To whom it may concern,

My name is Bill Saunders and I have been affiliated with the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries since 1975. I became a member of this church in 1982. The church’s entire purpose is to help the down trodden, to minister to those that are sick, those whose lives have been ravaged from sin and drugs by preaching the Gospel to them, and also physically helping others, including feeding, clothing and providing housing. This church is a 24/7 type of ministry wherein services are held daily, and everybody helps out by working to substantiate finances enough in order to evangelize the world by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Any other assertion is false, and it would be accurate to say that our church has operated very similar to the church described in the book of Acts in the New Testament. Our church was founded upon the teachings of the Bible and also shows true patriotism for this country, believing strongly in the US Constitution, and also following the statutes and precepts of the Holy Bible to the very “T”, so to speak.

Bill Saunders