Summary of the October Massacre in Israel

For context, in 2005, the Prime Minister of Israel, after being severely pressured by other nations, decided to pull all Israeli presence from the Gaza strip. Over 8,000 Jewish Israelis plus soldiers were forced out, leaving all they had built. Their homes, businesses, schools, and thriving farms, synagogues, and communities were left behind to live in small trailers for years. Gaza was given by Israel at the expense of their own people to give the Palestinian Arabs their own homeland. The new inhabitants of Gaza could have made the best of all that was left, but it was quickly taken over by terrorists who were elected by the people to rule. The large amounts of money they received from the UN and many nations could have been used to build the infrastructure of Gaza, but money was spent on terror tunnels, weapons and rocket manufacturing, and enriching the top echelon of Hamas. Rockets, terror, and massacre was received by the Israelis in exchange for this beautiful beachfront strip of land.

Shortly thereafter in 2006, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered a stroke and was in a vegetative state until his death.

On October 7, 2023 near dawn, Hamas terrorists along with many “civilians” from Gaza with automatic weapons broke through the border security walls and fences on foot, by motorcycles, hang gliders, and more, as a non-stop barrage of rockets rained upon Israel from Gaza. They slaughtered over 1400 people, and approximately 250 children, women, and men were kidnapped and taken into Gaza. The number of Israelis murdered on October 7, in proportion to the US population, would be the equivalent of 47,000 to 55,000 Americans being killed.

There was an overnight music festival attended by young people not far from Gaza that was taking place at the time as it was the end of a Jewish holiday. Everyone there that was found by the terrorists was murdered and many girls were raped first. The horrors experienced have caused almost 50 suicides of young survivors of the festival.

The terrorists had detailed information on all the kibbutzim they were to invade, internet and security connections, army installations, and much more as Israel had allowed Gazans to have work permits and work all over Israel, which was all used against them.

Many Kibbutzim were completely decimated and everyone was killed. Babies were found in ovens that had been turned on with coil burns on their bodies. Whole families were sealed in their homes and burned alive. Mostly they went house to house and killed everyone. There were rapes and murders of young and old. Some were taken hostage and brought into Gaza.

There are many orphans whose parents were murdered. Almost all of Israel has been severely traumatized, and it continues as we know the kidnapped are being tortured, starved and much more, according to the few that were exchanged for many more terrorists and murderers in Israeli prisons. Now Hamas says of the 150 remaining kidnapped hostages maybe only 20 are still alive. They now admit they do not even know how many are alive.

Most families have loved ones in the army who may never return and many that do, come back severely wounded, missing legs, or arms from the explosives Hamas routinely plants to kill and maim. Most of the men and young men were all called up to fight this war for the future existence of Israel is truly at stake. If Hamas is not eliminated, they have promised that the massacres will continue. To this day, several polls among the Gazans show over 70% still in agreement with the massacre. The Arabs are taught to hate and kill Jews from a very young age. The UN schools strongly reinforce this. They are taught the highest honor goes to those who die while attacking and killing Jews.

The Israelis living in the North all had to evacuate for safer areas due to constant attacks by Hezbollah. The Israelis near Gaza all had to evacuate to escape rockets from Hamas in Gaza. Over 100,000 Israelis were evacuated and still are. Homeless families are living wherever possible. Other Israelis have opened their homes to help or some stay in hotels, etc. Rocket sirens are going off less, but they are still running to bomb shelters regularly.

Most all the men are called into the war effort, leaving their families to fend for themselves. Farms, livestock business, greenhouses all left destroyed after attacks and no one to repair or maintain them. That also leaves very little financial support for the families.

Israel is fighting to destroy Hamas for their very survival. If Hamas is not destroyed, they will regroup and all the deaths of the fallen soldiers will be in vain. The underground tunnel systems were so intricate and widespread that battle has been extremely complex and treacherous. They have had to fight above and below ground. At least 250 Israelis soldiers have been killed in battle so far and there is much more to conquer. There are so many wounded in all Israeli hospitals that they are trying to bring more doctors into the country to help.

As we know, the Koran (which Muslims believe to be the infallible word of God) clearly states Allah said, "Oh People [the Jews], enter the Holy Land which Allah has assigned unto you" (SURA 5 VERSE 21). Koran 7:7 states “God Himself bequeaths the Land of Israel to the Jew, as a nation who thought themselves weak, and blesses them with goodness.”

There is nowhere in the Koran that says that God switched allegiances to Islam. Sheikh Ahmad Adwan, a Muslim scholar living in Jordan, states, "Palestine" does not exist. He stated, "I say to those who distort...the Koran: from where did you bring the name Palestine, you liars, you accursed, when Allah has already named it 'The Holy Land' and bequeathed it to the Children of Israel until the Day of Judgment. There is no such thing as 'Palestine' in the Koran."

Satan still desires to be as God and sit on the mountain in Jerusalem as God. As Pastor Alamo revealed, the mouth of the Beast works through the worldwide media, as it is controlled by satan, the father of liars. The world hears only what is allowed. They do not know the devices of satan and the time we are living in. Therefore, Israel, the victim, has been turned into the oppressor by the demonic world media. History has been completely rewritten and twisted from Israel being the homeland of the Jews to being the land of the Arabs which the Jews somehow stole. This is their justification for murdering all Jews and taking the entire land of Israel. This is factually false! Before Israel was officially reinstated in 1948 by the UN vote of all nations, some Arabs, possibly as many as 20,000, did live in the land that was uncultivated, harsh, and had swamplands. The Arabs were nomadic and traveled for land to graze their sheep and goats for free without owning any of it or improving the land. But after the declaration of the nation of Israel, the Arabs instantly declared war on Israel, determined to stop Israel’s establishment. The Arab leaders told the Arabs inside Israel to leave while they destroy the Jews and then they could come back. So, voluntarily the Arabs went back to Jordan or Syria, or Lebanon where they were from as they were told. Also, according to Prime Minister Golda Meir’s autobiography, the Jews asked their Arab neighbors to stay and live among them, but they refused. The tiny army of the new State of Israel, by God’s hand, remained and grew despite the continuing harsh attacks, murders, and war.

Instead of the Arabs being absorbed into the surrounding countries as always happened in the past throughout the rest of the world during wars, the small groups of Arabs gathered into different areas, and were named refugee camps. Now, four and five generations later, they keep this status as refugees, demanding to come into Israel under the law of return, but now there are millions of descendants. The US and many other countries support them through the UN. Free food, hospitals, all types of services, including UN schools are supplied to this day. As recently exposed, the UN workers are actually part of Hamas or in close connection with Hamas, using the UN funds for terrorist activities, tunnels, and weapons, and not for the needs of the general population.

The Israeli army is under standards far higher and more restrictive than all others in the world. They never can use the element of surprise. They warn the people IN ADVANCE when an area is going to be targeted. They drop leaflets, text the inhabitants, and do everything possible to protect and warn the civilians. When civilians are seen in an area, they will leave it. They must deal with incredibly complex situations, with hospitals and schools throughout Gaza being Hamas home bases, which has been well-documented. Before entering Gaza, Israel made clear pathways for the people to move to safer areas first. This delayed activity for weeks. They are still planning for civilian movement to enter Rafah and complete their mission. At the same time Israel tries to move the civilians to safety, Hamas blocks them from going to keep their human shields nearby.

The supposed death counts of civilians in Gaza are issued by none other than Hamas itself! Their PR teams say whatever they want and the entire world believes it. In fact, mathematicians and others have proven that the counts of civilian deaths in Gaza are extremely inflated lies.

For instance, shortly after Israel entered Gaza, a rocket that was proven to have been launched next to a Gaza hospital misfired, and instead of hitting Israeli territory, it fell upon the hospital (and Hamas knew it). Instantly, Hamas PR declared the deaths of 500 innocent Gazans by Israel targeting the hospital. Immediately, there were huge protests by Muslims throughout the world, and Israel had to prove their innocence, which they did with footage of the rocket misfire, phone recordings of Hamas stating what happened, and other proofs. The numbers of the dead then dropped dramatically, and the whole incident went silent.

While leftists in the US are screaming “Genocide” and “Free Palestine,” video footage from Gaza is going around Israel showing the Gazans happily swimming and sunbathing at the Gaza beaches, relaxed and without fear. Literal tons of food and supplies are dropped in, and trucked in daily to Gaza.

All Arab nations around Israel ARE apartheid nations. No Jews are allowed. All were kicked out long ago. But Israel is composed of all people as equal citizens without differentiation. About 20% of Israeli citizens are Arab Muslims. They receive the benefits Israel offers, yet hate her. They are allowed, but it is not mandatory for them to be in the Israeli army as all other citizens for obvious reasons. So as the hate-filled Arabs are everywhere in Israel, there continues to be random and frequent attacks on Jews. Stabbings, shootings, car rammings and ambushes are common. Just days ago, a 14-year-old boy grazing sheep was found murdered, his scull cracked open by rocks. The accusation of Genocide applies only to Hamas and other terrorist organizations—not Israel.

God’s eternal Word is true. The blessings for those who bless Israel and the curses for those who curse Israel is still in force. The covenants which God made with the twelve tribes of Israel also stands today. Do not give any place to satan by believing his lying mouth (Ephesians 4:27). Remember, the Lord said if it were possible, the very elect would be deceived (Matthew 24:24).