Healing Testimony

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November 17, 1995

from FCI Florence, Florence, Colorado

Regarding the healing of Liam Hamilton, a Jewish man in prison with Pastor Alamo, relayed by “Bogie.” Bogie or Bogich is Dr. Bogich Jovovich, the father of model/actress, Milla Jovovich.


Pastor Alamo: Ok, you want to put the tape on, because there is a miracle here. I prayed for Liam last night and he got healed. Ok, but to verify this, I have Bogie here. Bogie is his roommate, and Bogie wants to tell about it.

Bogie: Good evening, you know, we had a miracle happen last night. I couldn’t believe, you know, because I am a medical doctor and I don’t, you know, I believe in medicine, not in miracles. But I have my roommate, he was dying yesterday. He was losing blood for the last two weeks in such an amount that yesterday he was in a coma all day. He couldn’t walk or talk or anything. You know, to be honest, you know, medically, I gave up, because there was nothing we could do anymore because he lost too much blood. And he was losing for two weeks already. The prison wouldn’t help him. They don’t want to take him to the hospital.

So Tony came in the room. Tony came and we told him the problem, and Tony was talking to Liam and he told him that he has to believe in Jesus Christ and so forth and so forth. And then he says, “Now I am going to pray,” and he got on his knees and put hands on him and prayed for him. And this morning, I thought, you know, to be honest, I was thinking he won’t survive overnight. Then, this morning he wakes up, and no more bleeding. I was absolutely shocked. So, I took him to the hospital immediately over there—I mean, not the hospital, but in the medical part—and he went over there and the doctor told him that he feels better and he doesn’t need surgery. So they examined him and everything else and he came back and again he went to the restroom and he didn’t have blood again. So all day and today, he’s already been outside and walking through the yard and all this stuff. For the last two weeks, he’s spent in bed. I cannot explain that medically. You see because, you know it’s impossible, when the blood vessel leaks and there is a hole over there, you can’t just patch up a hole without anything, you have to go for surgery. And it just happened. And so you know, I was really thrilled by that, and when I found out about that, I rushed to find Tony, but I couldn’t find him until now. He just came from visiting room, so I came to inform him about that miracle that happened last night. And you know, I am very happy because the guy lives with me in the room. We are very happy about that.

I’ve never seen—I’ve been doctor for many years, and I was in surgery. So you know, especially I understand that subject. I’ve been to many countries and everything else. But I have never seen something like that. That after one prayer, the blood vessel can close and stop the bleeding, and the person, the next day, he gets up and he is today walking like usually he is. He’s joking and going around and all this stuff. The person came from dead to alive. And that, for me, I cannot explain it medically. I cannot explain it any other way. For me, that is miracle. Ok, I will give you Tony back.

Pastor Alamo: Ok, so I mean he is fine now. He was losing like anywhere from a pint to two liters of blood a day. I went in there and I told him, I said, “Look.” He wanted Bogie to operate on him in here, and because he said, “I’m going to die.” He says, “Anything—even an attempt. The prison won’t do anything for me. They’re just letting me bleed to death.” And so I told him, “Look.” I went in and witnessed to him. That’s why I didn’t come back to the phone last night. And I was telling him that you’re going to die. I preached to him. I told him about some visions of Hell and about Tyra Saintclair. First of all, I said that the Word is God, and that the Word assumed human flesh and assumed the name of Christ. I said, “The only way you can know God the Father is by the Word; who assumed the name of Christ.” And I said, “So, if you want me to, I will pray with you.” But this after preaching to him for around half hour, 45 minutes, and building his faith up. I said, “If you don’t pray in the name of Christ, it won’t work.” He says, “Okay, Tony, pray for me.” And when I did, the Spirit of God filled that room up and I knew that the Lord touched him. And here he comes now, walking like crazy.


(Eventually, through Pastor Alamo’s testimony and preaching, Liam acknowledged Jesus as the Messiah, as his Savior, and became a born-again Christian.)

A Statement by Dr. Bogich Jovovich of the Miraculous Healing He Observed

Back home in Yugoslavia and in Russia, I was a medical doctor in surgery from 1974. In U.S., I was licensed in the state of Florida in 1987 as Doctor of Medicine. In 1984 I passed California Medical Board, FLEX, and was given the license to practice medicine in the state of California.

The person whom I am writing about, Liam Hamilton, I shared a cell in Federal prison with for the last year (from 1995-1996). He suffered chronic hepatitis for the last several years. On last examination and biopsy of the liver, he was diagnosed to have cirrhosis of the liver. In the last two months he started bleeding externally, which is not uncommon for this kind of disease. The bleeding got worse as time progressed, to the point that he started losing over a liter of blood daily. In the given day he lost over two liters of blood, and practically could not move. Due to chronic blood loss during so many days he was not able to survive without surgical emergency intervention. Due to circumstances we were in, there was not hope that he was going to get emergency intervention.

I was gravely concerned that he wouldn’t survive through the night, so I went to inform Pastor Alamo, who came from his cell into Liam’s and my cell where Liam lay on his cot dying. Pastor Alamo began talking to Liam about Jesus Christ, how Jesus is the only Savior, Healer, and Deliverer, and told him he must pray to Jesus if he wants to be healed. Pastor Alamo told him if he didn’t ask Jesus to heal him that he would die that night or sometime in the morning. After that, Pastor Alamo laid his hand over Liam, and started praying for him. I got scared and left the room. Pastor Alamo was praying for quite a while, and when he got out of the room he told me that Liam was healed of his bleeding problem and would be saved and healed of his hepatitis if he does not reject Jesus.

The following morning, the seemingly dying person was alive and well. The bleeding was completely stopped, he was in good spirit, you could see life in his eyes again.

To me as a medical doctor, it was a miracle that you usually hear from different people, but never see with your own eyes. This time, and for the first time, I saw it and witnessed it, but I cannot explain it! There is no medical explanation for it! Miraculous event happened from Pastor Alamo’s hand touch and his prayers!

This extraordinary event made me convert. I began believing in Jesus Christ, and Pastor Alamo’s godly power. Pastor Alamo’s family was so kind to send me the Bible, so now I read and pray every day.

Pastor Alamo, thank you for saving human life through the power of prayer to Jesus who obviously is God! That is a wonderful deed!

Bogich Jovovich, M.D.

Dr. Jovovich is the father of Milla Jovovich, the star of the movie, “The Messenger,” in which Milla plays the part of Joan of Arc.

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