To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter in regards, to the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries. I came to know the church back in 1983. Never would I have imagined in a million years that this would be a place where people can lay down their lives to serve the Lord with all their heart, mind, soul, body, and strength. In all my years attending Tony Alamo Christian Ministries, we serve the Lord Christ 7 days a week...24 hours a day. I’ve learned how to be a Godly man to my family, and to people I work for, and everyone I come in contact with. I’ve seen throughout all these years the testimony of God in the people at the church, and how they have given of themselves to give to others. Through the years they have fed countless numbers of people, and have clothed and provided all things necessary to the maintaining of one’s physical, medical, and spiritual needs. I’ve seen children born in the ministry and have grown to be ministers of the gospel, productive individuals in a society that lacks such enthusiasm by our youth today.

Tony Alamo Christian Ministries has taught us the true gospel of Jesus Christ, and in return we have taken care of other churches where we open services and give testimonies of how God has dramatically changed our lives; we go out and do what the Lord says we are called to do, and that’s to evangelize all over the world the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone. Never has the church ever asked any one individual or state or government for any financial help whatsoever in caring for the millions of people who write and ask for help, or those whom the church feeds and clothes.

I didn’t know much before I came to know the church...I was 18 when I got saved. I had no work experience or trade whatsoever. I learned many trades and how to be a productive individual in life. The people in the ministry have always worked hard to raise money for the cause of supporting themselves and supporting others in need for many, many years. They are the hardest working, most sincere, honest, and most of all, charitable people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing these many years. I am now 48 years of age, and God has put in my heart a love to tell people of Jesus Christ, to help those in need; to visit those who can’t go to church, in prisons, in nursing homes, the homeless, and all walks of life, the less fortunate, the rich; it’s never ending. And we see the world today as economically crippled as it has become. Again, the need is great, and still the church has, and always will, roll up their sleeves and say, "Yes, Lord," and help and do for others what they can’t do for themselves.

The church has been labeled many things which are all incorrect and false. The church is also a food mission and a seminary to anyone who wants to learn the Bible, and how to serve the Lord and give their lives solely for God. Tony Alamo Christian Ministries has always devoted themselves to the life of Christ and the love for souls in the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ. My family loves the person I have become...and I thank God that I met the Christians of Tony Alamo Christian Ministries in Brooklyn, New York those many years ago, which was the greatest day of my life.

Forever grateful,

Frankie Perez