by Tony Alamo
with excerpts from Susan Alamo's unpublished book.

Just after God gave Susan and I to each other by vision, I had several other visions. One of them was a vision which I did not understand until the Lord had me write this literature. The vision was in black and white. It was like I was seeing Susie on a grayish television screen and her silhouette was like a geometric doll. I could tell it was Sue, my wife, because of her silhouette. Her silhouette was standing looking like a modern geometric doll. Then all of a sudden, the silhouette broke into seven to ten geometric pieces--like puzzle pieces. Half of them flew out of the left side of the screen, and the other half flew out of the right side of the screen. All of them were gone and the screen remained empty. When the pieces went out of the screen, there was a pulling sound and then a ripping apart sound.

All of a sudden, the pieces came back into the picture from the left and right, coming back together like a puzzle with a supernatural ringing sound. The silhouette of Susan was fused back together once again. The meaning of this vision is told at the end of this literature. I have told this vision to our congregation for over thirty years. They, like me, did not know the meaning of this vision until the Lord gave it to me when I wrote this literature.

After I met my late wife Susan in the early 1960's, and after God supernaturally joined us together by visions as man and wife,1 she began taking me around to the different full gospel meetings and churches, as well as what they call "the wino missions" in Los Angeles. On several occasions I was asked to be the main speaker. Being a Jew, the Christians loved hearing my testimony because they knew that Jews getting saved was a sign of the end times.2

Shortly thereafter Susie discovered that she had cancer. Her health started to deteriorate. The work that we were doing became immense because it was God doing it in us and through us. He was pouring out His Spirit in the Los Angeles area, making this incredible work of God flourish.3 It is still spreading quickly throughout the world.

Our work began in Hollywood, California where I was supernaturally saved. Our first church was located on Carlos Avenue in Hollywood. My wife, Susan, who died April 8, 1982, wrote a book which I have not yet published. Here is a small excerpt from Susan's book telling a bit about how the church began:


"Through the contacts we had made on the streets while witnessing about the Lord, we received a telephone call one day telling us that a drug peddler who had a dope den on Carlos Avenue and had been supplying narcotics to many of the youths of Hollywood was in jail. He had sent a message with some of his friends asking if we could please try to get him out. I told the caller that we were not financially able to bail people out of jail. Besides, it wasn't our function. We felt we ought to preach and minister to them so they could keep out of jail in the first place.

"As I was talking, God started trying to get a word in edgewise. He spoke to my heart. I asked the one on the other end of the line to hold the phone a minute. I ran upstairs to tell Tony. 'If you feel the Lord wants us to get him out, then do it,' Tony said. I rushed back downstairs to the phone and told the caller and began some good old-fashioned horse swapping techniques. 'I'll tell you what we'll do. I'll make a deal with you. We will get him out if you promise to bring him here for one hour as soon as he gets out.'

"The deal was struck and the caller kept his word. Within the hour the dope peddler was sitting there in our house. He was no stranger to us, for we had run into him before the police put him in jail. This was a boy named Ed. He had come in from Arkansas, fleeing from a home background of two parents who were heavy drinkers. He had been raised, if one could call it that, in an atmosphere that involved drunken brawls and even gun-play. It mattered very little that his father was a policeman. That did not make for law and order around the home. Ed, after a series of shenanigans in Arkansas, was finally arrested in Arkansas on narcotics charges and fled that state to come to California. He wasn't long in California before he began plying his trade at the Carlos Avenue dope den. His customers were never wanting in the hellhole called the Strip [Sunset Boulevard].

"Today it is hard for Tony and me to look at the boy who has become our son-in-law and even begin to imagine that he is the same boy who came to our house under those circumstances. Then he had long hair, hanging to his shoulders, and the look of a hunted animal on his face. He sat down, very unsure of himself, even scared. We didn't spare words with him. What he had been doing in the sight of God had been very bad, a sin worse than murder. Drugs not only destroy the body, they kill the very soul of man as well.4 'You know Ed, one of these days you will stand at the judgment bar of God, and there you will be held responsible not only for the drugs you've taken and for the deeds that have resulted from taking them, but mark our words, if you don't repent, you'll be in Hell forever with all those whom you caused to go to Hell by selling them the drugs.'5

"In our dealings with people we have always tried to make them see sin the way God views it.6 The Bible never sweet talks sin, but is out in the open with it.7 It doesn't give the sinner a leg to stand on. It only leaves him open to throwing himself squarely upon the mercy of God.8 Within the hour Ed knelt beside our coffee table, tears streaming down his face, asking God to forgive him of his sins, and asking Jesus into his heart.9 What happened to Ed in those few moments was as real as any sinner's conversion has ever been. There was no keeping him still. Even if we had wanted to, there was no keeping him quiet about what Jesus had done for him. The love of God was spilling out through him. Within minutes of his conversion he was back at his den of iniquity on Carlos Avenue. Only this time it was different. Straight back to our house he came, bringing six of his customers with him—kids from the motorcycle gang. It became a six-fold replay of Ed's experience.10 Each of them knelt in prayer, taking Christ and His forgiveness into his life. They were saved, and saved good and proper. It seemed almost as if it were an endless procession. These six went back to the den and brought others back to our house. They, in turn, were saved.


"Enthusiasm knew no limits. The de-drugged hippies got set on fire with the Holy Spirit.11  'Tony, Susan, if we vacuum all the pot out of the rugs and sofas down at Ed's place and throw all the stuff down the toilet, would both of you come to the dope den and preach to all those other kids?' God knew our answer long before our excited tongues could formulate even the simple, 'Will we ever!' Our ministry began opening so much wider than we could have anticipated. A whole new world of living had just been bought for us—for the simple price of one mixed up boy's bail. We never felt God's leading stronger in our lives, now that the gambit proved to be a success. God even honors some good old-fashioned horse trading when it's done to bring glory to His name. The kids took off excited as they could be, for once a sincere feeling of purpose ringing in their lives. It was only a very short while later that they were back.

"'Everything's ready. We've cleaned up everything. You can come on over any time you want to now, Tony and Sue.' I will never forget that day. It was a Sunday. Ed's dope den was directly across the street from one of Hollywood's more fashionable churches. People were entering and leaving the church, dressed in all their finery.12 They were oblivious to the fact that across the street the devil had been strongly entrenched on a fifth of an acre of real estate. Ed had been his faithful agent. For me, walking into that dope den was like suddenly being pushed into a nightmare and into the pits of Hell. The place was packed with young people, some of them no more than children. They sat huddled on the floor, dirty and filthy.

"Always there is the exhibitionist. In that crowd there was a teenage girl, set on blowing our minds. She made her way down to the front, pushing and shoving. She was nude from the waist up. Her efforts were wasted. I kept my cool and acted as if nothing had happened. Tony is nearly blind from glaucoma, so he didn't see her in the first place. Instead of her blowing our minds, we blew hers and the minds of the other kids who were in on the whole thing. We ripped into that crew with Hell, fire and brimstone.13 We painted Hell so vividly that later Ed testified that it seemed to him that he could just about see the flames leaping up from between the floor boards. When we finished the message we asked to see the hands of the ones who believed what we had just said. To our amazement, every hand went up. We made the next appeal even more pointed. 'How many of you want to sincerely make a commitment to Jesus Christ, leave your life of sin behind you, and take up your cross and follow Him?'14 Again, every hand went up. We couldn't believe it. We have never seen anything like this before in all our ministering. Tony and I took that group at its word and took them through the sinner's prayer. The little girl who had pranced around half nude was now crying and was trying to hide herself with her hands. Someone threw her an old coat and she eagerly drew it around herself. I looked squarely at Tony. 'Where do we go from here? We have just inherited ourselves a dope den full of hippies!'"

The world is opposed to God. The Bible says so.15 Every person who is saved will recognize this experience early in their Christian life. A couple of times when Susie and I were getting out of our car to go into the ex-dope den, now church, some of the neighbors would pull us aside. They said, 'You and Susie are very nice people. You seem to be very naive. These hippies are running a narcotic dope den in there and they are just using you. They are exploiting you nice people and we can't stand to see that happen. You are going to get in a lot of trouble associating with these people, because the police have been over here on many occasions trying to break this narcotic dope den up.' We would explain to them that yes, we knew that is the way it used to be, but the people there had now become born-again Christians. They were all saved and working for the Lord now. Susie would tell them she'd been in the gospel field for many years and she knew when people are really saved, and I told them I also knew when people were saved or not saved.

God's only purpose for coming into the world as a man was to reconcile the world of lost sinners through Christ unto God.16 The world opposes this, but Heaven is all for it. God's reasons are all righteous.17 God says the world is unrighteous.18 He left the world for a season and now sits in Heaven, dispensing His life into new converts19 so that He in them may continue the redemption of mankind through His life in the Holy Spirit living in them.20 The world fights this much harder than they fight crime of any kind.21

It is such a blessing. God loves the people of the world so much that He died for them and shed His blood for them so that their sins can be washed away.22 Then He by the Spirit will live and work in them.23 It is also good that He desires to carry all of the many things that He is in His life in us, including all of His powers to dispense life, healing, gifts, and miracles of all sorts.24 We explained to these worldly neighbors that the work that we were doing was God's very principle, His very righteousness.25 Sinners are redeemed by Him according to God's righteousness, God's principles, the law of life, which is the law of the Spirit of the living God.26

Things you may want but not need can lead you astray from God's purposes, causing you to miss God's ultimate good reward (Heaven). Make God's will your will and your sole objective, so that your reward will not be the eternal evil reward (Hell).

Susie would tell them, "These people are really saved. You people should be very happy that they are saved. The world is now much safer because they are saved." The devil was using them and they didn't even know it.27 The devil in these "nice neighbors" was trying to encourage Susie and I to leave our new church and our converts.28 He wanted us to oppose God's purpose as the world does.29 In other words, he wanted us to leave the work that God's life in us was moving us to do which is converting people from themselves to Christ.30 Satan saw that he couldn't stop us from letting God do His will in us.31 God used Susie and I as the leaders of this massive work of God.

After they could not persuade us to leave our flock and depart from the Spirit of God that was leading us in such a powerful way, they began calling different government agents in on us.32 They began bringing false accusations against Susan and myself stating that we were exploiting these penniless hippies.33 The only means that some of them had for finances was selling drugs and they stopped doing that. Most of them had never lifted a finger to work in all their lives. They were anti-establishment people. It is a lie that we were exploiting them. How could you exploit these people when many of them didn't even have a shirt on their backs or shoes on their feet? They wanted to move into the church and devote their lives to learning the gospel and serving God the way He tells the saved to serve Him.34


Susie continues, "For the first six months of our new little church I felt as if I were the chief cook and bottle washer. Actually, I was. But, of course, there was a lot more to it than cooking and washing the bottles. Everyone pitched in and did his part well. I would go back into the kitchen while Tony conducted the early part of the service, leading the kids in music—we had gotten quite an assortment of talent by now—and calling on them to give their testimonies.35 Then it would come time for me. I would leave my cooking, come forward, and preach.36

"Having been a Pentecostal evangelist at that time [Susie had been a Christian since she was nine years old and an evangelist for twenty years], it was my lot most of the time to do the preaching, and preach I did, with a heart set on fire by God. There was real compassion and love in my heart for these aimless souls who walked in—some of them just to get a meal. Some came in hopes of finding something to satisfy their drug habit. Whatever their motive, I loved them deeply. I knew that if only they would repent of their sins and waywardness, the Lord would more than gladly receive them.37 Every week some of these precious souls would come forward and pray through to a new and rewarding experience of fellowship, first of all with God Himself and then with a happy fellowship of believers.38

"I have often reflected on it, and I know I am absolutely right. There is no higher society in all the world than the body of believers—no matter what they look like, no matter how sinful they had been, no matter how much others looked down on them.39 These, as motley a crew as they were, fellowshipped with the very living God Himself.40 In such a society there is never a need for name-dropping.41 Always, instead, it is lifting up one name and one name only, the name that is above all other names—Jesus.42 Having once become part of that great society, what man calls high society seems pitifully lacking, hollow.43

"Those first six months in the former dope den we shared whatever we had to eat.44 Having done that, all of us went back into the streets together.45 This, to us, had become our life. It wasn't long before the den was packed, with kids standing on the porch just to hear. Whenever we prayed, whenever we sang, and even when I preached, no one ever had to complain that they couldn't hear. We have never looked favorable on excessive emotionalism. The kingdom of Heaven is not built of such froth.46 But we have always believed in allowing the Holy Spirit to minister through His body. Whenever there was a time for prayer, everyone who wanted to entered in. God hears and answers everyone who calls on Him in faith.47 It was noisy, but not unduly so. It was never, by any means, a match for the acid rock that was pouring out of Hollywood's scores of night spots and dens of iniquity. There was the day, however, that "Rock of Ages" and the likes of it had to do more than hold its own to any music the world could throw back at us.

"Well, the inevitable happened. The neighbors went to the city attorney's office and filed a complaint against us. That was bad enough, but at the time the rent came due on the 'church' and we had no money to pay it with.


"Tony and I, as it turned out, had a speaking appointment before the Long Beach Christian Businessmen's Association. It was a dinner affair—not really formal, but a suit-and-tie situation. In short, just a good comfortable, normal meeting. Those poor businessmen and their wives! In their wildest imagination they could not have known what was in store for them that night. Moments after they were seated they knew. I doubt to this day, however, whether some of them still can believe it. It was a crazy bit of mischief I had gotten into my head the day before.

"'Tony,' I said, 'we're going to take the kids along with us to Long Beach tomorrow night.' You should have seen Tony's face. Stunned, all he could say was, 'Oh, Susie, no. They'll throw us out of there.' 'But Tony, we've got to have the money to pay the rent, and this is where we're going to get it. We will act as if we are so ignorant that we don't know we are doing anything unusual.' Poor Tony, God had gotten hold of him in an unusual way. He thrust him right into the heart of this ministry in a way that certainly wasn't of his choosing. Now, not only had God ganged up on him, but his wife was pushing him into some strange doings. I almost felt sorry for him.

"We made our entrance at the restaurant, a pretty nice place; and I mean 'we.' One hundred hippies of every sort imaginable trooped in there with us, as nonchalantly as could be. There were black ones, white ones, and Orientals all decked out in their most outlandish attire—head bands, beards, beads, and all. They outdid themselves. To use the words 'shocked expressions' would be putting it altogether too mildly. The guests nudged one another, trying most unsuccessfully to act as if nothing unusual was going on. I played the same game. I flitted from table to table, shaking hands with people, just as if this were the normal state of affairs.

"The preliminary part of the meeting ended and it came Tony's and my turn. As the people sat on the edges of their seats wondering what surprise we had in store for them next, I stepped to the microphone and said: 'Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus—if you are of the Body of Christ, meet your new brothers and sisters.'48 Then I called the kids forward. They laid into the old gospel songs with all their hearts, with all the zeal and joy of that new birth they had experienced. Then Tony called on some of the kids to give their testimonies. They told of their lives of sin, narcotic addiction, revolutionary activity. Most of all, they spoke of their complete faith and dedication to a Christ who had died to give them this new life.49 Many of the people just sat there crying, not the least bit ashamed to be doing it. This was the most marvelous thing they had ever heard.

"They took a collection for us. We got exactly one hundred fifty dollars—the precise amount we needed to pay the rent on the dope den. We were in business for another month.


"We just had to have another building. Service after service the kids would come and each service was a repeat of those that had gone before. Kids just stood on the outside, unable to get in. But where on earth could we go with all these kids? We just didn't know, and we would have been kidding ourselves if we thought we could, in some way or another, continue worshipping in that little former dope den. We knew it was God's problem, so we just turned it over to Him.50 We prayed and expected Him to bring us the answer.51

"Well, that answer came rather quickly in the person of a young man named David. Into our group David had come, like so many of the rest. He had been a photographer in Detroit and had decided to come to California to try to cash in some of the gold he imagined to be at this end of the rainbow. One day he met some of our kids on the street—in fact, the very day he arrived here from Michigan. He came to the church in the den and was saved.

"David now stepped in to fill, without hesitation, a need that we all had. He, out of gratitude to God and out of his enthusiasm for the work, gave us thirteen hundred dollars worth of stocks. That was a big and generous gift from one already letting God do good works through him. Tony and I almost literally ran over to cash the stocks, and immediately started looking for a building. We soon found one, a place on Crescent Heights Boulevard. It was a building that had been zoned for a church, and at one time had housed a Congregational church.

"David's thirteen hundred dollars looked big to us when we received it, but our new landlords made it look completely insignificant in only a few minutes. We signed the lease: the rent was a staggering five hundred dollars a month. We paid the first and last month, as they required, and one thousand dollars was gone. By the time we placed deposits for electricity and other utilities and built a platform, the whole thirteen hundred dollars had disappeared.

"The den had been in the Hollywood section and therefore came under the Los Angeles Police Department jurisdiction. Our new place was just a few blocks away, but it was in Los Angeles County territory, in West Hollywood. The police in Hollywood quickly informed the West Hollywood sheriffs that 'those two dangerous revolutionaries' were now in their territory. They went all out for us. The sheriffs never bothered to find out what really was going on or even what we were doing. They simply went after us with all the vengeance and brutality at their command. One after another of our kids, and sometimes groups of them, were arrested in the streets, taken to the West Hollywood station, and beaten and roughed up. The whole thing seemed designed to terrify the kids so they would run. In that way, the police reasoned, the whole bad thing could be broken up. Divide and conquer.52 Here was a group of young people, coming out of every sin imaginable, trying with all their hearts to be respectable citizens, and they were being arrested and beaten. The only crime they now were committing was going out into the streets and telling others caught up in dope's tentacles and in revolutionary movements to forsake their lives of sin and turn them toward God.53 Captain Lyle Fields, Sergeants Peterson, Laminsdorff and Love: how their names stand out as the vile ones. These men and many others connected with them in those days should themselves have been arrested, tried and convicted of the atrocities and inhuman treatment they put our kids through.

"Tony was arrested on the streets with a group of the kids. All in the world they were doing was passing out gospel tracts. On the way to the station the sheriffs could be heard discussing what they were going to book Tony and the kids on. First it was one thing. That wouldn't hold up, one of them decided. They would think of another thing, and then another. Then they connected to book them on interfering with the police. The policeman definitely has the advantage in that situation because it is his word against the supposed offender. In short, the police made arrests on just about any charge they wanted to. The kids were herded into the courtrooms in Beverly Hills like criminals. They were found guilty of every charge they placed against them. And the court records are clear on this point. What they are not clear on is that we violated no known statute.

"Having hardly enough money to hold ourselves together as a body, we naturally had no money to hire attorneys. We had to depend on public defenders. These men warned us not to mention anything about police brutality. If we did, it would make the judge extremely angry and he would find us guilty. The district attorney, knowing we were Christians of conviction and would tell the truth, would ask us very pointed questions. Invariably, we would answer truthfully. We would be found guilty of crimes that never were committed. One sheriff after another would go on the stand and tell the judge of things that never happened. Sometimes sheriffs who were not even on the scene at the time of arrest would testify against our 'Jesus freaks.' More than one hundred fifty of us were arrested in a short span of time for anything the traffic would allow: loitering, drunkenness, and interfering with police officers. Anyone who ever knew how circumspect we tried to be in our Christian walk would realize all these things were utterly false.54

"As I sat day after day in the courtroom and saw one officer after the other go to the witness stand and swear to one lie and then another, I prayed out, 'Dear God, please make one of them tell the truth.' This hurt beyond words. These were Tony's and my children. Our hippie kids would take the witness stand, raise their hands, swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, and literally stick by that vow, knowing full well they would be convicted. They told the truth, but no one would believe them. No one wanted to look behind the long hair and the fact that they were hippies. The judges and the juries invariably took the sheriffs' word against theirs. It is impossible for justice to balance the scales when such a situation prevails.55


"Neither Tony nor I go around making a big thing about denouncing socialism or one-worldism as some of our fundamentalist preacher friends have been sidetracked into doing. We didn't see one under every bed or behind every closet door as some seem to imagine. But let me tell you this, there is a real threat to our land and it is very dangerous. It was in these dreadful hours that we were living through that we could see where the real dangers lie. No, they're not under the beds or behind the doors. They are on our television screens, teaching in our schools, universities, and colleges, and organizing group and therapy sessions which are often referred to harmlessly as 'rap' sessions. These are all efforts at manipulating our youth. Many of the participants are not even aware of what they are doing. They are dupes, without which socialism and one-worldism would fail to survive. The majority of these people don't even realize what they are advocating. They really believe with all their minds that they are fighting for a free world, a world free of poverty, racial discord, and imbalance. We would want nothing more for this world ourselves. But the way these persons are going about achieving this is driving us to become a police state—doing this, as they say, 'for our protection.' A nation that is forced into this inordinate demand for protection against unruly elements is very poorly protected indeed.

"Where we have failed is at the law-making level. The people of the Lord could clear this up. Those whom the Lord has freed are free indeed.56 The people of our 'Christian' nation have stood by and allowed one law after the other to be torn from the original law which originally came from the Bible. Certainly we must have law enforcement according to justice, but the strength of a nation cannot be placed solely in the hands of the local or federal police if they pay no attention to the law of the land, which is the U.S. Constitution. When we forget this, our nation already has fallen.

"When the sheriffs got Tony to the station and locked him up, one very big one came over to the bars and taunted him. 'If your God is so big, let me see Him get you out of this jail.' 'Why you sound like those devils that stood at the foot of the cross and said, 'If thou be the Son of God, come down from the cross!'57 Tony replied, 'And you know something, they took Jesus down from the cross, buried Him, and He rose from the dead three days later. He's not on the cross anymore, and I'm not going to be in this jail very long either.' The officer went into a rage. 'Why you phony Jew...You don't even believe in Jesus Christ. You're making a racket out of religion.' 'It is true that my people did not believe in Christ,' Tony replied, 'but Jesus said that in the last days before His second coming He would turn back to the Jews and that they would be preaching to the Gentiles.' Those were tense days, and I am sure there were times when we must have shown how really human we are, but I'm absolutely certain that God gave us answers to those taunts that were not born of flesh and blood, but rather of His Spirit.58

"One Sunday night after I had preached the message and prayed for the sick, the sheriffs came in with a warrant to arrest me. There were about twenty of them, some of them in uniforms with steel helmets and some in plainclothes. They came in as if they were looking for a desperado. As they entered the building I walked up to them and said in Elizabethan English to the hilt: 'Whom seekest thou?' 'Susan Alamo,' they replied. 'I am she,' I replied, and promptly walked out. I knew they were looking for an excuse to beat the kids and to say that the kids had attacked them. The warrant they had for me was for interfering with police officers. The incident in question had happened, so the warrant said, at three o'clock in the morning. I had been at home in bed, sound asleep, and knew nothing about it. Nonetheless, they took me down to the station, starting a barrage of name calling and accusations. A female sheriff giggled as they threw all types of abuse at me. She searched me, reminding me of what a vile creature I really was. Finally they took me back into the office. One of the more burly sheriffs said, 'I hope you understand there is nothing personal about this thing. We are just doing our job.' 'You know,' I said, with all the force in my voice I could muster, 'Hell is screaming tonight with a bunch of Roman soldiers who are still pleading their case, saying they crucified Christ because their captain told them to.'

"When I went to court, the charges were dismissed. But by now there was no let-up in the sheriffs' attacks against us. At first they would get us in the streets. Then they came to get me inside the church. Now they were boldly entering the church at will, and even though, as a church and place of worship, its sanctity was supposed to be inviolate, according to the laws of this country, they were making their accusations against us stick. They were getting almost one hundred percent convictions against us. All the Hell of their fury was lashing out against us. We know there are false claims of police brutality and that the police have extremely trying tasks to perform, but we also know that there is, in very harsh reality, such a thing as actual police brutality. The Los Angeles County sheriffs were forcefully pounding this into our heads.


"They entered our building one night at two or three o'clock in the morning and shot tear gas in on the forty to fifty kids who were kneeling in the basement and praying. Then they closed the doors and held them shut on the kids. Kathy frantically begged them to open the doors, pleading, 'You will kill the kids.' The kids never saw one of the sheriffs again. During the tear gas incident Kathy watched him wring his hands and say, 'My God, I didn't know it was going to be anything like this.' One of the older sheriffs took him away from the scene.

"They began making nightly raids on the church, almost always under the pretense that they were looking for runaways. Youths who had been placed with us by social workers, probation officers, or with us with the permission of their parents were arrested. When the parents would call to find out why their children had been arrested, the police told them that if they let their child come back to us, they would have charges filed against them as well. 'It's nothing but a dope den and a place for sex orgies,' they would tell the parents. They used any kind of filthy slander they felt like putting out against us. We were absolutely defenseless. The police would hand out such stories to the press. Fortunately, however, many of the reporters had been around the church to see for themselves. They knew there was no truth to the propaganda the sheriffs were putting out. At that time, the press refused to print the slanderous statements.

"Here's the truth of what was really going on. Our kids were bad for business. They were standing in front of the nude bars and the pornography shops, passing out their gospel tracts, appealing to people to repent of their sins. It began to cut into the sale of dope and of smutty literature. Business began suffering at the nudie bars. People don't enjoy their sins with someone standing at the door saying, 'No drunkard shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven; repent of your sins, Jesus is coming.'59 The businessmen got up in arms against us, and the Chamber of Commerce saw us only as a menace to the well-being of the Strip and environment. Thanks be to God, we were.

"Part of the police tactic was to raid our church at all hours of the night, create all sorts of noise and confusion, and solicit the neighbors to sign petitions against the noise that was being created. It was almost no time before a warrant was issued against us for operating, of all things, a public nuisance. Can you imagine it? A church that literally was getting hundreds and hundreds of kids off narcotics, restoring them to society as upright citizens in every way, being called a public nuisance! This place of ours was a public nuisance while only a half block away homosexuals were driving up and down the streets soliciting young runaways, and prostitutes were everywhere along Sunset Strip selling their wares so they could support drug habits that had grown too expensive for them. With these and other evils running rampant just around the corner, our church, of all places, was singled out as a public nuisance! My God, my God, how the devil runs his world.


"I soon became worn out. Neither Tony nor I were eating half the time. Many days we went all day and far into the night with our only food a hamburger we caught on the run. Adding to my fatigue and the strain was a lump I noticed in my breast. I went to a doctor and she verified my fears. 'You have cancer. We'll have to get you to the hospital as fast as we can.' I knew the doctor was right, but I just couldn't bring myself to tell Tony what the situation was. I knew I had to make some decisions before God. One of those was that I could not go to the hospital. It was all we could do between the two of us to keep the church open. There was no money. Some of the fundamentalist churches in the area came to our rescue as best they could raising money, but they were fearful lest the sheriffs hear that they were in collusion with us and come cracking down on them. No matter how much they tried to raise money for us there never was enough with all those mouths to feed, the heavy rent to pay, and all the money it cost us in court costs.

"I made my decision before God, one that I have never regretted—not even when I passed literally through the valley of the shadow of death in the winter of 1971-72 a couple of years later.60 I would have made the same decision all over again. To me, it really wasn't a decision. There was no choice. I knew it was either one life or thousands. I just knew that if the church ever could become firmly established, thousands would come afterwards. I worked harder and harder, knowing my days were numbered, knowing there was only a short time to accomplish a lot. When I stand in the pulpit now and look out into those faces, I know that many of them would be dead, be in jail and be in mental institutions if I had not made the decision I had. I kept the whole thing to myself, not looking for sympathy, but only working and praying to answer this challenge of a lifetime that was now set before me. Only the doctor and I knew of the peril. God knew too, but He had a surprise ahead for me, something He was keeping to Himself for awhile.

"Tired or not tired; broke and deathly sick—these things didn't concern the sheriffs. They kept hassling us. We had been cited as a public nuisance. Now they called in the health department on us."


Before Susan died, the news media kept broadcasting the story that the Cult Awareness Network told them, which was that Susan didn't really have cancer. They stated that she was just saying she had cancer to get money. My wife Susan died of cancer on April 8, 1982, after seventeen years of marriage to me. Susan and I didn't care about money at all, with the exception of using it for the Lord's work. When the media tossed this false accusation at us, along with many other lies given to them by the Cult Awareness Network, she would say, "What would I want lots of money for, to buy a better tombstone?" Every cent that came into the church we immediately plowed back into God's work. We never had enough. To this day the government and the news media keep bringing up the lie that the Cult Awareness Network gave them as though it were true. They say we were running a slave labor camp with the youths we had won to the Lord, as though with our abilities we would need to exploit anyone the way the government and the media are widely reported to be doing themselves. For years, thousands of people have been telling the truth about them, and they can't deny it. It is reported that their only recourse is to attempt to pull anyone that is accomplishing anything for God down to their level.61 The major news networks, NBC, CBS, and ABC, stated during prime time that the government had sought to use the talents of the world's most infamous liars, the Cult Awareness Network. NBC, CBS, and ABC stated that the government used the Cult Awareness Network as advisors during the Waco massacre. The Cult Awareness Network makes up the most bizarre lies about people, especially Christians. I'm told that the reason they are able to make up such bizarre lies is that they themselves are bizarre, and they just accuse people of the things that they do themselves.

As far as my ability to make my own living without exploiting others, in my early twenties I was the executive vice-president of the American Health Studios and Silhouette Figure Form, Int'l., which was the world's largest chain of health clubs at that time. We were making $1.9 million a month with our eighty branches nationally. We sponsored the "You Asked For It" television program with Art Baker on national television. We sponsored the Mr. America and Mr. Universe contests. We purchased five banks in Houston, Texas, including the River Oaks State Bank, which was at that time the South's oldest and most reputable bank. We owned our own health studio exercise equipment company and our own vitamin and mineral company.

I am the one who founded the Twenty Original Hits, which were not available in stores but could only be ordered by phone, in the early 1960s. These were the radio and television offers you have seen so many times over the years. It was around ten years after I stopped doing this that K-Tel Records out of Canada decided to copy my idea. Then Time-Life/Warner copied. They have been using it as a big money-maker ever since. My money-making ideas have been "ripped off" by hundreds of major companies in the world. Other major companies have copied me, exploiting my ideas tremendously down through the years. Madison Avenue has called me the best idea man and impresario in living memory.

The powers of darkness keep accusing me of exploiting people. They use this temptation in an attempt to make me leave the gospel field and prove my money-making abilities to the world. But I'm not trying to please the world or prove anything to it. My aim is to please the Lord and to serve Him.62 The Lord states, "Ye cannot serve God and mammon [money]."62 on the Cross at Calvary.63 Many of my friends who are not Christians but are still a part of the world, including some who are deceased such as the late Elvis Presley and Congressman Sonny Bono whom I promoted to stardom with his wife Cher have told me, "This stuff about you exploiting people is just ugly and ridiculous." They told me, "The news media will say anything to destroy people's reputations. You can't believe a thing they say. We have no respect for anyone that believes anything that is said by the news media." Larry Hagman, television's J.R. Ewing, told me he had to sue the press. He won a half million dollars from them because of a blatant, ridiculous lie that they had told about him. Hundreds of top superstars and business people have told me this. These lies, these character assassinations are not reported by the news media, but are pure papist propaganda created to warp and distort the thinking of the world population regarding Christianity.

There was a poll taken in the 1960's to find out who believed Rome's propagandists, the news media. It was less than two percent of the people interviewed. Today, in talking to people, I see that less than one percent of all people believe what these propagandists called the "news media," say. Also they don't believe the majority of people in government, such as prosecuting attorneys. It is a well-known fact that they use liars and manufacture cases, just like the West Hollywood sheriff's department did back then and like the Internal Revenue Service recently confessed they do to this day. My attorneys state that the atrocities the Internal Revenue Service did to our church and to myself surpass any they have ever heard of or seen. We have thousands of their own documents, as new evidence to prove their lies, and yet Congress states, after showing them this proof, "Tony only has one year more in prison on his six year sentence, so it doesn't really matter. We're not going to investigate it."

Congress is the one that governs the Internal Revenue Service. It goes to show that the exposé they are doing on television lately is nothing more than an extravagant, contrived floor show to make the American public feel that something is being done. They gave a few people some of their money back, but what about those of us who have served several years in prison on blatantly false charges and are still serving time on those false charges? Wouldn't you think a person who is undoubtably innocent would be released from the remainder of his or her sentence? What would happen if the government and the Internal Revenue Service were on the up and up and were not fighting God and His children?

God is deliberately allowing persecution to exist as a test to see who really loves Him and feels the kingdom of Heaven is worth the struggle, worth struggling for until the end just as Christ, the prophets, the apostles, and so many millions of others have done.64 The Lord admits in scripture that He allows people to go through shaking in these words: "Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken [such as any saint whom God lives in] may remain."65 This does not alter God's plan, nor does it alter the number of the children of God, those whose names are written in the book of life and shall be in Heaven forever, living much more comfortably than the antichrists ever did in this world.66


There was a man named Ted Patrick, a janitor, who formed The Cult Awareness Network. He came to us wanting us to help him get his son out of a group called "The Children of God," which was a pot-smoking bunch of hippies. The members of this group dressed like our people, but they would come up to us and to our people on the streets. They would blow pot in the faces of the people to whom our people were witnessing and lie to them by telling them that God loved them and would not send their souls to Hell for committing adultery, committing fornication, taking drugs, etc.67 They would say, "God is a forgiving God. You can keep sinning and He will always forgive you." Yes, God will forgive you if you repent and don't sin any longer.68 They deliberately forgot to tell that to the people on the streets.69

We told Ted Patrick we didn't believe in kidnapping people out of cults. We told him that we believed that we should preach the gospel to them instead, and get the people in the cults to become Christians.70 If you are going to kidnap people, you're lawless. The Bible tells us that man stealing is a sin punishable by death.71 If you run to the police to raid churches, then your God is the devil and the police department.72 You need to listen to God's Word. You need to witness and testify to cults and win them to the Lord. Otherwise, you are as bad as they are, and if you don't repent, you will wind up in the same Hell with them.

Ted Patrick became infuriated with what we told him. He began a giant smear campaign against us on television, on radio, and in the newspapers. He accused us of black magic, hypnosis, voodoo, hoodoo, running a slave labor camp, brainwashing, mind-control, and anything else his warped janitorial, kidnapping, rapist, drugged-up mind could dream up. He did this because we told him we didn't want to get into his kidnapping ring with him. The news media loved him and ate his garbage up. They loved him because his words were sensationalistic. His lies, his bizarre character assassinations would increase the number of people watching their station, or reading their newspapers. They don't care what they do to people with their slander, as long as they can be number one in their Nielsen and other ratings.

Ted Patrick since has been thrown in prison several times for kidnapping people out of churches, for conspiracy, and for false imprisonment. He has been charged with sexual battery, cocaine possession, and is a multiple parole violator for continuing his kidnapping activities. Another president of the Cult Awareness Network was found guilty of soliciting lewdness by attempting to have a homosexual relationship with a Maryland police officer. Many of the members of the Cult Awareness Network have an unsavory and criminal background. Some were convicted of kidnapping, rape, conspiracy to commit murder, assault and battery, breaking and entering, embezzlement, grand theft, deprivation of religious and civil rights, suborning perjury, lewdness, and a background similar to that of their founder, Ted Patrick. Some involved in Cult Awareness Network deprogrammings have stated, "We know that we've deprogrammed somebody when they will let us have sex with them."

They began kidnapping people, even members of our church. Some of the Cult Awareness Network people would join us, pretending to be Christians just to say that they were in our church. Then they would go on television and tell the preposterous lies that Ted Patrick and the rest of the Cult Awareness Network group trained them to say. The Cult Awareness Network took several of their agents that had lived in our church into a grand jury. Without my being there, without my attorneys there, and without any input of any kind from our church, they told a fabricated story that every one of them agreed upon and got an indictment on the fallacy which sent me to prison, where I currently reside. The Probation Department, under the direction of the Justice Department, asked the Cult Awareness Network to draft my Presentence Investigation Report (PSI). The entire PSI that they drafted is a total fallacy.

In the 1960s and 70s when the news media was blasting our church with Cult Awareness Network lies, our church was overflowing with redeemed hippies. I still had millions of dollars worth of master recordings, including a Beatles album worth fifty million dollars, according to the calculations of the music industry at that time. I was told by Sue and the Lord not to sell it to make money for the gospel field. God did not want my money. He wanted my heart. Susie told me that later in our ministry, when God promoted me in a big way, the government and media would say I was in the ministry for money. She said I could show them the Beatles album and the other master recordings to prove I was not in the ministry to exploit people for money. In our ministry there has never been enough money. I could easily retire, not only myself, but many others for the rest of our lives, by simply selling the Beatles album.

Both Sue and I knew that the news media and the government would continue to do what they've done down through the years to other true Christians because, according to the Bible and hundreds of authors, we are experiencing the old Roman "throw the Christians to the lions, burn them at the stake" world government and church.73  Jesus told us, "All that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution."74 It's too bad the world of religion doesn't take that to heart. If they were truly of the Lord, they would be suffering persecution as we are rather than sitting sumptuously in their comfortable churches and homes, as the rich man who is now in Hell once did.75 They are not leading the life of Christ at all.


As Susie was getting sicker she said, "I just can't take it anymore, Tony. I'm too sick. I'm tired of getting these kids off the streets, then toiling with them until they get saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. I'm tired of getting them on their feet again, building homes for them, feeding them, and clothing them. I'm tired of taking care of their illnesses. I'm tired of paying for their new teeth, their new eyeglasses, their furnishings, and everything else that pertains to their lives, then seeing them on TV a few months later accusing us with their programmed Cult Awareness Network lies." The Cult Awareness Network is a secret branch of the world government which hundreds of authors state favors only Romanism. They are used by the one-worlders to destroy every church other than the one-world church.

Susan kept telling me, "Tony, I just can't take it anymore. I just can't go through this any longer." I told her, "Susie, if we don't, God will not heal your cancer. The Lord has revealed what we are supposed to do.76 Why do you care what people say about us as long as you know that the Lord has told us to do it? He confirmed it by a vision of Himself." She said, "I just can't take it, though. This cancer has eaten away at my nerves."

An acquaintance of mine from the record industry who is Jewish and didn't want anything to do with Christ had problems with his wife. His wife told us that he was trying to kill her because she had committed adultery and had taken his son away. When he protested in front of the man she had committed adultery with, the man picked him up and threw him in front of a metropolitan bus, breaking many of the bones in his body. After he got out of the hospital, he tied her up and attempted to kill her. This attempted murder was interrupted by a phone call from me inviting him to our church. While he was talking to me on the phone, she escaped. She left a note on one of our buses.

I invited him to our house. When he arrived we listened to his story, talked to him for a while, and asked him if he would like to pray. I silently prayed, "Lord, if You want us to continue distributing literature, winning souls out on the streets, and bringing these souls up in the fear and admonition of the Lord, then show David a vision of You."

Within one minute he stated, 'I saw Him.' Susie said, "Who did you see, David?" He said, "I saw Jesus." She said, "What did He say to you, David?" He said, "He talked to me in Hebrew. He was walking on this wall. He was coming towards me with His hands stretched out, saying, 'Come unto Me, David, you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest for your soul.'" Then Susie said, "Now you know the truth, David." He didn't answer. Sue said, "Don't you want to get saved now?" He said, "I can't."

This revelation from God by vision and by voice should have been much more than sufficient to smash not only Susan's but anyone else's way of thinking and doing to pieces, so much so that if the entire world would come against us with every smear and every slanderous campaign they have, we would continue to carry the blood-stained banner of Christ proudly and defiantly against Satan, his angels, and the whole world till death. In less than one minute, Jesus answered my petition as to whether we should go back to the streets by showing David the vision of Himself. It was quite simple, nothing complicated.

Later on, during the day, I told Susan the vision that David got was because of the prayer that I had silently prayed to God. I told her that it was clear He wanted us to continue the work we were doing. He answered my prayer showing David Jesus, Himself. "And as you know Susie, God answered my prayer through an unsaved Jew who hates Jesus. How much more clear could it be?" She said, "I can't help it Tony. I'm just too sick. I can't do it." I told her, "I can't believe you. What's the matter with you? You're not going to continue winning souls even after God plainly told us that is what He wants us to do?" She said, "I just can't take it." I said, "Well, I'll do it. Let me continue on, and you just stay at home." She said, "No, the press will be down your throat. You are too brutally honest, too truthful, and you have no diplomacy when you speak." I said, "You would have to say the same things about Jesus then, because He brutally told people, 'Ye are of your father the devil.'77 'Ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness.'78 The souls of many are destroyed." I said, "I'll do the interviews." She said, "You will have to be in the ministry many more years before you can do interviews without verbally tearing them to pieces in your crude, brutally honest manner." Sue added, "You will just cause more wrath to fall on us from the enemy." I told her, "I don't care. What's so hard about doing interviews if you just lamblaste those liars? And Sue, what am I going to do without you? God will take your life. I'd far rather take Satan's wrath than have the wrath of God against and on me." She said, "But I can't take it. I'm too sick. Tony, you don't know what it's like. I'm too sick. You wait until I'm dead, then you do it." I said, "Susie, you will be healed if you do what the Lord just told us. If you don't, you are going to die." She said, "I'm not afraid to die." I said, "But Sue, if you're not obedient to the Lord you will wind up in Hell. God even threatened the Apostle Paul that way.79 He sure has threatened me that way. How can you think that you would be any different or more special than us?" She said, "I can't help it. God knows I can't do it." I told her, "The Lord said we 'can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth [us].'80 If He knew that you couldn't do it, then why did He tell us by answering my prayer by saying that's what we are supposed to do? God never tells people to do things that they can't do with His life living in them. If you would just go the extra mile, He would heal you."


The Holy Spirit uses all kinds of environments outside us to discipline and break us.81 One of God's methods is making a person seriously ill if they are obstinate, rebellious, and sinful by being disobedient to Him.82 The Lord says, "He will bring upon [us] all the diseases of Egypt, which thou wast afraid of; and they shall cleave unto thee. Also every sickness, and every plague, which is not written in the book of this law [meaning cancer, hepatitis, AIDS, ebola, and many of the other diseases we hear about today that were not known back then], them will the Lord bring upon thee, until thou be destroyed."83 The Lord brings this upon people who by revelation have heard His voice and will not obey. "To obey is better than sacrifice."84 Therefore, all the people, things, and happenings involved in the discipline of the Holy Spirit are measured out to us by God. He gives us the amount of discipline we need to break us until we become vessels that are broken enough and pliable enough for Him to use to do His works.85 "The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit."86

In order for God's life to emanate from a person, they must first be broken. "Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit."87 If people are stubborn and don't break very easily, and are not pliable to the inward counsel of the Holy Spirit speaking to them, and then their own stubborn ways or reasoning causes God to chasten them outwardly, in that case God must, because He loves them, create some environmental condition to chasten them in order to give them a broken spirit and contrite heart which the Lord loves.88 If a person's spirit is not broken, God's life cannot emanate from them. In this case, God's work cannot be done in that vessel or temple. God will take them down to death's door warning them until they realize how far astray they have gone and how unbroken their own fleshly wills and their own spirits are. He will chasten them until they are broken and surrender themselves completely unto Him who desires to live and work in them.89 If they become broken, repent, they will be saved. But, if after they have repented, God knows they will go back to their stubborn disobedience in the future, He may take them on into Heaven in their repentant state before it is too late. If they don't repent at all, He may take them on and send their souls into Hell. It is of the utmost importance for everyone to know these truths regarding the spiritual life and God's reason for what He does. God knows what will break a person that He is concerned about so that their soul has the best opportunity to remain saved. God is always behind the scenes doing the right thing. The bottom line is that He wants our souls to enter Heaven, not Hell.90

In the life of Peter, Jesus stated, "Thou canst not follow Me now."91 The reason Peter could not follow Christ at that time was because Peter's life had not yet come to an end. Peter had not seen himself yet. The life of Christ in the Spirit was not living in him. Peter was not broken. After Peter had denied Christ three times and the Lord looked at him, Peter came to the realization that Christ's prophecy about him had just come to pass.92 This broke Simon Peter to pieces. The scripture reports that he realized how feeble and frail he was. When the realization hit him, he wept bitterly.93 He was broken by knowing he was a big nothing. He needed to know this so that Christ's life would live in him. Earlier in the ministry Christ told Peter, "When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren."94 This was as if to say, "You're not saved yet, Peter." After this, Peter, in his brokenness, was converted from Simon Peter unto Christ. He wasn't Simon Peter anymore. Simon Peter passed away; it was Christ living in him after that. The Spirit with the life of God in him could now do God's work in him.

During the period of time that we were not working at full speed winning souls on the streets, we were still on television. We had been there for ten years. We became thoroughly involved in building and opening different workshops in order to support both the construction and the massive amount of people that were to be fed, clothed, and housed. We never accepted government aid. The work of the Lord through us saved the taxpayers billions of dollars. We paid their utilities, doctor bills, dentist bills, and so on. God detests the neighborhood church where people edify only themselves. It was all right to do all the things we were doing, but half of the people should have been developing real estate and workshops while the others were winning souls. When a person gets involved with building and earning money for the church but leaves off winning the sinners, it takes him away from the only reason Christ came to the world, shed His blood, died, resurrected, and ascended into Heaven. The Father's main purpose was and is that we go into all the world preaching the gospel to every creature95 so that the life of God may live in them. Then He may again do His work in us like He did in the human body of Christ two thousand years ago.96 I knew if we didn't begin again doing what God showed us to do, Susie would die. God called us in a supernatural way to win souls and we knew how to win souls very well. I am sure that there are thousands of others that know how to win souls but won't.

I firmly believe that though we were spending every dollar that came into the church on new churches, new housing for the converts, schools, and all the necessities of life—hospitalization, eye care, recreation facilities, and the other things that are necessary for life, the Lord was not healing my beloved wife because she was ignoring God's main purpose which was shown plainly to us by revelation as well as through the revelation of His Word. Even though we had many times stood at the Red Sea, God had always opened the Red Sea for us in the past, and we went through without harm. There is no excuse for us backing off from any smear campaigns that anyone would hurl at us. We have the life of God in us.97 When we obey His revelation regarding which way He wants us to go, we are "more than conquerors."98 "If God be for us, who can be against us?"99 What disease would God not heal?100 Otherwise, what disease will God not be able to smite us with? And what battle would God not be able to win? God never lost a battle.101

When Susie was right at death's door, I couldn't hold back any longer. I began sending our people out to distribute literature. They went to rest homes, to jails, to prisons, to hospitals, and out to the streets. We went everywhere. Thousands and thousands of souls began getting saved. The first day that we did this there were over one thousand souls saved. In happy anger I told Susie, "One thousand souls were saved today." She feebly lifted her arms up and said, "Praise the Lord." I said, "Susie, I'm going to continue doing what God called us and everyone else to do. I'm going to keep it up. I'm going to keep doing the works of God."


I was sitting by Susie's bed in the hospital until the day that she died. She was miserably vexed because of the souls that had not been saved. God was convicting her for the wrong that she had done. The Lord began putting fear in her by showing her visions. I would see her looking at the visions with her eyes wide open, staring, and her mouth gaping open. These were visions only she could see, not me. Susan had not said a word in several days, then all of a sudden she could speak, and she told me that she could see fire and smoke around her bed. Several times she told me this. Fear was all over her face while she looked at the flames and the smoke only she could see. I knew that the Lord was warning her of Hell, because a similar testimony was written in a book about the way some atheists have died. Susan was no atheist, but she had disobeyed God. She needed to repent. No matter who does not conform to God's commands, they shall spend an eternity in Hell.102 

It does not matter who they think they are or no matter how much they allowed God to work in them at one time, the book of Ezekiel tells us, "The righteousness of the righteous shall not deliver him in the day of his transgression: as for the wickedness of the wicked, he shall not fall thereby in the day that he turneth from his wickedness; neither shall the righteous be able to live for his righteousness in the day that he sinneth. When I shall say to the righteous, that he shall surely live; if he trust to his own righteousness, and commit iniquity, all his righteousnesses shall not be remembered; but for his iniquity that he hath committed, he shall die for it." We can't disobey God and do like they do in the world, which is work a while, save a lot of money, and then retire. In the Lord's work there is no retirement until we go on to be with Him.

"Susie, the Lord is chastening you. Ask Him for forgiveness. Ask Him not to condemn you. Tell Him not to chasten you anymore because you've learned your lesson. You are broken now. You are now praising and thanking the Lord for the souls that are being saved. Now you can ask Him to heal you in the name of Jesus."103 Susie did all that. She was literally broken to pieces, and God can now use her more than ever before. The breaking of the outward man is the basic experience of all who will serve God His way. This must be done before He can effectively live in us and use us. Susie will be put together again just as she was in the vision that I saw shortly after the Lord showed us that we were to be married.104

After many hours of weeping, wringing her hands, ripping her chest apart, and cringing from the visions she was seeing, she was first broken to pieces by God's chastisement, then forgiven. She had achieved peace with God, and a calm that was wonderful to see. After she was broken to pieces, she sought forgiveness for hours before she finally broke through to God. God could break through her brokenness now and forgive her. She was happy when I told her that there were a thousand souls saved that day. She raised her hands and praised and thanked the Lord. She wanted us to keep going.

"Blessed is the man whom thou chastenest, O Lord, and teachest him out of Thy law."105 It is good to be broken to pieces by God's chastisement so that God may come through our brokenness to live His life through us. When we are broken, God blazes forth through our brokenness. His life can then be lived again on earth as it was in the body of Christ when He was here in human form two thousand years ago.

Thank God, it wasn't too late. God gave my sweet Susie another chance by mercifully bringing her to her brokenness, her submission. It wasn't too late for her to escape Hell's fire. We were both told by God through many revelations, signs, and wonders that we would be the two witnesses spoken of in the eleventh chapter of Revelation.106 These two people will have to be totally broken. After Susan's death, visions and dreams of her were reported by scores of people.

Why is the Lord so mercifully allowing us to still be a part of that chapter eleven ministry? One of the obvious reasons is to encourage God's people who have fallen away into sinful disobedience to willingly allow God to break their fleshly wills so that their spirits with God living in them can begin doing the Lord's work. Then they can show God that they are heeding the warning contained not only in this message, but in the Bible, which states, "The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise."107 This has the same meaning as "Blessed are the poor in spirit."108

All Christians must stay in a constant state of obedience to God's life in us.109 We must, with joyful zeal, get back to our first love before Christ spues all who are not zealous in this work out of His mouth forever.110

If you have never obeyed God's revelation from His Word and still refuse after reading this message, you will surely be condemned by God and spend an eternity in Hell. The only way we can be righteous is to accept God's life which is Christ.111 Only Christ is righteous, and only God in Christ has eternal life.112 His outflowing of life in us is self-denial, brokenness, the life of the cross.113 His life in Christ in the Spirit living in our spirit is eternal life.114 Without this life of God in us we are chaff to be burnt, not savory, "to be trodden under foot of men."115 If you will accept God's life in order to avoid eternal death, damnation in Hell, then you will be regenerated, have God's life living and working in you and be in union and communion with Him.116 Your reward for allowing Him to be free to work His works in you as He did in the body of Christ two thousand years ago will be God's immortal life in Heaven. But the choice is yours.117 God gives everyone a choice. If it is your choice to let the life of God live in you which will enable you to live after the Holy Spirit rather than the flesh, then say this prayer:


My Lord and my God, have mercy upon my soul, a sinner. 1 I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God. 2 I believe that He died on the cross and shed His precious blood for the forgiveness of all my sins. 3 I believe that God raised Jesus from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit 4 and that He sits on the right hand of God at this moment, hearing my confession of sin and this prayer. 5 I open up the door of my heart and I invite You into my heart, Lord Jesus. 6 Wash all of my filthy sins away in the precious blood that You shed in my place on the cross at Calvary. 7 You will not turn me away, Lord Jesus, You will forgive my sins and save my soul. I know because Your Word, the Bible says so. 8 Your Word says that You will turn no one away, and that includes me. 9 Therefore, I know that You have heard me, and I know that You have answered me, and I know that I am saved. 10 And I thank You, Lord Jesus, for saving my soul, and I will show my thankfulness by doing as You command and sin no more. 11

Now that you are saved and forgiven of your sins, raise your hands and praise the Lord. Pray for the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Prayerfully study the Word and pray always for more of the divine nature.118 For instructions on how to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and to receive more of God’s holy nature, ask for our literature or call. For without holiness no man shall see God.119

Now that you are saved it is a commandment to be fully submerged, baptized in water in the name of the Father and in the name of the Son and in the name of the Holy Spirit.120 Follow all of God’s commands and live.121

You've just completed the first step in a series of five steps which are necessary to receive salvation. Your second step is to deny yourself and take up the cross daily for the purpose of mortifying yourself, that is, for putting to death your own will, your soulful self, and the world with all of its lusts. All these must be baptized into the death of Christ.

Step three is your resurrection from the satanic life of Adam unto the sinless life of Christ. Step four is your ascension into a position of authority to reign for God on earth, and the fifth step is to reign for God on earth to the end for the purpose of bringing about the kingdom of Heaven on earth. You must learn the Word of God, then submit yourself and do what the Word says, so that the Church and the world may see evidence of your submission to God's Word, His order, and His authority in and by you.

Praise the Lord. May God reward you abundantly.

Pastor Tony Alamo

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