To whom it may concern.

From: Hannah Dawn Davis

November 21, 2010

I want to start off by saying hello, I know I am not exactly a person you all want to be hearing from right now, but there are some things I wish to clear up that have happened in the past, but most of all I want to be forgiven by all the people who were hurt from the things I said in the past.

I don’t know all the things you have heard, but I do know most of them were twisted and turned into horrible accusations against not only Tony but my step mom and other people in the church.

I want everyone to know the truth from me, I am not against the church in any way, I loved it, some of my best memories in my life were from there, and with all the people I knew there. It was not my choice to leave, and many times I tried to return. But everything happens for a reason.

But my main thing I want you all to understand is where my whole story went wrong. Me and my sibling were taken into DHS custody a few months or so before I testified in court, I was living in a shelter, broken from the time living with my mom and being abused by her, then being taken from everyone I love and put with people who I don’t even know, when I was approached and asked to testify, I was told it was to “help” the girls who had been hurt by Tony.

I was told a bunch of stories and horrible things about him, and how testifying would help not only everyone there but my family also.

Growing up in the church I hardly ever saw or even talked to Tony, everything was very secret and I never knew anything different.

So of course I’m in shock over what I’m being told and especially since half of it was being done to the girls I grew up with there, all I was thinking was “lord I need to help by telling what I know” and when I talked to the attorneys, in my mind I was helping, I have heard some of the thing they said I said, and I can tell you they are all lies, they took everything I said and twisted it to their benefit.

I don’t fully remember a lot of what I said or was asked, but I know that I never meant to hurt anyone; I never meant to break up anyone’s families.

I was living with no family and was in a lot of pain, why would I want your children to go through the same thing’s I had to go through with my siblings.

I look back now on everything that I said and everything that happened, and I wish I could’ve had the wisdom and knowledge about the government, DHS, and the world that I have now, they came to me at a very fragile and hard time in my life and I was so young and blind to everything that I didn’t take the time to reflect on anything I said or think about what would happen if I did.

I want to make things right with you all, and with God. I know I am forgiven by God for the mistakes I have made, and I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness, but I have repented and I am asking you all now in the eyes of God to forgive me.

I have started a new chapter of my life, I have a child and a family of my own, I have a new relationship with God, and I need to fix things with the people who have been hurt by my mistakes, so I can be free of this guilt and so I can be redeemed in God’s eyes.

I want nothing more than to see everyone happy again, and for this to be fixed, but I know God has a plan for all of us, there will be peace for the righteous and judgment for the wicked, I want to be in peace and that’s why I want your forgiveness.

I don’t want to make excuses or make you feel sorry for me, because I honestly care and I want you all to know I am sorry and repentful, or else I would not even take the time to write this letter, please look into your hearts and find the strength to forgive me of my past mistakes.


Hannah Dawn Davis