My name is David Palmisano and I have been a member of this church for 19 months. My work for the ministry has been primarily distributing and preparing gospel literature and witnessing and testifying for the Most High God, Jesus Christ. All of my works in the church have been for the benefit of all the members as well as those in need outside of the ministry. My intention in joining the church was and still is to serve God in singleness of heart, not Tony Alamo. It was explained to me from the church members when I joined the church that all the members contribute to the church as described in the book of Acts in the Bible. I was never under any impression that I was working for Tony Alamo in any regard. It is contrary to my understanding that Tony Alamo holds either legal or equitable titles. Tony is just the pastor, and all the benefits of the labor of the church are for the members and those in need.

Also, it is contrary to my knowledge of trust law that a trusted grantor can hold legal and equitable titles of ownership. Also, he that claims trust, (a transfer of benefits from the trustee—the legal title holder—to the beneficiary—the equitable title holder) must prove trust. Again, he that claims trust, must prove trust.

I have learned the Bible at this church, and without this ministry I would’ve been deceived by the myriad of false doctrines; and if anyone benefited from this ministry, it is me. Three years ago I was a total atheist on my way to Hell and the Lake of Fire, and now I have a clear direction to Heaven through the Lord Jesus Christ, and fellowship of the church members supporting and helping each other get the Word of God out to the lost and dying.

David Palmisano