Testimony of Josephine Archambault

I first got saved and knew the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior on April 15, 1975. Before I knew the Lord, I was very unhappily married with all the material possessions which my parents always told me would bring me happiness, but didn’t. My husband was an alcoholic. One day he would give me expensive presents; the next day he would try to take my life. I couldn’t live this double standard; this wasn’t the way, so I left my husband, took my son who was going to high school, and got a job to support us, and looked for peace and happiness. I tried reading many books on psychology to see what made people tick, but in vain.

One day my son came home after being gone until midnight. He was totally changed. He was very happy and his whole countenance was changed. He told me he had gone to the Tony Alamo Christian Church and had asked the Lord into his heart, asked forgiveness for his sins, and was going to keep God’s commandments from now on. He had only been saved for a few hours, and told me I’d better get right with God or I would never have peace and happiness. I started to cry. The Lord broke my heart because my son had been very wild previous to that. I came up to the church the next night and got saved. That was 38 years ago.

I praise the Lord that the Tony Alamo Christian Church was there to preach the Gospel and win the lost and dying souls to Christ.