I want to start off by giving Jesus Christ all the praise and thanks for saving my soul from a life of sin and depression and despair. The only real happiness I ever experienced before the Lord saved my soul was when I was a child around five years old. This was because I hadn’t gotten into the depth of sin yet. But the older I became, my heart became harder and harder and more and more sinful.

When I was a young boy, I used to pray to the Lord and I had a tender heart towards Him. But no one around me taught me the ways of the Lord and what I must do to please the Lord, and to worship and serve Him. When I would feel a love for the Lord and pray to Him, the enemy of my soul, Satan, would attack me and start making my life miserable. I didn’t even know that Satan existed and therefore I didn’t know how to fight him back. I had no power in my life to resist the temptations of Satan. Therefore I fell into taking drugs and alcohol, even though initially I did not want to do these sinful things. Also, back in the 1960s, the drug movement was really taking off in California where I was raised; I would have lost all of my so-called friends if I didn’t take drugs and alcohol with them.

One night I had taken an overdose of tranquilizers which left my body completely numb. I felt that my heartbeat was slowing down and I could not get up from off the street where I was sitting. My brother and one of my friends had to pick me up from under my arms, and they took me home and put me on my bed and then walked out of my room. Then, while I was lying on my bed, I felt a warm sensation come over me, which made me completely sober. The Lord Jesus Christ was touching me by His Holy Spirit, and I was feeling a wonderful joy come over me. I began praising and worshiping the Lord. The Lord Jesus then put a warm love in my heart for Him. I really believe that my life was spared that night, and it gave me a strong desire to serve Him.

About two years before this experience, I had received at various times, gospel literature from brothers and a sister from the Tony and Susan Alamo Christian Foundation Church. This gospel literature was Pastor Tony Alamo’s personal testimony of how the Lord saved his soul. I kept this gospel literature for two years and read it about 4 or 5 times. The Lord used this literature to show me where to go and serve the Lord.

About two weeks after the Lord had saved my life, the Lord also saved my soul from a burning Hell. I gave my heart and life to Jesus Christ at the Tony and Susan Alamo Christian Foundation Church in Los Angeles, California on April 26, 1973. The Lord has kept me by His power for over 39 years now. I cannot thank God enough for saving me from Hell and giving me the hope of living with Him in the kingdom of Heaven.

Thank you Jesus for going to the cross and shedding Your Blood and dying for me that I may live eternally with You in Heaven!!!

Praise the Lord,
Gary Hallet