My name is Chris Espinosa, and I came to know the Lord, Tony and Susan Alamo, and the brothers and sisters in the early 70s. I have been affiliated with the church for 40 years during the time with this outreach ministry that helps people that are down and out, by going out into the streets and compelling people to change their wrong doing and wicked ways through the good news, the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have worked in various projects to help support the ministry, such as outside jobs in roofing, landscaping, farm labor work in the fields, raising pigs, and doing seasonal work. I have done all this in the 40 years. There has been countless individuals that I have seen with my own eyes benefitted by the support of the Alamo Ministries in having their lives turned around to become productive citizens.

My understanding is by experience in seeing all the good that comes out of dedicated work being accomplished in the goal of helping others that are in desperate need of the basic essentials in life: food, clothing, and shelter. And, of course, living the Christian life according to the Bible goes to the benefit to all those who ask for help, which are very many that ask daily. In no way does our pastor profit monetarily in this.

All of us as individuals who support the ministry are active owners of various properties because we do all the actual work, so we are the actual owners; does not that make sense? We own the properties and our pastor does the pastoral part in teaching and spreading the Gospel.

Chris Espinosa