To Whom It May Concern:

Before coming to the Tony Alamo Christian ministries, I had attended many different churches. All had a typical Sunday morning and afternoon service, and then everyone went home until next Sunday.

At the Alamo Church, people live the Bible; that is, they are taught on a daily basis how to lead a Christian life. The Alamo Church is more like a monastery then just a church. People live here as they learn how to follow in Christ’s footsteps. Once saved, they become brothers and sisters in the Lord, and as Christians, the brothers and sisters maintain the properties of the Church. As in the Bible, the church is a society unto itself in that they work together, have all things in common, and seek to raise finances to perpetuate the ministry, not Tony Alamo.

In final analysis, the Alamo Church is a derivative from the Bible while all other churches are merely a social meeting place.

Bruce Kost