Temptation 1955 label

Rouvan front cover

Rouvaun side A

Moods of Love

Dance Master of the World vol.1

Dance Master of the World - Temptaton

Little Yankee Girl Label

Rouvaun back cover

Rouvaun side B

Moods of Love back

Dance Master of the World vol1 back


Songs before Tony Alamo's conversion to Christianity

circa 1955

Rouvaun Sings Love Songs

1967 on KALAMO Records

Somewhere 2:17 Give Me Love 2:19
The Shadow of
Your Smile
Let Me Be Loved
What Now My Love 2:42 Invitation 2:32
Stay 2:45 Strange My Love 2:32
Why Did You
Leave Me
If Ever I Would
Leave You

Moods Of Love
with Kim Morrison 1988

Something 3:19 Dreamer 3:00
Wave 3:25 Bonita 2:45
Water to Drink 2:20 How Insensitive 3:03
Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars 3:25 She's A Carioca 2:35
Meditation 2:55 Desafinado 2:34

Dance Master of the World

Volume 1, 2005

Picadilo 3:39 The Valentino Tango
Noche De Amor 2:59
Dindi 5:29 Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White 4:16
El Trompeta
Autumn Leaves 4:43
Oye Como Va 7:30 Wonderful One 3:12
La Cumparsita 4:49 Flamenco De Verdad 2:25
Mambo Inn 3:24 Sabor3:29
Brazil2:42 Mas Que Nada 2:35
Espana Canis 4:37  

Dance Master of the World

Volume 2: Temptation, 2006

Temptation 2:52 Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps 3:14
Ran Kan Kan 3:42 El Torro 3:26
Blue Bayou 4:17 Beautiful Maria Of My Soul 4:07
Copa Cabana 5:15 The Moon Was Yellow 5:56
Frenesi 3:44 La Isla Bonita 3:33
Hot Hot Hot 3:45 She Bangs (She Dances) 4:00
Perfidia 3:25 On Green Dolphin Street 5:22
Rainfall 3:41  

recording Temptation in the studio

Tony Alamo recording Temptaion  Tony Alamo in the studio

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