To whom it may concern,

I have been with this ministry now since 1972. At that time in my life, I was 21 years old. Prior to this my life was in shambles not only from the poverty and despair, broken home, foster homes, boys’ homes, and all the misery of being abandoned in the streets, but also by all I was seeing happen to what I was taught as being the greatest nation that has ever been. If you’re my age now or older, I don’t need to go into all the events that unfolded in this country back then. Many of the first people to come here from Europe came because of religious persecution. In school I was taught how they all worked and helped each other to endure all the hardships that life threw at them. Whether or not there was a piece of paper or some form of document saying they were incorporated or not, what did it matter? They all worked together for one purpose and that was to exercise their rights to serve God as His word commands, not as government dictates.

When I came to this Ministry, I was a very disillusioned young man and didn’t see any purpose for living or have any goals. It was here with the guidance of Tony and Sue that life by the word of God came into me, and gave me a new meaning and reason to live: to dedicate my life to helping others who were broken like myself, who were cast out from this great nation. To work together, to build, feed, house, do endless repairs; not to have my name on a piece of paper saying it was mine, but to store up my rewards before God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

You’re not extinguishing these flames in our hearts by writing this writ, but are only strengthening them. What you’re doing is being seen by people everywhere and you are only emboldening those who are Christ’s to fight harder and longer in prayer and deeds to bring this Gospel to the lost. These properties belong to many unnamed people at TACM, whether you consider it legal in Arkansas or not. Many people in this Ministry gave their all to work together for the common goal to win souls to Christ, and have a place where we can gather with each other and serve God! Maybe you should try conferring with God rather than your peers.

Don Davis