April 16, 2013

I have been part of Tony Alamo Christian Ministry since March of 1971. I have spent most of my life in the ministry, and I personally know that all of my spiritual experience, and all of my work related activities, have always been for the benefit of the ministry members in all of our U.S. locations; and for ministering to the down-and-out souls in all the cities and towns we are in, and visit, and not for the benefit, or for the enrichment of Pastor Tony Alamo. We also supported with food and clothing hundreds of poor churches in Africa, India, South America, and many other countries. We’ve always pooled our money that we worked for, and have done good for these brothers and sisters in Christ in these other countries. The ministry has sent money to build water tanks and wells in Africa, where water was scarce; the ministry has given out tons of food and clothing down through the years to millions of needy people here in the U.S., and abroad. I have worked in our grocery store for nine years, and all the ministry businesses have supported the ministry members, and helped the poor and needy people in our communities with food boxes and clothing, and have always done so, and have enabled us to print millions of Gospel tracts that I’ve also helped print, and allowed the ministry to send myself and hundreds of ministry members out on witnessing crews all over the U.S. to deliver the Gospel message to the lost world, as the Lord commands to do, and to minister, as I also have, at many thousands of old folk’s homes all over the country. And allowed us to build many facilities for people that wanted to serve God with us, and everyone was well-fed and housed and clothed. Jack Mosely, with the Southwest Times Record, wrote a large article about our “Super” facilities. The ministry members lived in all the beautiful 9-plexes, 4-plexes, custom-built homes and brothers’ dormitories. The Olympic-size pool, horses, and recreational facilities were for the brothers and sisters and children, not for Pastor Tony Alamo, or his benefit.

This church is our church; Tony is the Pastor, not the owner of these facilities. The church is made up of many, many members, not one. We have always had church services at least 8 times a week, with meals served after each church service. The Church gives, not takes, from others. As the Lord did and commands us, we do, and so does Pastor Tony.

The brothers and sisters are the ones that preach at our church location and give testimonies; this is our life, and what we’ve chosen to do with our life. Pastor Tony is not the one doing all this; it’s the ministry members. The ministry has saved the government billions of dollars with all the charitable work the ministry has done the last 45 years, with doing such a good job by cutting down the crime and the social ills of Los Angeles, according to then President Ronald Reagan, and by getting countless thousands off of welfare, and doing a much, much better job than all the drug and alcohol rehab centers and government programs.

Al Johnson