To whom it may concern:

My name is Jack Garner, and I have been in the Tony Alamo Ministry for over 42 years. Prior to this in my youth I attended services at different denominational churches. I met friendly, smiling people who invited me back to the Sunday and Wednesday services. I wanted very much to be right with God and not go to Hell when I died. I did not, however, feel the strong presence of God at these churches and was not counseled by these people to get saved and serve God in some way. Many of them I even knew to be committing horrible acts that the Bible called sin. So I eventually started drinking, and taking drugs, and I did many immoral things. One night at a service in 1970 at a church pastored by Tony and Susan Alamo, I felt a burning conviction and guilt for the sinful life I was living. I really wasn’t concerned about helping anyone or cared about anyone but myself before that night.

I was invited to pray at the end of the service, and as I spoke to God in the sinner’s prayer, I felt something very wonderful. I witnessed the Spirit of God entering me, and I knew that I had been forgiven for all the sins I had committed.

Then one of the Christian men sat down with me and read the Bible with me for several hours. I learned more about God and the Bible that night than I had ever learned my whole life. I also prayed in the church prayer room. Everything that I was told was backed up by Bible scripture. I was allowed to come back and stay on the church property on weekends and take part in church functions. One was going out in the streets and telling others about salvation. Being a Christian, I learned, was a 7 day a week, 24 hours a day life.

This Ministry has services every night and twice on Sunday. It would be evil to know God and His gift of salvation and not let the ignorant unsaved people of the world hear about it so they can choose for themselves to accept or reject it. I chose to be in this Ministry and work for God full time. One of the commandments is to work. I have worked in outside jobs and in businesses started by the church members. I have done farm work; work in reforestation; I have been a cook in restaurants; and I have learned to operate printing presses. This total has been for about 41 years. The first year or so I spent learning, as this is a Ministry that trains people to conduct services, to go out and witness and testify, and reach out to the needy here and around the world; it is also a seminary.

I have worked to support myself and to be able to feed and clothe and minister to others. What would be the point of just existing when billions of people are lost spiritually and in need of the everyday necessities of life? I was taught to do these things by Pastors Tony and Susan Alamo. This is not for Tony’s benefit that I work, but to lift up the name of Jesus Christ, and preach salvation through His Word. Any profits made are used to promote the Gospel of Christ, and we live from day to day on money that is earned primarily from members of this Ministry.

Jack Garner