Press Release by Pastor Tony Alamo

On August 28, 2012, the U.S. Court of Appeals upheld an award of 30 million dollars, 15 million each for two young men who were born and raised in our church, based on claims that I brutalized them. The court of appeals does not find facts, and they do not conduct fact-finding hearings. They rely on the district courts to develop the record on which their opinions are based. If the record below is based on lies, fraud, and blatant factual distortions, then this is what the appeals courts follow. As in computers, “corrupted data in is corrupted data out” in some, “garbage in leads to garbage out.”

No civilized religion, no civilized church, and no civilized Christian condones brutality against any living creature—not animals, and not adults, and most certainly not against children.

Children are the church’s most precious earthly treasure, they are the church’s future, and they are the future of the Body of CHRIST. Neither our church, nor its members, nor I as the church pastor, would condone brutalizing children. We abhor it! Our church does not believe and does not teach that children should be left unattended, untaught, or uninstructed. We do not believe children will succeed in life by being a NFL or NBA star nor the next Kardashian reality show celebrity.

So we do follow the Bible’s teachings and teach children a work ethic. They have chores as children should have. We teach them responsibility, duty to themselves, to their families, and to their Christian brothers and sisters in the Body of CHRIST. Children are instructed, guided, lead, encouraged, and sometimes chastised, and on occasions corrected. We fully understand that when a punishment exceeds the offense it breeds contempt, rebellion, and does not correct or instruct.

I am our church’s Spiritual pastor, having studied the Scriptures nearly fifty years. I am not its master, king, or slave master. I am pastor at the consent of our members, and if they believed that I brutalized children or was any sort of sexual deviate, they would have long ago cast me out, as they well should, were it true. It is not true!

These two men were born and raised in and by our church and their Christian parents. The congregation knows them, knows how they were taught, and how they were raised. This is likewise true for the women who are making false allegations against me. The FBI agent who developed the government’s case was secretly working for the civil suit attorneys who are suing for tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.

Our congregation has known these women since they were children and young girls. They know the truth and that they are lying for lawyers with hopes of gaining millions of dollars. That FBI agent, now chief investigator in the civil suit, is earning unknown tens of thousands for himself.

My church would drop me like a hot potato if I had done these things. They all know better. Our church embraces a Christian economy as taught in Acts chapter two of the KJV Bible. We take the collective talent of members and help other members with problems. We do not turn a blind eye to fellow Christians’ problems. We use our talents to solve them. Need a roof repaired? We repair it. Need a home? We build it. We feed, clothe, and house our members, and we collectively help them help themselves in life and business, and we self-insure their health care.

The government came in and said, “Oh no, you can’t have a Christian economy; you have to have salaries, paychecks, and due withholding.” They said, “You have freedom of expression, but don’t criticize us—pay us.”

I have been highly critical of U.S. government policy, and I’ve written hundreds of tracts to untold thousands of members all over the world, critical of the federal government policies, and that is the true motive behind the government’s prosecution and persecution of me.

The motives of the lawyers for these two young men and the seven women are far less complex. They want to lie their way to being wealthy from the Christians’ work, the labor of others. It’s that simple!

If the government wants to make you rich for being spanked—I figured it up—I’m owed 750 million and my little brother is owed 1.5 billion, as he got spanked twice as often as I did.

Lies in, lies out, garbage in, garbage out. These lawyers would rather climb a tree to tell a lie than to stand on the ground and tell the truth. No one said it would be easy to stand up for CHRIST against evil, but fortunately I do not stand alone.