I have been a member of this Church since 1987 (26 years), being saved in the Miami, FL, church at that time. My early days in the ministry were a gradual process of healing for my soul, and education in the right ways of the Lord for which this ministry provides a complete understanding founded on sound doctrine of the Bible. In this regard, this Church is unique above all others and truly a work of God.

I have worked with my bare hands every day since entering this work to serve God as He commands us to do. I did landscaping work, cleaning canopies on buildings, work for a bulk mailing company, and apartment janitorial work over a period of 10 years until more recently, and warehouse work 16 years.

I spent many years prior to being saved working for worldly organizations to make company profits at no benefit to myself. It was therefore of great joy to me to realize there was an alternative to the ways of the world, to serve God, which this ministry provides, our reward being eternal life in God's Kingdom. To claim that we work for some other objective is nonsense. We work to support a worldwide ministry to draw others to Christ; we have all things common (Acts 2:44, Acts 4:32) as the Bible teaches.

Yours faithfully,

Ian Bremner