To whom it may concern:

My name is Barry Tanner. I am a Jewish man, 64 years old, and a believer and disciple of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have been a member of the Tony Alamo Christian Church for nearly 7 years.

During those above-mentioned years, I have gone out as part of the Alamo Christian Church witnessing crew, witnessing and testifying of the love, joy, and peace through God in Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world. I have been active with the above mentioned crew in the Southern California area as a messenger and as a watchman for God in Christ. I warn people about walking in sin and unrighteousness, and the destruction in their lives that will result. I also let people know that through Jesus and the power of His blood, and through repentance and walking in Jesus Christ’s righteousness and Spirit, people can enter into the delights of Heaven when this life on earth is over.

Now, why have I committed my labors to Christ through the Tony Alamo Christian Church? Number one, fear of God, that if I do not obey God in Jesus Christ, I will be cast into Hell and the Lake of Fire where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth for pain, and everlasting torments. Number two, that God’s Kingdom may come to its fullness here on earth, as the Word of God predicts it will. Number three, that evil on earth will be overcome and goodness and righteousness will triumph in Jesus’ name. And Number four, in doing God’s will, I experience peace and joy in Jesus.

Finally, Tony Alamo does not own everything of the church, nor is this church strictly for Tony’s benefit. All members of the church share in the benefits of living together as a closely knit church community, with all basic needs taken care of. Various members of the church own vehicles, houses, and properties of the church, but it is for the mutual benefit of all its members with each member of the church body, including church owners, being of service, and servants, to each other.

Note that this church is not about Tony Alamo, but rather a beacon of love, joy, and peace in Jesus Christ unto a lost and dying world. We the church are an education center, a food mission, a raiser of monies to propagate and distribute the Gospel around the world. Note that we the church have committed church members, committed actively to mission outreach for 20 to over 40 years. Not a nebulous entity, the Alamo Church lives and preaches in the truth, the life, and the way of the Lord Jesus Christ, God made manifest in the flesh.


Barry Tanner

Los Angeles, CA, Church