To Whom It May Concern:

I, Anita Willis, have been a member of the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries for almost 39 years. I use the term member, but in actuality it was not joining an organization or a denominational church as the word may imply, but because of the full gospel message I heard, I was born again of the Spirit and became a member of the body of Christ. I say this to impart to the reader the essence of my activities and the different jobs I have done all for the benefit of all the “members” as a whole.

At the beginning I spent most of my time reading Bible and praying, as this is what the ministry is about; teaching new Christians the ways of the Lord and how to become an effective witness for the Lord. Services were held every day and twice on Sunday then, as they still are today. I experienced firsthand the way members of the church worked together to supply the needs of everyone.

Over the years I have worked in the mailroom where the gospel literature is packaged and sent worldwide to whomever requests it free of charge. I have also spent time in our nursery taking care of children while their moms were doing various other jobs; this was done on a rotating schedule. I also spent several years teaching at our private Christian school, which our pastor made available free of charge to anyone who wanted their children to come. This offer was made on different radio broadcast of messages from Pastor Alamo. Everything has always been for the good of everyone, whether or not they were part of the church. With this understanding I joyfully gave my labor for these and whatever other things needed to be done, to supply the needs of the members, as well as countless others outside the ministry.

The notion that Pastor Tony owns everything is so totally ludicrous. In all of my years associated with him I have seen nothing to substantiate that. That opposite is true of him. He freely gives to all, and is always concerned about the welfare and needs of all people in the church and worldwide. He has not changed regardless of his own personal situation and conditions.


Anita Willis