcome their problems so they could have a better life. They did this constantly and over the years in many cities all over the country. Now none of this was ever reported. All of this was accomplished with no government assistance, no 501c3, no grants, no nothing.

What they got for helping was only harassment from many government agencies, and in Hollywood, they were declared a public nuisance. They were raided by the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department. I think if they didn’t talk about the Vatican, it would have never happened. Arrests back then were common-place when they were distributing literature. Like I said, everybody has a right to their own belief system, but when you cross the Vatican line of no return, and you’re popular, and you have a lot of influence, you’re going to be attacked like this. If you talk against the Vatican, you’ll be framed for what they do.

Here’s what they did to pollute the Texarkana area when one of the ministries was there. The Texarkana Gazette constantly ran horrible stories about this ministry almost daily around the time of the criminal trial. They couldn’t get a change of venue. In this article they boasted that church members were arrested for distributing Gospel literature, and the police instructed the public that if they were to see anyone distributing Gospel literature on vehicles, they were to call 911. Now how many times do you go out and you see on your car a pizza flyer two for one sale or whatever, and you take it, and you say, “Oh, I’m not interested in it, blah, blah, blah.” But here they made a big deal about it because it was literature contrary to the Vatican. I did a test on this to see what would happen, and I had some literature of my shows about the Vatican passed out in certain areas and put on cars, and this is OK; if Dominoes can do it, why can’t a journalist do it? And I got an email recently; someone said, “Quit vandalizing my car.” I don’t consider that vandalizing. I think it’s something I want you to read, and it’s maybe better than Dominoes’ pizza. Back in 1999 they went to the point of saying that it’s illegal to put literature on cars in the Ft. Smith area, but the 8th Circuit Court upheld their right to put literature on vehicles, and struck down the unconstitutional ordinances from the cities of Ft. smith, Alma, Van Buren, and Dyer, Arkansas. Basically they were told to pass these ordinances so these Christians couldn’t put their literature on cars.

I talked to a number of people, and I remember when this trial was going on in 2009, and they were seeking a change of venue, but couldn’t get one. We decided just to call businesses and asked them what they thought of the Alamo Ministry. Boy, I’ll tell you, every business we called, whether it was a hair stylist, a food store, or a real estate agency, the things we heard was, “Oh, it’s a cult!” and “Thank God this is happening, blah, blah, blah.” So obviously they couldn’t get a fair trial there in a small town with a jury pool like that, and they wouldn’t allow it.

I want to talk about some of the abnormalities of this case. At the time, the five witnesses were being coached by the prosecution, here’s what happened. The Cult Awareness Network was paid by the government over $5,000 for each of 3 witnesses against Tony for an intense 2 week deprogramming at a remote location in Ohio called Wellsprings Retreat. The government paid for round-trips for them there and back and even paid approximately $1,500 for the child of one of the witnesses to go and be supervised while the mother was in counseling. They also paid them to go there under the guise of paying the bills that they would not be able to work to pay for while they were there, such as car insurance, et cetera. The head man at Wellsprings, Paul Martin, personally worked on these 3 witnesses. One thing interesting about this case is that the counseling was done in December 2008, and right after this, he came down with an illness, went to the hospital, and was found to have leukemia. He died several months later. In the past, testimony of those deprogrammed at Wellspring was thrown out of court in other cases. Why not in this case? If anyone from the defense even speaks to a witness, he can be charged with tampering with a witness, yet the government shipped these 3 witnesses to a pre-trial location for this kind of deprogramming, and in this case, maybe some of them went from neutral to very hostile against the Alamo Ministry, and could it be because they were coerced?

I wanted to bring up some information from one of the parents who had their children taken by the FBI and DHS. This is a note recently sent to me regarding this which looks back on this case years ago, and it reads, “I’m one of the parents who lost six children to that federal effort. The FBI agent in this case was Randall Harris who headed the harassment and was actually coaching the prosecution’s witnesses at Pastor Alamo’s trial; he was at just about all of my court hearings, and there were many. Early on in my case, my lawyer approached me offering that if I would cooperate with the FBI, Mr. Harris, to convict Pastor Alamo, I would have my children back in one week. I refused to cooperate having known Pastor Alamo for over 35 years, and knowing that he was being framed on false charges, I couldn’t cooperate.”

These are public proceedings, but when you get into these child cases, a lot of these proceedings aren’t public to protect the children, but are they protecting the children? I think they’re protecting, sometimes, the government’s harassment of these kids and their families. Mr. Krantz continued, “The secret child court ran its course and terminated my parental rights even though there wasn’t one shred of evidence that any of my children had ever been abused in any way.” Now, my God, here we go! The state just kidnaps these children. “Since the stealing and kidnapping of my children by the Department of Human Services is a two-step process, adjudication and termination, I had to appeal both processes to the Arkansas Supreme Court and then to the United States Supreme Court. That’s four separate high court appeals. Both higher courts rubber-stamped the lower court’s decision without addressing any of the issues appealed; instead they echoed the unsubstantiated accusations used in the lower court, which, of course, were also echoed by the media. I used to wonder how German people could have suffered Hitler’s slaughter of so many innocent Jews, but now it is very clear to me how it was done. The courts and the media were very efficient tools to demonize the Jews to the point that the general public hated them and believed they deserved to be exterminated. This, by the way, is very analogous to the process used to crucify Jesus Christ: betrayal, false witnesses, corrupt judicial system, manipulation of the masses, and murder.”

Anyway, I wanted you to know what really happened behind the scenes, and it is amazing what went on when you think about this, and I’m glad this gentleman sent me this information so I can pass it on to you. And he lost his children over this, and basically was told that if he cooperated and lied, he’d get them back. Here’s one thing I wanted to mention regarding in certain cases if some people didn’t know Tony as well--that gentleman knew Tony for 35 years and couldn’t lie--but let’s say you were just in the ministry for a short time, and you were coerced, and you had a choice between your children and turning in Tony, and you didn’t know him that well, what do you think people would do? And the government knows that.

Let’s look at an article regarding this which came out in 2009 in the Texarkana Gazette. The headline is “Alamo Ministries’ Families Fight for the Custody of Their Kids.” Now this story says a grandmother says her requests for her grandchildren were ignored in 2009. “The grandmother of 2 and 3 year old children who recently slept on the floor of the Arkansas Department of Human Services offices said she doesn’t understand why the agency won’t give her custody of the youngsters. The children and their 4 older siblings were among 17 taken from vehicles as they headed towards the Texas border on November 18, 2008.” And they were fleeing because they knew the government was coming after their kids. “Arkansas circuit judges authorized the removals amid allegations that children of Tony Alamo Christian Ministry loyalists were in danger of being abused and neglected.” That’s what the media was spreading. There’s a quote here, ‘How can they possibly be better off sleeping on an office floor than in a loving home with their grandmother?’ said Dana Minnabarriet, who left the ministry 5 years ago. Minnabarriet said that the DHS contacted her daughter and son-in-law Thursday.” This was Miriam Krantz and Bert Krantz in this article of August 30, 2009. “They wanted them to bring blankets and stuff for the kids because they didn’t have any. They stayed with them until 2am until the kids fell asleep; the kids were so scared. DHS spokeswoman Julie Munsell said she couldn’t comment about the specifics of the custody case, but said children sleeping on an office floor isn’t an acceptable arrangement. The Krantz’s other 4 children are in foster homes in other parts of the state. For unknown reasons the two youngest children were allegedly removed from their foster placement Thursday, and DHS had no place for them to go. Dana Minnabarriet said she learned about the state’s mass removal hours after it occurred. She said she was at the DHS office in Texarkana the next day.” So we have an article here stating that they’re taking these children into custody, and it’s incredible to me. I keep telling you that this was an orchestrated effort to bring this ministry down; to frighten parents into lying so they can put Tony away, and they got 4 or 5 people to cooperate. Do we really have a right to a fair trial? Do we really have freedom in this country to talk about what people in the old days were talking about openly? And there’s a lot of factual evidence behind what these guys are talking about. Are we just going to allow this to go on? And I wanted to bring this to you so you could hear his side of the story.

I have a number of other things. Somebody else wrote me and said, “My name is Alex, and I’m writing to you regarding Tony Alamo, and one thing that is very important to be stated on the radio show that you are doing is that he wrote literature trying to tell the truth of what happened to defend his case in Texarkana, and they had the newspaper stating to call the police or 911 if they see anyone putting out the literature so they could arrest them. We’ve never heard of such a thing before; it’s gotten so bad. Now isn’t this after they struck down a Constitutional law?” He said, “It’s gotten so bad in this country that they have taken away the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, and the freedom of the press so that you can’t defend yourself anymore. It’s gotten worse than Nazi Germany. Today it’s us, and tomorrow, will it be you?” That’s from Alex, and I find it quite interesting. I think this illustrates the fact that we have really lost our freedom of speech when it comes to this subject.

I wanted to clarify an issue here about John Peeler testifying on behalf of Tony. It never did get to the judge, however, Tony from jail kept insisting that Peeler needed to testify, but his defense team didn’t think so. I think the defense is supposed to consider what the client wants, don’t you? The defense didn’t think so. I think they figured the Mann Act of intent to take girls over state lines for sexual purposes was so far-fetched that they didn’t think that it could be proven, and it was not proven as you can see in the jury’s second note to the judge. So we got to get into some of these technicalities of the trial which I’ll do on another show. The investigator for the defense said that Peeler was not official FBI, or other government employees said that they would arrest him if he came to testify since he was an undercover agent in these cases. Tony’s attorneys ignored what Tony wanted, and never subpoenaed Peeler to testify. Apparently members of the ministry talked to Peeler and he said he would testify, but that he needed to be subpoenaed.

The reason they thought the Mann Act was so improbable to convict was that according to the law you had to prove intent, that the purpose of the travel of these girls was for sex, that’s what the Mann Act is all about, folks. The five that testified all lived in the same house, in the same place as Tony, for years before and after the dates of the 10 counts. If their claims of illicit intent were true, why would travel even be necessary? Think about it that way. The government picked dates for the accounts spanning from 1993 to 2005. Tony traveled all the time. They lived in LA at least half the year, and traveled all over. They had churches in Arkansas. To save time and money they would take a bus. No hotel costs on the road and a lot of food was bought along the way. There were bunks and plenty of room. Everyone naturally wanted to go on trips. In the jury’s second note to the judge, it said that sex did not happen on these trips. If there was intent, wouldn’t action naturally follow?

So we have a case here where this guy Peeler should have testified, but the defense thought it wouldn’t help. I don’t know about that; I’ve spoken to him, and I definitely think it would’ve helped. Now the point is, how many people on the FBI payroll-- you know, just like they can take a CIA guy and say, “He never worked for us,” but he actually did-- the FBI does the same thing. They can eliminate documents; they can basically say to someone, “You’re doing this, but if you get caught, you’re not part of us.” Certain things like that go on, and I think the defense was naive in this case, and should have brought this man and had him testify. I wanted to bring that up and clear it up. The defense basically quashed it from the beginning leading me to believe that his original attorneys, who were let go, didn’t give him a proper trial to begin with. The reason that I’m doing this is so that you can hear the other side of the story and make up your own mind.