Dear Sir:

My name is Charlena Brooks. I have been a member of Alamo Christian Ministries since September, 1970. This Ministry, if you would look on the back of one of the newsletters that Pastor Alamo writes, you will see that it states, “Tony Alamo Christian Ministries Worldwide provides a place to live with all the things necessary for life to all those who truly want to serve the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.” Here I have been educated in the Gospel of Christ; hours of time were set aside for me to read and learn the Bible and pray whenever I needed, to this very day. I was instructed on how to give my personal testimony of salvation in the church service, before other outside gatherings, and also on the streets all across this country.

This Ministry has made it possible not only for me, but my other brothers and sisters to go into prisons and conduct Holy Spirit-filled services. We have pen pals in the prisons that we encourage in the Word through letters. Our Ministry gives these individuals money for stamps and hygiene, free of charge. This is not for Tony’s benefit at all. Our Ministry pays for this through the dedication and work of our pastor, and each and every one of us contributes. The Billy Graham outreach never gave us one tube of toothpaste. We are like the first Christian Church written about in acts 4:32-37. Everything is supplied according as we need, from the youngest to the oldest, not just this pastor. Plus, to the needy that aren’t even involved in our Ministry, if they are asking for clothes, they get it free. For example, many families of prisoners every year at Christmas will receive toys and clothing free of charge from us so that they will have a nice Christmas. We have done this for years.

A lot of us were able to bring our skills and educational abilities into this Ministry, into this worldwide outreach to help generate the finances it takes to feed the members, their families, and anyone that has a need. Meals are served daily: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In all of the churches, meals are served not just for us, but to the guests. This has been going on for over forty years, and I must say good food, as unto the Lord. I spent 5 years in a University to become a commercial artist; I was able to use this training painting jackets, plus, when I worked in the Alamo of Nashville, our clothing store there, I was able to help sell these jackets. The money from this paid bills that we had been in the red for, for years. The Ministry was able to expand the evangelizing on radio internationally, starting a great revival. We were able to build more homes, remodel, and buy new vehicles for us to use.

To say that all the money is just for Tony’s benefit is a gross lie. We not only evangelized on the streets, witnessing and testifying, but we also visit old folks’ homes where we can bring the Gospel of the Lord to them in song, testimonies, and the message. If this isn’t charitable, then what is? We have had churches in California, Arkansas, Florida, Chicago, Nashville, New Jersey, and New York. I have lived in all of these places, and housing, food, and all the necessities of life have been wonderfully provided for my husband and me. It was ours, not Pastor Alamo’s. Pastor Alamo did not live in our house, he did not drive our van, nor did he eat our food. We have these things because of the obedience to God’s Word by the brothers and sisters that were able to supply these needs for us.


Charlena Brooks