Report Details Abuses in Irish Reformatories - NYTimes.com

The Vatican claims that they are immune from prosecution because they are a sovereign country, but there’s no such thing as a sovereign country any longer, because it’s a one world government and they are in charge of it according to the Bible. They are the ones who are running this demonic one world government. They claim immunity. We want to go by the same rules and have the same advantages they have. Therefore they are not to take other people and prosecute them on false allegations. These allegations they made up on Pastor Alamo are so false, it’s unbelievable.

Democrats on Capitol Hill Rebel Against President Obama's Guantanamo Bay Plan

Obama is just taking over what Bush was doing because he, too, is getting his orders from the Vatican. Obama is trying to close Guantanamo, and wanting to bring those terrorists into this country and put them in a prison over here when it’s proven that when they’re in prison, they convert people to become terrorists and Muslims too. 

4 Accused of Bombing Plot at Bronx Synagogues - NYTimes.com

“From the beginning of his presidency, George Bush has been promoting the Jesuit agenda. Two months into his presidency, surrounded by cardinals of Rome, the President dedicated a cultural center in Washington, D.C. to the greatest enemy this Republic has ever had–the pope of Rome. Bush declared that he is going to enforce the words and teaching of the pope here in America: “The best way to honor Pope John Paul II, truly one of the great men, is to take his teachings seriously, to listen to his words and put his word and his teachings into action here in America!” (Patricia Zappoa, Catholic News Service, March 24, 2001, The Secret Terrorists, pg. 127)

Obama is taking orders from them and he’s following up with the very same things that Bush was doing—going for a dictatorship.