Letter from John G. Peeler in response to Bill Clinton, the Pope, and I

To: World Pastor Tony Alamo
From: Peeler, John G., former member of the FBI, aka Eagle Scout, “The Shadow Warrior”

RE: “Bill Clinton, the Pope and I” by Tony Alamo

God bless World Pastor Tony Alamo. Your four-page Volume 24000 was 100% correct! When Bill Clinton found out that you were against the Catholic Church, Bill Buford and Glen Jordan [ATF agents who took part in the Waco raid] wanted me to befriend and find out about you and your church, and I was asked to frame you and your church members in any way I could and to kill you if possible!

After talking to the people running your stores and business and churches, I told all the federal judges and agents that you were squeaky-clean, and I refused to kill you!

A few weeks before you were arrested the last time, I told you on a radio talk and internet talk show that the U.S. feds were going to frame you for child porn and/or other child offenses!

I killed many people and I hope most of them really deserved it. I have repented of my New World Order job, and I thank God that I did not kill you! The New World Order is upset that Chelsea [Clinton] married a Jewish businessman that used the Clinton Foundation as his piggy bank. You need to read the book, Crossfire, by L. D. Brown.

I am in stage II cancer. Please say a prayer for me and John Christopher Peeler #107832, EARU, PO Box 970, Marianna AR 72360. Write to him please, if you can.

God bless you,
Peeler, John Garry