Hi, my name is Avery Fairfax. I’m excited to tell you that I’m a current member of the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries. I first started coming to this ministry as a visiting guest in the early part of 2012. I visited the church for about 8 months before I joined. I’ve been an active member now for about 7 months. I have to testify to the truth regarding how exciting, educational, and spiritually profound my experiences have been as an active member of the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries.

In such a short period of time, I’ve learned so much from the countless CDs, books, tapes and gospel literature produced by our world Pastor Tony Alamo. He has taught me so much about the true personality of God and who Jesus Christ really is. Pastor Tony has revealed to me via the Bible that a true Christian through Christ has the power to live a life free of sin and to keep the commandments of the living God.

I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, and I’m the youngest of three siblings. My mother and father worked all the time and left my older sister, brother, and an older cousin to raise me. When I was very young, my mother used to take my brother, my older sister and me to a Baptist church every Sunday. Many Sundays she would drop us off at the church to be attended to by the elders of the church. Looking back on that early childhood experience, what stands out to me the most, and what’s etched in my memory today is the hypocrisy of the members of that church. Most of them were hypocrites who would sin all week, party hard on the weekends, and act holy on Sunday.

I remember one night seeing my father down on his knees praying as I had seen several times before. However, this time I asked him why he was down on his knees. He responded by saying, “Son, I’m on my knees tonight praying to God so I can stand on my feet in the face of the enemy in the morning.” Then I asked him why he never went to church with us. He said very firmly and clearly, “Because he does not fellowship with hypocrites.” The people at that Baptist church my mother took me, my brother, and sister to all believed in the lie that once you are saved, you are always saved, and you could not lose your salvation. They all, by word and deed, introduced me to the lie that it is ok to sin and you will still make it into Heaven. Needless to say, I went through my entire life believing that lie! Believing that lie made it ok for me to justify all of my sins and get deeper and deeper into sin as I got older.

I grew up in an extended family of artists, musicians, singers, etc. By the time I was 9 years old, I was singing around the house and playing musical instruments. My mother and father always got us guitars, keyboards, drums, etc. for our birthdays and Christmases. By the time I was thirteen, we formed a band of which my older sister was the lead singer. Being in the music industry playing pop and R&B music in the 70s and 80s caused me to be exposed to all kinds of drugs and other things that went with the night life environment. I moved to Los Angeles in 1979. My drug use became really progressive in the 80s. While living in Los Angeles, I began to speed ball heroin and cocaine, and take all kinds of acid, PCP, and pills. Actually, my drug use became so addictive and abusive that I almost died several times from overdoses.

As I began not being able to function due to my addiction to drugs, I began to lose my ability to keep a job in the industry. I eventually converted to a life of crime to feed my addiction. This life of crime caused me to be involved with the wrong type of people. Later in life I was eventually set up, lied on, and accused of crimes I did not commit. I was brought up on false charges that lead to a thirteen year experience of prison time in the Ohio Penitentiary! I had to learn the legal system and eventually sue my way out of the Ohio Penitentiary. I was released from prison on December 16, 2003.

I started searching for a church that was really about love, truth, and the Word of God. All I found was buildings full of religious people with different denominational titles. I eventually settled into an apostolic church in Columbus, Ohio, where I met a woman, got married, and had a son. The marriage only lasted for two years due to stress, strain, misunderstanding, and my choice to begin using drugs again.

I eventually decided that I would travel the country to visit my daughters and grandchildren. After visiting several states, I settled in Orlando, Florida, and enrolled in Bible college for online classes. I knew I needed to learn about God and really get right with God, however, in my carnal mind and carnal thinking, I decided what better place to learn about God than a Bible college. I enrolled in the largest Christian University in the world to learn about God online. My father had just recently died and left me some money that I used to start an entertainment and production company. My business partner and I decided the ideal place for me to kick-start our new entertainment company would be in Los Angeles, CA, so I booked a flight to Los Angeles from Orlando and flew to L.A. to network in the music industry. The problem was that my drinking and drug use had progressed and I was in denial. I was set up to fail perfectly.

When I first arrived in L.A. I moved in with my cousin. I eventually met a girl who lived in the West Valley area in Canoga Park. She and I hit it off really well immediately, and I moved in with her in her apartment. The problem with that set up was that she was drinking and doing drugs just as I was. This situation was a disaster waiting to happen. One night while doing meth and smoking crack together, she and I got into a heated argument about money, bills. etc. The result was that she decided she didn’t want me living there anymore and threw all my clothes and belongings into the street. I became homeless that night and began crashing at different friends’ and associates’ houses. Many nights I stayed on the streets and was up all night. I always had a little bit of hustle about myself, so I hustled up some money and invested in incense and oils and began getting accounts with liquor stores, smoke shops, head shops, and mom and pop stores with my product on consignment. I was up to 13 accounts and was selling incense in night clubs and on the streets of L.A. I was doing studio work on the side, but still didn’t have a place of my own to live.

One day while in transit from one crash spot to the next, I ran into an old bass player friend of mine in Hollywood. He began telling me about the Tony Alamo Christian Ministry. He told me about the fellowship, worship, music ministry, and food that they served 7 days a week. He invited me to go with him to the church that day, but I didn’t go that day, so he kept inviting me to go. One day I was physically hungry and decided to go with him for the free food he promoted so well that the church offered. When I arrived at the church I saw all these gospel pamphlets on the tables. Two in particular got my attention right away. One was titled “Pope’s Secrets,” and the other one was “Fugitive Pope!” I took those two and several other gospel tracts back to Hollywood that night. After reading those tracts I knew that I had to continue visiting the church. I had knowledge of the secret societies such as Skull and Bones, Bilderbergers, Illuminati, Free Masons, etc. I knew about the New World Order and the fact that the world governments and the UN were all evil entities. However, I had no idea that the Vatican was the corporate office and the pope was the CEO of these evil entities who takes his orders from the devil.

I had no idea that the Roman Catholic Church is the great whore that is mentioned in the book of Revelation. I had no idea that mystery Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth is the Catholic Church headed by the pope who gets his orders from Satan. I had no idea that the beast is the satanic one world government and its mouth piece, the world media, is all controlled by the Vatican and headed by the pope, who gets his orders from the devil.

When Pastor Tony introduced me to these truths, I knew right away that God sent me to this church to position me to begin living the life of a true Christian. I understand from experience how wicked, corrupt, unjust, and satanic our judicial system (branch of government) is. I know that the CIA, FBI, government agents set Pastor Tony up for exposing them and their boss the Vatican, pope, and their father the devil. When I learned the truth about the Vatican and their canon law of which my Bible college built their curriculum and the foundation of their theological studies on, I had to quit that satanic college. I am excited to testify today that I’m glad to have shut down my businesses, left the music industry, and quit my satanic Bible college to join the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries.

I am truly excited about serving and growing in the Lord here at the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries. I’ve found a true church and a pastor who preaches and teaches the truth about God and the devil. I have fellowship with a body of true believers who not only believe the Word of God, but live by the Word of God daily.

I cannot thank God enough for speaking to my soul and making it very clear to me by His Spirit that if I continued acting the way I was acting, living the life I was living, and doing the sinful things I was doing, He would have allowed the devil to kill me with sin on my soul. God made it plain to me that I would spend all eternity in a burning Hell with perfect torments if I did not say the sinner’s prayer with a sincere heart, repent, and give my life over to the service and will of God. He made me to know for absolute certainty that He is the one to be feared, respected, worshiped, and praised. He revealed to my spirit that He is the one and only true God who possesses all power! God delivered me by His power and I’m reporting and testifying that I’m no longer drinking, using drugs, or living in sin. The Lord has blessed me with His divine Spirit, power, and love through Jesus Christ, and has given me the hunger and desire to serve Him and please Him. I can truly say today I’m saved and Heaven is my destiny and promise.

Praise the Lord,

Avery Fairfax