To whom it may concern,

Tony Alamo Christian Ministries started with Tony and Susan Alamo going out into the streets of Hollywood, CA, over 40 years ago. They preached the gospel to the young kids in the streets, mostly hippies on drugs. These young people accepted the Lord and became productive citizens; they now had the power from God to stop taking drugs. They got jobs and all the money went back into the church to pay for their own homes, food, clothing, etc. The church (ministry) is still functioning this way today. We help people in need by providing them with Bibles, literature, food and clothing.

I myself am one of the persons who had the gospel preached to me on the corner of 5th and Broadway in downtown Los Angeles. I have been with the church for over 25 years. I have worked many jobs while in the church. I worked in Alamo Designs; I worked roofing, construction, lawn maintenance, all of this to help make finances so the gospel can get out to the lost and dying souls in this world.

This church ministry through Pastor Tony Alamo is where I learned the true Word of God. I was one of those lost and dying souls on my way to Hell. I thank God that called Tony and Susan to spearhead the greatest work on this earth today.

Jon Curry