To whom it may concern,

The Lord led me very supernaturally to this ministry almost 8 years ago. God wanted me to serve him, and I wanted to serve God. I gave up my life in the world and came to serve the Lord here in the Tony Alamo Christian Ministry. I thank and praise the Lord for my home and work here, and for our Pastor, his late wife Susan, and all the members here who have made this all possible. I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for this wonderful ministry; it truly is the house and work of the Lord.

Since I have been here I have seen, and been a part of, so many wonderful works and miracles; prayers answered; people getting saved; ruined lives like mine restored. This isn’t a church where people come once or twice a week, leave, and go about serving sin, the world, and the devil. This is a consecrated life devoted to serving the Lord. We have services every day, and we feed people every day. We learn the Bible, worship together, and learn how to pray. We are a ministry that shared the gospel to the lost and dying souls, so that they can be set free, and their sins washed away by the precious blood that the Lord Jesus Christ shed on the cross at Calvary. This church visits the sick and dying, and those that have been left and forgotten in nursing homes. Our ministry provides rides to our church services and a ride home. The people in this ministry work very hard every day to be able to reach out to people all over the world with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. This gospel literature is also translated and printed in 32 plus languages, and it’s sent all over the world for free. This takes a lot of time, a lot of work from all of us, and a lot of finances. This is the work of all those in the ministry who are members of the body of Christ here at the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries.

I spend hours, day after day, talking and witnessing to people from all over the world. Many of them have joined in with us to become distributors of the gospel literature. We send out boxes of literature, materials, and Bibles; we send out witnessing crews all over the states to give out the gospel to the lost. This work takes the devotion of many of the members here in this ministry. We all work together as one body of Christ to do the works the Lord has commissioned us to do to win souls in these end times. Souls are being won worldwide through our joint distributor ministries. Bibles and literature go out free all over the world.

I witnessed to a young man; he told me all about an orphanage called the Buduburam Refugee Camp in Accra, Ghana, Africa. This was a camp for people who were left homeless and without family due to the civil war that broke out over there. Many of them were very young children who lost their parents in this war. This young man told me about this orphanage. The young children were getting bit by snakes while trying to use the bathroom in the grass area. They had no restrooms, they had no clean water, and they were drinking the gutter water and getting sick and dying from Malaria. I talked to the church office about it, and Pastor Alamo sent someone over there to see the situation. This man was telling the truth. They had such poor conditions it was unbelievable. This ministry sent them finances, had a water tower built, and provided them with fresh water, electricity, new beds, and finances to buy materials for them to be able to fix up their shabby, run-down homes. We sent them clothing and helped them to buy food, and provided for them for years. We gave them Bibles, literature, and gospel materials. When the camp closed down we sent finances to purchase a bus to be used to transport them over to Liberia.

I spoke with many others that were destitute and needed help paying their bills, and providing food and necessities for their children. Help and finances were being sent everywhere, and to people who couldn’t afford Christmas for their children and families. People were so happy and thankful to receive the blessings that the Lord allowed us to provide for them; many also received salvation!

This is not Tony Alamo only; this is a working body of many members, jointly fitted together. This is the Lord’s church and the Lord’s work. We the members of the Tony Alamo ministry have devoted our entire lives to serving God, doing his work and preaching the gospel to this lost and dying world. This is not just a church. This is our very lives and our homes and our work. Even though our Pastor is in jail, this work continues on.


Gail Brubach