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The Waco Massacre Published Date 24 Feb 2006

Pastor Alamo's Rebuttal to the Pope part 1 October 10, 2001

Pastor Alamo's Rebuttal to the Pope part 2 October 10, 2001

How to Have God's Life Living In You Published Date 5 Feb 2006

How to Have God's Life Living In You Published Date 5 Feb 2006

Messages Published Dates 2005-2006

God Taught Me the Secret of Spiritual Defense Published Date 20 Jan 2006

The Gospel According to Mark Published Date 10 Feb 2004
  Mark 1:2 As it is written in the prophets, Behold, I send My messenger before Thy face, which shall prepare Thy way before Thee.

The Book of Joel Published Date 10 Feb 2004
  Joe 1:1 The word of the Lord that came to Jo´-el the son of Pe-thu´-el.

The Book of Ruth Published Date 19 Jan 2004
  Ruth 1:1 Now it came to pass in the days when the judges ruled, that there was a famine in the land. And a certain man of Beth´–le-hem–ju´-dah went to sojourn in the country of Moab, he, and his wife, and his two sons.

The Book of Judges Published Date 12 Dec 2004
  Jdg 1:1 Now after the death of Joshua it came to pass, that the children of Israel asked the Lord, saying, Who shall go up for us against the Ca´naan-ites first, to fight against them?

The Book of Joshua Published Date 22 Oct 2004
  Jos 1:1 Now after the death of Moses the servant of the Lord it came to pass, that the Lord spake unto Joshua the son of Nun, Moses’ minister, saying,

The Third Book of Moses called Leviticus Published Date 7 June 2004
  Lev 1:1 And the Lord called unto Moses, and spake unto him out of the tabernacle of the congregation, saying,

The Second Book of Moses called Exodus Published Date 25 Apr 2004
  Exo 1:1 Now these are the names of the children of Israel, which came into Egypt; every man and his household came with Jacob.

The First Book of Moses called Genesis Published Date 2 Mar 2004
  Gen 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Program #795 Published Date 19 Sep 2008
  A man of wicked devises is hated, by people that are of the Lord. Yes, I hate people of wicked devises. But people of wicked devises are not hated by the wicked, they're one with them. I hate evil, the Lord says for us to hate evil and cleave to that which is good.

Program #794 Published Date 19 Sep 2008
  Many people ask, "How am I to make the surrender of myself to God?" You desire to give yourself to Him but you are weak in moral power, you're immoral, you're in slavery. The Lord says if you doubt God you're damned, and you will be damned. To Satan you're controlled by the habits of your life, the sin, by the power of Satan that is living in you.

Program #793 Published Date 18 Sep 2008
  There shall no evil happen to the just but the wicked shall be filled with mischief. So there's no evil going to happen to the just because even if evil seems to be happening to us we still have the Lord. We still have our salvation and if we die or somebody did something bad to us the Lord is still there with us.

Program #792 Published Date 17 Sep 2008
  The Bible states He owns us. Jesus owns us, because He bought us with His own blood. He saved our souls. He forgave our sins with His blood, so then He purchased us with His blood and in injuring him you sin against God because Christ owns them and lay off! Christ owns them who is also your creator and their creator and your redeemer and their redeemer.

Program #791 Published Date 17 Sep 2008
  As you see the enormity of your sin as you see yourself as you really are. You're praying, God reveal myself, give me a clean heart, do not give up to despair when the Lord shows you that you're a sinner. What you're supposed to do is repent and forsake, now people say we repent, we repent, but they never forsake the sin. That's part of the same sentence folks because no sinner shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Program #790 Published Date 16 Sep 2008
  What we do not overcome in this world will overcome us and work for sure, it will be the power of our destruction. Like Adam and Eve persuaded themselves that it is so small of a thing just to be eating of the forbidden fruit. There could not result such terrible consequences upon them if they did it.

Program #789 Published Date 16 Sep 2008
  Pride feels no need to repent. So it chooses to close the door on their salvation. They close the door of their heart and who do they close it against? They close it against Christ and the infinite blessing that he came into this world to give them.

Program #788 Published Date 15 Sep 2008
  Until we turn away from sin with our whole heart with the fear of God behind that, there will be no repentance, no change in our hearts. We have to turn away from sin if we want to go to Heaven.

Program #787 Published Date 11 Sep 2008
  When the Lord came into the earth as a man, God came to earth as man, it says so in chapter 1 of John. Now Reverend Hagee says He had different flesh than we do, different blood. No He didn't. He came to the world as man to show all of us that we could live a holy life. So when people say 'I'm not perfect', well they're just telling you 'I'm not saved'.

Program #786 Published Date 9 Sep 2008
  Adam and Eve knew that they had sinned and when people are sinners they don't want to be around anybody that's holy. They don't want to communicate with God and they don't want to communicate with any of God's people.

Program #785 Published Date 4 Sep 2008
The Holy Spirit is speaking in these last days expressly that there will be seducing spirits, seducing people to believing the things that the antichrist government and the antichrist church is preaching these days.

Program #784 Published Date 4 Sep 2008
  If you don't love God, and you don't love doing His work, well then there's hatred in you. Because you're hating humanity by not doing what He says. We must serve the Lord as He served us.

Program #783 Published Date 3 Sep 2008
  Until the fear of the Lord came upon me in this office when the Lord was talking to me in Beverly Hills. And He began showing me that there's something more in this world than just living a care free life. Living the way we want to. You can enjoy yourself all throughout your life but then all of a sudden God pulls you into reality next to himself and unfortunately some people that doesn't happen to until they die.

Program #782 Published Date 22 Aug 2008
  Wisdom, in other words, the fear of God, has builded her house. There isn't anybody that can build anything in the gospel field unless they have wisdom. And the Bible plainly states that the fear of the Lord is wisdom.

Program #781 Published Date 21 Aug 2008
  People love to hear the doctrine that you can sin. That you can continuously sin, and that you don't have to be transformed into the Lord, into the likeness and image of Him.

Program #780 Published Date 21 Aug 2008
  My brother wanted me to join the Catholic Church and I told him no you're in that cult and I'm not going. I don't want to hear from you anymore until you get saved. And he did get saved because I made that strong stand with him. I hated his way of life, I didn't hate him, I showed him love by making a strong stand and he got saved. He died and now he's in heaven.

Program #779 Published Date 11 Aug 2008
  The body is not for fornication you idiots. You received that down through the years to the point to where you think everything is fornication. Let's have sex, sex, sex, that's all that's in your brains. You can't get away from it. The body, your body, is not for fornication but for the Lord, your body is for the Lord to live in and to do His commandments.

Program #778 Published Date Sun, 10 Aug 2008
  Don't you people know by now that the government is a bunch of liars, this world government. The government of God is not a liar, God can not lie. It's impossible for God to lie.

Program #777 Published Date 5 Aug 2008
  This is the real Bible folks I don't mess around with the stuff that the people on TV tell you. I'm reading from the Word of God and all of the Words in the Bible shall be fulfilled. Heaven and earth shall pass away but these Words shall not pass away. If you've committed adultery you've destroyed your own soul.

Program #776 Published Date 31 Jul 2008
  Take fast hold of God's instruction. This God has made everything in the universe so why would you not listen to Him. Why would you listen to some worldly teacher. What for, you go to all these different classes to learn instruction but you don't take any heed of God's instruction.

Program #775 Published Date 31 Jul 2008
  He keeps the paths of judgment and He preserves the way of His saints. So it's like He told me, if you do what I tell you, if you say the words that I'm telling you, you'll be preserved. No one can hurt you. But if you don't, you will be destroyed.

Program #774 Published Date 31 Jul 2008
  That's why they hate the two witnesses in the Book of Revelation so much because they have the double edge sword in their hand and they're executing vengeance. They're telling the heathen what's going to happen to them when they die. Don't you get it?

Program #773 Published Date 29 Jul 2008
  Eventually they're going to raise up a person like a Muslim, like this Obama to where he'll go over to these nations like Iraq and Iran and Arabia and make peace so that he'll look a big hero to you people. He may even negotiate because it was planned this way to put everybody into poverty. So the government can pull you out of poverty with this great new leader. This Muslim who says he's a Christian.

Program #772 Published Date   The people that really know the Lord don't worry about the stinking economy. That's for half-wits like President Bush and all these scholars that study about money. That's for them to worry about it, I don't worry about it.

Program #771 Published Date 24 Jul 2008
  That he should not deceive the nations no more, til the thousand years should be fulfilled but after that he must be loosed a little season. When the Lord says a little that means very little. Verse 4, And I saw thrones and they sat upon them and judgment was given unto them and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus and for the Word of God and which had not worshiped satan.

Program #770 Published Date 24 Jul 2008
  And I heard another voice from Heaven saying come out of her, come out of this cult, come out of her. It's a commandment you people. My people, if you're of the Lord's people come out of there before you partake in what's going to happen to her. That you be not partakers of her sins.

Program #769 Published Date 24 Jul 2008
  The vine of the earth is demonic people. For our conversation is in Heaven from whence also we look for the savior the Lord Jesus Christ. Now, we're on earth but we're not of the earth, we're not earthly.

Program #768 Published Date 24 Jul 2008
  And he caused as many as would not buy this garbage or worship the beast the image of the beast that we should be put to death, we should be killed actually its murdered. This beast causes all this projection that he has into your brains into your spirit into your soul.

Program #767 Published Date 23 Jul 2008
  Chapter 13, Revelation, and I stood upon the sand of the sea, the sand of the sea is representative of countless, something that is countless. The apostle John is seeing everything because the Lord is showing everything unto him. There is nobody else that could show anything to him but the Lord. And saw a beast rise up out of the sea. We all know we are not supposed to take the mark of the beast.

Program #766 Published Date 22 Jul 2008
  The antichrist is closer to you that you have any realization. So this evil one he exalts himself above all that is called God or is worshiped. So he, as God sits in the temple of God. Well what is the temple of God? He moves into you just as it says in II Thessalonians chapter 2 and 4. You're the temple of God so he moves into you, because you have a lot of pride in you in the first place and therefore its easy.

Program #765 Published Date 22 Jul 2008
  You've got a big nation there and you're so full of pride, and blasphemy you're going to get leveled. And He shall bring forth the headstone which is Jesus He's the corner stone, the headstone of the entire body of Christ there with shoutings crying power, power unto it, power unto the lamb, unto God, not you weasels out there you're nothings your going to die, these presidents, these kings. They'll do anything to get a position to where people can admire them.

Program #764 Published Date 22 Jul 2008
  Locusts that have stingers on them that hurt, they keep stinging men constantly for 5 months. And in those days shall men seek death. I want to die I don't want to get stung anymore. It keeps happening all the time all during the day. They'll seek death and shall not find it, the Lord wants you to enjoy yourself. You people full of pride which is the same spirit of blasphemy.

Program #763 Published Date Sat, 19 Jul 2008
  Unthankfulness shows that you don't believe the Word of God. Why would you not be thankful for the blessing and the glory and the wisdom that God has given you that He has and if you're in Him you're the fullness of the Lord and that He's thankful. He's thankful for every soul that enters into the Kingdom of Heaven and believes Him.

Program #762 Published Date Sat, 19 Jul 2008
  They're dead to the fact that there is something going on that is so far above them that they don't have any idea of it. The Lord is sending thunder now on this earth to wake the people up. Why, because the Lord doesn't want anyone to go to hell and the lake of fire and that's where they are going if they don't receive the things that are being preached here today and the things I preach every day.

Program #761 Published Date Sat, 19 Jul 2008
  The four and twenty elders fall down before Him and said to Him that sat on the throne they worshiped Him that lives forever and ever and ever and they cast their crowns. These guys that were on earth and they got crowns by doing the work of the Lord by letting the Lord live in them and work in them and speak in them and preach in them and teach in them and prophecy in them and do them things that them people in Heaven did in order to be there.

Program #760 Published Date 18 Jul 2008
  The Bible says we become like gold tried in the fire when we go through the fire, when we resist satan, satan is going to fight us and we resist him.

Program #759 Published Date 17 Jul 2008
  I remember the times of the depression and it's turning that way now. Its set up, this is all being controlled by the Vatican. And you wonder how, you say, come on everything couldn't be of the Vatican, even though the Lord says so; she's the cause, the mother of every abominable thing that's going on the earth. Everything is set up for them to take over the world, this dictatorship which they call democracy.

Program #758 Published Date 17 Jul 2008
  If you preach and teach the things that I'm(Jesus) teaching you and you do that, no one can destroy you. He said, but if you don't put that out you will be destroyed. Now, put out the Word of God because the Word of God is the most powerful weapon in the world and it will tear down the fallacies of the US and International Government.

Program #757 Published Date 17 Jul 2008
  Antipas which means against everything. People that are really of the Lord are against everything in the world. Antipas was my faithful martyr, faithful because he was against everything in the world. Why, because the world is condemned folks.

Program #756 Published Date 16 Jul 2008
  The Nicolaitans are the ones that are persecuting the churches your judges, your prosecutors attorneys, your city fathers that impose more rules and regulations on the people of the Lord than they do on anyone else. They hate the deeds of these people that are attempting to make it look like Jesus never really rose from the grave. They say that Christ hasn't risen and that is such false doctrine to cause peoples souls to not believe the Bible.

Program #755 Published Date 16 Jul 2008
  Unto the angel of the church of Ephesus write these things, these things saith He that holdeth the seven stars in His right hand, the seven stars He holds in His right hand are seven angels. Who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candle sticks, the seven golden candle sticks are the seven churches. Candles light up the world, the churches light up the world, because the churches have the Word of God.

Program #754 Published Date 16 Jul 2008
  The flesh is dead to the spirit and the spirit is not involved with flesh with the exception of attempting to mortify your flesh to deaden it, to put it to rest, to put it away. What I am telling you is according to the principle of the Lord, the Lord's salvation, it can help others to truly grow in the power of the life of God.

Program #753 Published Date 16 Jul 2008
  When I (Jesus) see you going into something that you should not go into, I'm going to convict you, I'm going to put a feeling of like you almost having a heart attack inside your body. It's your spirit that I am going to charge, I am going to convict, so that you know that I don't want you to do this and also I'm going to anoint you when I want you to do something. So you have to be very attentive to the convicting Spirit of the Lord.

Program #752 Published Date 15 Jul 2008
  It's the end of time, the Lord is going to be coming back to earth again real soon, right now is when people say I don't want to bring a child into this world as evil as it is. When you go out these days you have to brace yourselves, you have to look left and right and around. Those that are spiritually aware know that it is the end of time. Then they will begin to say let the mountains fall upon us and to the hills cover us.

Program #751 Published Date 15 Jul 2008
  The last days are the worst time of all. The Bible plainly states that we are living in the most perilous times of all because people are lovers of their own selves. And the most dangerous time of all. People will sell you down the drain especially if you're right so they can get out of prison or some kind of compensation.

Program #750 Published Date 11 Jul 2008
  That is the way it is in Heaven. You know that you can't be put out, you know that you deserve to be there, you know that you're there because you're faithful, you kept the commandments of the Lord.

Program #749 Published Date 11 Jul 2008
  And those in Judeah let them be fleeing into the mountains, that means into the nations because in the bible mountains are symbolic of types of countries, nations. And those in the fields let them not go into it. Don't go back in there to collect your goodies, get out of there because your life is more important. Because these are days when full justice shall be meeted out in order that all the things which stand written may be fulfilled.

Program #748 Published Date 11 Jul 2008
  Take heed, pay attention because I am going to show you the signs of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. God is coming back to earth again. Take heed that you be not deceived don't be fooled, don't let anyone hoodwink you. For many shall come in my name.

Program #747 Published Date 11 Jul 2008
  Polygamy is of the Lord. The dead in this world that will not resurrect they're the same as the Sadducees who are the children of this world who marry and are given in marriage. But in Heaven nobody is married we loose our uncomely parts because we don't reproduce in heaven.

Program #746 Published Date 10 Jul 2008
  They which went before rebuked him that he should hold his peace but he cried so much more. Thou Son of David have mercy on me. And Jesus stood and commanded him to be brought until Him. When you're crying out to Jesus your praying and you're not going to let the crowd stop you from praying to Jesus you've got a purpose. Lord have mercy on me, shut up they say, Lord have mercy on me. Don't let any devil prevent you from continuing in prayer.

Program #745 Published Date 10 Jul 2008
  Wheresoever the body of Christ is thither will the eagles (abominable birds) be gathered together. Whenever you see a true work of the Lord there's going to be every evil creature coming against it.

Program #744 Published Date 10 Jul 2008
  The rich man cried out and said, Father Abraham have mercy on me, mercy, and send Lazarus that he may dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my mouth, cool my tongue. Let Lazarus do something for me after all I let him have crumbs off of my table, for I am tormented in this flame.

Program #743 Published Date 9 Jul 2008
  How are the Pharisees covetous? Because they want everything that you have, and they're not of the Lord. They teach the law, they know the law the Bible says, but they don't do what the law tells them to do. They don't care about humans.

Program #742 Published Date 9 Jul 2008
  You can't be a person that tolerates everything in this world. You have to have a no tolerant spirit to any of the false doctrine and the false things of the world. So, He says make sure you strive to enter in at the straight gate for many I say unto you will seek to enter in and shall not be able. Because they don't strive.

Program #741 Published Date 9 Jul 2008
  We are members of the body of Christ, that family, not the family of sinners. If you do that and don't favor them but you favor Him, then your daughters and your sons, your fathers and your mothers will be saved because they see the strong stand that you make for the Lord. But if you Mickey Mouse around with them and don't do what the Lord says then they're going to hell and you are too.

Program #740 Published Date 9 Jul 2008
  The life is in the blood. The life is in the spirit. The life is in the word of God. Eternal life is there you have to search the scriptures. The more you deposit the scriptures, the spirit, the blood, the word, into your being, the more you have life.

Program #739 Published Date 8 Jul 2008
  If your whole body therefore be full of light then there is no way that satan can get into you and start telling you to kill the president or kill your mother, your father, your sister, your brothers your children to drown them in bath tubs or throw them out the window, or to walk into to a school and mow down all the people in the school.

Program #738 Published Date 8 Jul 2008
  When the unclean spirit is gone out of man he walks thru dry places the man is free of this unclean spirit. He's cast out of this man the spirit though is walking through dry places and this evil spirit seeks rest and he wants to get inside of a body and to communicate with the person. The demon is cast out and is in dry places he wants to get back into that body where he can influence the mind to go into the world and have fun again.

Program #737 Published Date 8 Jul 2008
  He that heareth you, My disciples, hears Me, Jesus said. If you people don't hear me and take it to heart you don't hear God. You don't hear Jesus. What you're hearing from right now is the Lord. These words I preach unto you are not my own they are the words of God.

Program #736 Published Date 8 Jul 2008
  This is what you're getting because you're sowing evil and God is sowing evil back at you. And He's going to make it to where some of you drown and your crops are failing and the price of gas is going up because you don't listen to Him. It's a chain reaction it's part of the curses of God for disobedience.

Program #735 Published Date Sat, 5 Jul 2008
  His disciples asked him saying, what might this parable be. What are you talking about? Unto you is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven but to others in parables, that's how they have to learn.

Program #734 Published Date 4 Jul 2008
  God never crosses up His Word. When Jesus said that he that doubts is damned and he that believes is saved. The least person that just slightly made it into the Kingdom of Heaven is greater than this great prophet that fell away and began doubting because He wasn't going to let him out of jail.

Program #733 Published Date 4 Jul 2008
  Can the blind lead the blind. Can you people that don't really know the meaning of God's word, can you lead anybody, you can't even lead yourself.

Program #732 Published Date 3 Jul 2008
  God values His word higher than His name. The Lord wants everything. He says I am the Sabbath I am the rest, come to me and rest from your old work and get busy for Me, let Me work in you.

Program #731 Published Date 2 Jul 2008
  The Greeks wanted everyone to believe in Diana and the Catholics want everyone to believe in Mary to pray to her. This is idolatry folks, and it's not scriptural. It's actually antichrist.

Program #730 Published Date 2 Jul 2008
  The Vatican made a prediction there was going to be a lot of terrorism starting in the fall, it was September, 9-11. What do you think folks, is God a liar. He said it would be coming from Rome and that this would be the biggest, the most elaborate, the most powerful force and it talks about it in the Book of Revelation and in the Book of Daniel. That it would be Rome that is doing all these bad things in these last days.

Program #729 Published Date 1 Jul 2008
  I made Sonny and Cher number one in the world, for awhile. Now where's Sony. Ran into a tree and his soul went out and was judged. Whatsoever he did for the Lord is the only thing that would be any gratification to him in eternity because when he stands before the Lord and says so you want to be Mayor you want to sing little funny songs huh, I got you babe, ya sure you do. Look at her she's been with many other men since then. It saddens me to know he went out the way he did without Christ.

Program #728 Published Date 1 Jul 2008
  Simeon blessed them the mother and Joseph even though he wasn't the father, God was the father and said unto Mary his mother. Behold this child is set for he fall and rising again of many in Israel. Because everyone that doesn't believe that He's the Messiah will fall, and they will fall, fall, fall in a spiral into hell and the lake of fire.

Program #727 Published Date Sat, 28 Jun 2008
  He hath put down the mighty from their seats and exalted them of low degree. Well, who are those of low degree? Those of us that are willing to be mocked and scoffed at just like Jesus was and He's going to exalt us that are of low degree.

Program #726 Published Date Sat, 28 Jun 2008
  Jesus was rejected. Jesus carried out His mission in faith. He had to have faith too. He carried out His mission in faith, love which is the keeping of God's commandments and forgiveness to sinners that come to Him. If you come to Him and you're forgiven of your sins and then you decide to go back into the world and think that you can commit murder everyday and still be forgiven, you haven't read the Bible, the Bible doesn't say that.

Program #725 Published Date 27 Jun 2008
  H.B. Barnum's band is at our church in Los Angeles every evening during the week. And we have services every evening at 8:00 and twice on Sunday at 3 in the afternoon and 8:00. And we're located at 13136 Sierra Highway, Saugus, California or Canyon Country, California they're calling it now and we've been there for over 40 years.

Program #724 Published Date 27 Jun 2008
  There's people in churches you go in and they say did you know that Tony Alamo is a cult. They picked that up from the Vatican from the Roman Catholic Church. The third letter that John wrote to the church is a personal note to a Pastor about other Pastors who refuse to accept other Pastors into their church but prefer to gossip about them.

Program #723 Published Date 26 Jun 2008
  Power, grace be with you, mercy and peace. If we sow mercy, in other words if we go and convince people to follow the Lord we will reap mercy on judgment day. We will spend eternity in Heaven. Peace, means peace with God. What you want to do is get saved so you can have peace on earth.

Program #722 Published Date 25 Jun 2008
  The president is nothing because everything he's telling us is false. The Pope is nothing, he's the biggest nothing that ever lived. He's Satan, he's the incarnation of Satan on the earth.

Program #721 Published Date 25 Jun 2008
  The Bible says that were not to know anybody but the Lord if we want to go to the Kingdom of Heaven and stay out of hell. He says in His word love not the world, because everything in the world is lust. The lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life, everything.

Program #720 Published Date 25 Jun 2008
  We are the rulers in this world. We were not voted in to be a ruler by man. People like these presidents were voted in by man but not by God. We are of God. He that knoweth God, if you know God you're going to listen to what I say because I'm telling you what the truth is. He that is not of God doesn't pay any attention to us.

Program #719 Published Date 25 Jun 2008
  Nothing that I know of, the government does, is for our benefit, they sold us down the tubes. We don't have freedom anymore. The pope says to hell with the U.S. Constitution, that means to hell with freedom.

Program #718 Published Date 19 Jun 2008
  We know that we know Him if we keep His commandments. Do you keep His commandments? Verse 4, He that sayeth I know Him and keepeth not His commandments is a liar. And the truth, Jesus is the way the truth and the life, and the truth, Jesus, is not in him. If Christ is not in you forget about going to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Program #717 Published Date 18 Jun 2008
  Jesus is the the Word of Life, there is no life in any other but there is eternal life in God. The life was manifest, in other words the eternal life was manifested and we have seen it. We saw this man raise dead people back to life and bear witness and show unto you that eternal life we're showing you how to receive it that's why it's so precious to hear these words.

Program #716 Published Date 18 Jun 2008
  Number 11: Taking a vow of celibacy while they're having sex with little boys hundreds of thousands of them. Oh yes we're celibate we're Catholic we're celibate. Infant baptism, when a child doesn't know to do good or evil they're not responsible, in other words there is no condemnation there is no going to hell if you haven't sinned. These cultist say, your baby died you've got pay thousands of dollars to get him or her out of purgatory.

Program #715 Published Date 18 Jun 2008
  The fear of the Lord and understanding and that you can't lie you dirty filthy scum. Well how can a Pastor call people dirty filthy scum. The Lord calls you if you've left the Lord a vomit eating dog. You think that wallowing in sin is going to be acceptable of the lord. At no risk of loosing you, you can leave the church and the church will be blessed more by having no sign of any scum bucket in the church. You sure don't preach like other preachers. Right.

Program #714 Published Date 18 Jun 2008
  Now that you're saved you should be thankful that I saved your soul so here's what I want you to do Tony and all the people that call themselves Christians. Verse 2: Feed the flock of God with the Word of God which is among you taking the oversight, you've got to be overseers there of not by constraint unwilling but willingly. Not for money not for filthy money, filthy lucre, but of a ready mind to do what the Lord says for you to do.

Program #713 Published Date 17 Jun 2008
  While the ark was preparing Noah was preaching 120 years to everybody. We don't want to be on the boat with that square Noah and his three brats and their wives and his old lady we'd rather drown and go to hell. Old fashioned dude, just preaching, that silly fool building a boat out there on dry land.

Program #712 Published Date Sat, 14 Jun 2008
  Why should we read the Old Testament? You wouldn't even know what this is all about here if you didn't. Even as Sarah obeyed Abraham because it's a commandment to read the Old Testament. The New Testament talks about the Old Testament all the time. The Old Testament is the foundation it tells about creation everything in the world and in the universe.

Program #711 Published Date 13 Jun 2008
  We came to the Lord, we didn't flee from the Lord, the living stone who is rejected indeed of men but chosen of God and precious.

Program #710 Published Date 13 Jun 2008
  If you have the faith to witness to people then you're going to have praise honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ when he comes back to earth. Because the trying of your faith is much more, much more, abundantly more, precious than gold that perishes even though it's tried with fire. That's how gold gets strong is because it's put through the fire and it takes all the dross out of it and it becomes pure. If you keep the faith you're going to go through some fire.

Program #709 Published Date 11 Jun 2008
  The Lord God waits for the precious fruit. There are so many people that haven't heard the gospel yet and He's waiting patiently for the fruit of the earth. The precious fruit of the earth, human souls that will be able to spend eternity in Heaven instead of in hell. What good is all the money you have, all your riches if you re going to hell.

Program #708 Published Date 11 Jun 2008
  You're offending God and man in word, in the Word of God because you're telling them fallacy that causes their soul to go to hell. Or that you're telling them they can continue sinning even after the Lord has washed you from your filthy sins. And given you the power of God within you to be able to keep the commandments from now on and you still keep sinning. People that are preaching these false doctrines are those that want to have large congregations.

Program #707 Published Date 11 Jun 2008
  Has not God chosen the poor, the poor things of this world but those that are rich in faith and heirs of the Kingdom of God which He hath promised to them that keep His Word. Those that love His Word. That love to know what the right thing is to do.

Program #706 Published Date 11 Jun 2008
  In Revelation, He said you people are doing a lot of bad things. He's talking to one of His churches but He says that I have all these things against you but one thing you do have is that you hate. Wow isn't that something that Jesus is saying that you hate the deeds of the Nicolatians. And I hate them as well Jesus says I hate their deeds. That's what I'm talking about I hate the deeds of the Roman Catholic Cult.

Program #705 Published Date 10 Jun 2008
  We have to endure persecution because if we don't, if persecution gets us down, if we draw back and we throw in the towel...we have to endure persecution to live out true salvation. Salvation is... we have to be religious salvationists. We have to continue until the end the bible says or we won't be saved.

Program #704 Published Date 10 Jun 2008
  Let your conversation be without covetousness. Covetousness is so bad because you doubt God is able to give you the same sort of thing that He gives to the person that you're coveting their things.

Program #703 Published Date Sat, 7 Jun 2008
  But now He hath promised saying yet once more I shake not the earth only but also heaven. So I am not only going to shake the earth again I am going to shake the earth and heaven. I'm going to find out who could be shaken away and the ones that will stick and stay and make it pay. Verse 27 and this word yet once more signifies the removing of those things that are shaken like people that fall away. There is a great falling away they've been shaken away from salvation. They were saved but they're not always saved if they can be shaken away by temptation, by some kind of lust out in the world or lust in their flesh. Because they never allowed the Lord to take their flesh over, they never surrendered completely to Him.

Program #702 Published Date Sat, 7 Jun 2008
  We should never be discouraged. We should just take it to the Lord in prayer. If we have trials and temptations, take it to the Lord in prayer. The Lord didn't say worry always or worry without ceasing. It doesn't do any good to worry. But it does a mountain of good if you pray to the Lord about your situation.

Program #701 Published Date Sat, 7 Jun 2008
  If we commit sin after we are born again of the spirit and we become part of His body there remains no more forgiveness for us. So pay really strict attention to these words. Because it is impossible for God to lie.

Program #700 Published Date 6 Jun 2008
  Jesus is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. Christ who is the high priest after the order of Melchesidec who was never created He had no beginning no ending. His body had a temporary ending here, but then He rose from the dead and He ascended into the Kingdom of Heaven and now He lives forever.

Program #699 Published Date 5 Jun 2008
  When God made promise to Abraham, He could sware by no greater He swore by Himself, God did. Saying surely blessing I will bless thee. We hear so many people say bless you, bless you, their blessings don't mean anything if they're not saved. It's just a phrase that they coined to make people believe that they're Christians.

Program #698 Published Date 5 Jun 2008
  Today if you will hear His voice and harden not your hearts. That means if you'll hear His voice and believe it and not harden yourself against the Word of God. verse 8; For if Jesus had given them rest then would He not afterward have spoken of another day.

Program #697 Published Date 5 Jun 2008
  You can not send my spirit in to Hell. You're not going to pressure me like you're trying to do with Buster White. Pressuring him saying if you don't go to Tony's church anymore this will go away all this persecution that we re doing to you. Because they don't want anyone to come to my church. But they do anyway, that's defiance to the devil. Yes we are defiant to the devil and you comply with Satan therefore you haven't got a chance to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Program #696 Published Date 5 Jun 2008
  There was a bunch of judges in Nashville Tennessee; my brother Danny was called DJ Danny. The judges wanted to invite him out and open a night club with his name on it. My brother went to a judges party and there was a big bowl of heroine there. And all kinds of kilo's of marijuana and cocaine. And everyday they (the judges) are sending people to prison for cocaine and marijuana.

Program #695 Published Date 4 Jun 2008
  God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ the boss who was the first one who showed us if the Spirit of God is in us we can do everything Jesus did. Well my faith doesn't reach that far you say. Well then study the Bible because faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.

Program #694 Published Date 4 Jun 2008
  Satan's job is to take people to Hell with him. That's why he is bombarding stupid little heads and telling them all sorts of things and it would be better for them on the outside and to be with their whoreish mothers and pimpish fathers than to be in the house of God.

Program #693 Published Date 4 Jun 2008
  verse 6, But this I say, he that soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly. You people out in the world that are hanging onto your money because you don't trust God enough to know that if there is a gas crisis or whatever else is going on that your going to prosper by saving your money and as your saving it, it's dwindling down anyway. The best thing to do is seek the Lord to see if He wants you to tithe some of it, if He does do it. Because He'll send back 100 fold.

Program #692 Published Date 4 Jun 2008
  The body that you're living in right now is not yours. It belongs to God and you can't do whatever you want. You can't go against God's Word either. The Lord says that the righteous person values everything that God has given them.

Program #691 Published Date 3 Jun 2008
  I put a picture of my late wife Susie on our web site which shows that she's 9 years older than me. And I loved her more than anybody that I could ever love on the face of this earth because she was Godly. Young girls don't know anything. I'm not interested in young girls or corrupting anybody. The Lord has called me to get people uncorrupted by preaching His Word, so they can be Holy.

Program #690 Published Date 3 Jun 2008
  If you receive what you hear you very well might be saved today. If you purpose to do that but if your purpose is to squander your life on the things on this earth then at the end you'll be scrambling, groveling before the Lord. Saying Lord let me be saved now and He'll tell you according to His scripture the Word and He doesn't lie, He can't, and He'll say to you no, you rejected me too long.

Program #689 Published Date 2 Jun 2008
  We walk by faith not by seeing Jesus every second or every minute or every hour, we are confident. When we are with the Lord we're going to say whew we made it, we're in and nobody can take us out. We're in Heaven. Hallelujah! Wherefore we labor.

Program #688 Published Date Sun, 1 Jun 2008
  If you tell them whether they believe or believe not this is what you are supposed to do and if you do it the blood of their souls is off your hands. But if you don't do it then you have murdered everyone that you did not deliver the gospel to. And the blood of all these souls is on your hands. That's why I send people out onto the street with literature that God gave me to hand to people that has won thousands upon thousands even millions of souls.

Program #687 Published Date Sun, 1 Jun 2008
  If we become so fearful as the Lord says we must be that's the whole duty of man is to fear God. Many people say, I don't want to fear God. Well then you won't be able to make it into the Kingdom of Heaven. Because if you don't fear God you're not going to keep his commandments. That's the whole duty of man is to fear God and keep His commandments.

Program #686 Published Date Sat, 31 May 2008
  People are committing suicide and Satan is clapping his hands. There's no oil? You're out of your mind! Oil prices are soaring. Why because the Pope is causing it to soar and all of his imps that are enforcing this stuff on you. Gas prices should not be going up they should be down at a level. They could be a the same level as it was during World War II.

Program #685 Published Date Sat, 31 May 2008
  When it gets to the point when you've got the government more powerful than the people then that's communism. Its what I've always called Catholic communism they put a different label on it. They say that it's democracy but really all it is, is a dictatorship. And they do certain crimes. The president was in on 911.

Program #684 Published Date Sat, 31 May 2008
  If you're rejecting the Lord you're joining in with the world government saying Christians are not of the Lord. Lets kill them, crucify them, persecute them, do everything you can, burn them at Waco. Burn them, crucify them, but those that are of the Lord will receive Him and be as we are.

Program #683 Published Date 30 May 2008
  They knew the Jews were the first Church. The true Church of God started on the day of Pentecost. They were all broke; they didn't have any money. Peter, a Jew, was the only Apostle that had a wife that we know of, and popes don't have wives—they're homosexuals, and Peter was no homosexual. Priests (most of them) are homosexuals and child molesters. That is the most satanic cult on the face of this earth, and the Lord said in His Word that it is THE MOTHER OF EVERY ABOMINATION ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH. Either believe God or the news media. The media is Satan's mouth.

Program #682 Published Date 30 May 2008
  The New Testament is written in the blood. So the life is in the New Testament. When we're reading the Word of God you're drinking the blood. And you're doing it in remembrance of Jesus. He showed this cup to Susie that she had drink. She had to go from this world into Heaven. He asked her, will you drink this cup and Susie said yes. Drink it and it will be quite awhile and you will raise from the dead and you and Tony will be the two witnesses.

Program #681 Published Date 30 May 2008
  A lot of people say that was the Old Testament why should we study that? Because that is our examples. We need to have samples, we need to have examples of how we are supposed to be and examples of what happens when people don't follow the Lord.

Program #680 Published Date 29 May 2008
  The Spirit of God mortifies the deeds of the flesh. Psalm 23 The Lord, in other words the Word of God is my shepard. I shall not want it leads guides and directs me into all spiritual things. The Spirit of God tells me how to stay out of trouble and how to be blessed by God. It also tells you how you can be cursed by the Lord.

Program #679 Published Date 29 May 2008
  The world government needs Another Pearl Harbor. You can take a jar of poison and put a label on it saying honey but still the ingredients are poison. That's what This evil one world cult headed by the devil in Rome and the media is doing is they are labeling all sorts of evil things with labels of honey and they are taking the things that are really of the Lord and marking them poison and cult and they call it a compounds and things like that.

Program #678 Published Date 29 May 2008
  The whole creation is suffering now, under the elements of this world and the powers in this world that are the weak and beggarly powers but they're oppressing people throughout the world. There are sicknesses, diseases, infirmities, pestilences, and all the plagues that are plaguing the earth right now and it's not going to get any better. It's going to get worse and worse.

Program #677 Published Date 29 May 2008
  Elvis Presley the very best gospel singer in the world. We prayed him through to the Lord. Satan just got a hold of him. The radio stations in Nashville were panning him real bad because he was singing gospel songs. It just goes to show how wicked and evil and they said nobody wants to hear him sing gospel.

Program #676 Published Date 28 May 2008
  You can not sit down with Satan at a peace conference because Christ is the Prince of Peace. All Satan comes for is to destroy and murder and to steal.

Program #675 Published Date 28 May 2008
  When I saw they were under fire, I went to battle for them. The government does not own our children. We own our children. Well we can come and take them and ya God can kill you. Don't you know that God can kill you?

Program #674 Published Date 28 May 2008
  Knowledge puffeth up. That means that worldly knowledge makes you think your somebody that your not. Charity in other words love, charity which is the keeping of God's commandments edifies people. It tells them the things that are right and the things that are wrong according to God.

Program #673 Published Date 28 May 2008
  The Lord shall command the blessing upon thee in thy store houses. That is if you keep the commandments of the Lord and you love to serve him rather than yourelf.

Program #672 Published Date 23 May 2008
  When people don't want to listen to God, they don't want to walk with him. But, there was a man in the world that walked with God. His name was Enoch and he must come back to earth soon. Because he walked with God, God took him without having him to die. So he has to come back to earth in order to die. Because the Word of God states it is appointed unto man once to die. Just like Elijah who came in the form of John the Baptist. And he said that he wasn't Elijah but he was. I believe without any shadow of a doubt that I am Enoch.

Program #671 Published Date 23 May 2008
  People have to hustle to get up to the throne; they have to discipline themselves to be disciplined by the Holy Spirit. The moral of the story is there were many of the girls in the church that fell in love with him. They fall in love because of the way a person looks. Instead of the degree that they have love for the Lord. It's for sure if they had looked at another man this man snapped very easily and he would have killed them.

Program #670 Published Date 23 May 2008
  We are pilgrims passing through. All the judges are unjust. They're going to rule that homosexuals are legal and people that are married and raising children are illegal. They put them in Catholic foster homes so they can learn to be homosexuals, learn to be reprobates.

Program #669 Published Date 22 May 2008
  The Lord told me in that office. Stand up on your feet and tell the people in this room about the Lord Jesus Christ and that He is coming back to earth again or thou shalt surely die.

Program #668 Published Date 22 May 2008
  The way to win souls is to go down on the streets and preach man to man with people. Most people realize that most of the people on television are phonies. There not going to turn the TV on to religious programming.

Program #667 Published Date 20 May 2008
  For the wisdom of this world, all you people that think you be so wise, the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.

Program #666 Published Date 19 May 2008
  Love and Affection. Love is the keeping of God's commandments. I've had plenty of affection or love upon people. Because I'm telling you the truth. There isn't any greater love than that a person that will lay down their life and tell people the truth.

Program #665 Published Date Sat, 17 May 2008   The more they persecuted the Jews the more God blessed them and multiplied them. The more you are afflicting us the more people on earth know Jesus said, if they persecuted me, The Master, how much more will they persecute you. So people know that and it makes them believe there are people of the Lord here on earth.

Program #664 Published Date 16 May 2008
  Jesus sets you free but Satan has you bound. Satan says you can't be married. Satan says you can't be married if you're an older man.

Program #663 Published Date 16 May 2008
  The Bible says that a person that doesn't believe in God is a fool.

Program #662 Published Date 16 May 2008
  Fellow prisoners? There are two kinds of prisoners, you are either a prisoner of Satan or a prisoner of the Lord. You have to choose who you want to be the prisoner of.

Program #661 Published Date 15 May 2008
  Satan is afraid of God. Because Satan knows that he was a created being. He was Lucifer until he got to thinking he was so good looking that he got full of pride over his looks. FLDS children are taken to a Catholic orphanage and you know Catholic Priests are child molesters.

Program #660 Published Date 15 May 2008
  There are many books that a man from the Vatican put together the Bible. But he left many of them out. One of them was the Book of Jasher. The Book of Jasher tell us many things. People of this earth that are of the devil don't want people to hear it.

Program #659 Published Date 14 May 2008
  Wherefore receive you one another. It's a commandment of the Lord. As Christ also received us to the glory of God. How does God get glory for that? Because He gets more sons and daughters. It honors God when you show Satan and the rest of the world that you keep God's commandments.

Program #658 Published Date 14 May 2008
  Satan doesn't want to give up the world. He won the world by lying. The Jesuit oath.

Program #657 Published Date 13 May 2008
  Alberto Rivera became a good friend of mine. We had long discussions, he was next to the Pope in the Vatican and he would tell me what the Vatican does and the Jesuits, is they infiltrate churches. They go in there to undermine it.

Program #656 Published Date 13 May 2008
  God is going to have a place on this earth and it's this church.

Program #655 Published Date Sun, 11 May 2008
  Dee and Harvey were in charge of a little motel in Tempe Arizona. Harvey didn't look to the left or right when he shot out into the street, he did the same thing again. The Lord said he would get killed or seriously injured. A few days later I get a call and a big mac truck was coming down the road and he shot out in front of it and it knocked his life string loose. She is paralyzed for life. They can't move. When he's eating snot is coming out of his nose. The Lord was telling me to tell him and it came to pass.

Program #654 Published Date Sun, 11 May 2008
  I'm not overcome with things people say about me. But I try to win their souls. So I continue preaching the Word of God and overcome evil with doing good.

Program #653 Published Date Sat, 10 May 2008
  There are a lot of hard knuckle heads in the world today that don't pay any attention to the blessings that are coming upon them from the Lord. I'm blessing you folks. You can be angry at me and say that I'm doing all kinds of evil things and I'm not doing them. So what you're doing is attempting to curse me for something I'm not doing wrong. I'm not doing anything that the Lord didn't tell me to do. So bless them which persecute you. I'm blessing you, I'm telling you what the Word of God says.

Program #652 Published Date 9 May 2008
  Satan obscures the way that we're supposed to be in order to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. So he hides how to get into the Kingdom of Heaven He causes distractions. When you go in to pray to the Lord the phone will ring or something will happen. You've got to contact God. Satan is doing everything he can to hide or to put out of focus the way into Heaven. This is what Satan does that's his job.

Program #651 Published Date 9 May 2008
  There is only one plan of salvation, there's only one method God has devised and Satan must hide that from you and everything that he is doing all day long is hiding the way, the truth, and the life. There's a certain way that you get into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Program #650 Published Date 8 May 2008
  In the Kingdom of Heaven Satan stated he would take God's place. "I'm taking over up here" and of course he failed. Satan took away the earths rulership that God had given to Adam and Eve by deceiving Adam's wife whose name was Eve. Eve then deceived her husband Adam through Satan's voice and communication with God for man was over with and He send strong delusion because you don't have anything in your brain but Satan. Satan is insane, in darkness, he doesn't know anything.

Program #649 Published Date 8 May 2008
  The time is at hand we're in the Book of Revelation very deeply and the plagues are coming down. Those that have not received earthquakes, tsunamis, twisters, typhoons and all these different things the Lord hits them with every type of disease there is.

Program #648 Published Date 7 May 2008
  This country is going to be destroyed and all the other countries of the world are going to be destroyed. Because they want to hurt people instead of help them.

Program #647 Published Date 7 May 2008
  The Lord says Jacob have I loved but Esau have I hated. Why did God hate, I didn't know that God hates you might say, that's because you're not a Bible scholar and you're not a believer in the Lord. You think it's alright to just love the devil.

Program #646 Published Date 7 May 2008
  The Bible tells us we must do that which is good. In other words learn the Bible, preach it, and do what the Word of God says to do. And thou shalt have praise of the Lord.

Program #645 Published Date 7 May 2008
  The Book of Jasher regarding the age of Rebecca. Verse 39 chapter 24: And they all blessed the Lord who brought this thing about and they gave him Rebecca the daughter of Bethuel for a wife for Isaac. Verse 40: And the young woman was very comely in appearance, she was a virgin and Rebecca was 10 years old in those days.

Program #644 Published Date 7 May 2008
  We are on the streets more than anybody else in this world and we're winning a lot of souls unto the Lord.

Program #643 Published Date 6 May 2008
  We're not like what the government or media says, were just inside some cult or something like that. No, this is the way the Vatican is they're inside the monks whip themselves and don't eat. We go out into the streets witnessing and testifying. We'll take a break and eat a chicken sandwich and potato chips.

Program #642 Published Date 6 May 2008
  They executed the people at Waco Texas. Bill Clinton said I take full responsibility and my homosexual Attorney General Janet Reno she takes full responsibility for them and that will teach people; he was posing as a Baptist. But God is starting to raise heaven to them. He sent us into the world to preach the gospel to you ignoramuses and because you don't listen He's pouring out his wrath over in Missouri, Arkansas, Texas and all over the world. We're not going to join together with you bunch of heathen. You must join us if you want to go to heaven.

Program #641 Published Date 5 May 2008
  I could care less if anybody is a polygamist I'm just preaching the Bible. I want people to receive that. I would suggest that you really don't have more than one wife, because if you have more than one wife you're going to have more than one mother-in-law. And some peoples mother-in-laws are ok I guess but if you had 10, 15, 16, 25 wives then your going to have 10, 15, 16, 25 mother-in-laws.

Program #640 Published Date Sat, 3 May 2008
  Lord you said that those police officers and all those different people that are taking the children away from their parents that you're going to take their children away. They said ha, ha, that isn't going to happen. Just like Pharaoh did when you destroyed Egypt and opened the Red Sea. They forget about all these things. Whatever you sow you're going to reap.

Program #639 Published Date 2 May 2008
  I've got a very strong message from the Lord it's prophecy against the government and the news media. The Lords going to take the first born of everybody that is involved with the taking away of the children in Texas and loves to see the children separated from their mothers. The Lords going to take them. If this doesn't come to pass well then you'll know I'm a false prophet. Brace yourselves you evil ones out there for something that you're not going to like. God said He's going to rejoice over you when He starts taking your kids away from you.

Program #638 Published Date 2 May 2008
  I believe the government and media is condemning the FLDS Church for not being a part of this satanic society that we happen to be living in. We're in it but we're not a part of it. We're like lambs and they are like lambs among wolves. How does it feel for you people out there to know that God calls you wolves and for God to call the government the beast and for God to call the antichrist cult in Rome the great whore? The mother of every abomination on the face of this earth. Oh, that must make you feel proud.

Program #637 Published Date 2 May 2008
  Jesus showed us that He was compassionate to those that love to keep the commandments and He was telling people they're going to hell. He called them devils, He called people vipers, snakes, dogs, and pigs and He fashioned a whip. People don't like to receive the gospel the way that it really is. But God is the way the Bible says He is.

Program #636 Published Date 1 May 2008
  The Bible says people would betray one another in the last days. They did this in Germany when they wanted anyone to, if you see a Jew let us know immediately so we can capture them and put them in prison and then take them into the ovens or the death chambers to the places where we burn them. This is the Vatican, folks, is the most dangerous organization on earth. They are not of God.

Program #635 Published Date 1 May 2008
  While in jail I went on a fast because I wanted to get an answer from the Lord. All the people of the Lord when there was something like this happening to them they started fasting but the news media said I was attempting suicide. They're a filthy bunch of liars they just make up anything they want to say in order to have a sensational story so people just listen to them and people have itchy ears to hear any false thing about anybody that's really doing a good job for people and a good job for the Lord. Why would I want to commit suicide when I know I am innocent.

Program #634 Published Date Sun, 27 Apr 2008
  Polygamy is fine with the Lord. But not 'serial polygamy' where you divorce a woman that you have and then you get another one. The Lord gives recompense to the type of people that believe that lighting a candle or saying 'Hail Mary' and all these ridiculous things or people that preach 'God is all love' and there's no recompense for preaching sin, all these people are going to hell. Baptists and Catholics go out and commit fornication all the time. Polygamy was NEVER condemned by God.

Program #633 Published Date Sat, 26 Apr 2008
  Baptists and other people that call yourselves Christians you marry and divorce, you marry and divorce. This is polygamy and so you're judging me, people that actually are polygamist they take care of their wives and children. Not like you serial polygamists where you marry them and then you divorce and get yourself another wife because your first wife was a little bit old.

Program #632 Published Date 25 Apr 2008
  People keep insisting they have the right to murder any human being. That's why children are so confused today they want to kill everybody because they figure if my mother could have killed me then I'll just go out and kill whoever I will. If it's alright for her its alright for me.

Program #631 Published Date 24 Apr 2008
  Who practices polygamy? It seems like everybody according to serial polygamy and all the other different polygamies that there are in the world. But, the one that practices polygamy correctly is; they support their wives and their children. They don't leave them destitute like the men in western society.

Program #630 Published Date 24 Apr 2008
  He sits in the Heavens and He laughs at you heathen and He's putting you in derision. All of a sudden there is no peace on earth and your wondering why, why are these things happening, why all these plagues, why did God knock my house down? Well, why are you accusing God your commentator said it was Mother Nature.

Program #629 Published Date 24 Apr 2008
  Satan uses people. You need to rise up and let your voice be heard regarding all the things you see being done on this earth. Rise up! These people are angry because we're continuing to preach the gospel. They're testing our ability to stay in the Spirit by harassing all the time.

Program #628 Published Date 23 Apr 2008
  Government agents infiltrated into my church, Joseph Taliaferro being one and John Peeler being another one, these are FBI people they have written statements that this is a real church of the Lord.

Program #627 Published Date 23 Apr 2008
  The Lord says we have to serve Him with the whole heart, all of the heart, all of our soul, every bit of our being. People that call themselves Christians say that's somebody elses ministry not mine. The Lord says that isn't so.

Program #626 Published Date 23 Apr 2008
  Former President Clinton was on television while we were watching the flames of those little children, their mothers, and dads being burned up and said, "I take full responsibility for this". This scares the general public from serving God.

Program #625 Published Date 22 Apr 2008
  In the event that we want something from the Lord, we have to mortify our flesh. You just really don't know the Lord until you do that. You just don't realize what it's like to pray and then receive an answer from the Lord. There has to be a communion there. We have to turn completely from the world and give our hearts to the Kingdom of Heaven. All that is in the world is the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.

Program #624 Published Date 22 Apr 2008
  After you say the prayer and now that you're saved, I know that you've got credit cards and everything, now deny yourself and take up your cross and follow me(Jesus). We are living in the end-time where men are lovers of their own selves instead of lovers of God Matthew 24:10-12.

Program #623 Published Date 21 Apr 2008
  We are living in the time when the actual antichrist-the entire United Nations which the homosexual leader of that homosexual church and child molesting church spoke at the United Nations. The media wants you to know they are exalting him to heaven.

Program #622 Published Date 21 Apr 2008
  The Bible condemns homosexuality. They filed a child abuse case on me just to have fun in the press with it to make me look like some cult leader and they had to drop the case they knew they couldn't win.

Program #621 Published Date Sun, 20 Apr 2008
  Ask yourself, am I really a sinner? How does God treat sinners? What does God want me to do about my sin? God changed a zealous Jewish Rabbi from a persecutor of the church to becoming its leading missionary.

Program #620 Published Date Sat, 19 Apr 2008
  All the people of the earth are going to bow down before the Lord. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess when the Lord's coming back, thou art God, thou art God, thou art God. As though that's going to please the Lord. They knew that before but they just wanted to live their own life and impress their wives.

Program #619 Published Date Sat, 19 Apr 2008
  People don't read the Psalms and they should. The Lord is my Shepard, in other words the Lord is the one that I follow.

Program #618 Published Date 18 Apr 2008
  The only ones that don't want men and women born into this world is the Vatican, and a lot of people that just want to live their lives for themselves.

Program #617 Published Date 18 Apr 2008
  What the Vatican is doing is taking that which is constitutional and making it unconstitutional.

Program #616 Published Date 17 Apr 2008
  A phantom girl calls up saying stuff and then they took 400 children away. They should not do that it's brutality, it's antichrist, it's anti-American. The Vatican hates the Church of the Latter Day Saints.

Program #615 Published Date 17 Apr 2008
  The Pope is trying to smooth it over and make everyone believe homosexuality is all right. Prov. 18:13 The fear of the Lord is to hate evil.

Program #614 Published Date 16 Apr 2008
  John ch.54:6 Whosoever eateth My flesh (receiveth the whole Word of God) and drinketh My blood (has the life of God in it which is the Spirit) hath eternal life.

Program #613 Published Date 16 Apr 2008
  Arise shake off the dangerous lethargy of the world.

Program #612 Published Date 15 Apr 2008
  There are so many things in the Bible that are so offensive to people even disciples. When God says it, that settles it.

Program #611 Published Date 15 Apr 2008
  True love is the keeping of God's commandments. Who are these devils in the Vatican that are telling us to do something anti-Bible, antichrist?

Program #610 Published Date 15 Apr 2008
  Government people that have been cursed by the Lord, one is Raymond A. Donovan.

Program #609 Published Date 15 Apr 2008
  Moses the polygamist the servant of God. The nation of Israel the polygamists. Heaven endorses polygamists that are really of the Lord.

Program #608 Published Date 15 Apr 2008
  The enemy of our souls including the entire Roman Catholic cult world government that is telling people that Your children are cults, that they should come in and investigate You God.

Program #607 Published Date 15 Apr 2008
  We get people that want to use the church/mission as a crash pad and then we get very sincere people that are receiving the true doctrine of the Lord. The Lord isn't sad over phony's that say they want to go to Heaven but they don't do the works.

Program #606 Published Date 15 Apr 2008
  People ask how do we get to the throne of God, the Bible tells us that the Lord is in us, in our hearts, so He is sitting on the throne of our hearts if we are really born of the Spirit. Pray always.

Program #605 Published Date 14 Apr 2008
  All of you that think Jesus is sweet Jesus; I know that you don't know the Lord and you don't read the Bible.

Program #604 Published Date 11 Apr 2008
  The Bible says that we are all the body of Christ; no one is going to hate their own body or a body part. We're not to hate any member of the Lord's body.

Program #603 Published Date 11 Apr 2008
  We should follow the Lord with more zeal than those following the devil.

Program #602 Published Date 10 Apr 2008
  I don't believe in anyone forcing someone to be married. And I don't believe in holding people back from leaving the church. If they want to they can go. I probably put out more people than I take in new ones. There are no bars in this church, there are no chains or ropes holding people prisoner.

Program #601 Published Date 10 Apr 2008
  A bastard is a person that is born and they don't know who their father is. This whole world doesn't know who Father God is.

Program #600 Published Date 10 Apr 2008
  No liar shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The more I put these wicked people out of the church, the more God prospers the church.

Program #599 Published Date 11 Apr 2008
  The Lord may be testing you to see if you will stick with Him thru thick and thin. Pray to the Lord to send His guardian angels to you and also be in your midst.

Program #598 Published Date 9 Apr 2008
  The antichrist government brought drugs into the US. People are in a dream world and this is what the antichrist government-Satan wanted people to do. The government is saying it's all right to murder your children. No murderer will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Program #597 Published Date 8 Apr 2008
  All these people that were unsaved came into our church because we were preaching in the highways and hedges and all these people were gloriously saved and they backslid and some have gone on to be homosexuals.

Program #596 Published Date 8 Apr 2008
  They want to burn Christians up like they did at Waco. Clinton said, he takes full responsibility for Waco, "that will teach people not to be in a cult". He was plainly letting everyone know he's Catholic. The antichrist government has brainwashed you so much you believe that good is evil and evil is good.

Program #595 Published Date 2 Apr 2008
  Hypocrites, the Vatican media is saying that people are abusing children when in reality tens of thousands of them have had sexual relationships with little boys. They are homosexuals.

Program #594 Published Date 1 Apr 2008
  The Bible says we have to be born again in order to be able to receive the newness of the Spirit. We need to receive the Word of God as Spirit and Light.

Program #593 Published Date Sun, 30 Mar 2008
  True Christians don't make idle chatter, if they make a vow, they vow before God.

Program #592 Published Date 28 Mar 2008
  The Bible says the lawless one will come and he's here, it's the international government the Roman Catholic Cult.

Program #591 Published Date 26 Mar 2008
  Corpses of this world are dead in their sins but the weapons of our militia are not corpses, not carnal, but mighty in God in the Spirit.

Program #590 Published Date 25 Mar 2008
  Many people sitting in churches are not of the Lord. They are demon possessed people they are not saved, they are wicked.

Program #589 Published Date 24 Mar 2008
  A lot of Jews were killed, Joshua fell on his face and asked Him what's wrong God. The Lord said there was sin in the camp.

Program #588 Published Date Sun, 23 Mar 2008
  God doesn't forgive devils. The Bible doesn't say anything like 'once saved always saved'.

Program #587 Published Date Sat, 22 Mar 2008
  The Lord made them stay out in the wilderness 40 years. They murmured and complained like they deserved something. They didn't deserve anything because they despised God and Him putting them out on the desert.

Program #586 Published Date 21 Mar 2008
  Everyone has to control themselves. It's a work that we must do. Psalm 103:18; Remember His commandments to put them to work.

Program #585 Published Date 20 Mar 2008
  False teachers preach, once saved always saved.

Program #584 Published Date 19 Mar 2008
  John Hagee equates polygamy with homosexuality. The Lord said to preach the Word, not to come up with your own words.

Program #583 Published Date 18 Mar 2008
  How can anybody reason against the Word of God? How can you bring arguments against God? The blessings for those that keep the commandments.

Program #582 Published Date 17 Mar 2008
  Abortion is murder. Homosexuality is a demon in you. But the Lord, when you read His Word, casts that demon out and you are able to stand.

Program #581 Published Date Sat, 15 Mar 2008
  Judgment for Judges. First his courtroom in Ft. Smith and his sister's house in Van Buren blew down in a tornado. Finally, he contracted cancer in his vital organs.

Program #580 Published Date 14 Mar 2008
  You keep repeating these chants in the Catholic cult. How can Mary pray for you when she is dead?

Program #579 Published Date 13 Mar 2008
  Look at all the people that have borrowed money in this world today, and now they can't pay off their loans. The government set it up that way and now the government is trying to act like the big shot and offer some kind of loan or give them back their house. It's a big game with satan and his one-world government.

Program #578 Published Date 12 Mar 2008
  Satan is the prince of the air. He goes in and out of people. He bombards them with his imps, devils, his evil angels and gives them ideas, and depresses people to the point that they don't feel there is any hope and they commit suicide.

Program #577 Published Date 11 Mar 2008
  If, people don't preach the whole Word then that means they are ashamed of the Word of the Lord. Jesus said, He would be ashamed of them before His Father and the holy angels.

Program #576 Published Date Sun, 9 Mar 2008
  Satan shed his venomous seed into the heart of Eve and she believed him. Satan is saying the same thing today.

Program #575 Published Date 7 Mar 2008
  God is the Law. Do you think you're going to break God and get away with it? The law, if I keep it, is my shield. The law is the Word of God.

Program #574 Published Date 6 Mar 2008
  What are the effects of the promises of God on your soul?

Program #573 Published Date 5 Mar 2008
  Job was perfect in the eyes of God because he continued on and didn't give up. He didn't let satan discourage him.

Program #572 Published Date 3 Mar 2008
  Learn how to put on the entire armor of God.

Program #571 Published Date Sun, 2 Mar 2008
  The Prayer of faith pleads with God and a person that prays like that will receive.

Program #570 Published Date Sat, 1 Mar 2008
  Do you think by sinning you're hurting God?

Program #569 Published Date 29 Feb 2008
  I'm controversial yes. It's very controversial today to tell the truth. This Ministry was called out of Heaven, I never would have quit the career that I had out there if it wasn't for God stopping me dead in my tracks out in the world.

Program #568 Published Date 28 Feb 2008
  We have to do the preaching that we are doing now. There is going to come a time and it's happening very fast, where they won't allow the Bible, the Light of the World, the Word of God, which is Jesus to be preached.

Program #567 Published Date 27 Feb 2008
  Some of these heretics say polygamy is the same sin as homosexuality, people that are saying that are not loving every word that comes out of the mouth of God. I am going to preach the Bible whether the stinkin' government likes it or not!

Program #566 Published Date 26 Mar 2008
  All those that will enter the kingdom of heaven will have a father. There is nothing impossible to those that believe. Everything that Jesus did those that believe they can do it as well. A lot of people make sport of that but this is what the Bible tells us. Your not supposed to worship the host of heaven your not to pray to Mary. God killed people in the Old Testament for doing that.

Program #565 Published Date 25 Feb 2008
  So many people make the house of the Lord a house of merchandise. They go off on the deep end and throw peoples souls right into hell by telling them there is eternal security and you can continue sinning. Do you think the Lord came into this world to suffer all that he did so you can continue sinning? If you think such a thing your crazy.

Program #564 Published Date 23 Feb 2008
  The mass media is the mouth of satan. A lot of people are catching on to that now. Testimonies to answer some of the lies of the media. Pastor's preach their messages from Tony Alamo's literature.

Program #563 Published Date 22 Feb 2008
  There are scriptures that tell the people He is a God of love but the scriptures also say He is a God of wrath to those who refuse to keep His commandments. Because He's very willing to give them His Spirit to baptize them in the Holy Spirit to give them the strength to continue on.

Program #562 Published Date 20 Feb 2008
  Catholic cult... The Lord calls it the Great Whore. If you liked someone would you call them the Great Whore? That's what God calls the Vatican, it sits in the city of the seven hills or mountains and that's Satan's seat.

Program #561 Published Date 19 Feb 2008
  You have to work-out and eat a proper diet to control sugar diabetes, if you don't it will certainly take you over. If you don't do what the Lord says then gangrene sets in, because anybody that is disobedient to the Word catches gangrene in the spirit, and the spirit dries up, it putrefies and you fall away.

Program #560 Published Date 17 Feb 2008
  Endure until the end and never be discouraged. The prize which is the Kingdom of Heaven is far more important to have and we have it if we continue on until the end.

Program #559 Published Date 17 Feb 2008
  When you come to the Lord and say this is the end of my life and deny yourself to be filled with the Spirit of the Lord. To end the kind of life you were living, one of them is false doctrine. Eve listened to Satan and sinned and she became Satan's first evangelist.

Program #558 Published Date 16 Feb 2008
  Everyone is either going to be in the city where the Lamb is alive or in hell fire and the lake of fire where the flames are so hot. There are no words to explain how beautiful the Kingdom of Heaven is for those who really love the Lord.

Program #557 Published Date 15 Feb 2008
  Blessed are those that fear God and keep His commandments. We are warned about the antichrist church in the book of Revelation. The Catholic cult has been known for years for burning the prophets and killing the people that are really of the Lord. The Catholic cult preaches a doctrine that is false, you're not to pray to Mary.

Program #556 Published Date 14 Feb 2008
  You have to be rugged individuals to be able to make it into the Kingdom of Heaven. It's narrow and you have to squeeze yourself in, you have to have patience and go through the rough times. The Jesuit oath.

Program #555 Published Date 13 Feb 2008
  Satan would be given a mouth in the last days. Satan can't tell the truth. John Hagee says polygamists are a sinful as homosexuals. That man needs to repent for saying that God's Word is a sin. Is John Hagee a greater man than Moses?

Program #554 Published Date 11 Feb 2008
  We are not to pray to any saint or to Mary. The first commandment is to have no other god before you, and don't pray to anyone other than God through Jesus. When people are praying or chanting to Mary they are sinning. It's like they are into witchcraft.

Program #553 Published Date 11 Feb 2008
  Don't jump off the ship or you will perish. The Bible likens the Lord to the ship. When you fall away from the Lord, He will blot your name out of the Lamb's Book of Life.

Program #552 Published Date 10 Feb 2008
  By choosing their own judgment the entire world is getting worse. People that are void of the Holy Spirit, if they would realize the condition they are in and humble themselves and become contrite before the Lord and get your soul saved.

Program #551 Published Date 9 Feb 2008
  The Lord loves a broken spirit and a contrite heart. He lets the devil do things to you because you don't want to serve the Lord. You can become born again of the Spirit and the Lord will save your house and heal you.

Program #550 Published Date 7 Feb 2008
  Mary isn't the church, Jesus called her women. Christ died to do away with sin. Some people say God forgave your sins past present and future. Well then God would be getting married to a hag, a slut, someone with all kinds of spots and blemishes. The Church, His bride has to be Holy, without any sin.

Program #549 Published Date 6 Feb 2008
  God is infuriated with people that worship Mary. There is no such place as purgatory, a catholic priest made that up so the catholic church could use it to make money.

Program #548 Published Date 4 Feb 2008
  Catholics are not Christians. The Catholic cult has incantations. Websters dictionary: Incantation- the use of spells or verbal charms spoken or sung as part of the ritual of magic. The catholic cult doesn't want you to know the Bible so they tell you to keep reciting the rosary. Your being deceived by the whore of revelation.

Program #547 Published Date 4 Feb 2008
  The prayer that the Catholics do, hail Mary full of grace… Hail Mary means Hi Mary. The angel came unto to her and said Hail (Hi) thou art highly favored the Lord is with thee. (The Lord is with every Saint) But that doesn't mean were supposed to worship(pray) to Saints. The deity is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. NOT Mary.

Program #546 Published Date 3 Feb 2008
  John 6:66 Tells us who the Antichrist is. When people do not walk any longer with Christ. They say, we're going to do what we want to do. They leave Christ and walk with Him no more. They become Antichrist.

Program #545 Published Date 1 Feb 2008
  We've all heard what the Vatican has done with little children and homosexual priests. The news media and satan's government comes up with Anti-Alamo propaganda. They don't want to hear that Pastor Alamo's serving the Lord with all his heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Program #544 Published Date 30 Jan 2008
  Catholics are not Christians. They are the exact opposite. It's the most deceptive organization on the face of the earth. The bible says they are powered by that great red dragon.

Program #543 Published Date 29 Jan 2008
  How did Jesus walk thru the wall when he appeared to the disciples?

Program #542 Published Date 28 Jan 2008
  The whole duty of man is to fear God and keep His commandments. We can not do anything that is Godly if we are not in Christ.

Program #541 Published Date 27 Jan 2008
  Let's pray that God will show us flying saucers, if there is such a thing. Fleets of them came down and right up to the window, the Lord just kept sending them in squadrons. They are not aliens from another planet. They are Angels sent down to survey the earth.

Program #540 Published Date 25 Jan 2008
  No where in the bible does it say the Lord loves you unconditionally. The President and the Pope say they know the Lord, and they keep not His commandments, then they are liars and the truth is not in them.

Program #539 Published Date 24 Jan 2008
  Whatsoever you sow that shall you also reap. If you are living a corrupt life by not following the Lord you will forever reap corruption. There are so many people that have horrible diseases or their family is cursed.

Program #538 Published Date 23 Jan 2008
  People fell away from the Lord because a little bit of persecution. God did not give us a spirit that makes us afraid. He gave us a spirit of power, and love, and self control. (II Tim 1:7) Where jealousy and selfishness are, there will be confusion and every kind of evil.

Program #537 Published Date 22 Jan 2008
  The carnal man, the man that is dead, the man that thinks the Word of God is foolish, says that nobodies perfect. You have people that call themselves preachers that say that. They say you don't have to be perfect because they want your soul to go to hell. LISTEN: to instruction on how to be perfect.

Program #536 Published Date 21 Jan 2008
  There are over 333 prophecy's of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, The Messiah, in the Bible. He gives us the power to walk by faith, the power to not sin. He gives us a second chance.

Program #535 Published Date 20 Jan 2008
  Wisdom is the fear of the Lord. Your not always saved, you must continue on until the end. Did the Lord talk to you today?

Program #534 Published Date 19 Jan 2008
  When people are laughing and jiving and joking about God that shows you don't have any fear of Him and you are spiritually dead.

Program #533 Published Date 18 Jan 2008
  God deals with everyone on an individual basis. Judge McCalla, and George Bush are going to burn in hell if they don't repent. The young Bush is hardly ever sober.

Program #532 Published Date 15 Jan 2008
  Christ became a curse for us, so you and I don't have to spend eternity in hell. So many people stumble on the scriptures, it's plain to those that are of the Holy Spirit. Receive the Lord, receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Program #531 Published Date 14 Jan 2008
  There's all kinds of false people that say we have to obey the law. The Word of God says no more animal sacrifices.

Program #530 Published Date 13 Jan 2008
  God is going to destroy every nation that comes against Israel. Jewish people shouldn't even be on this earth. Because they came out of a dead man's loins Abraham, and Sarah had a dead womb. They were well beyond the age of being able to conceive. If we don't keep the commandments of the Lord we go to the same hell as the gentiles.

Program #499 Published Date 6 Dec 2007
  For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth. It's right to keep the commandments of the LORD, because it's love. But if you don't keep the commandments, you're lost. Don't think you're saved, your lost if you are breaking any of these commandments. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.