I would first off like to mention that I have been with this Ministry for over 30 years, and that is exactly what it is, a Ministry. A Ministry that has been reaching out to feed the hungry, providing for people clothing, helping with housing. Whatever we were able to do to help those less fortunate for whatever reason. This Ministry has been preaching and living the Gospel for over 40 years. We are not just some fly-by-night mission where someone is pocketing all the profits. We are a Ministry that spends its money on Gospel literature and Bibles and reaches out in every way we can with food, clothing, and housing, and the necessities of life. We have always had services every single night at our churches, not just Sundays. There has always been a free meal after services. We have been doing this for over 40 years. I myself have on many occasions taken food to the poor areas of cities to give away to those in need. This is not just some Sunday church. It is a Ministry where people have committed their entire lives to finally be doing something to help people as we have been taught.

A lot of us came from very bad lives, and now we are Christians. Now we want to do something for the work of the Lord in these last days. This is a lot more than a church. It is a place where people can dedicate their lives to a real Ministry; one that isn’t just talking about doing something to help others, but is doing it every single day. We have been taught, thanks to this Ministry, how to conduct a real Ministry, how to not talk about reaching out with help, but to reach out with whatever we can provide. I dedicated my life to do a work for the Lord Jesus Christ in these last days, and have never seen anything close to this type of Ministry where someone can do that; where you can learn how to reach out and help people. We have been taught the Bible and what the Bible says and have learned how to live and teach and preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our entire lives are committed to this Ministry.

We have always been self-sufficient, supporting our own Ministry and other ministries throughout the world, helping in other countries where they needed clean water. We paid for and provided water wells to be dug so these people would not be reusing sewer water. We provided them with food and clothing also.

Because we work to support the Ministry, the Ministry has always been self-supported. It has also always been reaching out and teaching others how to reach out to the poor, hopeless, lost, and dying humanity. The Ministry provides all our needs for those that have dedicated their lives to the Ministry. Nobody is stockpiling. We are constantly giving whatever we can to help out, and therefore the Ministry has provided our needs also.

That is why it is nothing but a false malicious lie to say that Tony owns everything. This is a Ministry, has always been, and will continue to be. So help us, God.

A member of the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries

Bob Morrissey