Excerpts from interview on USA Watchdog.com with Karen Hudes, Sr. Counsel for the World Bank for 20 years.

Interviewer: “Tell me how the rest of the world is looking at the Federal Reserve and our banking system and how the US is acting in the global world of finance.”

Hudes: “Well, their game is up. When they were signed on a hundred years ago, President Wilson knew that he had sold the United States downstream. And he really regretted it. And there were a couple of presidents who tried to set things straight. Both of those ended up assassinated. One of them was JFK. One of them was Abraham Lincoln.…

“You don’t have to take my word for it. There’s a very accurate study that was done by the Federal Institute of Technology. They used data showing who owns all of the world’s corporations—43,000 of them. And they showed that there is a group of thugs that have bought these companies up and controls them behind the scenes. A lot of this is secret. You won’t read about it in the press because they bought up the media. So the stories that people are hearing every day from their favorite newscast, this is all, you know, what those companies want you to know, not what the reality is. And a lot of people are onto this. I think the latest survey about the trust of the American people in the media—it has tanked. Most people, more than a majority, knows that they are being systematically lied to by these thugs.

“So getting back to the Federal Reserve and the bank for international settlements, these groups are in cahoots with the biggest crooks of all—the Jesuits. They bought up Bank of America and they have little secret deals to try to apportion the riches of the world. And in the meantime, all of the countries in the world know that this thievery is going on. And we have been working together. I have been writing all of the ambassadors for the last five years since I was fired illegally. They knew I was their lawyer. They knew I was telling them the truth. And I said, ‘You’re not going to get away with this.’ And there’s a group of World Bank whistleblowers from different countries….

“What I am saying is that we don’t have to wait for anybody to fire the Fed or the Bank for International Settlement. Because all the central bankers are part of this big club in Switzerland. What we should simply do is use our choice. The states—some of them—have already started recognizing silver and gold, the precious metals, as currency. They are entitled to do this. They should do this. There are other alternatives like Bitcoin. There are other bankers that have set up currencies that are backed fully by precious metals. And we, the consumers, can choose which currencies that are legal. And that’s what we are going to do in very short order.

“We are talking about the biggest thuggery of all, and that is the Jesuits in the Vatican….Let me step back a little bit and say how I got involved in all of this. They say, ‘follow the money.’ That’s what I did. I saw that people were being lied to about the money. You’re not allowed to do that. When bonds are issued on the capital markets, and I bought a World Bank bond, you’re entitled to accurate financial statements. And they were not being audited according to the auditing standards. So I sued the World Bank and I sued KPMG, and then 188 ministers of finance settled my lawsuit. But I couldn’t get that thing implemented. So I was trying to find out why not. Let me tell you what I just found out. I always thought that the CIA was the problem and the other intelligence agencies. Guess what? There’s a grand intelligence agency that the Vatican puts out, and all of those other crooks are operating under the Vatican intelligence agency. That is what’s going on….

“They are not fighting. They’ve all agreed. The fighting is what we are led to believe. They are all in cahoots. Just like all the banks are in cahoots, all of these intelligence agencies are in cahoots too. So we are completely being bamboozled. It’s like a big theater—theater of the absurd for the world…

[RE Obama] “He’s an actor. He’s told to play his part….What I’m trying to say is that those presidents of ours who refused to go along with the agenda got murdered—all of them.

“For example, people don’t know that their IRS revenue is going to the Vatican [the Roman Catholic Church]….There was an agreement starting in the early 1900s to take all of the wealth of the world, the treasures, the gold, the diamonds, priceless treasures. These are now in a big vault in different places, buried.

“Let’s go back 15 years. Let me just say that everything I am saying, you can go on my website, www.kahudes.net, and you can go through the chronology, which is what happened in 2000 when I got involved in reform inside the World Bank, which is like a cooperative. The US owns 16%, and the rest of the countries, 188 of them, own different amounts. And you get to vote in accordance with how powerful you are. So I was part of the board’s decision that they were going to allow the bank to have more money, but only if they improved the human resources. And I was on that committee. And the agreement was that those managers that were doing a good job would get promoted, and those managers that were doing a bad job would either get training or get fired. And that reform got completely rolled back. We brought in somebody from IBM to do this. And he came to me and said, ‘Karen, I don’t understand it. I say a manager’s good and needs to be promoted and that one gets fired. I say somebody is crooked and that one gets promoted. What’s going on here? And I don’t know how much longer I’m going to last.’ Alberto Bizan, he got fired. And after that, I just tried to find out what was going on. And you can watch and see exactly what was going on.”

Found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJybfADko_g

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