Press Release by Pastor Tony Alamo

The reason the 8th Circuit ruled the way that they did is because they are going by a myriad of garbage, lies that have been told by the media and in the courts for years, the same way that lies have been told and retold in the political arena. I call these lies “balloons.” These balloons go up into the air and the wind carries a bag of lies and gives life to those lies. After so many lies have been told, they start becoming alive.

Herbert Ellingwood1 was Reagan’s right hand man as governor and when he became president, he went to the Whitehouse with him. After we had won all these hippies and urchins from off the street, we built homes for them, fed and clothed them. Ronald Reagan sent Herb Ellingwood to our church to commend Susie and myself and all of our people for cleaning up the Los Angeles area of drugs and it not being burned down.

The head of the Department of Labor, Raymond A. Donovan, took us to court, saying that after we built homes for these people, fed them, and clothed them, they said we had to pay them for their labor. We went to court in Little Rock. I told Herb Ellingwood, “Please tell President Reagan to have Donovan lay off, because we didn’t do anything wrong.” He told me he was having breakfast with him in the morning. So after their breakfast, Herb called me in Nashville and stated that the president told him he could do nothing, that his hands were tied, and he realizes we were real good people. President Reagan said, “Tony you can do more than I can. Keep up the good work.”

In 1987, Justin Miller was about 12 years old and it was brought to the attention of the people in the church that he was having sex with a six year old little girl named Jeanette Orlando, the daughter of Joey and Lenore Orlando. Justin's parents were professors at a University in Miami, Florida, and they were both drug addicts and would walk in the nude in front of him. They lived in one of the apartments owned by the church, and they would leave the shades open so that everyone could see them in the nude.

The manager of the apartments was a lady name Nancy, and she told me how good it would be if Justin could come live in the church that I pastor, because his parents were both on drugs and crazy. I told Nancy to talk to the parents and see if they would let him move into the church. She talked to them and they agreed to let him move into the church. This was around 1983. My wife Susie had just passed away on April 8, 1982. So I talked to the people of the church to see if anyone wanted to raise this child, and Carey Miller and his wife volunteered.

A few years later, Carey and Bob Miller were living in one of the church properties just above Dyer, Arkansas and they said that they could bring a lot of money into the church if they could run the trucking company with the trucks owned by the church. Without me knowing it, the Miller brothers opened their own bank account and began depositing tens of thousands of dollars from the truck company into their personal account. So I called Bob Miller and his wife to the house where I was living because I wanted to know why there was no money from the trucking company. (Bob Miller's wife is now married to Tommy Scarcello and she can verify this.) Carey and Bob Miller had stolen all of the money from the trucking company. I foolishly told them that I would prosecute them, and they ran away.

Instead of them leaving the state, they ran to Judge Morris Arnold, and they got a hold of Peter Georgiades who was the Attorney for the Cult Awareness Network, which was headed by a black man named Ted Patrick, who weaseled himself into Governor Ronald Reagan's office as a snitch. He worked for Reagan’s office in Watts, California, during the Watts riots.

Ted Patrick's son was influenced by a pot-smoking cult called "The Children of God." Patrick came to Susie and me and asked if we would help get his son out of the cult, and Susie and I told him that we don’t do things like that. He got very angry because we would not help him, and he started a hate campaign against Sue and me, and a lot of people joined him. The Miller brothers knew that Ted Patrick, Peter Georgiades, and Judge Morris Arnold were against us, so in Fort Smith, Arkansas they all met together privately in the judge's chambers and concocted a vicious story that Sue and I had been using, abusing, and refusing to feed the Miller brothers, which was all false. We had the best restaurant in the entire city and they ate from that restaurant.

Judge Morris Arnold made a ruling that everything in the church was my alter ego. The media went crazy with this story, and so also did the newspapers love it, because they would sell a lot of newspapers. After we had won tens of thousands of souls off of drugs, narcotics, and lives of crime, Susie and I became the fall guys because of these two thieves, Peter Georgiades and Judge Morris Arnold, who fabricated stories to the media.

I was falsely prosecuted and convicted on a bogus IRS tax case, and served four years because of their lies. And many other fabrications have occurred down through the years. In 1987, when it was learned that Justin Miller had been having sex with a six year old little girl, he was to be disciplined for it. Justin knew what his parents had done, but he didn’t care. He thought it was funny that we were being persecuted for what his family had done and he decided to join them. He got a hold of them, and lo and behold, over one hundred officers raided our church and grabbed all of the children and made them disrobe to check for signs of abuse, and no evidence was found. Yet these stories got wilder and wilder.

Justin Miller was taken from the church (thank God) and is a known drug addict and juvenile delinquent. Bob Miller died of cancer, and Carey now lives in a trailer with his mother. All of our property was taken away because of these lies. These two boys and the seven women that are bringing false accusations against me are aware of all of this, and now they are doing the same.

I have 175 years in prison for a bunch of fabricated, false accusations, and now a 30 million dollar judgment against me, and more than likely, hundreds of millions more for the false allegations the seven women are making against me. We have already lost over one hundred million dollars in property because of what the Millers, Peter Georgiades, Ted Patrick, and Morris Arnold have done, and now they are trying to do it again on more fabricated stories from these two boys and seven women.


1. legal affairs secretary to then Governor Ronald Reagan and Deputy Counsel to President Reagan return