Phone calls, e-mails, and faxes are coming from everywhere in the world commending Pastor Alamo for writing the truth about the lies that are being taught to everyone in the world from the one-world, satanic system. They say that there is no other evangelist on television or otherwise telling the truth of these things. Here are just a few samples of calls, e-mails, letters, and other forms of communication that have come in within the last few hours. The message, Another Pearl Harbor, was just put on our website this afternoon, 3:00 PM, Easter Sunday, and the responses are overwhelmingly in favor of this new light. Pastor Alamo says that people of the world have been walking in darkness too long. The Lord, the real Commander-in-Chief, has sent us into the world to open the blind eyes so that they can see and receive the truth. Praise God, the God of the living, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God who created the heavens and the earth and everything in them!
Anyone who believes that Christ is not the true Commander-in-Chief is of the devil. We have to listen to the eternal Commander-in-Chief or we will spend eternity in Hell. Our Commander-in-Chief never tells lies and tells us to never use carnal warfare. If we break His commandments regarding this and we don’t repent, we will spend eternity in the lake of fire.



All the people who are distributing our literature, Another Pearl Harbor, are saying people are receiving this new literature with joy.

Dear Mr. Alamo,

You are an inspiration! A Mr. Thigpen in the same dorm as myself let me read your newsletter, “Another Pearl Harbor.” I have been trying to preach the Word for over three months now to the inmates. There is mostly darkness in here, but once in a while maybe a mustard seed starts someone’s faith growing. I am experiencing more persecution that I though I could handle, but through Jesus as my Savior, the Holy Spirit has comforted me. I am accused, at times, of being unloyal to our country through my speech, but the opposite is the truth. I have explained what Ephesians 6:12 meant to all I talk to, so you can imagine my delight in your newsletter.

The problem is when Satan attacked mankind, he attacked God’s Word. God’s Word today is our King James Version. Most of the translations we have, have turned Romans 13 into a chapter of following the government. If the inmate’s eyes are opened by the grace of God, I will rejoice with the angels. I tell them there is no authority in the Bible, but God. The Body of Christ (men on earth blessed with the Holy Spirit) would be His ministers. If we follow most governments we’ll follow them right into the mark of the beast. I do find through persecution I am blessed. Praise Jesus!

I would like to share an experience with you. Approximately a month before the Oklahoma bombing, I was at my brother’s home in Brunswick, Georgia. A friend of mine called and said he had received and IRS letter of mine, and he was coming over. First he went by a friend’s house to check on the progress of his computer. It was being worked on by another friend who kept up F.L.TEC’s computers. They decided to get in the FBI’s files on one of the Federal Law Training agency’s computers he had fixed. When my friend came into my brother’s house, he was all excited. The FBI wanted 1,000 new agents, and their plan was to do a bombing and blame it on the Michigan Militia. The rest is history. Mindsets in this country and/or the world can be opened with one key, through the blood of Jesus Christ our Savior. Praise His holy name!

I would appreciate the book “The Messiah,” the newsletter, “Another Pearl Harbor,” and explain more about the Alamo Christian Church providing a place to live for someone who wants to serve the Lord. I will continue praying for the light to shine through another lost sheep’s darkness.

God bless you (all of you),
Wesley A. Kirk, Jr.
Truetlen Detention Center, Dorm 1
P.O. Box 707
Soperton, GA 30457


Dear Pastor Alamo,
I received your January-March World Newsletter, and all I can say is “wow.” You really outdid yourself with “Another Pearl Harbor.” This is what my thinking was also about the Bush’s. I did not know about the Pope and Rome, but thanks to you, I do now. I knew all along that the Bush’s were crooked. How else would they have become presidents and governors? I think the son is probably more crooked than the dad is. If you just listen to him talk in one of any of his speeches, you can see he is a liar. Sometimes when he expresses himself you can see the devil coming out of his face. I do not know who he thinks he is fooling. There is that old saying, “you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool them all of the time.” G.W. Bush’s time is winding down. He cannot fool God at all.

I laugh when he calls himself a Christian. If he were a Christian, he would not do the things he is doing. The two wars he started were wrong. Like you said in the newsletter, he had no business doing this. The Lord would have taken care of those people. He not only got himself involved in something he shouldn’t have, but he’s gotten thousands of other people involved who really did not. I was in Texas when he was governor for eight years. He was no good then, and he is no good now. As a matter of fact, he is worse now. I never saw anyone like him and his dad, who get big heads when they do something. I do pray for our so-called president, that he would concentrate on the problems he made here in the United States, instead of all those other countries. If the people of Iraq wanted to get rid of Saddam, they could have done it. They need not fear no man. All they had to do was to turn to the Lord and fear Him for what He could do. From what I have read and seen, they must have been happy under his leadership, even if it was wrong. Same way with Afghanistan. Look how close people in those two countries are still fighting us. Now Bush is threatening Syria. I do believe he wants to rule the world before he is finished with his presidency. As you say, him and the Pope. I think they want to be the one-world leadership that the Bible speaks of.

You said you won’t call yourself a Christian anymore, but a member of Christ’s Body. You and I are Christians, Tony, because we are doing things by God’s will and not by man’s will. Besides, Christ is in you, just like you are in Him. Remember, we were first called Christians in Antioch by Paul. Things have not changed. We are still called Christians. Now I do not call or think that the Roman Catholics and the Pope are Christians, because they do not go by what God says. They make up their own Bible, which is not inspired by God.

I can back up what those people told you about Vietnam. I spent three tours over there fighting for my country. Many, many times we went out on patrols with either no ammo or just enough rounds to make it look good. Many times we were told not to fire back, and if we did, to fire over their heads. Whenever we would take a town, we were told to get out of it and give it back. Another thing you did not list in your newsletter about Nam was this: whenever we would radio in to our people for a drop, somehow or someway the V.C. always knew about it. This is how they were getting most of their ammo. We couldn’t fight them off because we had no ammo to fight with. As I said before, I spent three tours in Nam.

I worked all of my life, paid taxes, S.S. and etc. When I got arrested they took everything away from me. I cannot collect nothing while here in prison. Don’t get me wrong, I deserve to be here because I committed a crime. I have to do 8-1/2 – 40 years. I am 64 years old, and will never see the outside again because I am not in the best of health. I pray constantly that the Lord will call me home very soon. I don’t have any money at all in here. I have other Christians help me with things, like this paper I’m writing on to you. I have nobody out there to send me anything. So as you can see, I cannot fight the politicians. As you well know, Tony, I don’t have to fight them anymore. The Lord will fight my battle for me. As He says, “vengeance is mine, says the Lord.” With Him on my side, how can I lose? I look at it this way, if those crooked politicians who are running this country need my money to live off of, they are welcome to it. They must need it more than I do because they don’t have Jesus Christ like I do. When I think how they are stealing from me, I always say this, “He who is in you (Christ) is greater than he who is in the world” (crooked politicians led by Satan). So let them have my money. I am a Christian, and I will survive for eternity, they won’t.

There is so much more I want to write about on what you wrote. This was by far the best newsletter yet that I have received. Everything you said was true and to the point. I am really proud to be associated with you and your ministry, because you speak the truth and from the Bible. I know I will never get to meet you here on earth because as I said before, I will never get out of here except for when the Lord calls me home. But I do know this, I will meet you in Heaven, and there I will give you a Christian hug and a Christian kiss. I pray the Lord bestows many more blessings upon you. I pray that He will keep on inspiring you to do His work for Him with the short time that we have.

One more thing before I close. Are there any Christians in your ministry, man or woman, who would like to write to me as a pen pal in a Christian way? I do not receive any mail except for your newsletters and literature you send me. Again, may God bless you for the work you are doing for Him. Keep shooting straight with your words because we are not to fear man, we are to fear Him (God) because He is the one who holds our future. I pray I hear personally from you soon. Thanks for everything.
Much love from me in Christ’s name,
Ron Beck


P.O. Box 1000

Houtzdale, PA 16698-1000


Dear Pastor Alamo,
Greeting you in God’s wonderful name and God’s bountiful blessings be always upon you and your ministry together with all of your staff or co-workers in this wonderful ministry. I was overjoyed to receive your literature together with King James Version Bibles, and especially some literature about Catholicism. The literatures and Bibles will be sent to the Philippines, as they really need those materials. A lot of Christian churches in the Philippines are lacking materials because of financial reasons. Those literatures about Catholicism, some of it I gave to those persons I’m witnessing to, and really tears are flowing for those revelations they read. They were enlightened, because for many years they were deeply brainwashed with their wrong beliefs.

Pastor, since 1994, I was already receiving literature from your ministry, and I know that you’re truly a faithful servant of God, who deeply believes His teaching and are obeying His Word, but some Christians here in Hong Kong are asking why you put “Holy” before your church “Holy Alamo Church.” Would you mind to explain it in one of your literatures, and please send it here to Hong Kong. As I explain it to them that those who faithfully follow and obey our Savior are called saints or HOLY, but for further enlightenment, please explain to them because some conservative Christians believe and keep telling me it is only the Lord that deserves to be called HOLY.

I was so thankful for counting me in your regular list for all your Christian literatures. I was well fed by those articles. Really, hearing messages are not enough, but reading will make us grow more through Him. I give glory! Pastor, right now, all I can offer are my prayers for you and your ministry, for God’s protection, good health, guidance and full knowledge that only comes from Him. Thank you for your braveness for exposing the things that need to be exposed. Still nowadays, a lot of Christians don’t know anything about world news, because they’re just content listening to the church messages and are not exposed to some reading materials. Your articles are just on time for our church members because we’re at the battle at this moment for the problems we encounter from our own churchmates, too. I thank the Lord for you, Pastor, for your faithfulness to our Lord and Master. God bless you and I will keep praying for all of you in your ministry.
In His presence,
Hong Kong, China

Answer from Pastor Alamo:
Dear R.L.,
Here’s what you can tell your friends about why we call ourselves holy because God calls us holy. If the Lord is holy, so are the members of His body. Your conservative Christian friends must be young in the Lord that they don’t know that God stated “Be ye HOLY; for I am HOLY” (I Pet. 1:16). Here are just a few scriptures where it tells that God’s people are holy as He is holy.

Moses said that God said, “Thou art an HOLY people unto the Lord thy God, and the Lord hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto Himself, above all the nations that are upon the earth” (Deut. 14:2).


I just recieved your newsletter on my car and I am getting a bus ticket to go to you. I know you are true and I feel so great that God let me find you! Could you please give me your address in Alma, Arkansas so I can find it when I get off the bus in your city. Thank you so much!!
Phoenix, Arizona

Our P.O. Box is in Alma, but our church is in Fort Smith, Arkansas


Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus!
Thanks for the literature, Another Pearl Harbor. We have sent some to our educated friends, but as most of the people can understand and read Urdu, that is why we have to translate it. We will translate it ourself and we will not take anything. Thanks for your concern. Write me soon.
Peace be with you,
Rev. S.S.


A man called from Jacksonville, Florida, and said he had just received the newsletter Another Pearl Harbor and said it was an excellent piece of literature. He said there were several places in reading the literature that the words were as God Himself was speaking to him to get right with God. He said he knows all about salvation. He was once saved and fell away, and now he is in a backslidden state. He was asking for prayer. I told him his sins have alienated him from God and that he needed to sincerely give his life fully to the Lord. I witnessed to him, and he said the sinners’ prayer and kept praising and thanking the Lord. He gave his address to continue receiving Pastor Alamo’s literature, and he said he wants to come and serve the Lord in our ministry. He continued to praise and thank the Lord.
We received a call from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, from a man who said he read Another Pearl Harbor and it was very insightful. He said you never see this viewpoint on the news or in the newspaper. He said he agrees with everything, and it was so refreshing to see this boldness. He said God bless you.
James F. called from Los Angeles. He said he wants 100 of Another Pearl Harbor sent to him to distribute


Dear Tony,
I always love your newsletters, especially Another Pearl Harbor. I have been reading them for at least 15 years. They have always told the truth. You went to prison because you spoke out against the Catholic church (the whore). I would like for you to do a series on Free Masonry. It is rampant all over the world and they are just one of the many branches of the Vatican, the Roman Catholic church. Pull up and get some good information. It is their website. Please do something on them. It started with two priests, then they started the holy wars and stole all the gold and jewels from Israel. When they get to the 32 degree they are the Illuminati. Pray about it. It has many tentacles, but it is all Catholic. Every holy site in Israel the Catholic church owns it and Israel says nothing. Why? [Pastor Alamo's answer is: It's in the Bible. The whole world is deceived].
God bless and we love you as a brother in Christ, the only one worth dying for. Tony be careful.
In Christ we pray and work and have our being.

Greenwood, Arkansas


A man called from Phoenix, Arizona. He is a born-again Christian. He agreed with everything you had to say in your new piece of literature, Another Pearl Harbor. He wants to be a distributor. He said that he passed out The Pope’s Secrets about fifteen years ago.

A man called from Fort Smith, Arkansas. He said that he called a while ago to take his name off the mailing list, but after reading Another Pearl Harbor, he said you are right on target about the Catholic cult who controls the one-world government. He said they never took his name off the list and he is glad. He said you are doing a beautiful work. He is also coming to services.


Dear Pastor Tony:
Thanks so much for this e-mail, Another Pearl Harbor. I have just read part of it, and it is SO TRUE! Hope you don’t mind me forwarding it to friends.

Love in Christ,
British Columbia, Canada


I just want to write and thank all the brothers and sisters at the Alamo Christian Church for sending me the tapes I requested. These tapes are a portion of my daily bread, they have strengthened me in my walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. I look forward for the next bundle of tapes.
I thank God for the new tract entitled ‘ANOTHER PEARL HARBOR.’ This is by far the most powerful message penned through Pastor Tony by the Holy Spirit. I thank God that you have the boldness to expose the devil and all his wicked ways. I do not know of too many Pastors who will even attempt to expose the truth about the wicked things that these ‘world’ leaders are doing in these last days. My wife is finally starting to realize that the things the media is feeding the population is mostly false. I have various VHS tapes at home exposing the Illuminati, New World Order, etc., which my wife has seen.
My wife is amazed at the wealth of information in the new literature. We will be praying for you and the ministry as the devil and all his followers are going to try everything they can to stop this literature from being sent out. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered.
May God richly bless and protect you and the ministry.
Brother MC Palmdale, California


I really found your recent newsletter “Another Pearl Harbor” interesting. I picked it up at the parking lot I work at thrown on the floor. All these government cover ups you speak of really made me realize a few things about the world’s current state and how it pertains to the Bible. From what I gather, our most trusted is all in favor of Satan himself. I did not feel this way after reading your newsletter but always have you just gave it more detail. Anyhow, I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next. Keep them in circulation and may God have mercy on us all!
San Antonio, Texas


Praise the Lord!
I just wanted to let you know that there is something very special about distributing the new newsletter entitled Another Pearl Harbor, that I have never experienced before. I can’t put it into words. I just keep thinking about your holy boldness and how true it is. There’s such an urgency to what you’ve written, and quickening of the Holy Spirit. Glory to God! Congratulations, bravo and thank you for the stand you’ve taken and the job well done you have and continue to do for God, the church, and the sinners in the world. Lord bless you above all that you can ask or think.
Respectfully yours,
New York, New York


Pastor Alamo,
Since distributing your literature Another Pearl Harbor in Oklahoma City, we have not received any opposition from anyone. People are just receiving them. They are taking the literature and are delighted to get it. It has been so overwhelming. Everyone has been so receptive to Another Pearl Harbor. I praise and thank the Lord for it.


Kind Attention World Pastor Tony Alamo,
Greeting to you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you very much for your wonderful letter. Here we are doing Alamo Ministry in a very nice way. All your literature and the Bibles are turning lives unto Christ and added in our Alamo Christian Prayer House.
Thank you very much for your new literature captioned with “Another Pearl Harbor.” We can print it here and can mail locally to all Indian addresses in your mailing list. We are now rushing to the printers. Meanwhile we gave your material copies to 10 scholars here and they all appreciate your noble writing. They wanted to show it to more people. So we will reprint it and distribute. We will take this task for the glory of God.
If we translate into Indian languages as it is and print it in Indian languages, we know nice translators here. They will translate and we will distribute to all sections of people according to your instructions. We will be the Lord's and your obedient people here. If you say yes, we will do yes. If you say no, we will not do it. Anything at your command only. So please give immediate reply urgently so that we will go ahead with this work. There are people who can translate this free of charge.
It is our burning burden to reach “Another Pearl Harbor” immediately to Indian houses.
Thanking you,
Yours in His harvest,
Pastor J.V.K.
Andhra Pradesh, E.G.Dt.


My dearly beloved World Pastor Tony Alamo in Christ,
Greetings to you all in Jesus’ name. I praised God for one hour continuously for you, that He has called for these last days for strengthening this world for the Lord through your anointed literature. I am already receiving responses from the readers of Another Pearl Harbor. Many people asked me to supply the same in the Telugu language. I once again am thankful to the Lord for the great literature.
Please kindly pray and give me permission to translate the above literature into three tongues. Use me more in our Lord’s work in these last days. We have to rush up for the glory of God and let’s move the church and the world leaders. This is the right time to change the satanic forces. Really, we have victory in Jesus’ name.
May our Lord strengthen you and bless you abundantly for the world!!!
Sincerely your co-laborer in His harvest,
Holy Alamo Prayer House


Dear World Pastor Tony Alamo,
We are in receipt of your message for which we are highly thankful. We have also received your attached literature, “Another Pearl Harbor.” It is really a masterpiece and it really needs reprinting in Pakistan. We have got a way to reprint with a Christian printing press. There are about two million Christians in Pakistan and we can distribute your literature to the highest number so that these Christians as well as others interested may be benefited. We also have approved again to the translation of your testimony “Dry Bones” and gave it to the typist and it will be sent to you as it will be with us. We also want to print it here.
We thank you and are awaiting your immediate response.
Yours in Christ,
Rev. J.D.


John, a marine in Missouri, called and said now he knows why he can’t talk to Tony. It is because he is sitting in prison in Memphis. He said I have talked to quite a few professors in the Memphis area and I have been looking into Tony Alamo on the internet. I told him he was a very naïve, ignorant man and it is unfortunate that he believes everything he hears because Pastor Alamo is not in prison. He insisted Pastor Alamo is in prison for tax evasion. I told him that over 6 years ago he was in prison on false charges of tax evasion, that we had a tax exempt number, and had truckloads of books, records, and receipts to show where our money was spent, and that the IRS illegally took our tax exempt number away and then raided our property and kicked everyone out of their homes and stole all of our books, records, and receipts, and would not allow us to present it in court as our evidence.

He in a mocking manner said, “Oh, you’re going off of hearsay.” I very angrily told him, “It is not hearsay. I was there. I saw men dressed in black come onto the properties with machine guns when they knew very well that we had no guns, no weapons—our children don’t even have water guns. They were throwing people to the ground Gestapo style and putting guns to their heads. They were confiscating people’s personal belongings and their homes and telling them they had to leave. Women, children, and babies were thrown out into the streets in the middle of winter. Then they even stole their vehicles to where people with their children were walking down the street. People who had money in their pockets so that they could buy food for their children, these goons were ordering women to give them the money out of their purses. Don’t you tell me that was all hearsay. It is real.” I said, “Mister, you are on the wrong side. Your Commander-in-Chief is Bush whose family has a history of working with the Nazi party and aiding them in their ventures, who has lied and said Iraq has weapons of mass destruction to where 250,000 of our troops were sent over there and hundreds of lives have been lost, and no one has been able to find these weapons of mass destruction. Our Commander-in-Chief is the Living God who has a history of fighting for His people and He has never lost.

The marine was quiet for a moment, then he asked how many people are in the church. I told him the Alamo Ministries is worldwide and it would be impossible to count them. He said, “Then can you send me the information?” I told him, “Our ministry is not to count the people but to get the gospel to the four corners of the world, and we don’t have time for things like that.” He wanted to know if I knew who Melvin Gordon was. I told him no. He said that on his (Melvin Gordon’s) website, he says that Tony told him that he has 400 people in his congregation. He said that Melvin Gordon does studies on ministries and he is very knowledgeable. I told him that Melvin Gordon is not knowledgeable. He is full of hot air with nothing to back up what he says. You are just going off of hearsay again because Tony never told him any such of a thing, and he nor any of these other professors or sites that have negative things to say about Tony have any evidence of the lies they tell about Tony or Sue or the church. I told him to ask these people that have given him this false information if they have ever met Pastor Alamo, if they have ever spoken with Pastor Alamo, or if they have any evidence of the things they say. I can guarantee their answer will be no.

He said, “Well Tony called the Pope and Ronald Reagan possessed with the devil. That is ridiculous. That is hearsay, the pope?!!” I told him, “What would he call the man that worked with I.G. Farben to help produce the cyanide gas that murdered million of Jews?” He said, “I have never heard of such a thing. Can you send the documentation on that?” I told him, “We could send him the literature that Pastor Alamo has written on this and it, as this new newsletter, Another Pearl Harbor, is fully documented with evidence that what Pastor Alamo is making known to the American people is true, not hearsay.” I told him he has truth right in front of him that has evidence to back up every word, but instead he is looking into information about Tony and the church that is a bunch of lies and has been proven to be a pack of lies.

He asked me what I felt about the statement you made in the newsletter that we Christians all have to ban together about the United States. He said the United States is a Christian nation. I told him, “Again you are duped, and this literature is a warning to every American and all the godless subversive people in the world. To everyone who says they are godly and patriotic, but are not, God is going to destroy all of you. This nation was a Christian nation, but tell me how can you call a nation Christian that makes it a law that the Bible and prayer cannot be practiced in schools, but yet this nation that you call a Christian nation, this nation that you stand up to defend makes it legal for condoms to be passed out in the schools, it allows young girls to abort their babies without telling their parents anything, it allows a man to marry another man and adopt children, it condones homosexuality and lesbianism, the murdering of innocent babies, and many other atrocities, but makes a law that from a young child they cannot be taught about God?” He said, “Yes, you are right about that.” He gave his address and hung up.

He called back and said he wanted to apologize because he found out that Tony really wasn’t still in prison, but that he was misinformed. I told him I know you are terribly misinformed. And let that be a lesson to you that everything negative you hear about Pastor Alamo is false. He said but I read things from people that were there. I told him we have signed statements from people that they have been paid by the government to come into this church and do lying exposés on this ministry, but when they came to the church for themselves and saw how the church was, they would not do it. Others that were in this ministry and were promised payment, if they would bring false accusations and horrendous lies about Pastor Alamo and this church and they did it and then they didn’t get the money they were promised, so they confessed what they had done. He asked if we have any of these statements available to people who request them.

He asked me if I knew who the Millers were, and why were they thrown out of the church. I told him they were not thrown out of the church. They started a trucking company using the church manpower, stole all the money, and snuck off the property, leaving their wives and children, embezzling over $425,000.00 of church funds.

He asked about the case with Susan’s body being stolen. I told him her body was not stolen. Tony, Susan’s husband, merely moved the body from the mausoleum and buried her in Tulsa. He said, “Man, there is so much more sense to your side of the story.” I started witnessing to him and he said he was saved and baptized a year ago. I told him of my testimony and how the Lord could take his life any moment, and if he is not right with the Lord, he would be in Hell forever. I told him to stop looking on the internet and reading all this bologna that has nothing to back it, and just read the literature and look up all its documentation, to read the Bible and see that what Pastor Alamo is saying is true. He said he would, and he would call back.

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