First of all, I want to thank and praise the Lord for saving my soul and for setting me free from that bondage of sin. It’s been a little over forty years since I’ve known Him as my personal Savior.

I grew up back in the 50’s and 60’s, and my parents used to send me and my two sisters to church and Sunday school. To me, sitting inside a church was a pretty boring experience to me. I would much rather have been sitting in front of the TV watching a basketball game. After a while I quit going to church because I just couldn’t see anything in it for me.

Not too long after that, I became an atheist. I couldn’t see the existence of God anywhere in this world. I got involved in sports when I was growing up and later on, I got involved in drugs and alcohol. My life went completely down the tubes to the point to where I no longer had any desire to even be alive.

I attempted suicide at the age of nineteen by jumping off of a four story building. Four stories may not seem like a long way up, but when you’re coming down on the pavement, as far as I’m concerned, that’s high enough to kill a person. It was just the mercy of the Almighty God that I didn’t die, because for sure my everlasting soul would be in a burning Hell right now. It was from this experience that I realized that God was really up there. I knew by then that it was only the Lord that could have kept me from dying from that suicide attempt. What a miracle worker He is.

Anyway, I broke both my ankles and my back. From that point on, I began searching for the truth. Little did I know at that time that Jesus was the truth. I began reading books about God or whatever I thought the truth might be. Later, I began to see people from the Tony and Susan Alamo Christian Foundation out on the streets in downtown Los Angeles telling people about Jesus Christ and that you must be born again of the Spirit. Many of them witness to me, and it bore witness to me that this is the truth that I had been searching for. I was invited to services on many occasions, and I finally went to the church to see what it was all about. I’m so glad I did because that’s the night I gave my heart to the Lord. I don’t regret the decision I made for Christ, because there is nothing in this world worth living or dying for. I know God is real. He has set me free, and whoever the Lord sets free is free indeed. Salvation is the greatest gift that has ever been presented to man. I’m thankful today for salvation.

Praise the Lord,

Jon Hopkins