To Whom It may Concern:

I came to the Tony and Susan Alamo Christian Ministries in February of 1984, over 29 years ago. I got saved there and became a part of the Christian ministry where I not only attend church every day, but I am able to help pay the bills through working and tithing my work to the ministry. I would go out to witness and bring people to the church services. I did landscaping work at different times at the church for approximately 1 1/2 to 2 years. I went out on a crew that planted trees in different states for approximately 3 1/2 to 4 years. As our church would – and always does—we help others around the world in many different countries, and in our own nation, as well. Our work is a volunteer work which has always been us through Jesus Christ helping others. We freely send to those in need as much as we can.

I also worked in a job called Tennessee State Creations in Wood for almost a year. The proceeds from this went to pay the bills on the properties which members of the ministry owned. Proceeds from these ventures paid to get us, student ministers, to and from the nursing homes we ministered at, and paid for us to go out into the streets to witness and testify, and help others in need. I have worked in warehousing on different occasions, and painting and repairing houses. I have done these things for the past 29 years to pay the bills.

Praise the Lord!!

Dave McAdams