I have been coming to this Ministry since May, 2012. As a guest, I saw the devotion of all its members. Everyday a van would come to Hollywood and take people to the church, including myself. They would share their testimonies and a message out of the Bible. After church service, they would invite every one of us to a free home-cooked meal. I came every day, not just for the meal, but I wanted to fully commit myself, my life, to God and grow into a closer relationship with Him. So I talked with the brothers, and in November, 2012, I became a part of a loving and peaceful community. This is much more than a church. It’s a seminary, a monastery, a food mission, a place where someone like me can share their testimony. We do many things to raise money to feed people, to print and send out the Gospel around the world.

Every day I thank God for this Ministry. My life will never be the same, and I am hoping that my testimony will help encourage someone to change their life and come to Jesus.

Charles Lemmons