I, David Chalais, have been in this ministry for 19 years. I have labored to help support the functions. I have been involved with roofing, distributing to the poor and needy, and distributing gospel literature to the lost and dying.

My understanding of the labor I contributed to the ministry was, and is, a labor of love for the souls that are here, and for those less fortunate outside the ministry; to help others know the things the Bible has laid up for them that fear the Author of the scriptures, and to keep the Bible’s commandments for the benefit of all the members, as well as those outside the ministry who need assistance. Not for Tony Alamo’s benefit, but for all those in need of salvation.

Also, in closing, it is contrary to my understanding that Tony owns everything. He does not. It is my understanding that the members of this worldwide ministry have united in one cause, that is, for the furtherance of the spreading of the good news, the gospel, to the four corners of this earth to the saved and to the unsaved.

David Chalais