To whom it may concern, 4-16-13
Tony Alamo Christian Ministries is not your ordinary street corner church, and I am writing this letter to try to help you understand what this church is all about. The foremost goal of the ministry is to evangelize the world for Christ. The members use their talents, strength, time and energy to forward this goal.

Brothers and sisters have been going out on the streets in various cities and distributing gospel literature for decades now. And here I don’t mean just a few gospel tracts handed out as a token, but I'm talking about tens of thousands of pieces of literature distributed in the United States cities every weekend. At times crews of people stayed out for many weeks or months at a time with the one goal being to witness and testify, distribute literature, and win souls.

We take the commands of Christ very seriously, and we don't stop in this country. We have been mailing gospel literature, Bibles, and other religious materials overseas for longer than I can remember, and I have been a part of this ministry for 33 years. I have worked in the mailroom and helped with the shipment of vast quantities of these supplies to the four corners of the world. The cost has been high, but all of us here at Tony Alamo Christian Ministries are more than willing to put our all into the gospel field.

This is our life, our life's work, our calling, and we use the properties for just this objective, absolutely not for Tony Alamo's benefit. l worked in the church office answering phones and watching the property; I taught some of the children; l helped clean the cafeteria and the kitchen; I also helped watch the children. These jobs I had were for the furtherance of the ministry. I also went on many trips myself to distribute gospel literature. The church not only provides for people’s spiritual needs, but also we feed the hungry, give clothing to the needy, help people with gasoline for their vehicles, utilities have been paid for needy people, etcetera. I could never begin to count all the times people have called up our church and asked for assistance in these and other areas; and we helped.

We help people overseas with many physical needs as well, including paying to have clean water provided for them. The ministry is very active in charitable work at Christmas time also. We provide food and presents for the needy people that call the church, and we take numerous requests from prisoners who would like their family members to receive gifts at Christmas. Tony Alamo does not own these properties, and the work being done by the brothers and sisters is being done for the good of a lost and dying world, and not for Tony Alamo's benefit. I just want the judge to fully understand that if he takes these properties away, then he is taking them from a group of Christians who have dedicated their lives and their possessions to God's use, and he would be hindering the good works that we use these properties for.

Evelyn Lovellette