Hi. My name is George A. Clark. I have been a member of the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries since October 25, 1970.

I was born June 2, 1944; but my life began when I met the Lord Jesus Christ on my knees October 25, 1970 at our second church. It was on a Sunday afternoon. I will never forget what happened to me on that day. I felt the Lord Jesus Christ come into my life and wash all my sins away in His blood.

Before that experience with Jesus, I felt lost and had no meaning in my life. I felt like I was in a grease barrel and no way out of it. My life was a total wreck with no meaning whatsoever, at all. I put on a front that I was happy, but as I said before, I was a total wreck with no meaning in life; and a number of times, I thought about committing suicide; that’s how bad my life was.

But all that changed when I met sister Vicki that Sunday on the streets of Hollywood, California. You see, Vicki is a member of the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries and was taught to go out to the streets of this world and tell people that Jesus was coming back to earth again, and that they had to get right with Him.

Vicki told me about the Heaven side and the Hell side; that I had to accept the Lord Jesus as my personal savior and lay down my life and keep all His commandments. As Vicki was telling me this, I could see she was very happy. I said, whatever this lady has got, I have to get it because she was so happy and I was so miserable and a total wreck inside.

I went by that church that afternoon and met the Lord Jesus on my knees, and I am so happy I did. You see, Jesus has walked with me every step of my Christian life, and he gave me Pastor Tony Alamo to teach me the Bible, the Lord’s Word. I love Pastor Tony because he tells it like it is.

For whoever reads this testimony, Jesus is the answer for you, no matter what your life has been about.

Praise the Lord.

George A. Clark