My name is, Benjamin Kolbek; I was born and raised here at the ministry that Pastor Alamo pastors. My parents gave their lives for the furtherance of the gospel. I went to school at the ministry’s private Christian school. I am now almost 20 years old, and now I live and work within the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries. I help to repair the different properties, and I cook many meals every week for the congregation at the Fort Smith Church. Not one of those meals is for Tony Alamo. I attend services every night at our church. Some nights I lead the services, some nights I testify, and I play an instrument in the band. All these things are not done for our Pastor Tony Alamo; he is not present. Pastor Tony Alamo has never lived in my house. I am living at the ministry as a student minister to learn the Bible and how to minister to lost souls. I have given my whole life to come to this point, and now some judge is going to try to take it all away saying it belongs to Tony?!? He is my pastor that is being persecuted for what he preaches, not the owner of my stuff.

Benjamin Kolbek