Condolences we have received

Dear Brothers,
Greetings from East Africa, Kenya. The death of pastor Tony has been a stroke to me and my ministry. We used to work together; hope to see him and his family in heaven.
We still remain praying for you and thank you for your prayers and all good work in sending out God’s literature. You are in our prayers to be reminded that God is the source of all of the strength you need in your suffering.
”And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.” 1 Peter 5:10
God bless you, and we hope to hear from you soon.
Sister Tabithah and Family


Although we are pained, take heart, we cannot say no to the Lord,
We all here say Good Bye to our beloved Daddy in the Lord, Pastor Tony Alamo.
For the work you did for our Lord, you shall be remembered forever and we shall see you in HEAVEN, Amen.
Reverend Vincent A.Okeke.

The passing of Pastor Tony Alamo, I just could not hardly believe that Pastor Tony had died when I read about it on the internet. He passed this earth May 2, 2017 and I did not find out until some time in June. What a shock!!!!!!!! I could talk all day about Pastor Tony and not tell of the many deeds he accomplished while He was here and especially after He got saved. Millions have been saved by his testimony.. I just praise and thank the Almighty God of Heaven and Earth,
The Lord Jesus Christ, for saving my soul and being able to be a part of The Tony Alamo Christian Ministries. I have a lot of friends all over the USA but Pastor Tony was my Pastor, Friend, Brother, Mentor, Hero, and Teacher. I can't hardly wait to see Tony and Sue again and I know it won't be long. They left one by one when their work here was done gone home, gone home. Praise the wonderful name of Jesus, Big Wally Cameron, Dallas, Texas.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Praise the Lord! Hope you all are well.We all are missing Pastor Tony and so thankful to God for knowing him! Never will there be another like him!
What a glorious day when we all meet again!
Love in Christ,
Judy R.

Dear Brothers and Sisters:
I extend my condolences to you and all of Pastor Alamo’s relatives. The Lord saw that the Pastor was being treated unfairly and also being physically harmed. He took him to be by His side. No more pain. Whole again.
The biggest influence in my life other than my parents was Pastor Alamo. I can’t express in words how the Pastor influenced me. He taught me the Word of God, but so much more. A true man of God; he will live in the hearts of all those he came in contact with. It’s a sad day on his passing, but a joyous day of deliverance.
Sincerely, in God’s love,
Louis S.

Receive condolences from our churches and our society at large. We feel more sorry about our beloved pastor who passed away. He had done many things which I cannot tell it all. Pastor Tony fed us, clothed us, he drilled water for us, he gave us bibles, supported orphans and also spread the gospel in Africa, India, USA and the entire world. I am very deeply sorry and we don’t know what we do. We are like the sheep left in the wilderness without a shepherd. But brother and sister, our beloved pastor planted the seeds, let us wake up and spread those seeds because pastor fought his fight well and he has gone to be with the Lord. It’s our time to spread what we were taught by Pastor Tony Alamo.
Please send me 1 bible (King James and literature about Dry Bones) God bless.
Endebess, Kenya

(Translated from French)
Good day dear brothers and sisters in Christ.
I am very saddened by the death of Papa Tony Alamo. I do not know what to say. Pastor Tony Alamo is the one who touched me through his truths which have been published in this world. I have read quite a few of the books from men of God but only Papa Tony Alamo impressed me. That is why I wanted him to be my spiritual father. I am cast down. I had also hoped that someday I would see him in person over there but alas, he has left me alone here in Africa without speaking to me a little. I sympathize with you, and I am also crying with you for Papa Tony Alamo. Why did Papa Tony Alamo leave me without saying anything to me? But my great joy is that Papa Tony Alamo has overcome, and that he is with our Lord.
I want to succeed in the mission which has been entrusted to me by the Lord Jesus Christ. Help me, and show me the way. Consider me as one of your own. I do not know who I am addressing principally but trust me with a father who can follow along with me spiritually.
God bless and strengthen Tony Alamo's wife, his biological children, his spiritual children, friends and acquaintances, and all the church and ministry of Papa Tony Alamo.
Fraternally yours in Christ, 
Your servant,
Pastor Jaime Moïse Béri
Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Greetings unto you in the mighty strong name of Jesus the Christ. I learned of the passing on of my fellow combatant Pastor Tony Alamo when I moved to a cafe to check up my email. I am sorry where I was I could not access a cafe to would have known this news earlier. But there is one thing I know is that Pastor Tony died a bold and courageous soldier/minister of the Lord in His army. He left a very strong legacy behind. When the wicked arrested the disciples and they scattered, some they thought that they would hinder the spreading of the gospel but to their surprise the gospel was being spread the more. When Jesus was being arrested and even killed, all those on the contrary knew that His ministry had come to an end, but to their amazement it didn't. Pastor Alamo's death is only a fertilizer to  his ministry.
Dear ministers that have remained behind, just hold on to the Rock, get more compacted and knit together for a greater ministry ahead. Just endeavor to stay, walk and work together more than before. Get more closer to one another to take this vision ahead. Look more closely to the author and the finisher of our faith. May the Lord protect, defend and comfort you through it all. May He establish and strengthen you more than before for His glory and praise. We will keep praying and interceding for you. Ephesians 4:3,Colossians 2:2,Philippians 1:6;4:4-8,Hebrews 12;2;13:20-21,2 Corinthians 13:11-14,1 Peter 5:8-11.
Blessings in the Lord.
Rev. Mutenda Ngobi Moses
Minister (Revival Bible Expositor Churches).   
Kampala, Uganda

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
I am very sorry, I don't know the information about Pastor Alamo’s eternal call. We never forget Alamo support and encouragement in the service of Lord. Until his eternal call, he worked as a soul winner. We remember ever and forever his love and passionate work.

On behalf of our congregations could you please tell my deep condolences to ministry members. We always keep in our regular prayers about ministry work, try to continue the work until second coming of Christ. God bless you.
Your brother in Christ,
Solman Raju Kola,
S/o David Raju Kola

Dear friend in Jesus Christ,
On behalf of Church and Orphans as well as myself, we send condolences to you and to the Family of Pastor Tony. We are sure that Pastor Tony is in the Hands of the God of Israel...and In the Place and home of Jesus Christ, John 14:1-6.

We kindly ask you to continue to be together doing the God work as Pastor Tony was called...Please send our condolences to His Wife and His Children.

We are together in this hard time...We cannot forget the whole Church; please pass our condolences to them...Psalm 118:1-29.
Kind Regards,
Please excuse me for the poor English.
Pastor Clement J. Mwaitebele
From Tanzania, East Africa

(Translated from French)

Dear brothers in the Ministry,
It causes great sadness for us to be separated from our brother, our very dear friend Pastor Tony Alamo. He suffered in the image of Christ. And this day we are weeping for him. But what good will our tears do, as he has left us?

We give glory to our Beloved Lord, the One who has called him back to be at His side. We will meet with him in the Heavenly Kingdom if we are washed from our iniquity.

Courage therefore to you and very affectionately.
Your brother,
Crispin Musambaie M Mangi
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Hello Brethren,
I am truly sorry for hearing that news. I just couldn't understand for a little while that he has to pass away without me knowing him personally. I know that may sound a little selfish of me but I am not even sure what I need to say right now.

Despite such humbling news of his peaceful departure, I am with you in knowing his rightful place in God's presence. I am also happy that his ministry will continue. I hope and pray it will flourish in leaps and bounds as God's message of grace and salvation will be preached around the world and not be succumbing by the powerful forces in this world. God bless you and the ministry brothers.
Pastor Lake
Malaybalay City, Philippines

(Translated from French)
It is with great sorrow that we have received this sad news of our Beloved, Tony Alamo. Shalom to all the Christian brothers throughout the world, and at the Alamo Ministry. You know that even though he is sleeping as our Lord Jesus Christ said so well, He has left us an example to follow, which he himself copied from the Almighty Jesus and the apostles under the direction of the Holy Spirit. Brother, let us rejoice in the fact that our Pastor has gone to be with God. Nevertheless, he has a head start on all of us to be there above but we are continuing the work for which the Lord has called us all. Let not our hearts be grieving but with our eyes fixed on Christ let us move forward. As for us, may the Almighty keep and support us all as He has done with Susan and Tony Alamo. Much patience and perseverance to all us Christians. God bless you as well as your ministry in the glorious name of Jesus. “Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.” Revelations 2:10.
Your Christian brothers from Cameroun

Our dear, Father Pastor Tony Alamo, we are in tears here in Liberia and we know that you are with the LORD in heaven and we will miss you forever but one day we shall all meet in heaven. We are crying here in Liberia for all the suffering and pains you went through for the sake of the Gospel but it's over, brother, and we will always miss you...REST IN PEACE.
Abraham Sarnie, in Liberia

Dear Pastor in charge,
Firstly I want to thank GOD for Pastor ALAMO. The legacy he left behind He truly destroyed the Kingdom of Satan while he was alive and I strongly believe now that he is resting in the BOSOM OF THE LORD. Long live TONY ALAMO MINISTRIES.
In His Service,
Austin ERHUNWUSE in Nigeria

Regarding a visit with Pastor Dan's congregation:
One of the singers sang "Look for Me" not knowing that was one of the songs that was sung at our Pastor's service.
I distributed more literature for the new people, and the literature about "Perfection" and the "Most powerful place in the universe" as well as the booklets of how Tony & Sue started the ministry.
Then I shared the literature the "Most Powerful Position in the universe". They always appreciated the literature we bring.
Some of the people in the congregation thanked us for all we do at Tony Alamo Church, and someone else said that their church has really been blessed since their affiliation with Pastor Tony's ministry.
We relayed how peaceful our Pastor looked at his service, and what a heavenly send off it was and we communicated how his works will follow him. He went out with a smile on his face as if saying, "I'm undeafeated".

(Translated from French)

My soul is sad. Pastor Tony Alamo fought the good fight of faith. I send all my condolences to his wife, Sharon and to his son, Sion, and all the members of the Alamo Ministries. Continue the fight. I am deeply touched by the news of the death of Reverend Tony Alamo.

Pastor Tony Alamo was a model for me. He always preached the Gospel in truth and without fear. I wish you a good celebration of Pentecost.
Your beloved brother in the faith of Jesus Christ,
Aboh Kacou Romaric Léger from Abidjan

(Translated from Spanish)
My brethren from the ministry, my cordial greetings, hoping that you are fine. Thanks to your ministry I was able to do my evangelization work. I would like to send my condolences. A great man of God left us, but I know that God is happy to have him next to Him. Many blessings to the brethren who are still continuing Pastor Tony Alamo’s work. I will continue to pray for you, hoping that GOD be always with you and that we finish the race for tomorrow's unification with Pastor Tony. Many blessings.
Your brother in JESUS CHRIST,
Daniel Troncoso Pérez
Concepcion, Chile

(Translated from French)

Message of Condolences
We continue to greet you in the name of our Creator God and His Son Jesus Christ, who was nailed to the cross for our sins.

We were so surprised and astonished to hear or to read your message that was sent regarding the death of our servant of God, Pastor, visionary of the Ministry, a dynamic man, Tony Alamo who died on May 02, 2017. But as the Bible states in Ecclesiastes 3:1-2, "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die." May his soul rest in peace. For this, let us keep our faith in Jesus Christ, always doing the work of the Gospel as Pastor Tony Alamo had done.
May the peace of Jesus Christ be with you.
Cordially yours in Jesus Christ,
Alain Lukole Daudi
Cyangugu, Rwanda


Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I just read in today’s paper of the passing of Pastor Tony Alamo. Please accept my condolence for the loss if your beloved Pastor. God truly broke the mold when he created the soul we came to know as Tony Alamo, and there will never be another quite like him.
I pray you will also join me in giving thanks that Pastor Alamo has been finally freed from his captors, has left his bodily aliments behind and now for the rest of time will enjoy a new home in God’s kingdom.
In Tony Alamo’s name I hereby promise to never turn from work of making justice a reality in our world.
Very sincerely,
Henry P.
New York, NY

Calvary greetings to you all.
May you all find rest and comfort in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. What shall separate us from the Love of Christ? Even persecution from, and mocking from American state, her agency, and the world at large are not able to separate us from the Love of Christ. With whatever arsenals in their disposal put together are not able to stand the power in the gospel which Pastor Alamo has preached which you brethren over there are spreading all over the world, not minding the threat and persecution from American state.
Your hands have been put on the plough; there is no looking back. The long-fought battle of the gospel of Christ is about to finish, so let us continue to lift up the banner of Christ high, for not so long a time we shall be leaving here.
This is my word of encouragement to you people out there. We are praying for your family and the faithful brethren. I can’t mention names, but the Lord knows you all little ones whose names are written in The Lamb’s Book of Life. May the good Lord reward your labor of love, and count you all faithful and worthy on the day of consolation.
I have acknowledged your letter and the parcel of newsletters. I am distributing them prayerfully. The Lord will vindicate. He will intervene, and their folly shall be made manifest. May the grace of God be with you all.
Yours in Christ,
Nwugbana Morrison
Lagos, Nigeria, Africa

Reynold Santa Cruz, a brother in the Lord that's in Angola Penitentiary, who corresponds with Gerard, sends his deepest condolence to all in the ministry and to Tony's family. He said he has gained a lot of understanding about the Word of God through reading the pastor's literature. He says that we are all going to miss him very much; our Heavenly Father has received his spirit and he's in peace with Him in Heaven. Praise the Lord.
My Beloved in Christ,
I was shocked to know this news that My Beloved Brother and Pastor Tony Alamo passed away. We all worried a lot. We missed a lot. We all hope that one day we can certainly meet Him in Heaven. But He can get good Reward from God for His call and vision and ministry. We can't forget Him always.
I feel It as a personal loss of myself as he was always kind to everyone and I used to admire Him as a good and noble man of God. I know that words will not comfort you. But I feel with you very much in your sorrow. May his soul rest in peace.
John Paul, India


Dear brethren in Christ,
THE LORD WIPE AWAY ALL TEARS. I greet you all in Jesus’ name. It's my prayer that the Lord be with you and wipe your tears in Christ. May his soul rest in peace...His best and good work will always speak. We hope we will meet him in heaven. God be with each one of you in His name.

To My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
May the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit be with you all during this time and forever lasting, Amen. This is Brother Tom in the central valley of California wanting to write and express my deepest condolences to all especially Brother Sion. I put off this letter because of the hole in my heart for the loss of our beloved, teacher, Pastor, and Father to all, Pastor Tony Alamo. Every time I have sat down over the last two weeks to write I couldn’t bring myself to because of a disparity in that our Pastor was left by just about all who he has so selflessly helped in the past, left to fend for himself after all these years of standing for the Lord no matter what, for all of those who were ashamed to come to his aid, our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ will be ashamed to confess their names to Our Father who art in heaven.
No matter what has confronted our Pastor, through his example of overcoming, even death, for it is swallowed up in Victory has been nothing short of a miracle in of itself for all of us to see how we too can overcome the Darkness with the light of God and his double edged sword. Knowing that Pastor Tony is in heaven now is a comfort and carrying on the message of salvation and our own testimony as he has taught us to is just as comforting. We overcome by the blood of the lamb and our testimony.
I called the ministry last night and was able to talk to someone named Charlena, ( I believe that is her name) and it helped to uplift me and encourage me to find my legs again under me to preach the gospel and hand out gospel literature as we were also taught to do. I did read the letter that you all released for notice of what happened to Pastor Tony. Two things in my life have left me needing to seek the Lord even more, the DWI driver that killed my Grandmother and Mother many years ago and the passing of our Pastor Tony. When the church got raided I remember feeling like I didn’t know what to do because I became so reliant on the anointed messages Pastor gives us and not my own studying of the Holy Word as we also were taught to do. It made the sting of Pastor’s passing more clear to me that now I have to go after Satan even more and continue to sharpen my sword of faith, and give testimony of just how anointed this ministry is.
Let me share a vision I had during the first week of May and I didn’t know why I was seeing this cris cross design in my mind so I painted it and then found out that it is the Jerusalem cross that the Crusaders wore on their armor. It’s a cross with four smaller crosses in each corner, one that I had never seen before and then after painting it discovered through research that it is called a Jerusalem cross. It’s said it is one of the oldest if not oldest crosses to signify out Lord and Savior. At this point I knew something was up but didn’t know what until the Second week of May when I read the address that was written to us. I have never seen this cross before in my life and then realized God’s True Crusader and leader of such had gone on to be with the Lord. Encouragement and lifting me up is what it did to pull me out of the miry clay of not knowing of just how to carry on. Well I now know to carry on just as Tony would have wanted us to, in the Lord.
For this whole month there has been one manifestation after another at Pastor Tony’s word in the messages that I listen to daily and during chores and at worship time at 7-8 pm just like I was taught at the church to do. How I wish I could be there for a couple of weeks to evangelize with the brothers and sisters for it is hard being isolated in the country now where we are especially during this time. Now however I am getting my spiritual legs under me much stronger than before.
As I was tilling the soil for my summer garden two weeks ago, Pastor Tony began preaching about the fallow ground and the next day as I was planting my vegetable seeds Pastor in another unrelated message preached about the sower sowing the seed, as I held seeds and pushed them in the ground. I want to testify of the Spirit moving during my praise time, as even God himself intervenes, such as when I listen to a message about something so controversial ( just last week) in the world like the age of Rebecca when she was taken to wife and I will take that message when done and randomly take one from 2-300 hours away, go from 250 -650 for instance and Pastor will pick up right where he left off preaching about Rebecca and that’s how I know not only is Pastor and his messages anointed but that the Spirit of the Lord is not only alive in me but in this church I am so proud to be a part of. It all boils down to what we are taught by Tony, which is to read (water the garden the bible) and God provides the increase. It is an amazing time in my life to have such a wonderful example of how to live and share that with others around me. Preach the Gospel to every living creature that breathes breath.
Thank you for all that you all have done and continue to do for me and everyone else connected to this ministry. It is blessed above all Churches and I feel so blessed to be a small part of it in the grand scheme of the Body of Christ. To be a grain of sand under the sandal of his foot. May He keep you all in the shadow of his Holy wings and continue to strengthen you and us all, in our walk with Christ. To God be the Glory for the things he has done. Remember, Brothers, as I am isolated here in the country No Man is an Island, no man can stand alone. Thank you for standing with me. God Bless you all
With Love and deepest condolences.
Your Brother in Him,
Tom Cappellano

Responses to Pastor Alamo’s passing message from Facebook

Oscar -Hello i was so speechless when i saw your post abt our dear pastor Tony upto now i cant believe it. iam heart broken i didnt even know what to post iam so sorry about our big loss i know he is with the Lord but its so sad 4 me but all in all God's ways are always perfect.
My codolonses to our big family the whole Alamo Ministries. Iam so hurt

Evangelist  Ayiii! I am Real confused, because this was not the Message I was waiting, this was not my Prayer, I was waiting to see my friend's freedom, but now look at what am receiving from fb, I don't want to be a lie, my Heart is broken, it is very painful to hear this news, may God help all friends Brothers and Sisters at this time, It is true that Our friend and Brother Tony is with Our Lord, the Place where we All desire, but it comes with Pain, Let Us remain together, in the Work of God, just as we were at the time of Brother Tony, may He rest in peace, Shalom to all Friends, SHALOM.

Christopher  He died in victory and I believe greater things these shall be accomplished . His not dead but alive with the Lord for ever more


Janice  Pastor Alamo was a great man of God! He lived his whole life serving the Lord with all his heart, mind, soul and strength until the very end! He was a very spiritually strong Pastor who boldly preached the truth of the gospel and exposed the devil government, the pope, and all of his many agents no matter what and who came against him and he never backed down! Praise our Father God that he has been delivered from this vile and wicked world and is at peace, having joy unspeakable now with Jesus our Lord in Heaven. I am very thankful for all he has taught me. Just go on the website and see all the great works that this man has done! Hundreds and thousands of audio messages and radio programs, and all the literature, music! He will be greatly missed, but much loved and missed by all those who truly knew what a wonderful and caring pastor he really was!

Bezim Thanks be unto the LORD our GOD... glorious saint gone home.......I pray that God will strengthen and continue to us to continue and finish thus heavenly race gloriously

Ndhlovu  Though Disturbing,we Praise The Lord That He Has Gone Ahead Of Us Into Glory Land.Sadly Missing Your Annointed Sermons RIP

Norie  Praise the Lord! he is at peace now with our Lord and savior..hes a victorious man of the living God!..Shalom to all...

Nana Why Lord but you know,we give God all the glory. Bible said blessed are those who die in the Lord from these on for they shall rest from their labour, dady,counciller and father may God keep your soul till we meet. RIP

Theodore Tony was my Pastor back in 1970-1971. I remember him looking young as in this photo. I remember when Susie was alive and strong for the Lord. Leaving this world and going to be with Jesus is a joyous thing. Now Tony and Susan are together again. God Bless them both. Let us all live on and work for Jesus in their memory.

Michael  A true man of God. He has heard the words, "Well done, my good and faithful servant." .....

Joyce RIP daddy.

Karen  Thankful to know that Tony is at peace now and no longer going to be dealing with all the lies. God will avenge him for all the wrong that was done to him. He never fails us.

Tracey  Glory to God. He has won so many people to the Lord. I'm glad he can be with Jesus and his beloved wife Susan. I pray that his church will continue, until the Lord comes for His Bride.💙💐💙

Florence  He left more than a conqueror even at death

Babu A.  Glory to LORD Jesus Christ He is the place of the Holy Haven with Father LORD and our God Jesus Christ!

Diane Ahhh, Bless his heart. I was so praying he would have been freed from prison. 

Terry  He has been victorious all the way thru fighting the good fight of faith, Glory to God because he is now in Heaven and in perfect peace.

Ann  Condolence to his family and friends. See you in heaven Pastor. Rest in Peace.

Regina  He was a wonderful pastor. I'm glad to have known him and he was apart of our lives. He has helped me and my family out of a lot of jams and always fed us when we were hungry and Christmas presents every year. I love you Tony. I will greatly miss you.❤️

Ndornyah  Oh our dear man of U remain an icon of the gospel of Christ

Fred S. It is very hard for me to put into words my true gratitude for Pastor Alamo. His shining example of a life totally given to the Lord, will shine thru out eternity. He was and still is a real man of God! His messages,, his radio programs and the countless deeds he did in Christ seem more alive to me now ,, more than ever. God used Pastor Alamo to win my soul to the Lord and millions of others. He picked up the cross and followed Jesus in victory to the end,, and now he is in heaven with the Lord and all the other saints! Great victory in Jesus,, thankyou Lord Jesus for letting me know and hear a true man of God! Continue on Christian soldiers,, endure to the end,, like our beloved Pastor Alamo! The memory of the just is blessed,, the memory of Pastor Alamo is a true blessing!

Sharon F. Ah my heart goes out to his family & loved ones. Thank you for sharing with us. God bless you

Dottie B. My Deepest Condolances... prayers...

(Translated from Spanish)
My condolences my brethren. We lost a great man of God but the Heavens joyfully received him. I thank you my brethren for your patience and fidelity in taking care of him and giving him your love at every moment. Continue forward, magnifying the name of the Lord on earth. I am certain that this is what my Pastor Alamo wants. I will continue praying for all of you and this great company of winning souls for the kingdom of our Savior Jesus Christ. Your Chilean brother who loves you very much.
I will continue communicating with you, my brethren. I send my condolences. I hope you receive them. My brethren, I am working very firmly, preaching to the soldiers of the army of my country. They are young people of 18 years of age who need a lot of spiritual support. I will send you some photos. I need your material, tracts, Bibles, books, everything to win the souls for Christ. They are close to 500 soldiers.
Victor Rios Santos
Concepción, Chile

(Translated from Portuguese)
Isaiah 57: 1: “The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come. He shall enter into peace: they shall rest in their beds, each one walking in his uprightness.” May GOD richly pour His blessings upon the bereaved family, knowing however that the servant of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, when leaving from this life, is in the arms of the Master, solace and Peace. My prayers follow.
Altemar Tavares Pessoa
Pernambuco, Brazil

(Translated from Spanish)
Blessings in the Lord Jesus Christ from Colombia. From here I unite with my wife to tell you THAT EVEN THOUGH OUR BROTHER AND SERVANT OF THE LORD has gone on to be on the beaches of Heaven, we must continue forward, faithful to the Lord and to the Ministry. We unite in prayer for strength for the family and for the ALAMO ministries.
God bless you.
Pastor, Evangelist Torres and wife
Medellin, Colombia

(Translated from Spanish)
My Pastor Tony,
Thank you for everything you’ve done for Jesus. You are with Him. I know that we will see each other. We will continue following your example. We don’t tell you goodbye but rather see you later, brother. Give a strong embrace to your wife. We will remain in contact. Continue forward without fainting.
Juan Carrasco
Tacna, Peru

(Translated from Spanish)
Brethren, may God have our Pastor Tony Alamo in His glory. Many blessings. We will continue faithful to the Lord.
Tony Alamo Ministries
Sullana, Peru

I learned the sad news of the passing away of a hero of faith I have known through the internet. I have read quite a number of articles by Pastor Alamo and I am requesting for cassettes, books and devotions from you. I am a Zimbabwean, and below is my physical address.
Pastor Spencer
Guruve, Zimbabwe

Dear Alamo Ministries,
I have been informed today by Lukombo that Pastor Alamo has died. I am very sorry and very weak because of Pastor Alamo death and I surrender everything in the hands of God. If America was not too far, I would have come and see the graveyard of Pastor Alamo. May his soul rest in peace.
Benjamin Ngwira

Beloved saints,
It is sad and heart breaking to receive such news. This is latest to me and the others. We are really hearing it for the first time. It’s so saddening. We are bruised! We may have many questions than answers, but only God knows why. I am bruised. He was a giant of faith who found Jesus and the Kingdom of God worthy of dying for.
Our beloved pastor was an icon of the gospel. He was a Holy Spirit machine who has lived an example to all the Christians around the globe. He has really guided, mentored and strengthened other people spreading the gospel even amidst all kinds of persecution. He was the Apostle Paul of this generation. We will miss him so much but one thing I know for sure is "his landing is safe in Yahweh's palace in the kingdom of heaven." What shall we say then, "the Lord gave us and the Lord took him away from us, blessed be His Name."
I thank God for you saints, for your zeal and passion for the Lord and His work. Even over a couple of years when our late Apostle Tony was in jail, you continued with great and mighty works of the Gospel and I believe you will keep it up. Carry the mantle pastor Tony left and soldier on. The best is yet to come for us. I know this is but a tragic moment when we lose our leaders, but remember that Peter went fishing after the death of Jesus, far be it from you and me. We are empowered for the Lord's service and we cannot go fishing on the lake but to the world to fish human beings into the kingdom of the Creator.
I love you all and am just putting all in place. I will visit you beautiful people who count your lives nothing for only Jesus' sake. I am intending to visit you in January next year.
Please keep the faith, remain united; love and encourage one another and keep the Holy Spirit fire burning.
More in the next email.
With lots of love.
Truly yours at the Lord's service,
Sakala Joseph Nickie
Chipata, Zambia

(Translated from French)
Hello dear beloved.
I am deeply saddened and bereft from this news that you have delivered to me just three weeks after this occurrence with the Pastor. May God welcome the life of His servant in Heaven. God is great, and He knows all things.
However, I am concerned about the rest of the ministry. Nevertheless, I would like Pastor Alamo's replacement to follow in the steps of his master. He can not in any way yield to the adversary. He is called to continue with the struggle that Reverend Alamo has followed. Reverend Alamo was a man who walked in holiness, who did not want to get hung up on unjust things. He preached the Gospel with love and courage.
My encouragement to all the team from the Alamo Christian Ministries. May God fervently bless you in the precious name of Jesus Christ.
Etienne Mambu
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

(Translated from French)
Thank you for the announcement.
I had many tears in my eyes while reading this message! I was always praying to see Pastor Tony in person but God did not allow it on this earth! But I have this strong assurance that we are going to see each other in Heaven with God in eternal glory!
We share in your sadness, but are also happy for the Pastor. For he has entered the heavenly glory where there is no more suffering or persecution.
All my encouragement to all the personnel from the Alamo Christian Ministries. We will continue to work for the salvation of souls throughout the nations. God bless and keep you all in His wonderful and precious service!
Christian Yanogo from Burkina Faso

Dear Brother,
Receive greetings in Jesus’ name. We are so sorry for the sad news, I never heard of this, but we know he fought a good fight and we celebrate him because we know he is in a safe place and we will meet again.
God bless you.
Yours Bishop Stephen Rukwaro
Kitale, Kenya

(From our Azerbaijani & Russian translator)
Dear Gail,
Thank you for writing. I am very sorry to hear the news about the Pastor's departure. He is promoted to be with the Lord face to face and have a perfect environment with perfect knowledge of Jesus. We will be there with Him soon! The time is short!
Praise God for all what Pastor Tony contributed while on Earth to further the Glorious Gospel and the Kingdom of God. God has given to Pastor Alamo special spiritual gifts of wisdom, communication, giving, administration etc, and also the fruit that remains and the ministry that has touched the whole earth with incorruptible seed of the Word of God! He finished his race well and kept the faith. The rewards are awaiting for him and his late wife.
May God bless you and the family and the ministry! We still have some time left for us - God has a perfect plan, let's keep moving on!
In His hands,
Baku, Azerbaijan

Thank you for your email. I had just listened listen program 640 prior to hearing the passing of Pastor Alamo. In this program, he is talking of how he had been to many places in the world, but they cannot be compared to the beauty of heaven.
He was strong both spiritually and physically for staying alive in prison for that long in those horrible conditions. The most important thing is that he is now free and in HEAVEN. However, it is still hard for me as I am not going to see him on this side of eternity. It sounds a little be crazy to say this: my desire to make it to heaven is not only to escape hell but to meet Pastor Alamo in Heaven.
I know it is very hard for Sharon and Pastor's family. My heartfelt condolences to all of them. It's a painful separation, although it's only few months or years. With all the abominations going on now, I don't think God is going to let this one-world system to go on for very long.
This is my encouraging words: "Pastor Alamo is a free man now. He has been released from prison to go back NOT to Nashville, Charlotte, Texas, Los Angeles or any other worldly city, but has been released from prison to go to HEAVEN!!!! This is not only to end sufferings and persecutions by sinners but also to end his disappointment of not being taken with JESUS when He appeared to him in a mirror. It was not the time to be with Him then, but now is the time.
Praise the Lord.
N. Lukombo UK

PS: While watching old videos of the Church on youtube, I tumbled by chance on a video narrated by a British journalist,Alan Whicker (he died in 2013 and is probably in hell after mocking God's saints while interviewing Sue and Tony). It was nice to see the zeal Sue, Tony, the brothers and sisters had then, and now how Tony and many of you had remained steadfast during all these years. Praise the Lord.

Oh! May his Soul rest in eternal peace as we wait to meet him in God’s Glory. I celebrate his life and the impact he made on this earth in bringing the many lost souls to Christ, including me 16 years ago. His position and stand on the truth shall always be remembered in my life and the life of others. His sufferings, and torture and persecution is now the seed of Christ's church. AMEN. AS FOR ME AND the Alamo team, we will press on until we breakthrough.
Francischancy Kuntenga

I am deeply grieved by the passing on of our beloved Pastor Tony. He was a great man who feared no evil at all cost.
I hoped that the government and its agents of the devil would one day realize how wrong they were in jailing my lovely brother, but apparently, they wouldn't.
God's plan has definitely availed, Pastor Tony has exemplary shown how true faithfuls can endure suffering without caring about the earthly physical harm. He never allowed himself to be upset by the happenings of the world around him. It is the reason we can confidently say, he fought a good fight and he is victorious!
He has been able to do all that God intended him to do. He is rested having accomplished his duty on earth.
He has left us physically to be with his Father but spiritually we will be together forever, to teach the truth as he taught us without fear and shun evil in all ways. His reward in heaven is greater than any suffering!
Rest in peace, Brother Tony, we will miss you but we will always remember you as an icon of humility, faithful servant, devotional and selfless leader of the Church in the present time.
Julius Mariita
Kisii, Kenya

Dear friend,
Greetings from Pakistan. This is really very sad news for all of us. I am shocked and feeling mournful. Pastor Tony's teaching was inspiring and his thoughts for church was based on biblical teaching.
Thank you very much and God bless you.
May his soul rest in peace.
Ashiknaz Khokhar

Dear Brethrens, Sisters & Alamo Family,
We send our condolences & prayers for our evangelist Tony Alamo. We read news on the web today. We pray God put him on His right hand & keep the ministry on His hands. We are together in prayers. God bless you all. Amen.
Pastor, Zachary Ombasa
Kisii and Nyamarambe, Kenya

Dearly beloved brothers and sisters in CHRIST,
Another Great General of Christ has gone to meet the Lord. When I heard the news it was very painful to me and my other pastors. But who are we to question God? I believe he has finished his assignment on earth.
Frankly speaking, God revealed his death to me on the 2/4/2017 in my dreams but I never know he was going home very soon.
World Pastor Tony Alamo has Truly FOUGTH A GOOD FIGHT. GOOD NIGHT, PAPA.
In His Victorious Army,

Romans 6:8, 2Timothy 2:11. Those who die in CHRIST are not dead but departed from earth to be with the Father. GOD is with us, and I hope for eternity.
Thank you very much for writing to me. I believe in the Almighty GOD and know that those who die in the LORD are not eternally dead but are with the Father.
Pastor Alamo has contributed his part as an ambassador of Christ, and I believe he is rejoicing with the LORD in Heaven. He has been an inspiration to many, converted many and lived well as a Christ Apostle.

Maxwell Kobina Acquah

Dear brethren,
Thanks for updates about the departure of our beloved brother Tony. To me as a person, it has touched my heart, but the truth is that he has been promoted to the everlasting glory. No more cries, no more pains, nor sufferings any more.
May God be merciful to us to finish our race boldly like our brother, having kept the faith.
Yours in the Lords ministry,
Alexander Mutinda

Thank you for the Information, dear servant of God with all the laborers of Christ at Pastor Tony Alamo Ministry. We here in Kenya, Africa love you all and my Church has changed and grown up in Pastor Tony’s teachings and all literature tracts...We pray for him too, soon we will meet him in eternity...we are pilgrims here. God keep you, brothers, and lets remain in unity as we were with our Brother Tony. God bless.
Yours in Christ,
Pastor Chris Mulongo
Bungoma Church, Kenya

The news of the death of our Pastor Tony Alamo took me by surprise. Knowing that we will not hear again considered by us as special person, fills our hearts with unavoidable sadness and tears for his departure.
Bandi Appayya

Tony Alamo church
We are very sorry and painful to hear that. We all say sorry to the family and the ministry for losing encouraging, prayerful, helpful physical and mentally, and God-fearing servant. You remain in our souls for good work. Rest in peace, Pastor Tony Alamo. We shall remain strong preaching the gospel hoping to be together in spiritual world.
Pastor Simon Talian

Dearest in Christ,
Greetings. It is a graphic description to write you concerning our bereavement. I am very disappointed and shocked after reading via your email about Rev. Tony. We all miss him. His candlestick shall be remembered forever.
Oh, what a great loss! A man during his lifetime, became known worldwide for the clarity, faithfulness and relevance of his writing and preaching combined with extraordinary integrity, and humbleness. A man of remarkable global vision and strategic insight, he was instrumental in the establishment of many thriving christian agencies.
Countless people around the world can testify to the personal encouragement they received from Uncle Tony. He will be remembered as a tireless advocate and friend of the churches in the majority world, demonstrating his concern for their well being through the provision of literature support to the younger leaders and the training of pastor's.
Please join us in praying that the Lord who has called his good and faithful servant Alamo home to rest and be rewarded, that the task that he has left behind may continue to bless others with increased fruitfulness and the ministries that have sprung from his vision and leadership.
Prof. Alphonse

(Translated from Portuguese)
Grace and the peace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ beloved brethren. Now that I saw the message of the passing of Pastor Alamo to eternity, I wish solace to all the families, brethren and friends. May God give thanks to continue the good work.
Ana Maria De Melo Teixeira Moradora
Salvador, Brazil

(Translated from Spanish)
My heartfelt condolences to the whole ministry. For years, since I knew you, our church had been praying for our beloved Pastor Tony. We believe that he is just taking the lead and in the near future we will face him and with our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you, from Chile, city of Puerto Montt.
Your Brother,
Elías Mansilla at your service.
P.S. Don’t forget to send us gospel material and Bibles because with these we do evangelism in the streets of our city.

Dear sir,
I received your letter. I am very sorry. Please accept my condolence. Pastor Tony Alamo is a very Great man of God work; in all the world he spread the word of Jesus Christ. I and my family and my church ministry pray for Tony Alamo’s family. Please pray for me.
Thank you.
God bless you.
R.vinodkumar, preacher

(Translated from Portuguese)
May God comfort everyone. We will continue until our time comes.
Tony and Mariane (Northern Missionaries in Paraguay)

(Translated from Portuguese)
Dear Brethren in Christ,
We know that Pastor Alamo rested from all suffering here on this earth and now he is in glory with the Lord, because this is the certainty that we have, being beside the Lord Jesus. I also believe that the Lord is comforting the hearts of all those who have always been present at his side. Thank you for letting us know of his passing to glory. We are going to continue doing the Lord’s work.
Sincerely in Christ,
God bless every one of you.
Augusto, Delita Muniz Mira

We are saddened by the death of Pastor Tony. He was our spiritual father, mentor and advisor. Many will miss him but may God rest his soul in eternal peace. We had not been in contact since we were in holidays. Kindly accept our condolences although we are late. Our families and group also sent you their condolences.
May God Bless You.
Dennis Nyamwange

(Translated from French)
All our condolences to the Alamo family, and to everyone from the Alamo Ministry. We just received this information. We regret very much that our dear Papa Alamo has been called back to God. He has done so much for the salvation of souls. Rest in peace.
Cordially, yours,
Atchou Kokou from Lomé, Togo

Thank you very much of the information (about Pastor Alamo’s passing). I want tell each and everyone of us that Pastor Tony Alamo is not dead but he has passed from death unto life. Hallelujah!
Pastor Ben Acebis

Dear brothers and sisters,
I am very sorry to hear about the passing away of our beloved Pastor Tony Alamo. I am thankful the Lord led me to him and used him to turn my wretched life to the glorious life of living for nothing but the Lord! Be encouraged brothers and sisters for Pastor Alamo is now in Heaven, very alive, in perfectly health and in perfect peace with the Lord our God!
My beloved dad, you have fought the good fight. You have taught me to do the same, I will continue to do so to the end. Till we meet again on that glorious morning, rejoice with the Angels dear dad! I love you and will miss you SO MUCH!!
Sarah Terry
Bungoma, Kenya

I heard through the radio that Tony had passed yesterday. I want to send my prayers to all the BROTHERS and SISTERS, because I know that this will be a heart breaking time for us. Tony gave us so much light, now we have to make sure that that light will be seen by all...
Anthony Paul Shaw & Doug Christopher

Praise the Lord, brothers and sisters of the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries.
As the prayers go up to the true Comforter which comforts our hearts in times like these, for sister Sharon and all the brothers and sisters. May the God of all comfort strengthen and uphold you all in the Power of his Spirit and the promises of his Word. Words cannot express as I sit here and think of the news of Pastor Tony’s passing. He is and always will be one of the Lord’s greatest soldiers that ever proclaimed the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor Tony has touched the lives of millions of people throughout the years all over the world, and continues to do so in messages and cd’s, tapes, gospel literature, radio broadcasts.

I’m so very thankful to God for his devotion and dedication to the Lord and the passion in which he loved to win souls and reach the hearts of countless people worldwide. He ran his race and he finished his course and most definitely has kept the faith in the most trying of times.

Pastor Tony was not just a pastor but a chosen vessel fit for the Master’s use. A true warrior shod with the armor of God, uncompromising to sin, Satan, and this filthy generation composed of treasonous govt., blasphemous backsliders and false witnesses. But they all shall have their day in God’s courtroom.

I love you, Pastor Tony, for the man you’ve always been. Thank you for the greatest testimony you’ve given this world of what it takes to be a true Man of God. Lord God Eternal, we thank thee, Heavenly Father, that you’ve raised up Tony and Susan Alamo to be the front runners of the greatest work ever JUST BEFORE YOUR SOON RETURN. We thank you for every brother and sister who has also and still continue to run their race. Brothers and Sisters, fight that fight of faith and let nothing sway you by any means for great is your reward in heaven. Pastor Tony is living the great life now and no one can take that from him. He heard the words we are all waiting to hear, come in thou good and faithful servant into the joy of the Lord. The Lord has given us his Word, His Holy Spirit, pastors with the awesome power of God to spoon feed and nourish us to get us to where we are today and to continue till we cross over into the promise land.

Please pray for us as we will keep you all in our prayers. We miss you all so very much and hope to see you soon. It’s not over yet not by a long shot…what God has in store will be phenomenal…why? Because God is in control, and it will all be as it always is to the Glory of God Almighty and to the Praise of Jesus Christ for he only is worthy.
Hoping to see you soon,
Your brother in Christ,
Frankie Perez and Family

Greetings in the sovereign name of Jesus Christ. First of all, my sincere condolences to all who have been by the side of our beloved pastor Tony Alamo. Though he is gone, the word still remains on it foundation stone. May his soul rest in perfect peace. Pastor Alamo's literatures and CDs have been a great impact upon my life. Thanks to him, through Jesus Christ, I have seen the light and am triumphantly working on my salvation and the salvation of others.

I was engaging in the distribution of this wonderful literatures until I went for high school and by the grace of God, a graduate now. So I would love to continue to partake in the sharing of these literatures even as we remain witnesses of Christ to our unbelievers. Hence, I would appreciate it when being sent some of the literatures. And mostly I would be glad if you the book of The Messiah and a Holy bible are with it. Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Saakwa Innocent
Bibiani, Ghana

My Beloved spiritual Brother Tony & Staff,
Holy Greetings to you in the faithful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Brother I was shocked to hear about Pastor Tony's death. I am very sorry. For the last 2 weeks I was not feeling well and I got sick; I was in Hospital. Just 3 days back I was released and when I checked my email I got the news. So sorry, but he is enjoying with the Lord. My heartfelt condolence to the family and staff.

Here in India temperature is very high It's 44° degrees Celsius (111° F) very horrible experience in India and people are not coming out on day times and our Church members are not going to the agricultural fields. On Sunday 4 people were baptized by me; with this I enclose the photos. Please find it.

We are all praying for you, please continue to pray for me and for my ministry and for the good weather. I have received your kind material thank you very much for it.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
With much love and with much prayers,
Yours Loving Brother in Christ,
Calvary Good News Ministries

(Translated from French)
Blessed are those who die in Christ, for they shall see God. I have learned that Pastor Alamo passed away on May 02, 2017. Naturally, I had some moments but I fortified my heart because, like the bones of the Prophet Elijah, I said that the prophet of the end times, Pastor Tony, is alive through his literary works (bones). I am his student pastor. Have you already mailed out the box of literature for me in this month of May? My condolences to everyone in the Body of Christ throughout the world for the light, Pastor Alamo.
Apprentice Pastor,
Enoch Blondé
Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Praise the Lord TAC Ministries,
I am very saddened to hear that our beloved Pastor went to be with our Lord. I pray much for the Ministry and Family left here. May the Lord send His comforter and give peace to the entire family of TAC Ministries. He fought a good fight, let’s all run and win the race laid before us. Looking unto Jesus. I pray God’s anointing upon the successors already taking the Ministry responsibilities and I pray God to send the allotted angels to support the ministry and the coworkers in his vine yard.
I am from India and I am enriched more spiritually reading the messages sent to me and for distribution in our town.
Continue the mission ahead and kindly keep posting me the updates of the Ministry.
Our Lord thy God will go before in leading TAC Ministries to further heights.
In sorrow,
Stephen P. Prakash
South India

Hello brethren,
I'm glad to hear from you after a really difficult time, the rest of our beloved friend, brother and pastor. I believe he left us enough teachings and helped us grow strong in faith to keep going. We will definitely fulfill what God wanted accomplished.
I will notify you when I receive the package. Say hi please to church members. I love you! Thank you and be abundantly blessed by our Almighty Father Lord.
Proclaiming Jesus Christ,
Julius Mariita, Kenya

I'm sorry for what happened, but if the Lord called you, He knows all things. The sister, his wife, remain steadfast in the ministry of her husband, giving continuity to this work that is so wonderful. May the Lord comfort you in those moments. My feelings.
From your brother in Christ,
Gabriel Dalla Lasta
Santa Barbara do Oeste, Brazil

Dears Sirs,
Thank you for the message. I was informed of the death of beloved Pastor Tony Alamo a few days after it occurred. Someone from the Ministry informed me by email. I am sad, but know he deserves a good place with our Lord. I have always prayed for him and for all of you. Your job is very important to recover lost souls. My materials are over, if it is possible to send me more, I will be very grateful. Rest assured that I will always be ready to cooperate. Thank you.
In Christ,
Cesar Maciel Gomez
Louveira, Brazil

Please share this. Hearty Condolences to Pastor Tony Alamo. May you be comforted by the outpouring of love surrounding you, as we meet face to face in Heaven.
Thank you.
From Pas. Yesuratnam
Rock Pentecostal Church
Visakhaptnam, South India

Oh no, God of Mercy. My heart is deeply broken for the loss of the Great hero that was showing light to the whole world. I stand in the behalf of all Ugandan people as we say, May His Soul Rest in Peace.
We shall miss you in this earth but we shall meet again in Heaven while we are together with our Lord Jesus Christ.
Lubangakene Solomon in Uganda

Sorry hearing for this sad news but I believe he is alive in the presence of the Lord. One day we will all see him in the throne of God.
Palivela Premadharrao, India

Dear brother in Christ,
We are all sad. We miss our pastor Tony Alamo. We cannot compromise with this news. How can we express our pain in our heart? He is the great pastor. His work is wonderful. His literature is also great. He is no more in the earth but he lives in so many people. He got so many souls for Christ.

We pray together so that God give great peace to his family. God is with his family members.

Dear brothers and sisters, be strong.
Yours in Christ,
Pastor Sudhakar,

Hi Christian Ministries,
We are sorry to hear that you lost our Spiritual parent pastor Tony Alamo. But we thank the Lord that pastor Tony Alamo fought a good fight, he has finished his course, he has kept the faith. Rev 14:13, “And I Heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: yea, said the spirit, that they may rest from their labours: and their works do follow them.”

Isaiah 12:1, 40:1-11, Jeremiah 31:10-13, 2 Cor. 1:3-7, 7:6-13, Rev 14:13.

Please we are praying for you all.

We keep praying for you members, and also stand firm in the ministry, do not fear those who kill the body, but does not kill the soul, but fear He who is able to kill the body and soul in Hell. Also read Romans 8:38-39.
Your brother in Christ,
Pastor George Obutu
Kisii, Kenya

Our deepest condolences to you all of the team and Tony Alamo Ministries USA.
All our Jesus Orphans Home kids and widows cried for our late Pastor Alamo.

Please up date me everything. We loving to mission work with you all. Please pray for us and our ministry pastors and evangelists India.
Mission Director
Kota Ashok Kumar from India
God be with you all.