I have been with the ministry for 37 years; during that time I have had various different responsibilities. I have labored as a carpenter doing general maintenance and repairs on the properties owned by members of the ministry. I have done clerical work and worked in forestry and in the clothing business within the ministry. All this was to further the gospel, to help others, and to sustain the ministry.

As we banded together as brothers and sisters in this great work, we were able to trade off duties and responsibilities. I was relieved of work related duties and was able to spend long periods of time on the streets preaching the gospel and distributing gospel literature, and visiting the aged in nursing homes, going to prisons to minister and sing gospel songs, and visiting the homeless.

We all have one goal, and we accomplished that by pooling the finances together so that we could live inexpensively. Everyone would have everything they needed and still get the gospel out to the whole world, and help get fresh water, food and clothing for those in need.

Unsolicited letters of thanks have been received from around the world, proving that the church life works. This has been the work of all the members in concert for the benefit of all, not for just Pastor Alamo. We owned properties jointly for our goals. No, Pastor Alamo did not own them.

Greg Seago