My name is Bill wattles, and I have been a member of Tony Alamo Christian Church since 1982. I’m 59 years old now. Since moving in the church in 1982, I have been going all over the United States passing out Gospel literature and evangelizing. I went out in the early 1980s distributing literature entitled “Tricked” which was to stop babies from being aborted (murdered), and the women could have their baby, and get the baby back later when they could take care of it, or it could be put up for adoption. I have been a part of nursing home visits where we would hold a Gospel service and witness and testify of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and lead people to the Lord; we would also bring them some nice snacks and fruit and so on.

I’ve done warehouse work for over a year; awning cleaning for 3 years; forestry work (planting trees and thinning) for 4 plus years; and lawn maintenance and landscaping for 24 years. I have also spent time in these 31 years while a member serving as property watch. I have done pool maintenance of an Olympic-size pool for about 8 years.

I know and understand that the time and labor of the work I have done in the Ministry was for the help and benefit of all the members of the church. Also that my labor was for the needy outside the church who needed help, not for Tony Alamo’s benefit. It definitely is quite contrary to my understanding that Tony owns everything.

Bill Wattles